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  1. Well, that was it. My career at IR is over. I'm devastated, as IR is one of my favorite clubs in FM. Last season went so well. But we lost our best player(Óli Valur Hrólfsson 24b) to Bordeaux. But even more bad was that I started the season without a goalkeeper.... I had three GK's, but I released one of them because he was constantly moaning for playing time, while he was really not good enough to even sit on the bench. So I released him on a free. Only a couple of days later my first GK broke his leg: out for about 7 months. So I had only one GK left: a 17 year old lad from the 2025 intake. And also this guy broke his leg So I didn't have a GK when the season started. I put my tallest player on goal, but it all didn't help. We lost almost every match(some of the results were 12-1, 9-5, 8-0 and 8-2) and we got relegated. They sacked me after the season. I am really, really devastated. I don't know where I will be heading next. Probably a different save then a Youth Only for a while, as I'm done with it for now.
  2. Íþróttafélag Reykjavíkur (ÍR) Season 3 | 2026 Tier 1 |Besta deildin Finances| Transfers| Club Overview | Squad overview |Tactic| Facilities| Manager Profile So, season 3 is done, and another good season for us! We finished 6th, and qualified for the Champions Group. I'm not a big fan of such a play-off system, but it is what it is. We only won 1 match in this Group, so we finished last in the group. But hey, overall it was just a very good season. We aren't good enough to really compete with the big teams in this League. Hopefully in the next few years, because we do have some talented youngsters. KA won the League for the 3rd consecutive time. Still no club on Iceland has a professional status yet. In the Icelandic Cup we lost in the Third Round against Breiðablik. Best players Best player this season was by far our most talented player Óli Valur Hrólfsson 24b. He is only 17 years old, but already our most important player. I really don't know for how long I can keep him. Some big Scandinavian clubs were interested in him, and at the moment Blackburn Rovers is scouting him. But I really hope that he will stay for at least one more season. He's got a contract until 2028, so for another 2 seasons. Youth preview & intake Another good intake! The preview wasn't spectaculair, but the intake gave us 7 Elite Talents! Two of them are DC's, a position where I can use some fresh quality. So hopefully these guys will develop into good defenders. U19's Our U19 team won promotion to the highest youth level of Iceland! So I'm very happy with that. Facilities Upgrades Still not possible to upgrade our Training- and Youth Facilities, but thankfully our board was willing to upgrade our Junior Coaching budget and Youth Recruitment. Junior Coaching is now excellent, so hopefully we will get some bigger talents in the next few years. Trophy Cabinet - Progress
  3. Finally you are on the list again, @XaW! Congrats!!
  4. Íþróttafélag Reykjavíkur (ÍR) Season 2 | 2025 Tier 1 |Besta deildin Finances| Transfers| Club Overview | Squad overview |Tactic| Facilities| Manager Profile A good first season at the highest level on Iceland! We finished 8th in the League. So we had to play in the Relegation Group. We finished 3rd, and were never in real danger of relegation. So I'm happy with our first season. In the Cup(Bikarkeppni Mjólkurbikar) we had a fantastic campaign! We made it until the Final. Here we faced Keflavík, but they were too strong: 2-0. So we nearly qualified for Europe. That would be way too soon, but I wouldn't complain if we did. So things are going well at the moment! We lost our biggest talent Róbert Elís Hlynsson to IK Sirius. The guy was unhappy, as he wanted to play at a higher level. So I had to sell him for about 50k. Best players Ísak Óli Helgason - Our best player this season. He scored 18 goals. And that's quite surprising, as he was a backup player last season. Bergvin Fannar Helgason - Another good season for him, scoring 14 goals in total. Óli Valur Hrólfsson 24b - Already one of our best players. He's developing into a very good player for us. Guðni Ásgrímsson 24g - Another youth product, and my first choice GK. Youth preview & intake I put my DoF Sigurður Ragnar Eyjólfsson in charge as my HoYD. He gave me a good intake! With 7 Elite Talents I can't complain. And some of them look really talented! U19's My U19 squad became champions of Tier 3 and won promotion to the second Tier! Facilities Upgrades I was able to upgrade the Junior Coaching budget, so I'm very happy with that. But our Training Facilities have been downgraded, and we don't have the funds to upgrade it soon. Trophy Cabinet Progress
  5. Íþróttafélag Reykjavíkur (ÍR) Season 1 | 2024 Tier 2 |Lengju deildin Finances| Transfers| Club Overview | Squad overview |Tactic | Facilities| Manager Profile Well, this was unexpected! We got promoted to the highest level on the final day!! I never thought it would be possible in our first season. And only 2 or 3 games before the end of the season we came on a playoff-place. We qualified for promotion playoffs on goal difference. Fylkir, who won the Cup surprisingly, became 6th. We first met Þróttur R., who nearly missed out direct promotion. But we won 0-3 and 1-0! And in the Final we met Afturelding, a match we won with 3-0. So we are promoted to the highest level: Besta deildin! Our Cup run ended in the Third Round, where we lost against KA. Best players Our best players this season were: Bergvin Fannar Helgason, our topscorer with 20 goals. Alexander Kostic, good old Alexander Kostic. He was in my team back in FM17, and he still is. Great player for us, great captain. And also very important with 4 goals and 11 assists. Róbert Elís Hlynsson our very talented youngster! Don't know if he's related to Kristian Hlynsson, who is currently playing a lot of matches for Ajax IRL. But Róbert Elís is a great player for us, and only 17 years old. Aron Daníel Arnalds, a midfielder that I retrained as a DL. Very important for us this season, with 3 goals and 6 assists. Youth preview & intake As posted before, our first preview looked okay. The actual intake was a very good one! Better then expected for sure. Some really talented youngsters! It looks like Óli Valur Hrólfsson 24b will be a star player for us in the near future. U19's They finished 3rd in Group 1 on Tier 3 youth level, with only grey players. The competition was already finished when our youth intake came in. So hopefully next season they will promote to Tier 2. Facility Upgrades I was able to upgrade our Junior Coaching and Youth Recruitment once. Trophy Cabinet Progress
  6. Íþróttafélag Reykjavíkur (ÍR) So, I decided to start a new save. I liked my time in Czech Republic, but I feel it’s time to move back to Iceland. A country I just really love managing in. As some of you may know, I had a great time in Iceland back in FM17 with ÍR. It was the first time I tried a youth only save, although I bought academy players back at some point. You can read about it here. We won the Europa League with academy players only. And a couple of years later we won the Champions League, but I decided to buy players after the EL win. I have so many sweet memories of that save. I even remember a lot of player-names. And I feel it’s time to try it again, but now with the official rules of the challenge. In real life the club won promotion to Lengju deildin in 2024. So if I want to try this challenge with ÍR, I have to do it know. So that's why I started this save. I created the kits, based on the in-game club colours. The first look at the squad is that I have 25 players to my disposal, with an average age of 23.47. So it’s quite a young squad. Looking at our current best players, then Ásgeir Börkur Ásgeirsson, Stefán Þór Pálsson, Arnór Gauti Úlfarsson and Alexander Kostic are the most interesing players. I found for almost all our my players their real picture. It looks like we even got some talented youngsters, who can hopefully develop into very good players for us. In particular Róbert Elís Hlynsson, Olsi Tabaku and Bergvin Fannar Helgason. I'm a couple of months into the first season, and just got my first Youth Intake Preview from my HoYD Gunnar Már Guðmundsson.
  7. FK Fotbal Třinec Season 2 | 2025/2026 Tier 1 | FORTUNA:LIGA Finances| Transfers| Club Overview | Squad overview |Tactic| Facilities| Manager Profile What a season!! Our debut season in the highest division of Czech Republic, and it went really, really well. We were never in danger of relegation. In fact, we were VERY close to European football! We finished 4th in the league. After 30 games the league split up in a Champions Group and a Relegation Group. We qualified for the Champions Group, but we lost all of our 5 matches..... The most painful one was against 1. FC Slovácko. We lost 4-6 at home. If we had won that match, we would have qualified for Europe. But it wasn't to be. So hopefully more luck next season! But I'm very happy with the progress of my team. In the MOL Cup we lost in the 4th Round against FC Viktoria Plzeň. Some of our best players this season were topscorer Timofej Barkov(23 goals) and midfielder Filip Zorvan(18 assists). I will also highlight some of our youngsters. Marcel Kalas 25h is progressing really nicely and is my first choice as a DC now. Tomáš Polák 24c is my first choice LB, and he also played some matches for Czech U19. Petr Trefil 25b and Jiří Bernát 24b are knocking on the door for a place on our midfield. And striker Jaroslav Kučera 24d scored 6 goals for us this season. Youth preview & intake The preview showed that we should get an excellent intake. The intake itself was better then expected! HoYD Norbert Nemeth gave us 8 Elite Talents! And some of them look really interesting! Adam Přibyl 26d looks like the best one of this intake, and he already made his debut on the final day of the season. U19’s Didn't play any competition matches. Facility Upgrades I was able to upgrade our Youth Facilities, which is now on a average level. After the season was finished, a news item came into my mailbox about a new stadium! The board wants to move back to Trinec. We don't have money to buy a stadium ourself, so let's see how the board will solve this.... Commercial Summary Trophy Cabinet 2024-2025: FORTUNA:NÁRODNÍ LIGA Supporter Profile Progress
  8. That’s great!! In all those years that I’m playing CM/FM, I never got a son myself. Well, in real life, but not in game
  9. FK Fotbal Třinec Season 1 | 2024/2025 Tier 2 | FORTUNA:NÁRODNÍ LIGA Finances| Transfers| Club Overview | Squad overview |Tactic| Facilities| Manager Profile Disclaimer: I played with two different skins: Rensie Skin, and Tato24. So that's why some screenshots look different. What a fantastic season!! We won the league on the final day, so we are promoted to the highest division in Czech Republic. I really have a great time managing in this country. This season was exciting until the final day. Look at the league table: we’ve got 58 points, Teplice 57 points and Prostějov 56 points. It was really that close, the whole season long. Fantastic! I really enjoyed this season. In the MOL Cup we reached the Third Round, where we lost against first tier club FK Mladá Boleslav. Best players this season were midfielders Lukáš Kania and Ondřej Machuča, and forwards Vanja Vučićević, Osah Bernardinho and Timofej Barkov. Also a big shoutout to two youth players from the 'holiday season intake': Jaroslav Kučera 24d and Tomáš Polák 24c. Both played a lot of matches already this season. Youth preview & intake A very good first preview and intake! Our HoYD Martin Kopřiva gave us a hopeful first intake preview. The intake itself was a good one. We got two Elite Talents, and a lot of Top Talents. Some of them look really talented. U19’s Didn't play any competition matches. Facility Upgrades Unfortunately our Training Facilities were downgraded after our promotion. I'm not able to upgrade, as we don't have enough money at the moment. Also our stadium is too small next season, so we rent Městský Stadion the home of MFK Karviná. Hopefully we can move back to our own stadium, or a new stadium, in the future. We were able to upgrade our Junior Coaching and Youth Recruitment once, so that's a good thing. Commercial Summery Trophy Cabinet 2024-2025: FORTUNA:NÁRODNÍ LIGA Supporters Profile Progress
  10. Nice to hear! So there is a lot of potential in this club. Thanks for letting me know! And for setting the bar high....
  11. FK Fotbal Třinec It's time for a new adventure! This time in Czech Republic. I have a very succesful save in Sweden with IFK Lidingo at the moment, but I wasn't enjoying it anymore. So it was time for someting new and fresh. I decided to go for FK Trinec. I know nothing about the club, but I chose this club because of their nice logo and kits. I tried to make their kits as realistic as possible. There is €1.9M in the bank, which is quite a lot. And the financial projection looks really nice as well. So hopefully it will help me to get some early upgrades! And the board already got "develop players using the club's youth system" as their board culture. Perfect!
  12. Nice!! Good player also, from what I can see on this screenshot. Hopefully you'll receive some good money for him, and a 50% clause.
  13. No, because it' still 'cheating'. I know how you feel though, because I experienced the same many times. I often had a specific team in mind(Rushden&Diamonds in England for example), but it just never popped up. And that one time it does, it just feel as if you have won the lottery. But it is not allowed to tweak reputations or other stuff, just to get a specific team.
  14. No mate, that's not allowed. Part of the challenge is the small chance to get a very small reputation club promoted. Or the failure of it. So it's not allowed to tweak reputations.
  15. Good luck, @OlivierL!! Looking forward to your story!
  16. IFK Lidingö FK Season 6 | 2029 Tier 1 | Allsvenskan Finances | Transfers | Club Overview | Facilities | Manager Profile | Tactic A great debut season on the highest level of Sweden! With a 8th place we finished higher than I hoped for. So yeah, things are going very well! We received € 1.9M for finishing 8th in the league, so we finally got some money in the bank again! Best player this season was midfielder Kjell Rune Anfindsen 27d. He was very important for us this season. But also striker John Nairn-Tallén 25g had a good season. I really love this save, but I'm thinking about starting a new save. I've got an idea in my head for a Youth Only Journeyman save, to win the Champions League in several countries, but only in countries who never won the Champions League. I'm allowed to move clubs, but only when my team is the best team in the country. Maybe I'm starting that save, and then play with both saves. Because I really don't want to stop with this one. However, I'll show the screenshots of this season first I'll show our current first team. GK Rami Huttunen 28a DC Markus Kenne 26e DC Erik Sinani 24e DC Ebrima Bah 25f WBL Daniel Kenne 25d WBR Boris Fjäll 26d DMC Mattis Rashid 25j DMC Kjell Rune Anfindsen 27d SC John Nairn-Tallén 25g SC Amala Kanté 27b SC Isac Thärnström 26b Youth intake 2029 We had a better preview then last season, so I had higher hopes about this intake. And the actual intake didn't dissapoint! We got 5 Elite Talents. And all 5 are really good talents! So yeah, a very nice intake. U19 team Our youth team performed good, with a 7th place on the highest youth level. Bit of the same as the first team
  17. IFK Lidingö Youth intake season 6 | 2029 Our sixth season, and so our sixth intake. We had a better preview then last season, so I had higher hopes about this intake. And the actual intake didn't dissapoint! We got 5 Elite Talents. And all 5 are really good talents! I'm happy with GK Augustinsson 29a, as I just sold my first GK to Feyenoord(see below). He's a bit short for a GK, but he looks really talented. The same can be said about Sigemo 29c and Isesund 29d. Both will go directly to our first team. So yeah, a very nice intake! As I said above, I sold my best GK to Feyenoord for €2,5M. A very big transfer for us, and also for Rodríguez 25a. I rejected a lot of offers for him. But when Feyenoord came, I just couldn't reject the offer. They offered €1M at first, and I was able to negotiate it to (max) €2,5M.
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