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  1. Can the season please stop now? A 4th place in our first season (2022/2023) in 2. Bundesliga would be fantastic!! I don't want promotion to the Bundesliga this soon, as our squad really lacks quality for that level. So a 4th place would be perfect. Falcao and Theisen are fantastic players for us. Financially things aren't going that good, but at the end of the season we will get lots of millions. So hopefully our financial problems are over then.
  2. FC Viktoria 1889 Berlin End of season review 2021/2022 League Table | Competitions overview | Finances | Facilities | Transfers | Youth intake | Manager profile | Club overview Wow. What a season this was! We are promoted to the 2. Bundesliga in our very first season!! Just like I did before with BFC Dynamo. From the start of the season we were one of the top flyers in the competition. We didn't play in the DFB-Pokal for some reason. So we only had to play competition matches. With a 3rd place, behind champion Kaiserslautern and Bayern II (who can't get promoted), we are going
  3. FC Viktoria 1889 Berlin Well, here we go again! Although I had lots of fun on Iceland with ÍR, I just wanted something else. So I put that save on hold. Maybe I'll continue later. My BFC Dynamo-save was a great save, I really liked playing in Germany. So I decided to go back to Germany, and also go for another club from Berlin. I had to reload many times, but there we are: FC Viktoria 1889 Berlin! A bit of history, thanks to Wikipedia: So in real life, they are promoted to 3. Liga as well! And before they merged with Lichterfelder FC in 2013 they won the German C
  4. We drew against Kobenhavn, while Levski won their match. So we finished 3rd with 10 points... Our European season is over, players are on holiday now. Better luck next year!
  5. Íþróttafélag Reykjavíkur End of season 2028 review League Table | Competition overview | Finances | Facilities | Transfers | Youth intake | Club Overview | Manager Profile A great season for us! We won the Pepsi Max deildin with 11 points clear. Beside that we won the League Cup and the Super Cup. We didn't win the Cup, as we lost surprisingly against HK in the Qtr Final. And IR is now the biggest team on Iceland, so that's a very nice achievement as well. And I'm now a Club Legend At the end of 2029 our new Stadium is finally ready. And with all the Champions League money of
  6. And there is Bjarki Jóhannesson 26a's first call-up! EDIT: He even made his debut!
  7. Íþróttafélag Reykjavíkur End of season 2027 review League Table | Competition overview | Facilities | Finances | Transfers | Youth intake | Manager profile | Club overview Well, this was a special season, because for the first time in the club history we qualified for the Group Stage of the Champions League! But because of the qualifying matches of the CL, we had to play a lot of competition games with backup players an youngsters who would normally not play. A lot of my first team players were tired playing so many games in such a short time. Because of this we didn't became champi
  8. The draw of the group stage is a difficult one. But every group would have been difficult. Let's enjoy this Champions League season!
  9. We are through to the Group Stage of the Champions League!!! I never ever thought it was possible, so early in this save. It's 2027 and this is my 6th season with IR. And we are RICH now! The route to the Group Stage wasn't that difficult. Gandzasar, Sheriff Tiraspoll and Lausanne Sports in the Qualifying Rounds, although Lausanne was the champion of Switzerland. Dinamo Zagreb was by far the strongest team, but we managed to win both matches. In the first match we were a bit lucky, because Dinamo was stronger. But somehow we scored 4 away goals. The home-match against them was eas
  10. This is probably the worst intake preview I have ever had
  11. Grotta just won the Super Cup against my team....... They are doing very good, they finished 2nd last season.
  12. Thank you! That should be big enough for now. We normally have appr. 4.000 of 4.500 fans at home matches in Europe(we normally don't play in our own stadium as it is too small for a European match).
  13. Our European season is over! We had a fantastic run in the Europa Conference League. We qualified as nr.1 for the Second Knockout Round. But Rosenborg won both matches with 3-2. So that's the end for this season. But I am very happy that we came so far. And some more good news: we will get a new stadium!! Not sure how big it will be, but we definitely need a new stadium as our current one is just too small (1.200 with 300 seated). And last but not least: Lorenzo from FMCustomKits made some beautiful new 2D and 3D kits for me.
  14. Íþróttafélag Reykjavíkur End of season 2026 review League Table | Competition overview | Transfers | Facilities | Finances | Youth intake | Manager profile | Club Overview Again a fantastic season! For the second time in a row we are crowned as champions! This time on goal difference. On the final day we played 1-1 against our rivals Leiknir R. but it was enough. Fantastic! We also won the League Cup and the Super Cup, so a treble for us this season! I already posted about our European campaign. After some very unexpected wins in the Qualifying Rounds of the Champions League, we were kn
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