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  1. Good luck! I'm doing the same sort of save in Bosnia with FK Velez Mostar. I will follow your save!
  2. Great work! I'd like to start a save with Brora Rangers, but they don't have a U19 team. Same as a lot of other teams in that division. Any idea why?
  3. I'm joining this challenge as well. From now on, I'm the manager of ACR Messina SSD. This is my profile: And this is the club overview. In FM18 I had a great save with Parma. I really like the Italian leagues. This will be my second time playing a youth only save. My first attempt in FM17 was a great one: I won the CL with IR from Iceland. Let's see how this goes.
  4. Good luck in Japan!! I had lots of fun in Japan with my current Journeyman-career. I took over Holly Hock. Within only 4 years I managed to win the Champions League with them. In the Club World Cup final I lost against PSG. It was great fun! Good luck! Keep following this
  5. Haha, you really lost me here, but keep up the great work! Good to hear that you've found a solution for it. Can't wait to test your file!
  6. Aaaah, now I understand. Keep up the good work!! Great to see your effort of making such a realistic Dutch football structure.
  7. But that also means that you cannot promote from an amateur league to the JL in your file?
  8. It is looking great!! Can't wait to play with it. What I don't understand is the following: you are saying that the winner of the Beloftencompetitie can evantually win a JL ticket. But are those rules your own? Because IRL only the winner of the Tweede Divisie can promote to the JL. Or am I misunderstanding your explanation? Any thoughts about a release date?
  9. I was also interested and found this article: https://www.croatiaweek.com/small-new-zealand-club-with-croatian-heritage-at-its-9th-fifa-club-world-cup/ Keep up the good work btw
  10. Thanks for the update. That sounds great! This will be really fantastic to play with
  11. That sounds great!! Good luck with it, don't rush. It's finished when it's finished. I am really looking forward to this file!
  12. Hi there! Will there be a FM18 file? I really hope so, as I did enjoy the FM17 file very much
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