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  1. Hi there! Will there be a FM18 file? I really hope so, as I did enjoy the FM17 file very much
  2. YES YES YES YES YES!!!! WE DID IT!!! IR HAS WON THE EUROPA LEAGUE!!!!!! This is unbelievable!!! This must be my biggest CM or FM performance ever. IR, a very, very small team from Iceland. Within less then 20 years, I made them one of the best teams in Europe. By using only players from my own academy. I bought some of them back, but that's it. This is fantastic. I really don't know if I will continue with this save, because this feels like the biggest trophy I can win. I really don't know if I will ever win the CL. So maybe I will continue, but it feels like a mission accomplished. As a result of this, the Icelandic football is getting a huge boost. And FINALLY we are allowed to update the Youth Recruitment. So we had to win an Europa League for getting the option.... This all was not possible without our star player and wonderkid Tim Pett.
  4. Okay, I'll give it a shot. I never thought that I could win this game. Ofcourse I had the Arsenal-game in mind. But Atletico is a bit stronger then Arsenal. And I really did not know that the lads could do the same thing again. In the same season. This is just amazing. It shows how good we are, how well my biggest talents can show themself in such a big match. For example Tim Pett. He's only 19 years old, came through my youth system as a product of our affiliate with Hansa Rostock. This guy is taking the team by the hand, by scoring a hattrick on such a moment. He's a wonderkid, and will not play very long for IR after this season, I'm afraid. In de Semi Finals, we drawn against CSKA Moskow. The other Semi Final is between Sporting Lisabon and Liverpool.
  5. Oh. My. ... I'm speechless. I just can't believe what I just saw.
  6. Ouch..... We had only one shot on goal... It's going to be very, very difficult.
  7. Forgot to mention, but our stadium will get an expension From july, we'll have the biggest stadium on Iceland, with no more then 17,490 seats. That's HUGE for an Icelandic club. In the 2nd Knockout Round of the EL, we played against Başakşehir. As expected after scouting them, we won easily. We're through to the Quarter Finals!! And there is Atlético Madrid waiting for us.....
  8. It's 2035 now. Things are going very well, and I would like to show you the progress we've made in the last seasons. I'm only mentioning our European adventures, because I'm winning the Icelandic league and cups year in, year out. In 2032/2033, we qualified for the second time in a row for the 1st Knock Out Rounds of the CL, but Arsenal stopped our young team. In 2033/2034, we managed to qualify for the 1st Knock Out Round for the third time in a row. We finished second in a group with Vitesse, Atletico Madrid and Juventus. But in the Knock Outs, we lost against Chelsea. As I'm the manager of Iceland also, I would like to show you our great run at the World Cup 2034. It was the first time in history that Iceland were present at a World Cup. In the next round, we won against Croatia. In the Quarter Final, we had to play against Portugal. And I couldn't quite believe that we've won. In the Semi Final, Brazil was our opponent. They were way too good, so I had peace with this loss. We also had to play against Germany for the third place, but we also lost that match with 0-1. But I'm so proud that we made it this far!!! Iceland in the Semi Finals of a World Cup! Back to IR. In 2034/2035, we lost in the CL Playoff against Ludogoretsk. So for the first time in many years, we had to play in the Europa League. We didn't have any problems at all and finished as number 1. Then, in the First Knock Out Rounds, we had to play against Arsenal. The first match, away, ended up in 1-1. A very nice result. But at home, we played one of our most historical matches ever. 5-2!!! Against Arsenal!!! Amazing. In the next update, I'll show you the rest of this European campaign.
  9. Thank you! I use large thumbnails, so if you click on a picture you'll see the larger version. But if you, and maybe others, prefer to see larger screenshots here, I will do that. Here are screenshots of some of my biggest talents and best players: I just bought him back from Genk after eleven years. He's by far the best RB from Iceland in the game, and one of my best players at my club. A true legend. These are my usual three up-front. Very, very good players. Some of my best defenders/talents. This is probably my biggest talent around the club at the moment. Wanted by almost every topclub in Europe. My second biggest talent, and already a member of the national team. One of our club heroes. A great player, who is still very important, but a back-up at the moment. Also a very talented player, who is also wanted by almost every topclub.
  10. Well, look at this! Our good runs in the CL results into this: I'm ahead of Holland at the moment. Can't believe this! I don't know for how long we can hold on to this position. Hopefully some other Icelandic teams will get some European results. I don't think I can qualify for the Knock Out rounds of the CL every year. But i'm very happy, and also very proud, that we are were we are right now
  11. We did it again!! I almost can't believe it. For the second time in a row we qualified for the Knock Outs! This is also fantastic news for the coefficients list. We will make a big step forward next season. We will play Arsenal in the next round. I'm happy if we even manage to get a draw in one of these matches.
  12. FM17 Youth Academy Challenge

    I do agree with you that it's a bit difficult to handle that situation. For that reason, I've got a very large squad in my IR-save. My strongest team will play in Europe, and in the most important matches in the competition. My B- and sometimes C-team will play all the other matches, including both cups. Sad to read that you stopped, hopefully you will find more enjoyment in your next save. Good luck!
  13. Thanks!! I really appreciate I'll show some of the best players at this moment: Þorsteinn Þórðarson (IR youth academy) Árni Ragnarsson (IR youth academy) Magnús Már Ingason (IR youth academy) Ásgeir Frank Andrésson (IR youth academy) Axel Skulason (Fjölnir youth academy) Something I forgot to mention last time, but someting i'm very proud of: IR U19 won the Youth Champions League in 2031!!! I forgot to make a screenshot at that time, but here is the evidence that we really won the youth CL: Pffff... don't know what to do. I never had such a bid for one of my players. He is by far my best and most important player at the moment. But this is a lot of money.... He recently signed a new contract and is happy to stay at IR. So I think I will reject the bid.
  14. Thanks, mate! Really nice to read I really enjoy this save. It's probably one of my most enjoyable saves ever. Never did a youth save before, but it's great and it's something I will do again in future FM's. Iceland turns out to be a great country for a youth save. Short seasons, good regens, quick progress, easy to make it to Europe quickly, etc.
  15. Affiliates I'm very proud about my affiliate with Hansa Rostock. They've got great facilities, both youth and training. As you can see later on in this post, I allready got a very, very promising German youth player that came through my youth ranks. Now I will show you some of my best players / talents. I bought some of them back after some unsuccessful moves to other clubs. As you can see, some earn a lot of money each month. But it's the only way to keep them at my club, because I got bids on most of them every transfer window. And if I want to win some European silverware, I need to spent on wages.