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  1. This a special moment: we got our first international call-up! Not for the first squad but for the U19. But still: it's a very nice recognition for one of my biggest talents. I got a lot of transfer offers for him: Hearts and Aberdeen keep on sending a transfers bid to us. But I will not accept any offer at this moment, unless the offer is above 100k.
  2. I just couldn't put my East Kilbride save on hold. I only just started with IR, so I decided to continue with my Kilbride save. End of season 2024/2025 Table | Transfers | Youth Intake | Facilities We had a good first season in the Championship. The difference between League One and Championship is massive. We are still a semi-professional club, so the next couple of seasons will be just fighting against relegation and hoping to stay up. I just hope that I have some luck with profit from outgoing transfers. Our first season at this level was a good one. Four matches before the end of the season we managed to avoid relegation. But more important is that we had a really, really good cup run. We managed to get to the semi-finals! Rangers was way to strong, but that did not came as a surprise. After that match we gained almost 650k! That money was very, very welcome and we almost paid all our debts with it. After finishing the season we also received about 350k, so for the fist time in about four years time we had a positive balance. I directly asked for upgrades: Unfortunately no upgrade for junior coaching. Youth intake This years intake was a really good one. The best player of this intake came directly in my first team: He still needs to learn a lot of things, but his mental and physical stats are just great. Some other nice talents from this intake: Our best player this season was Eddie Marshall 22c. Unfortunately he wouldn't sign a new deal, so he is leaving on a free transfer to Hamilton. Some other academy players that are developing well:
  3. For some reason I did not have fun anymore with my East Kilbirde-save. So I decided to start a new save. I will go back to the place where I had lots of success(and fun!) in the past with FM17: Íþróttafélag Reykjavíkur (IR). Since I had so much fun with them in FM17, I really wanted to play with them again some day. I felt that the time was right. I am still not sure if I will really stop playing with East Kilbride, but for now I am really happy to start with IR. I had to reload a couple of times to get them promoted. They've got quite a small group of players, but some of them are really talented. Look at this guy: For this level, he really is an exeptional talent. There was almost no staff, so I had to sign a lot of staff-members. You might know one of them: He's not a great coach, but hey, Arjen Robben at IR, how fun is that?! Next post will be when the first season is finished.
  4. Yes, I made a Strikerless tactic last season, inspired by mr. Strikerless; Guido. But I'm not sure about next season, I'm working on a new tactic with a striker.
  5. End of season 2023/2024 What a season it was! The first half of the season we almost won every game. After 20 matches this was the table: But then suddenly I almost couldn't win anymore. Look at te results from January: I didn't changed tactics, I really don't know what happened. We had a couple of injuries, but to loose almost every single match...I tried everything I could and I was a bit fortunate that our competitors also lost a lot of points. At the end of the season it was enough for us to became champions of the League One !! So we are going up to the Championship; one level away of the Premiership! The Youth Intake was a good one, with a couple of great talents. The most notable talents are Boyd 24a and Neil 24b:
  6. I've got my first international call-up! Proud moment! Something I'm a bit angry about is that my board sold my star player: Mark Logan 21A. He was so important for our style of play... And also for a fee of only 66k. I even couldn't ask for a 50% clausule. But okay, let's move on. Good luck at Aberdeen, mate.
  7. End of season 2022/2023 League table | Finances | Youth Intake | Season Review | Transfers Well, this was a very good season for us. I am very happy with our 3th place this season! In the playoffs we lost against Airdrie, who eventually promoted after winning in the playoff final against Cove Rangers. In de Scottish Cup we lost in de 5th round against Partick Thistle. This years youth intake was a good one, but none of the players are good enough to play in the first team directly. We'll see how they develop. These are the best players from this intake: I changed my tactic halfway this season. I sold my main striker, and didn't have a good replacement for how I wanted to play. I read on Guido's Twitter about his strikerless formation. I tried to implement it into my own tactic. I used some of the roles/positions he is using, but tweaked it a bit. I almost didn't changed my team instructions. I am very happy with the way my team adapted this new formation. These were by best players this season: I am very happy the way Black 22A and Logan 21A are developing. There is a lot of interest from Premiership teams for them, but they both signed a new contract recently. They are very, very important for the way we play at the moment. I can't wait for next season, I really hope we can maintain our form and challenging for a playoff place again.
  8. The first time that I get this message. Looks like a good prospect with 4,5 star PA. Maybe I'll see him again in the next intake at Carlisle.
  9. East Kilbride F.C. End of season 2021/2022 Well, I can't complain about this season. We had some very good matches, but overall we were not good enough to reach te playoffs. Teams like Brechin or Cove Rangers are just too good for us at this moment. So i'm very happy with this 6th place. In the Scottish Cup we lost in the Fourth Round against St. Johnstone. Away we somehow managed to get away with a draw. But in the home match they were just too good, although they only scored just one goal. Our finances still aren't great, so I can't upgrade the facilities. I need to wait until we promote to the Chamionship or the Premiership i'm affraid. Club Vision and Club Culture hasn't changed for next season. But they are happy at how things are going, and so am I. Best players That's not very difficult. Two players really stand out this season. Mcculloch has not scored that mutch goals, but I played him in quite some different positions this season. A lot of Premiership club are interested, so I think he played his last match for us. Best youth player Logan had a direct impact and scored 10 goals in his debut season. I'm very happy with his contribution to the team.
  10. Yeah, he looks great, especially for this level! I can't wait to see how he act in my team. He will directly start in my first eleven.
  11. What. An. Intake!! Very, very, very happy with this. I still need to tag the players, but I first show you some screenshots. Again a golden generation. Look at the potential! I can show you a lot of them, but these 6 are the best ones:
  12. Finally! The first goal from my goalkeeper!! What a moment!
  13. Just a quick update. I can't complain at how things are going at the moment. I'm fighting for a playoff place, but also fighting against relegation. The difference between 4th place and 9th place is only 6 points. In the fourth round of the Scottish Cup I've got an awaygame against St Johnstone, currently 4th in the Premiership. So that's gonna be very difficult. Hopefully I'll earn some money... The preview of this years intake sounds very promising. An excellent group of players, with some nice looking forwards. My current striker (46 matches/25 goals) refused to sign a new deal. Some Premiership-teams are scouting him at the moment. I also really want a new DR, but I don't think I'll get a good one in the next intake.
  14. Aaaaah, IR! Sweet memories. I had my favorite CM/FM save ever with them back in FM17. Won the EL and the CL with a youth only approach. I'm really tempted to try it again with them. But I really like my East Kilbride save, so maybe later. Good luck!! I will follow your career with interest
  15. End of season 2020/2021 Table Transfers Finance Facilities Youth intake Well, this was a very, very good season. We won the league very easily with 20 points advantage! I really didn't expect such an easy season. We only lost 2 matches. I'm very happy with the youth intake, a 'golden generation'. And very welcome also, because I only had 3 subs to use. Mark Logan yp21a has been touted as the hottest prospect from this intake. He had a direct impact: in his fist match he scored the 3-3 against Annan Athletic in de dying second of injury time. He scored 3 goals in 4 matches this season. And look at his heigth: 201cm!! Some other prospects from this intake: Martin Clark yp21b Ian Shepherd yp21c Roddy Bell yp21d Craig Lilly yp21i I'm also very happy that I could upgrade the junior coaching and youth recruitment at the end of this season. Topscorer this season was Stevie McCulloch, who was at the club when I came. He's just 16 years old, but already my best player. Ross Kavanagh and Jordan Millar are two other good players from this team.
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