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  1. Love this club , played a few seasons with them and in season 3 i had a great striker, ready for an iceland call up
  2. Same issue that i have since doing this challenge.. should i start now or wait till the full release ? Data bugs are not issue for a youth only but some other bugs could be a problem in your first seasons (don't know if this edition got a lot of bugs). Who will continue this beta save after the full release ?
  3. No new 'big'team because nobody was relegated from National south/north , is that correct ? So FM23 should have some new teams for this (and youth) challenge ?
  4. Youth only (youth only topic ) challenge. Can't think about anything else since FM20
  5. I think that i'm going to wait till 9 november to start in.. England or Iceland. Love the fast seasons and nice places that Iceland can offer.. but England is a nation and league that i love.. but those seasons are very long with all the cup games and fixtures.. i'll decide soon . Good luck everybody .
  6. I'm a big fan of the regen faces from Chilled moose but those default regen faces look ok this year ? or did u change them ?
  7. In season 10 i won the German Super cup again (after penalties against bayern) and i won the European Super cup for the first time with a 0 3 win against Villareal. The only thing left is winning the DFB-Pokal and play a game in my new stadium but after the release of the Beta.. this will be for sure my last season in FM21 .. Preparing FM22 for a new YT challenge attempt in another country Can't go away...
  8. Great job , winning it with Hoogstraten (two times already) is great . Winning the CL would be very special and almost not possible but i hope u can do it.
  9. I always use my sheets (created after reading a lot of information about personalities) with some kind of calculation behind it. I found out that players with Mercenary personality can develop very good. In some cases the media handling is also very important but that is something you already knew.
  10. Great job ! getting into the quarter final from the CL in season 10 is very good.
  11. Great job. Norwich in the Champions league is strange, but that is what they would be thinking about Viktoria
  12. Intro | S1 | S2 | S3 | S4 | S5 | S6 | S7 | S8 Rot-Weiss Essen - Season 9 Review - 2029-2030- Bundesliga - great season ! Squad | Transfers | Finances | Fixtures 1 | Fixtures 2 | After the narrow but deserved title last year, I wanted to finish in the top four again this year and reach the champions league. We won the league again and this time it was even a bit easier and with quite a bit of squad rotation. So we renewed our title and i was ready to challenge again in the Champions League. But first we had to finish this season's Champions League and you never know.. We won the DFL-Supercup and this was our very first victory against Bayern. in the DFB-Pokal we reached the semi final after the losing last season against Bayern and had to beat Bayern again but .. we couldn't ! In the champions league we won a lot of games in the group stage after only winning one game in last seasons CL. First we had a great home win against FC Porto to advance to the quarter finals against Man City . They have a great squad and we had some luck but we won after away goals. Semi final against PSG: Dold 25 did it with a late goal ! We reach the finals against Juventus . They have two forwards with a value +- 160M. I was ready for big game but planning for next season. But we did it !! Our legend striker Pronichev and the only real player (for us) on the pitch did it ! we didn't steal it, very proud ! Both of the Juventus forwards finished in top three of the golden boot award. our Dold 25 finished 2th. This are our CL winners : Our second team didn't play in any league system and our U19 finished second in the A-Junioren-Bundesliga West league but won the Youth Championship again. Key Players Gabrielli 25 was again our best defender and close to becoming a wonderkid. Cetinkaya 23 is our new number one since last season and had 26 clean sheats in all competitions. Baur 23 had a great season as our main WBR. Academy graduate with most Appearances (This season) Cetinkaya 23 played almost every game . Youth Intake 2030 One of the poorest intakes since i'm in the Bundesliga. only signed a few. One of the best options from 2030 . Academy graduates promoted to the first team (Next Season) Not decided yet. Miscellaneous Expansion completed but i requested a new stadium. i'll get one in three years . We had our first senior internationals call ups and apps in Gamberini 25 for Germany and Fofana 23 for Guinea. And they both received a world cup call-up. Season Facts I would have liked to continue for a few more seasons and since I haven't won the cup (and world cup for teams) yet, I will probably continue this save (and post a small update after the season, until FM22 comes out.) This challenge is very addictive and I will definitely participate again next year. I'm glad I made it ( @darren1983 ) but I know I made a 'safe' choice with Germany and RW Essen( big fan base, some senior players that could continue till the Bundesliga and further..). but since I only started this save (after a long Gibraltar save) at the beginning of August I had little choice. Germany provides a lot of money once you're in the bundesliga but of course you still have to beat Dortmund, Bayern, Leipzig etc... I could never have dreamed that it would go so fast in the Champions League, we were last in the odds and I did not expect to survive more than the groups. In the future I would like to win the challenge in a small country like Iceland or in the most popular but also tough league England. Thanks @Winski to convince me to start so late and choose Germany.
  13. Second time we play Champions league (season 9). We had a great start ! They have three forwards with a value +- 90M and a striker they bought for 236M.
  14. Youth players poached - season 9 It is going hard in 2029 ... The green names all appeared in a youth intake. This seems to be the best one.
  15. Intro | S1 | S2 | S3 | S4 | S5 | S6 | S7 Rot-Weiss Essen - Season 8 Review - 2028-2029- Bundesliga - Champions ! Squad | Transfers | Finances | Fixtures 1 | Fixtures 2 | After being very close in the league last year, my ambition this year was to make it into the top four. After a very good second round, we were top of the league for the first time two games before the end of the season. If we did not lose at home against Hertha on the last matchday, the championship would be a fact! We did it. In the end, with almost always nine or ten academy players in the squad, only our forward Pronichev is still a 'real' player. Very proud !Now I give myself another four or five seasons to have a go at the champions league. in the DFB-Pokal we reached the final and had to beat Bayern to win it.. We could have won the double but a late penalty misser decided that we don't win an extra trophy. In the champions league we didn't had much luck with the draw. I hope we can compete in the near future. Our second team didn't play in any league system and our U19 won the treble. Key Players Two new faces : Gabrielli 25 is our new main DC , Cetinkaya 23 our new goalkeeper after our number one Golz got injured. Pronichev is one of the three key players since starting this save. I would got this far without him. Bundesliga winners - First team Academy graduate with most Appearances (This season) Gabrielli 25 played the most games this season. Youth Intake 2029 Not the best intake, two or three good prospects. Signed 14 of this class. Gwiazda 29 is another striker option and the best of his class. Resolute and good determination. Academy graduates promoted to the first team (Next Season) Kozakowski 26 will become third GK, i'll try to retraint Buttner 27 as a dc . Kayode 27 could become a wonderkid for us and Keklik 27 will be our main winger in the next seasons. Koep 26 gets a chance in the pre-season. Miscellaneous Waiting for our new stadium . And we have our first wonderkid ! Gamberini 25 A lot of poached players this year after a few seasons without poaching. Season Facts I'm on holiday for a week so i'll continue this save in october.. i hope i have five or six seasons left to challenge in the champions league.
  16. Youth intake preview - Class 2029 This seems a very promising one.
  17. Stadium expansion plan - 2028 We'll play at the stadium from Böchum, 27599 seats.
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