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  1. Any tips on how to follow specific stories here? I'm thinking about doing this challenge for the first time so I'll need some tips/inspiration and these stories are the best place to find them. There are lots of good ones here, I wish I could pick one and follow it like it had its own thread
  2. You need to change all competitions, one by one...
  3. How important is the "favorite formation" for HoYD's? I want to do this challenge using formations like 352, 343 and 361, but it's hard to find a good HoYD with a 3 ATB formation
  4. How can I change the possible hosts of a tournament? I downloaded a file to keep the Club World Cup the way it currently is (yearly, 7 participants), but sometimes it takes place in places like England and Italy, so usually 2 huge teams play in the tournament. This doubles the challenge of winning it with a small team and I'd like to keep it as it is in real life, being hosted by countries like Qatar, China, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Japan... (I know it is basically worthless for European clubs but it's the biggest glory South Americans can achieve and I'll be playing there)
  5. Did you keep playing this after the last post? I'm tempted to do it with San Marino Calcio on Italy 7th level but national call-ups absolutely ruin my club, I usually lose 20-30 players for the national team and its U's
  6. I want to do a full scout of Sammarinese local league and keep this task ongoing until I decide to stop it. Can I give this task to 4 scouts without having to create one by one? This is the way I currently do but I think there's a better way.
  7. Is there a way to fix this on the editor? I don't want this "now Cattolica" to appear, also the logo is from the new Cattolica club. I found no connections between San Marino and Cattolica in the editor
  8. How can I edit a league/nation to generate better players? When I start a save in San Marino national league, players usually have 40-50 CA, but I want to edit this to 60-70 CA. This last interval is the average CA from players in 7th tier Italian football, and I'll be starting with San Marino Calcio there, so I want the Sammarinese newgens to be at least competitive in that league
  9. Hey guys! Does anyone know a good FM20 underdog tactic with 2 strikers and a AMC? I'll be doing a Youth Only save in San Marino and in the past I've had some great AMCs that I don't want to leave behind. I'm also looking for the exact opposite: 1 striker and 2 AM (wide or not, doesn't matter) so I can have a little variation during the save depending on the intakes. Thanks!
  10. I'm still editing, so I can do any kind of change before actually starting the save. My intention is to manage San Marino Calcio in Italy, while having San Giovanni as a B team in San Marino. This way I could move young prospects to the weaker San Marino league (kind of a loan, but to my B team). I think I managed to do it, but I'm still not sure.
  11. This is another version. In this file, the U21 and U18 leagues are perfectly working as "copies" of the main one. The cups for some reason don't appear ingame. San Marino - U21 U18 nocup.fmf
  12. Hey guys! I'm (on FM20) trying to create a customized San Marino league system in order to start a long save there. The league has 16 teams, so 30 games for each team. The cup has the same teams, so 8 games for the finalists. How can I replicate the same thing to U21 and U18 teams? I tried everything: creating the reserve teams for the 16 teams, creating U21 and U18 leagues and setting them as child comps from the Pro league... Nothing seems to work. Can somebody help me find the issue here? The error I'm currently facing is "All teams in Campionato Sammarinese (the main league
  13. Thanks for those! The Liechtenstein one would be an amazing challenge to do in a save. Similar to what I'll be doing in San Marino, might be good to keep an eye on that It's definitely the most enjoyable way to play it for me. I always try to do youth saves related to San Marino, the final goal (winning the World Cup) is so far that it makes for a long save. I always struggle with the instant early transition from your initial squad to a youth-only one and with rotating between "eras" (sometimes there are no good replacements to aging players). I'll also try looking for some FM
  14. Can someone link me to a good thread about a Youth Academy Only career? I'm starting a new save and I want some inspiration 😁
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