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  1. @OlivierL sad to read this! I hope you will find a fun game after all!
  2. i have a quick question, i have started this challenge with Padroense. First year promotion to the third tier, i could make a B team so i did. But i want to change the tactics to my tactic but the settings seem a bit all over the place... I can't change anything in the tactics screen and in my training screen no option for my tactic.
  3. Doesn't it take a while before the poached player appears in the poachers club youth intake?
  4. @Ceyvol yes great skin, i love it, also the font is nostalgic:). I used it on fm20 also. The past meeting ad-on would be a great surplus! Keep up the great work dude!
  5. it is save compatible, my fellow fm addict @OlivierL confirmed it
  6. i think you can do it save compatible, so no restart required. It's your save so you can do what you want
  7. this is the correct logo and name , so the fix from sortitout is correct
  8. Yes i see, Daknam is the stadium from Lokeren, they went bankrupt and merged with Temse, fm scout will not have done that update, its the same team but different logo and name. Maybe try the name fix from sortitout?
  9. Then it is a mistake from the real name fix i think. What's the stadium they play in? Nice challenge btw!
  10. @jmonfu how did you get KSV Temse? They merged with Lokeren? That club is now Lokeren-Temse if i am not mistaking. goodluck in Belgium
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