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  1. B2B was the best role for me, when i used him. Had Matt Grimes next to him as DLP.
  2. Matt Crooks is a fantastic little player on FM.
  3. Not gone well in season 7, on the verge of sack. Tried to be too expansive in the way we were playing and haven't won in 10 games. Bottom of the league. ;(
  4. Yes, I have a role suitability spreadsheet all setup . It tells me what position is best suited for my players. So I use the print screen function quite a bit. I could use the data from the player search in the same way i do for the squad screen as above.
  5. Just read through the whole thread. Amazing work in Lithuania and going well so far in Ireland. Keep up the great work. I found that my 442 tactic did very well with Celtic in the CL, I reached two semi finals and a final in 6 seasons. You mentioned the FM Export tool and only 250 players showing up , what is this about? @shaunvamos
  6. Season 7 Update - Title Push. £14.5m left of the £95m budget. After the 8 seasons i will be carrying on this save as normal, really enjoying it. It is going to be a huge task to overturn the big 6, they have spent big during the pre season. A few players I have brought in myself: Free Transfer - He Looks a solid CM, will be working on his passing. I beat off the likes of City, Juventus and Bayern for this player, he looks incredible and will be used as my CWB(a) at RB, Laird will be backup. Another Man City Loanee like Velasco above. Will b used
  7. Season 6 Review So two more seasons to attempt a title challenge and a positive start finishing in 13th in the first season of the Premier League. Current Transfer Spend: £70m of £95m (Does this need to include Loan fees, which are included in the current total?) I was very pleased with the season overall, I am happy with the formation (451) , in which i have some solid Central Mids. I have a young Brazilian Winger coming in Jan of Season 7, he looks like a real talent. The first thing I wanted to look at was the defence, Laird was yet again very solid as the CWB(A) at RB.
  8. In the first game vs Croatia, there is no point risking J.Henderson or Maguire. I would like to see a 4411: Pickford Walker Stones White Shaw Sancho Rice Mount Rashford Grealish Kane
  9. Make sure you get a very good goalkeeper. I paid £10m for a 4* GK and he has been incredible for me so far.
  10. Season 5 Review Finally Promoted, It took until the last day and you will see below how close it was. £34m spent so far, so another £61m left to try and complete the challenge. We Have Season 6,7 &8 to do so. I currently have 5 players from my League 1 team still in the squad and will try too use as many as Leicester did from their Championship team.
  11. Managed to get in 45m in player sales which has helped me refresh the squad and also come up with a new 4312 tactic, 442 not working for this team.
  12. Season 4 Review Missed out in Playoffs again. Going to be another push as i Think to get anywhere near the title in the Prem I will need at least two seasons, Promotion is a must this year. Going to freshen up the squad in Pre Season. £6m out of the possible £95m spent so far.
  13. Very nice. I think i will struggle to complete this challenge.
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