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  1. I have recently won the prem and cl wth norwich using my 442 :
  2. I am currently using a 442 and have this amount of chances created. :O
  3. I have been having this issue on my pc, works fine on my laptop but everytime i go in to a match it crashes with same messages as above.
  4. Forgot to take a screenshot of my profile. Already into the league cup final in my first season, should help with reputation playing as norwich.
  5. Season 1 Review: Had a really bad run of fixtures in terms of where they were situated on the calendar, 1 day break between each of my last 3 Prem Games. I will look at bringing in more backup especially in the full back areas.
  6. Highly recommend Plymouth , had great fun with that save.
  7. First season is always an experimental one for me with united, try not too make many signings. Always bring in De Ligt and Konate at CB though.
  8. Not liking the look, looks like someone created it on minecraft.
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