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  1. That’s fantastic news for youth only challenges!
  2. FC Viktoria 1889 Berlin End of season 2030/2031 (season 10) League Table | Competition overview | Finances | Transfers | Affiliates | Facilities | Youth intake | Manager profile | Club Overview Well, season 10 ended again in a 4th place in the Bundesliga. We are far away from becoming champions, because Dortmund are next level. They win almost all their games in the Bundesliga. But I'm very happy with this 4th place, because that means we qualified for the Champions League again! Our debut in the CL was a good one. We managed to qualify from our Group. In the 1st Knockout Round we played against Norwich City. At home 1-1, and away 2-2, so we won on awaygoals! In the Quarter Final we draw Inter Milan, but they were too good. We lost both matches with 3-0, so our adventure ended here. But a Qtr Final in our first CL season is very good! Guido Riedeberger 26o, our GK, had the highest avr Rating this season, 7.11. Our topscorer this season was Christoph Lensch 28b, with a total of 17 goals and 8 assists. Radosław Kościelniak 30b made his debut this season, scoring 3 goals in 7 matches. We also got some more foreign affiliates, the list is growing and growing. And we also got Karlsruhe(2. Bundesliga) as an affiliate to send some players on loan. Youth intake Another Golden Generation intake, with some nice talents! I'm not sure if I can complete the challenge. With FM22 around the corner, I can probably play 1 or 2 more seasons with Viktoria Berlin. That won't be enough to win the CL I guess. But still, it was a great save. Germany is a fantastic country for youth only challenges and I can recommend it to anyone who never tried Germany before.
  3. Ha, we did it! In the First Knockout Round we draw a very surprising opponent:
  4. Look how close my CL group is, with only one match to play! Next match is Spurs away, let's see if we can do it!
  5. Congrats @OlivierL!!! What an achievement, and so fast. Well done mate.
  6. Okay, this is shocking: It's not about the money, but come on: Real Madrid?! He will never ever play a single game for them, that's for sure. But it's a nice move! He was very important for us, but our academy youngsters are now better them him. He played 67 times for Sierra Leone as well. Good luck, mate!
  7. FC Viktoria 1889 Berlin End of season 2029/2030 (season 9) League Table | Competition overview | Finances | Facilities | Affiliates | Transfers | Youth intake | Club Overview | Manager Profile My best season so far!! We finished 4th, very close to 2nd place. So we qualified for the Champions League !!! It was really close, for quite some time we were 2nd in the league. But Bayern won 2-1 against us, just 2 matches before the end of the season. But I am very happy about this season. I decided to put in some new faces: Goalkeeper Guido Riedeberger 26o, Libero Seydi Palut 28e and Shadow Striker Christoph Lensch 28b. And they did very, very well. Best player this season was Alexander Ullrich 26k. He scored 21 Bundesliga goals, together with 10 assists. So yeah, I'm very happy with his contribution to the team. Best players of the squad, together with Ullrich 26k, are Salih Topuz 26a and Onur Usta 24a. I decided to sell Falcão, our hero from the first seasons. He just wasn't good enough anymore, so I sold him to Dutch club Roda JC. The last real player of the squad, goalkeeper Melvin Williams, isn't playing anymore and is now 3rd choice. I put him on the transfer list, so next summer will probably the first summer without real players. And that after 10 years! Next season will be our very first in the Champions League. I just hope we won't lose all of our games. Youth intake We had a very good intake! I really like Christian Hoffman 30a, he'll be retrained as a shadow striker or maybe a mezzala. But he is a future first team player, without a doubt. The same can be said about Radosław Kościelniak 30b and Daniel Howard 30d: very nice talents, who will be in our first team rather sooner than later.
  8. The start of season 2029/2030 is very promising! After the 10-0 loss against Dortmund, we managed to win most of our matches. We are now 9 matches unbeaten! And we won 3-1 against Bayern, and because of that win we are now 2nd place in the Bundesliga after 16 matches. Let's hope we can maintain this form for quite some time! The youth intake is promising. Let's hope for a good goalkeeper, because we can need some improvements there.
  9. OUCH In my long CM/FM career, I can't remember I have ever lost 10-0.............
  10. FC Viktoria 1889 Berlin End of season 2028/2029 (season 8) League Table | Competition Overview | Europa League | Finances | Facilities | Youth intake | Transfers | Manager profile | Club Overview Well, we had a difficult season. We fought for a European spot for a long time this season, but at the end we didn't make it. So we won't play European football again next season. My players aren't ready to play 2 or sometimes 3 matches in one week. So that's probably the reason why we had a tough Bundesliga season, because I had to rotate a lot. But an 8th place in our third Bundesliga season isn't bad at all. Our European campaign was a good one! We qualified easily from our Europa League group. In the Second Playoff Round we won both matches against Anderlecht. So we qualified for the Quarter Finals, where we met PSV Eindhoven. They were just too good for us, so we lost both matches against them. But it was a very, very good first European campaign! Onur Usta 24a and Alexander Ullrich 26k were our best players this season. Our U19 team is doing very well. For the second time in a row they were crowned as champions of the A-Junioren-Bundesliga Nord/Nordost. They also won the German Youth Championship this season. So the future looks bright for us! We got some really nice youngsters knocking on the door, mostly from the 2028 intake. The 2027 intake wasn't the best one, most players from that intake won't make it into the first team. But I'll promote some of the 2028 youngsters after this season to our first team. We also finally have some foreign affiliates. NEC Nijmegen(Holland), IF Elfsborg(Sweden) and Vojvodina Novi Sad(Serbia) will bring us hopefully some quality youngsters in the future. Youth intake The 2029 intake also looks very promising! EDIT: I forgot about this: our new stadium!! I'll need to wait for 3 seasons, but then we finally got our own stadium again. Can't wait!
  11. Yes, I can really recommend it! The German leagues are very fun to play in. And BFC Dynamo is a club I can only recommend. Their is a very good German database where you can play until their 6th tier. But you can also do what I did: holiday for one season and get them promoted to the 3. Liga. I had to reload for many times, but it was worth waiting!
  12. It’s a recording from the goal highlights, after the match. So my clip starts just after the first goal of the match. Or do you mean something else?
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