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  1. Season 2020/2021 So there we go. Ready for a long, long season in the League 2. And for the first time in history as a professional club! After reneweing almost all of the contracts within the club (players, staff), I hired some new staff members. But I still couldn't upgrade the youth recruitment and the junior coaching budget because we still lack the money. Let's first take a quick look at the Overall Best Eleven, and the season review of last season. As you can see in the screenshot above, our stadium is 100% full. But we can't upgrade our stadium, so we still need to play in our very small stadium. The commercial summary of last season showed some good improvements: And this message was also VERY welcome: Unfortunately we won't receive the money in one time. But still: very welcome. Hopefully during the season our financial siuation will improve because of this and I can finally upgrade some stuff. As you can see, normally we won't have any chance to compete and we should prepare for a hard relagation battle this season. The first six matches showed indeed that it is going to be a very, very tough season... The thing I'm happy about is that in none of the matches we were really outplayed by the opponent. Mostly in our home matches, we were the better team in terms of possession and chances. So I hope that in the next months we will be able to finally win some matches.
  2. So these are the fixtures for the last round of the competition. Let's take a look at the results. A very disappointing result against Rodez. We really failed. But: we finished second!!! Tours managed to become champions, but I don't really care too much. We are going up, we are going up!! What. A. Season!!! And probably the most important one: This is a huge, huge step forward for the club and I'm very happy with this! That's it for today
  3. What a great result against Le Mans! That means that we qualified for the playoffs! Let's see what Concarneau will do against Bourg-Péronnas. Jeeez. What is going on here?! Concarneau lost AGAIN!! For the 3th time in a row!!! So we will go into the last round of the league as the number one!!! And we'll have a very difficult away match against Rodez. So we can finish 1st, 2nd or 3th. Champion, direct promotion or playoff football. What will it be?
  4. It looks like Concarneau can't live up against the expectations! They lost again, this time against already relegated Pau. Niort and Rodez both draw their games. Man, o, man, this is going to be a climax, unbelievable.
  5. Only one match later: Concarneau, Rodez and Niort all lost their matches. So with 3 matches to go, I'm even in the running to become league champion!
  6. Almost end of season 2019 / 2020 With only a couple of matches to play, the season comes to it's climax. We had a good run in March, although the result against Niort was a bit disappoiting. We were way better, but we scored only one goal. And the only goal was scored by my goalkeeper... But overall I'm happy with the results. April started awful, with a unexpected defeat against Béziers. The most important match will be the last one against Rodez. You'll see why in the table. With only 4 matches to play, my aim is to finish second. That means direct promotion to Ligue 2. That's why the match against Rodez is so important. Hopefully I'll come up with good news in my next post!
  7. Season 2019/2020 After 25 games, I'm still in the running for a promotion place. I really didn't expect that at the start of the season!! With only 9 games left, I really, really hope we can finish at least 3rd. The first two places means direct promotion. The 3rd place means promotion playoffs. Youth intake This intake was labeled as a 'golden generation'. I'm very happy with this intake! These guys were the best three, rated by their potential ability: The player I'm most exited about is Renard. He looks very decent with only 14 years of age.
  8. Xabier Only 14 years old! What a talent is that. Hopefully you can keep him at your club!
  9. Although the result was a bit dissapointing(3-3 against Cholet at home), my goalkeeper scored another goal with a freekick:
  10. Let's show you some screens of my best players at this moment. Let's start with an overview of my current squad. I'm currently trying out a new skin; the newest version of TCS'19. Before I used Keysi Rensie's skin and probably I'm going back to that one. But for now I'm trying this skin out, so the screens look a bit different then I posted before. The first one that I want to mension is my goalscoring keeper Florian Verplanck. It's a very solid goalkeeper and the best one at the club. I've got a decent youth prospect in the U19 squad, but he's far from ready for first team football. So Verplanck will be my number one for the years to come. Then my two most important midfielders: Dylan Beaulieu and Jordan Blondel. Beaulieu is my playmaker and the most important midfielder at the club. Blondel is my attacking midfielder and very important with his goals. I rate them both very highly and I really hope that I can keep them for as long as possible at the club. Then onto my wingers. These are the brothers Théault: Tony on the leftwing and Robin on the right. They are both very important with their assists and good teamplay, and find eachother very easily on the field. If you want to see something specific, please ask me and I'll make a screenshot of it.
  11. Season 2019 / 2020 I'm about halfway the season. The results are way better then expected! It's my first season in this league and allready playing for a promotion place. Let's compare it to the season preview, and the odds... I really don't know if my players can keep this form, but I really hope so. One thing that I'm a bit worried about is our financial state. It is almost impossible to make money at this moment. And with this balance, I can't ask for upgrades like youth recruitment of junior coaching budget, or even coaching badges. The best result so far is a 3-0 win against AS Nancy, the club of my fellow Dutchmen Guus Hiddink. Their red card helped me a bit, but we really outplayed them. A nice detail in this match: my goalkeeper Verplanck scored his 4th goal of the season! I decided to let him take all my direct free kicks. Last season he scored 3 league goals. This season he already scored 1 league goal, and 3 in the cup. What a hero!
  12. Good job mate! And what a great read is this. Love the details and the depth. Good luck next season!
  13. I hope you can keep him. What a great talent!
  14. Thanks! Definitely the second option! I'll always take risk, even against a way stronger opponent. The start of the season is very promising, but more about that in my next post.
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