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  1. Absolutely. Schick and/or Dolberg. Pogba was player of the tournament, until he put himself over team being ridiculous, and ultimately cost them a game they should have had wrapped up. Give his spot to Pedri. Hardly his fault his team couldn't finish.
  2. It wasn't because of Grealish flying in the way he did in the first place, combined with Jorginho going over the ball (same as Phillips).
  3. Tends to happen when the other team can't finish. They had two breakaways and a couple other premium chances despite your extremely defensive setup. Rice was fortunate to not be sent off breaking up another.
  4. The same criticisms were made before and throughout. He manages to not lose. His preference for and/or against certain players is baffling to say the least.
  5. Idk. There's an argument to be made for putting your best taker fifth, but there's also one for putting your best taker(s) first. Otherwise you risk losing without your best taker even getting a kick.
  6. Absolutely. 120 minutes, only shot on target was Shaw's goal in the 2nd, surely those subs could have come sooner.
  7. Florenzi was injured and hadn't played since the first group match. He may not have been fit for any more than taking a pen. And he was brought in for Emerson; has he ever even taken one? Florenzi is a good taker and still wasn't in the five. (Would be interesting to know where he was in the queue) Maybe it matters, maybe it doesn't, or maybe it just depends on the player. I don't like it. Regardless, Rashford and Sancho could have had an impact before pens.
  8. He's a good penalty taker. Bringing him on to take one is the right move. Waiting til the dying moments of extra time to bring him and Sancho on to take them is indefensible. I criticized Klopp for doing the same thing with Brewster last year (I think?). They're not in the game, barely warmed up, then thrown into that pressure. In the end, results are all that matter, but nothing from this tournament has changed my opinion on Southgate. If anything, it's solidified it. Everything setup for England to win, but he made every step harder than it should have been, and ultimately blew it in t
  9. Just because one of them didn't run over and kick it out of play in the middle of an English attack doesn't mean they didn't notice it. Also doesn't mean it didn't impact play. The game should have been slowed or stopped (long before it got to that point) for it to be kicked out. Poor officiating, whether it actually impacted the play or not.
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