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  1. I play a lot of 433, use a lot of gegenpressing, and like to bomb my FBs (WBs, really) forward. That's kinda my go to, although, I admittedly get bored with it cause I think it's fairly OP'd once you get it right. First, I want to preface with, if given that group of players, I'd go 4231 2DM (or possibly even 4213 just to mix it up). That said, your preference is 433, so I'll advise based on that: I usually start with a "positive" mentality, unless it's someone I'm expecting to crush. Then crank it up to "attacking" to get the breakthrough, if necessary. I almost always set my LOE one level higher than my defensive line. That usually translates to "much higher" LOE, "higher" defensive line. Always prevent short GK. Almost always offside trap. The exception being if I drop my DL to "standard," which I do on very rare occasion. Throw it out, distribute quickly. Gets you back on the front foot quicker and can produce counterattacks. This has won me hugely important matches. I strongly prefer to have two BPD: 1 cover, 1 defend. Ideally, both have relatively good pace for the division and are good (or better) with both feet. FBs are heavily dependent on what's in front of them. My preference is probably WB(A) overlapping an IW/IF/RMD and CWB(S) behind a Winger(A). Could also go IWB on the winger side. (all talent dependent, of course) I would not use a DLP (or extravagant equivalent) in the holding midfield position if you're gegenpressing. My preference is to use an HB. Could go DM. Absolutely not an Anchorman! Defense duty, regardless of what you choose. That pushes Tonali forward. First thought is DLP-S paired with a B2B (or Mezzela-S). Alternatively, you could explore using him as an RPM, but then you probably want a more "positionally reliable" CM partner. I've been pairing a DLP-S with an RPM-S, and been pleasantly surprised, but haven't played anywhere near enough matches to suggest it, yet. Not a fan of using PF role in a 433 gegenpress. The PIs are redundant and it always seems to underperform for me. If it's working for you, then don't change it just because, but I prefer just about anything else. If I have Jadon Sancho, he is 100% in my XI.
  2. I admittedly don't understand what you're trying to achieve with your asymmetry, so it's hard to know how to advise.
  3. 433 seems ambitious for AVL in their first season. You can get there, but I'd advocate for 4141/4411/451. You could always switch to 433 later in games if you're chasing, although, given your players, it might make more sense to go 442, play wide, and start pumping crosses into the box late. Either way... Trezeguet IW-A, El Ghazi W-A. If you want Wind as a DLF, then I'd suggest switching him to support (and consider developing him as a F9). Alternatively, Wesley as a TM. He seems completely inept as a TM from what I've seen, but his FM attributes suggest otherwise. Why did you go with Fila/Sosa over Guilbert/Targett? Seems like you're going potential over current ability, but maybe I'm missing something. I'm biased towards having both FBs bombing forward (usually one attack, one support), in which case you need a more defensively focused holding midfielder (not thrilled with your options here), but if you're only pushing one forward, then it should be the one on Trezeguet's side, to maintain width in attack. Your RB could provide deep crosses, while El Ghazi attacks and crosses from the byline. Midfield depends on configuration (and your FBs). I'm normally a huge advocate for a DLP, but given your options, I might lean 451, with Grealish as an RPM in the middle. If your LB pushes forward, with Trezeguet cutting inside, then you'd want a CAR-S or CM-D on the left. RCM depends on your RB. What are your CM side preferences?
  4. I get your argument, but would say that applies to any forward player running into space. Those opportunities still exist, but they're limited by playing higher lines and/or being a dominant side. The Raumdeuter is a "wide poacher," which makes me think more of late movement. Ex: late back post runs, anticipating and pouncing on rebounds, cutting across the box (into the F9 void, if you're employing one), etc.
  5. So we're in the home stretch. One point clear with a game in hand, and into the semis of the FA Cup and UCL. I've settled on two tactics incorporating my RMD, which are largely the same, just different mindsets. I switch between them depending on opposition and how the match is going. My RMD has been...frustrating. The movement from him and my F9 has been fantastic, and we create a lot of really good chances directly from it; however, he has been astoundingly wasteful at times (and had some ridiculous offside calls go against him). There have been at least two matches where he could have scored five and ended up with none. He's also come up with some fairly huge goals, in key moments, that perfectly reflect my vision of an RMD. Late runs back post or across the box, pouncing on rebounds, etc. No goals from it yet, but also starting to deeper players picking him out on long diagonal runs. It will be very interesting to see how prolific he becomes with tactical/positional familiarity and finds good form. I have settled on an RPM instead of Mezzela in the RCM position. Despite being my least talented (technical) option in the midfield, he's performed by far the best in that role, offering consistency and productivity (everyone else was offering one or the other). Still a relatively small sampling and could just be a run of good form. The DLP-S was one of my top performers before the switch, seemed to struggle a fair amount after, but has returned to form. Matheus is a beast that can do pretty much anything I want from that holding position. Correia continues to underlap my RMD on occasion, often to great effect. Up to 12 goals. He only had 10 senior goals coming into the season (all in my four years at Benfica), and doesn't have great shooting/finish stats. RMD Press RMD Restrict
  6. He's getting scoring chances and goals. He usually does what you'd expect, making an overlapping run, but he's good with both feet, and randomly seems to act more like an IWB making an underlapping run. I think he's gotten two goals and won a pen that way (in ten matches). He's kind of a freak FB really. He's got more goals than assists, but I think he's got more of both with his head on set pieces than his feet. And while he's actually pretty good at crossing, the frequency with which he does it seems shockingly low. He's only attempted 130 vs TAA has attempted 313 (total, not just since making the switch). Oh absolutely. Things aren't quite clicking 100%, but we're creating so many chances, it's working out in the end. The movement from both is absolutely fantastic. I haven't either, unfortunately. I was hoping using an RMD might create that, but no luck so far. My tactic is very much a work in progress, but will post its current state later. The RMD moving into the vacated space. The Mezzela then playing a diagonal pass behind that CB into the RMD. I actually had this happen, but it was TAA (CWB-S) making the pass. RMD was robbed by the keeper, just wide.
  7. I don't think I'd even try playing 433 with Newcastle until I'd made some key transfers. I think I'd lean 4411 (maybe switching to 4141 situationally). MSM as an IW-ATT on the left. Almiron behind Joelinton. Ritchie (probably?) on the right. Shelvey as a DLP-S, with Longstaff/Hayden next to him. Get Williams forward with overlapping runs. More conservative with the RB. Sit back, play more direct, pass into space, might focus wide, possibly even left.
  8. I was envisioning... Back post runs with the ball far side - Seeing a lot of this. Tandem play with my LB (WB-A), resulting in a pull back - They've actually played really well off each other, but usually, the chances are being created for the LB. The only time I can think of their play creating a chance for the RMD was when he held it up, played it back, then the LB played him through first touch. One-twos or one-touch passing from the F9 (basically, thinking Firmino) - Seen little to none of this, which probably has more to do with my F9 at this point. Not only is he learning the position, but he's very one-footed. His passing attributes are pretty insane for a striker though, so the potential is definitely there. RMD making timely diagonal runs, between the RB and RCB, with long balls from midfield or even BPD - Haven't seen any of this yet. Mezzela playing him into the space the F9 vacates - This one might be a reach. Definitely haven't seen it, although, my Mezzela has been underwhelming for me in general. He might be a better fit as a Shadow Striker, which could be interesting, although, I much prefer 433 to 4231. Not playing quite the way I expected in some areas, but overall, it's working well enough to stick with it the rest of the season and see what happens. I've got my eye on one of Juve's CMs, but unless I can pull that off, I'll likely see it through with my current squad and see what happens the rest of the season.
  9. Putting aside the team and players for a moment... You're playing a 4231, which is a fairly attack oriented formation, with an "attacking" mentality. Yet, your only player with an "attack" role is your striker. You're playing very high lines, with an aggressive press, trying to win the ball back high up the pitch, but then you're striker is looking to run into space (what space?), while the rest of your team seems to be looking to play possession. You're kinda all over the place. How do you want your team to play? How do you want to score goals?
  10. That was my thinking and influenced my setup opposite him (W-Att, CWB-S; 15/16 crossing, respectively). I'm more surprised how effective it has actually been. There's also the contrast between how well that's working, vs the lack of linkup with my F9, or my midfield creating any chances for him, but there are so many factors there, and it's a relatively small sampling, so it may balance out over time. So far, I'm really happy with how both FBs and my opposite winger have been performing since the switch. My F9 has been fantastic as well, just not in the way I expected. 4 goals, 1 assist, and the only linkup I can recall between him and my RMD have been on counterattacks. I still need to figure out my midfield though.
  11. I think the # of headers has been the biggest surprise for me so far. Small sample size, but Portal is getting more headers as a RMD than he ever did as a striker.
  12. I could nitpick preferences, but generally, I think the tactic itself is largely fine. As you said, you're actually slightly over performing expectations. It may just be a matter of certain player(s) not being good enough.
  13. I don't know what that's supposed to mean. I build tactics around the players I have, what makes sense to me, and trial and error. My point wasn't "my AF scores more than yours." My point was, you saying your AFs scores X, without any context, doesn't mean much. It also doesn't really convey whether what's working for you would be applicable for someone else. Can two AFs work? Sure. Is it optimal? I doubt it. I actually started with 2 AFs (because that was optimal for their individual abilities), then switched one to DLF, and found it worked much, much better, for the other AF, and team as a whole. The DLF didn't even see their production drop that much.
  14. Echo what @llama3 said regarding more support roles and CWB-A with early crosses. What's your competition level? It'd be very helpful to see your WB profiles. As they're absolutely vital to any 352 variant. I really don't like your midfield setup, so would be curious to see what your midfielders look like as well. Do you employ stopper/cover roles on your backline? (asking re: your DM)
  15. That doesn't mean much without context. Is that league only? If not, what competitions? How many matches? Relative competition? Based on your setup, I'm guessing your AFs provide an extremely high % of your goals. I would have considered 20 goals a horrible disappointment from my AF with Benfica, despite getting considerable goal contributions from my wingers and DLF.
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