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  1. @OlivierLgood luck! Damn a downgrade to amateurism. Will be a fierce challenge bringing them back
  2. jep playing them now for 5 seasons @jmonfu i had a chinese tycoon overtaking the club, he invested 32m, so that was a big surprise. Everything can be upgraded faster than usual, so i don't complain. i am in Ligue 2 now and i am competing for promotion.
  3. @OlivierL some great prospects you have! nice touch with mapping them.
  4. already a good level of both recruitment and coaching! Will hopefully translate in some good intakes next years
  5. nice!! Tching Tching replay always good for gate receipts
  6. Nice streak! Accident de parcours against Altrincham. Keep up the good work
  7. @OlivierL make the red part of mancs proud again! Goodluck
  8. Good first season! Maybe switching tactics is the way to go, all depends of your best players available. But for the development of Gudjonson a 2 striker formation seems a good solution... Best of luck next season
  9. lot of negative personalities, in my save also. The striker gudjonson looks like a good one!
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