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  1. Oh, but this is a surprise! One of my players has been called up for the WC 2022! He is my left Wing Back an one of my best players. What a surprise!
  2. Well, the start of the season went as expected: very difficult. We're now in October and are just above the relegation-spots. October was also one of the busiest months I've ever had. The reason for this busy schedule is WC 2022 in Qatar. There are no matches in November and December, so we had to play a lot of matches in October. With our small squad this was almost impossible to do. We lost 3 matches in a row, but then we had a streak of 5 matches unbeaten. I just hope that we can finish above the relegation spots, but it will be very difficult.
  3. WOW. What impressive!! This is such an amazing career, and SO great to follow! Congrats with the qualification for the EL. And what a huge amount of money for finishing 13th in the Bundesliga!
  4. End of season 2021/2022 What a beautiful season it was. And together with our team, also Lille and Auxerre promoted to Ligue 1. We sold 1.447 shirts, with Beaulieu and Blondel als the most popular ones. Our income from sponshorships is only 273k, so a lot of room to grow here. Start of season 2022/2023 Nice!! That is a lot of money for our club. Let's take a look at our finances. A positive balance of 2M. We've got 4M transfer budget, but we will not use that. I already put some of the transfer budget in our wage budget. So if it is necessary I could give my players big contracts. I'm very happy the board was willing to accept these upgrades. Well, it is no surprise that our chances this season are quite low. I also do not know what to expect from this league, so I'll just see how it goes.
  5. Season review 2021/2022 Best Eleven Where is Adama Fall 19g? I really don't understand why he isn't in this overview at all Best Eleven overall Awards Awards are nice, but more important: we will get a new stadium! So yeah, we will leave Stade Louis Dior and move to Granville Stadium in 2023. A 15k stadium with under soil heating. Sounds nice! And a big step forward for the club. Next season we need to play in Roazhon Park: And beside that, the board also invest in training- and youth facilities:
  6. We are the Champions! WOW. What. A. Season! I never thought that we would promote this fast. Just 4 years after we started this adventure, we may play in the Ligue 1 !! It is going to be VERY tough next season. But it feels great that we achieved this, also with 8 points more then Lille. Last results Player stats This is really nice: Adama Fall 19g became topscorer of the Ligue 2, while Blondel is 3th on the list. He had such a great season: 28 goals overall is just fantastic. He also had his first U20 cap, which is also the very first international cap ever for one of our own youth products. Reserves Our reserves also had a very good season en became champions of the National 3 Groupe Normandie.
  7. PROMOTED TO LIGUE 1 !! In a direct confrontation with title contenders Nancy we managed to gain promotion after a great 5-2 win. What a match it was!! Ligue 1 here we come!! Now we only need to play 3 more matches. Could it lead us to champions of the Ligue 2??
  8. Man, this is going to be really exciting! Now I'm this far, I really, really want to win the Ligue 2. That would be an unbelievable achievement when you look at the quality of our squad. A bit like Leicester City a few years back, but then a level lower.
  9. Granville U19 just had this massive win over Marseille U19. What a victory!! MotM was the only 14 year old Antoine Lorenzi. I tagged him as 22f, but it looks like the 2022-generation is really a golden generation. This Belgian lad has definitely some potential, allthough his technical attributes aren't that great at the moment. But whe'll see how he will develop!
  10. Takeover Ah, this is nice! After some failed previous attempts, there is finally good news. Local investor Michel Landreau bought the club. And more important: he's directly investing in the club! This is so important for the club, because we almost didn't have any money in the last years to invest. At the beginning of this season there was some money to upgrade the training facilities, youth recruitment and junior coaching. And when I signed a new contract, I asked for an upgrade for the Youth facilities, which the board accepted. But we couldn't ask for stadium expansion because there was not enough money for that. Now we've got almost 3M on our balance. Time to invest! Well, it is at least something. These are our current facilities: We are still playing in an unbelievable tiny stadium. So every expansion is welcome. League Table and results We lost against Lille in the Cup. A bit harsh because they scored the equalizer in 95th(!) minute. And then we lost after penalties... The results in the league were better. After 30 matches we're 3 points ahead of Lille. But more important: ten points(!!) more then number 3 Nancy. So with only 8 matches to go, it really looks like it will happen: promotion!
  11. Youth intake 2022 I think we can be very happy with this intake. A lot of players with potential. These are in my opinion the best ones from this intake: I'm most happy with the last one; Gaudin. I think he is my best prospect so far in this save. Hopefully he'll develop into a great player for us. Results/fixtures and table Ligue 2 February was a mixed month. We had a beautiful win against Montpellier in te Coupe de France. In the next round, which is also the next game, we face Lille. In the Ligue 2 we lost against Auxerre and Ajaccio, but our last match against Dunkerque was fantastic. When you look at the table is looks like we definitely qualify for the playoffs. But I really, really hope that we can finish 1th or 2nd! Fingers crossed...
  12. Things are going very well so far Thanks to one of my acadamy-talents: Adama Fall. Fall was playing in de Reserves, even in the beginning of this season. But he scored a lot of goals there and developed very well in training. So I gave him a chance in the first team. And he delivered from day one. He'll be in the first team for the years to come.
  13. The start of season 2021/2022 went surprisingly well. We are on top of the table halfway the season!! I really can't believe this, but hopefully we can maintain our form and continue winning matches.
  14. I'm sorry for the irregular updates. Busy, busy, busy. First season (season 20/21) in League 2 went unexpectedly well! We managed to finish 5th, and qualified for the playoffs. But in the first round of the playoffs we couldn't win against Lille. Which is not a shame at all. Biggest surprise this season was a 4-0 win against champion Caen. Youth intake Not a bad intake, some nice talents. But their personalities aren't great. The best ones: Commercial Summary Improvements I'm very happy with these improvements. I finally had the chance to upgrade because there wasn't a debt anymore. Season 2021/2022 preview Still the lowest ranked team. Auxerre and Brest got relegated, so we've got a very strong competition this year.
  15. Season 2020 / 2021 Finally I've found some time to play FM19 again. September and october were great months! We secured our first win in this league against Laval on 9/11. And in october we didn't lose a match! We won 2, and the drawns were a bit unlucky as well. So this is the table after 14 games: A very respectable 12th place, 8 points above the relegation-positions. This is above my expectations, and I really hope we can maintain this!
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