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  1. Great work!!! Will start a LLM save soon with your database
  2. It's not possible to try this challenge in Ireland, right? Because there is no promotion/relegation from/to the First Division? Or can I holiday the first season and then take over the worst club in the league?
  3. Wow. Just wow. That is amazing!! Well done!!! Congrats!
  4. Fantastic!!! Such a great achievement! Good luck in the Eredivisie next season!
  5. What a great first half of the season!! Almost can’t believe you are doing so well!! How is Cambuur, my favourite team IRL, doing in your save?
  6. Well done mate! What a great achievement! Good luck next season, it is going to be tough to stay up I think!
  7. ÍR End of season 2022 Our first season is over and we just survived. It was a tough season, but we never were in real problems throughout the season. Our main striker had a very good season and scored 17 league goals in 20 matches. In the Cups we didn't have any success. We were knocked out in the League Cup in Group Stage. In the 'real' Cup we knocked out in the Third Round by Keflavik. It is nice to see that we sold 71 shirts. We need to begin somewhere But more important: upgrades!! | We managed to upgrade Junior Coaching and Youth Recruitment, so
  8. Maybe someone can help me here? I tried to change the titlebar colour to be the same colour as my team. I searched the skinning section and I found something. So now the titlebar is the same as the team colour, but the colour of the font is white for every team. And I'm playing with a team with a white background, so I can't read the font now. I searched how the change the colour of the titlebar font, but I just couldn't find it. Somebody here knows where to change it?? But beside that, I bloody love your skin! It's absolutely beautiful!
  9. ÍR Youth Intake 2022 Wow. This is a really, really good first intake! I didn't know what to expect, but I'm very happy with this intake! This was the preview: And this the intake: A lot of potential!! Even a rare Turkish player! I can't show them all, but I'll show some of them:
  10. Youth intake preview 2022 I'm happy with the intake preview. We really need a good backup goalkeeper, so he will be very welcome. But we also need some new fullbacks, because we only have 3 options for 2 spots. I can't wait until Intake Day, because we only got 20 players at the club currently. I appointed Guðmundur Böðvar Guðjónsson as my HoYD and for this level, he looks like a good one.
  11. Íþróttafélag Reykjavíkur (ÍR) Start of season 2022 Although I enjoyed the start of my save with Alemannia Aachen, I couldn't 'click' with the save. I wanted something different then playing in Germany. So I decided to go back to Iceland. And there is only one club where I want to play with: IR. I fell in love with the club when I had a great save with them in FM17. The only save I had with FM17 was with IR, for about 30 seasons. And with a squad full of acadamy players we first won the Europa League and eventually the Champions League. I didn't follow the exa
  12. Yes, AGOVV, although they never played in the Eredivisie. But it's a club where some real, real good players played for: Klaas-Jan Huntelaar, Dries Mertens and Nacer Chadli are the most famous ones. So that's a club with a very interesting story as well.
  13. Ah, you're now in the same division as RBC, a former professional club. In 2005/2006 they played in the Eredivisie, but relegated at the end of the season. In 2011 they went bankrupt, en restarted in the ninth tier.
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