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  1. We did it again!! I almost can't believe it. For the second time in a row we qualified for the Knock Outs! This is also fantastic news for the coefficients list. We will make a big step forward next season. We will play Arsenal in the next round. I'm happy if we even manage to get a draw in one of these matches.
  2. I do agree with you that it's a bit difficult to handle that situation. For that reason, I've got a very large squad in my IR-save. My strongest team will play in Europe, and in the most important matches in the competition. My B- and sometimes C-team will play all the other matches, including both cups. Sad to read that you stopped, hopefully you will find more enjoyment in your next save. Good luck!
  3. Thanks!! I really appreciate I'll show some of the best players at this moment: Þorsteinn Þórðarson (IR youth academy) Árni Ragnarsson (IR youth academy) Magnús Már Ingason (IR youth academy) Ásgeir Frank Andrésson (IR youth academy) Axel Skulason (Fjölnir youth academy) Something I forgot to mention last time, but someting i'm very proud of: IR U19 won the Youth Champions League in 2031!!! I forgot to make a screenshot at that time, but here is the evidence that we really won the youth CL: Pffff... don't know what to do. I never had such a bid for one of my players. He is by far my best and most important player at the moment. But this is a lot of money.... He recently signed a new contract and is happy to stay at IR. So I think I will reject the bid.
  4. Thanks, mate! Really nice to read I really enjoy this save. It's probably one of my most enjoyable saves ever. Never did a youth save before, but it's great and it's something I will do again in future FM's. Iceland turns out to be a great country for a youth save. Short seasons, good regens, quick progress, easy to make it to Europe quickly, etc.
  5. Affiliates I'm very proud about my affiliate with Hansa Rostock. They've got great facilities, both youth and training. As you can see later on in this post, I allready got a very, very promising German youth player that came through my youth ranks. Now I will show you some of my best players / talents. I bought some of them back after some unsuccessful moves to other clubs. As you can see, some earn a lot of money each month. But it's the only way to keep them at my club, because I got bids on most of them every transfer window. And if I want to win some European silverware, I need to spent on wages.
  6. Well, that was a long time ago since my last post. I preferred playing above writing about my game. But for the people who are interested in these kind of youth only games, I'll show you the progress of my save with some screenshots. I'm at the start of Season 2032/2033. This is my current club overview: Finances: History of the Pepsi deild karla: Side note: I have not lost a single competition game within the last 95(!) games. Honours: Last season, I finally survived the Group Stage of the CL for the first time! In the first Knock-out Round I lost against Leverkusen, the winner of the CL from 2 seasons ago. CL progress: Europa League progress: Current facilities: side note: due to technological advances my training facilities were downgraded a couple of monthes ago. But I've got enough money on my Icelandic Bank, so I'm allready upgrading it again. After this update, my facilities are State of the Art again. Unfortunately I never had the opportunity to upgrade my youth recruitment, so it's still at the same level as at the start of this save. Nation Club Coefficients & Qual. Places As you can see, I'm slowly climbing up the ladder. With the coefficients points of this season, I'm moving up some places next season again I think. But the magical place 12, with a gurenteed place in the CL Group Stage, is still far away.
  7. Good luck!! Very nice club to play with, IR. I'm having a youth save with them also. You need a very long breath. Season 2030 is almost finished in my save. Winning the league and both cups isn't very hard. But beeing successfull in Europe is way more difficult. I will follow your career
  8. This is great! For the first time in my IR-career I managed to get into the Group Stage of the Champions League!! This was the Road to the Group Stage: I'm most satisfied with the away win over Dinamo in the first leg of the playoff. Fantastic! This is the draw: A tough one, but maybe I can steel some sneaky points against Leverkusen or Porto. We'll see!
  9. Wow, what a fantastic player that is! Such a shame that your chairman sold this guy...
  10. Season 2025 review Finally a new update from my IR-save. I was very, very busy the last couple of weeks and couldn't play FM at all. But finally I found some time to play It was again a very successful season. I lost 3 matches in the competition, but that's mostly because I used a lot of young players to keep my best players fresh for the European matches. European campaign The first CL round was quite easy. We didn't have mutch problem with Lincoln (Gibraltar). In the next round, we had to play against FC Midtjylland. Again. While we lost heavily last year, this year we could almost win. But unfortunately we lost again. In the playoff-round of the EL we had to play against Brondby. The first match was very special. We played very, very well against a team with some great players. And the second match demonstrated that we made some real progress in European matches The Group Stage was a tough one. I managed to win only one game als lost all the others. Finally our new stadium is ready!!! And I'm very, very happy with it! I'll show you the differences between our old and our new stadium. And as you can read in the previous screenshot, there is plenty of room to expand the stadium. This year's youth intake was okay. Not very good, but not very bad either. This is fantastic: our youth product Fannar Freyr Arnarson, who's playing on loan for Toulouse, became European Golden Boy!!! What a fantastic recognition for his talent It's amazing that a guy from IR can achieve something like this. I'll show you our current facilities. And last but not least: I became the National Manager of Iceland!! I didn't even apply for the job when it became available. I never really thought about it, but they just asked me and of course I accepted the job...
  11. That sounds great!! I'm really looking forward to this file and to start a save in the Dutch lower leagues
  12. Incredible!! What a result! Well done mate!
  13. Thanks!! I'm happy that the board is keen to upgrade our facilities year after year. Not in the last place because of our current financial situation. Not only we're building a new stadium, we've got already impressive training facilities and excellent youth facilities. And directly after the last upgrade I asked for another one, and the board accepted So in 2026 we've got Great training facilities and the best youth facilities possible (Top)
  14. Season 2024 Well, it not a big surprise anymore that we became champion of Iceland again It is however a bit annoying that we lost 2 games at the end of the competition, when we were champion already. With a bit more concentration we could have won those 2 games. But hey, we won the league with 18 point clear, so I will not complain. We're the number one of Iceland Our European campaign was a tough one. In the CL Second Qual. Round we had no problem at all with Santa Coloma. Away we won 0-2, and at home we had our biggest win ever: 10-0!! In the 3th Qual. Round we drew against FC Midtjylland. And we had a very difficult time against them… Away, we had a big loss: 5-1. At home, we never looked like we could go for a surprise. Midtjylland won the game quite easy with 1-2 and so our CL adventure end up here. We did qualify for the Playoff of the Europe League, but the drew there was even tougher: Everton… With 1-4(away) and 1-2(home) we have to be very happy. Because Everton was so much better, they created so much chances, that it’s almost a miracle that the score didn’t came closer to our win over Santa Coloma. Our best player this season was, by far, Fannar Freyr Arnarson. What an amazing talent!! He’s unhappy that I didn’t sell him, so I don’t think that he will accept a new contract offer. So I probably have to sell him at the end of next season to still earn some money for him. He’s even a regular at the national team, with 7 caps and 2 goals at the moment. He played some games on the European Championship 2024, where Iceland lost 3-0 in the Quarter Final against France. Youth intake The intake of this year wasn’t as good as the last couple of years, but with Haraldur Þórarinsson we’ve got a very, very promising defender. And also the keeper, Kjartan Guðlaugsson, looks very talented. Transfer news Well, the most exiting news of this year is the transfer of Þorsteinn Þórðarson to Arsenal. After two great seasons at Anderlecht, where he played almost every game from the start, Arsenal decided to buy him for no more then €26M!! And the most beautiful thing about this is that we earn 50% of this transfer, so that means we are RICH!!! Beside this, we also sold Gunnar Viðarsson for €1,5M to IFK Göteborg, but we loaned him back for the rest of the season. And he did very well by the way, by scoring 19 goals overall. Aah, this is nice. Last year I had to let go Jón Gísli Ström because he was just not good enough anymore. This guy was SO important in the first couple of seasons, that he became one of the club's and fans favorite. unfortunately he couldn't find a new club, so he decided to retire. And now he's back at IR as a scout He's a poor scout, but I don't care, because I don't really need scouts in this youth only save. I'm just happy that he's now part of my staff I’ll show you some of my best players and talents. I've been asked to manage Holland U-23 on the Olympics 2024. Unfortunately due to some injuries it was a tournament to forget very quickly... After this tournament I've resigned, so I can focus only on IR.