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  1. Not liking the look, looks like someone created it on minecraft.
  2. Just won the Premier League with my Ipswich team in the 10th season of being in the prem. I switch to a 3421: SK-su WBR & WBL- Att LCB & RCB - De Central CB - stopper LCM - Mezzala - su RCM - Cariello - Su RW - Ramdeuter AMC - on the left of the AMC positions - AP-Att STC - CF - Att
  3. https://www.awd-it.co.uk/awd-f3-ryzen-3-2200g-with-amd-vega-graphics-desktop-gaming-pc.html - thoughts on this?
  4. Would be nice to play on high graphics but not overly fussed. Good processor for fm. I have a list of games i would like to try: f1 2018, gta v, battlefield 5 and a few others.
  5. My budget is around 400. Not sure on intel g series or amd ryzen?
  6. Benfica has been one of my favourite saves for the pat few football managers. I bought Alex Pinto back in my Ipswich save as i regretted selling him in my benfica save even though i had a very good replacement. Highly recommend dantas and felix.
  7. Expect a frustrating evening of shots wide and over the bar then.
  8. Russia's tactics today were very well thought out. 4231 in attack but only the front 4 went forward to attack when they won the ball back. The 6 further back sat deep but supported the high press of the front 4 to make it easier. Not entirely sure how it would work in fm though, one to think about.
  9. Now at 17, potential has dropped slightly but will start playing him next season.
  10. @yowg8ynwa Is there a chance you could copy and paste your "match team stats ibh bottom.xml", as this is exactly how i would like mine to look.
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