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  1. Íþróttafélag Reykjavíkur End of season review 2024 League Table | Competition overview |Facilities | Finances | Transfers | Youth intake | Manager Profile | Club Overview What a season!!! We won the cup, and we won the league! So we are promoted to the Úrvalsdeild, better known as Pepsi Max deildin. And last but not least: We play European football next season, because of our cup win!!! So it couldn't be better, it was a truly fantastic season. Unfortunately we lost our best player: Þorsteinn Benediktsson 22a. The board accepted an offer and I couldn't protest agai
  2. Damn.... It looks like a good talent that we are losing here....
  3. Íþróttafélag Reykjavíkur End of season 2023 review League Table | Competition overview | Finances | Transfers | Facilities | Youth intake | Club overview | Manager Profile Bit of the same this season. We finished 7th, but we got 2 more points then last season. When we were halfway the season, we were 2nd and fighting for promotion. But in the second half of the season we lost just too many games. We've got a very young squad. A lot of youngsters from last season's intake are now in the first team. I juist want them to progress faster, so I'll let them play a lot. Hopefully we can
  4. Look at my central defender, I should make him captain, right??
  5. Íþróttafélag Reykjavíkur (IR) End of season 2022 League Table | Competition Overview | Finances | Transfers | Youth Intake | Club Overview Well, I am back at my old Icelandic love ÍR. Let's see how far I can take them this time. The seasons go very fast on Iceland, so that's a good thing. The first season went okay. We finished 6th, so for a first season it's not that bad. Hopefully next season will be better. At least we've got some more options with the youngsters from our first intake. We also managed to upgrade some facilities: Youth Intake 2022 We hire
  6. Unfortunately my BFC Dynamo save is gone...................... I did something very, very, very stupid. I started a save with another team, just to play a different save beside this one. I saw that I had a lot of different save-files, a lot of those holiday-saves that I started monthes ago, just to check if some interesting teams came up. I decided to delete them. But I was a bit too strict with that and also deleted this beautiful save. So I have to say goodbye to this save... I am looking for a new adventure.
  7. BFC Dynamo YES!! This is so fantastic. My goalkeeper Damian Schobert has made his debut for Germany!!!! He's in the German squad for three years now, but always as the 2nd or 3th choice GK. And now he finally made his debut, just one week after his 32nd birthday. This is one of the biggest highlights of this save. He's the last original BFC Dynamo player. And his stats aren't that great, but he is SO important for us. He is a club icon, someone who played Oberliga(5th level) football with FC Frankfurt, Regionalliga(4th level) football with BFC Dynamo, and was my first choice goal
  8. BFC Dynamo End of season review 2030/2031 League Table | Competition Overview | Finances | Facilities | Transfers | Affiliates | Youth Intake Again a very good season for us, with a 7th place, the same as last season. But the differences were so small, that with a bit more luck we could have finished 4th. Or finish 10th, haha. But I am very happy about our progress, so I have good hopes that we can qualify for Europa League or even Champions League next season. In the Conference League we lost in the Quarter Final againt Tottenham Hotspur, the later winners of this league
  9. BFC Dynamo 2029/2030 end of season review League table | Competition overview | Finances | Transfers | Youth intake | Facilities | Club info Again a very good season. Not as good as last year, but still a very good season. A 7th place, with only one goal difference to finish 6th. So we qualified for Europa Conference League in stead of Europa League. But I can't complain, I am very happy that we can play in Europe again nexts season. It was our debut in the Champions League as well. We had a very, very tough group. And as excpected we didn't qualify for the next round. But I am very hap
  10. BFC Dynamo End of season 2028/2029 review League table | Competitions overview | Finances |Facilities | Club Overview | Transfers | Youth intake Champions League, here we come !!!!! Unbelievable, what a performance. This was one of the best, at least one of the most satisfying, seasons I've had on Football Manager. We are best of the rest, behind FC Bayern, Borussia Dortmund and Hertha BSC. These three clubs are just too good at this moment. But we are just behind them, BFC Dynamo, a minor club from East-Berlin with only own academy players. It's only our second season at the to
  11. Look at this! Damian Schobert has been called up for the German National Team!!! The last real player in our squad, 29 years old now. He has been amazing for us. He is one of our Team Leaders, his average ratings are very high every season. And this is his present for all of the hard work in the last 7 seasons. Damian Schobert, who is playing in Regionalliga Nordost at the start of FM21, has been called up for the German National Team. Can't believe it. I don't think he will play, but this is fantastic already.
  12. BFC Dynamo End of season review 2027/2028 League Table | Finances |Facilities | Youth intake | Transfers | Competitions Overview Our first season in the Bundesliga, and what a season it was. We were never in danger of relegation. With a bit of more luck we could have qualified for Europe! But to be honest: we overachieved. We got some nice players, but when I compare our squad with other squads in the Bundesliga, then we are the weakest team of the league. By miles. I think every team underestimate us, and that that is a big factor that we won a lot of our matches. But I will not compla
  13. BFC Dynamo End of season review 2026/2027 League table | Competitions overview | Finances | Facilities | Transfers | Youth intake What. A. Season! In our 5th season in the 2. Bundesliga, we finally became the best team of the league! We are the CHAMPIONS!! It was a really, really good season. The whole season long we were one of the best teams of the league, together with Bochum, Kiel and Augsburg. But where Augsburg lost a lot of matches in the lase fase of the season, we kept on winning most of our matches. So with a difference of 7 points we became champion of 2. Bundesliga !!
  14. Thank you guys! I thought I could still use him because technically he didn’t leave the club. But thank you @darren1983, @XaWand @vikeologist! I will never do this again. Next time I’ll send the player to our Reserves.
  15. BFC Dynamo End of season 2025/2026 League table | Finances | Youth Intake | Facilities | Transfers | Competitions overview Wow, what a great season it was, again! It was exciting until the very last game of the season. We could became champion, but also finish 5th. It was that close. We won our last game against Dresden (1-4), but Hamburg SV and Kaiserslautern, the other two title chasers, also won their matches. So we finished 3th, the same as last year. But this time only with 2 points behind the nr 1 and nr 2! So when HSV or Kaiserslautern didn't win their last match, we would have b
  16. End of season 2024/2025 League Table |Competitions Overview | Finances | Transfers | Youth Intake | Facilities What a season this was. We qualified for Promotion Playoffs on the final day. It was a real fight with HSV, but on the final day won the East-Berlin Derby against Union Berlin, while HSV lost at home against Erzgebirge Aue. So in the Promotion Playoff we had to play against 1. FC Köln, who finished 16th in the Bundesliga. We lost the first match away with 2-0, while we won the home match with 1-0. Köln were better in both matches, they are the deserved winners of the pl
  17. BFC Dynamo End of season 2023/2024 League table | Finances | Transfers | Youth intake | Facilities Again a very, very good season for us! The same position as last year, 7th in 2. Bundesliga. But his year was different then last season. We were fighting for a promotion place for almost the whole season. But suddenly we couldn't live up against the expectations. We were 2nd for a couple of days. But in the last 7 matches we lost 5 of them. One draw and one win. So I was a bit dissapointed. But overall it was a very good season. Our board also agreed to upgrade some facilities. F
  18. BFC Dynamo Season 2022/2023 review League table | Finances | Transfers What a fantastic season it was!! We finished 7th in 2. Bundesliga, our debut season in this league. An amazing achievement! The first half of the season went fantastic, but after the long winter break (because of the World Cup 2022) we had a long run without a win. But in the end, it was a great performance of our team with a great 7th place. And because of this league finish, we earned € 12.53M!! So we finally are out of debts. Unfortunatly my board isn't very keen on upgrading our facilities. At the beginning of
  19. I hired a new HoYD. My previous one gave me a good first youth intake, but this Dutch guy has a better personality. And this is the intake preview that just came into my inbox: We are halfway our debut season in 2. Bundesliga and it went above expectations. The start wasn't good, with 2 wins and 6 losses in the first 8 matches. But in the next 11 matches we won 7 of them. So this is the league table after 17 matches: I am really enjoying this save!
  20. BFC Dynamo Season 2021/2022 review League table | Finances | Transfers Well, this was easily one of the most unexpected but most satisfying seasons ever. At the beginning of the season, I thought we would battle for relegation. With a squad of only 17 players we achieved something amazing. It was tough sometimes, mostly when someone got injured or banned. But we did it: CHAMPIONS of Liga 3 and promotion to Bundesliga 2 !! Our first ever youth intake was better then expected. Our facilities are bad, and the intake preview wasn’t good either. So the actual intake surprised me a lot
  21. Look at this result against our fierce rival Dresden!! This is a VERY important win, I almost can't believe how well we are doing. Thanks to this hero, who is scoring lots of goals for us:
  22. I signed one of my favorite players ever as my assistant, so I will never ever fire him
  23. The first half of the season went very well! Way above expectations. With a 5th place after 22 matches we can be very happy. And with a bit of luck in the second half of the league and we can finish even higher! We only got 17 players, so when someone get injured or banned, we need to improvise. I can't wait until Intake Day, because we finally got some more players. The youth intake preview is okay, nothing more then that. Just as expected, because our facilities etc are very low. We hired Fabian Fritsche as our HoYD, mainly because of his personality(Spirited). Hopeful
  24. I’m going to give this challenge a go again, this time in Germany. I had a great Journeyman-save recently, where I ended up at Hertha BSC. I enjoyed playing in Germany and that was the trigger for me to start a youth only save in Germany. And with the last Winter Update the rules have been changed: you can now play youth players when they are 16 years old. Before the Update you had to wait until their 17th birthday. For some people this was a reason to not start a youth only save in Germany. Maybe this can help them to try this challenge in Germany. I had to reload many, many, many times
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