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  1. Do you have Staff Recruitment set to "Backroom Staff" in responsibilities? Although, IIRC when I first started playing touch the club kept trying hiring DoFs regardless of me not wanting one and it being set to "Manager" in responsibilities. (I never used one in full version of FM.) Now, I look for ones with high JPA and JPP for recommendations and high negotiating for the straightforward contract renewals which I delegate to them.
  2. I play with a 4-4-2 narrow diamond too and I've had issues with conceding from crosses especially those coming from deep which are whipped in behind my central defenders. I've tried dropping the DL and played around with the defensive width; but what I've done over the last few games is drop the mentality of the full backs. I set up differently from you - FBa CAR MEZs WBs So I dropped the FB to Support and the WB to Defend and it seems to be working. I was reluctant to do this at first as I was concerned how it might affect the balance of the team but so far the full backs are sti
  3. In my experience while managing in the lower leagues "encourage" and "demand more" elicit a positive response when losing or drawing (negative when leading). "Praise" which I've used sparingly has also produced a positive reaction when winning or taking the lead in a tricky game. All the others I've tried have had a negative effect leaving players confused, overwhelmed or frustrated by the feedback. I wondered if the reactions to shouts might change as I moved up the leagues and brought in players with better mental stats. Just as a point of reference, my current squad personality is dete
  4. @michaeltmurrayuk Excellent, much appreciated!!
  5. Thank you, those suggestions are really useful @michaeltmurrayuk. I've just tried using a darker shade of red for the paper used by titlebar/sidebar and while it is an improvement I would prefer it darker. How would I go about adding another graphic over the top to act as a filter? (Point me to guide if there is one.) Also, for future reference do you have a guide for declaring a hue etc. range? TYIA
  6. Is it possible and if it is how would I go about putting a "filter" over the primary club colour so it appears darker on titlebar and sidebar. The attached picture shows what they look like currently but I'd like to make a few shades darker whist keeping the club colours albeit a darkened version. (Essentially, so when I click a club that plays in white for example I'm not hit with migraine inducing brightness!!) Thank you! (FM21 Touch)
  7. I've bought FM from cdkeys twice with no issues. I understand your apprehension, the first time i used them I checked around online to make sure they weren't dodgy and there were no reported issues.
  8. I know what you mean. I haven't done any work on the colours yet, I'm waiting for the FMT 20.2.0 update. The one thing I have changed is the migraine inducing white of the inbox, it's here if you want it - http://www.mediafire.com/file/d5naoq3rhiinlbb/inbox.xml/file move the inbox.xml into the settings folder of FMT Base Skin, then reload.
  9. For anyone still having difficulties: http://www.mediafire.com/file/qsjow099d2ouuyd/FMT_Base_Skin.rar/file Extract to the skin folder etc. Full credit to @KennedyBakircioglu I just moved some folders around and altered the skin_config file where essentially there were a couple of lines missing which differentiated between the OP's "FMT Base Skin" and the "Football Manager Touch" skin in the preference menu. I have uploaded a photograph of what your skin folder should be similar to and what the preference menu looks like if it has worked. I'm very sleepy, so I hoped that al
  10. Yup, that's fixed it! Thank you!!
  11. Firstly, fantastic skin, much better than defaults! I'm using the Touch version and I'm having issues with the titlebar/header, see attached pictures. I have tried all the usual stuff: deleting the cache and preferences etc. but no joy. The only thing I have altered is the default background (too bright for me). Any thoughts on how to rectify the issue? Thank you
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