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  1. I play all my matches in my garden shed with a tracksuit on. I even have just eat deliver to me in there. I usually have the same driver and he’s now used to watching my matches. He’s now giving me advice so he’s unofficially my ass man.
  2. Hi. I don’t know if this is relevant but I have the same issues on 3-D. If I turn shadows to off I get a really smooth match engine but no club banners around the stadium. But if I put them back onto low my club banners come back but my match engine stutters.
  3. Many thanks wkdsoul. Much appreciated.
  4. Hi wkdsoul, Do you know where I can find the beta 3 version? Many thanks, gladman.
  5. Thats great, many thanks for the reply.
  6. Great skin. Are you planning on adding the popups on the match screen, when someone scores or gets a card etc?
  7. Thats excellent, many thanks.
  8. Hi, this is my fav skin, great work. I have noticed though since the last update I don't get any popups for goalscorer during the match or when someone gets a card. Im sure it showed a pic and something like "20th goal of the season" under it. Has this been mentioned before? Many thanks.
  9. Hi, very nice skin. Im sorry if this has been mentioned before but i don't seem to have the players age on the profile screen. Do you have a suggestion on how to fix this? Many thanks.
  10. Hi all. In the last few FM's there was always a drop down menu to issue instructions to mark an opposition player (target opposition player). I found this quite helpful to quieten down some of their on form players. I can't see to find in in this edition. Im sure it must be somewhere but ill be darned if i can find it. Does anyone know where it is? Thank you.
  11. hi, very nice skin but the scoreboard doesn't show up correctly. Is this anything to do with my screen resolution do you think? 1280 x 800.
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