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  1. Lots of issues to unpack, but fundamentally, your formation and tactical approach don't align and everything else just compounds that... You're pressing high up the field to win the ball back, but your formation is extremely back heavy and you're completely out numbered in your press against almost any formation; You're playing a narrow formation, then telling your players to play even narrower, and compounding that further by overcomplicating your WB roles; In attack, you're not stretching the pitch, vertically or horizontally; Nor are you moving it quickly or creating
  2. First thing that sticks out is you're playing a relatively strong attacking formation, but only have one of your front four on attack. That's not inherently problematic, but I find myself questioning, who's supposed to be scoring your goals? Especially since that "one" is an AM and I don't know traits or PIs for that player. You're set to "hit early crosses," but how often is anyone in position to get on the end of those crosses?
  3. I've never used a cover-stopper combo, but can't help thinking that might be part of the problem. It just doesn't seem "right" in my head. Beyond that, IDK, I've never had a tactic anywhere near that minimalistic in terms of TIs and reliant on PIs.
  4. Have seen similar with a DLF(S) in a 424/442. Presumably, that's because in a 442/424, your opponent is often forced to matchup 1v1 (outside of Serie A, you don't see much 3 ATB), and the AF creates some additional space for the DLF to operate. In a 433, that numerical advantage doesn't exist, and there's not an AF (or w/e) to create space for the DLF. That's not to say they can't contribute in the goalscoring department, but you're obviously asking a lot more of them as a lone striker.
  5. To the original question, I'd recommend HB or DLP(D), depending mostly on quality of your squad.
  6. You can use an SV as a single DM, but they have to be in the LDM/RDM slot. Similar to Mezzala's in the CM strata.
  7. Interesting. I haven't noticed this* happen, so can't offer much, but a couple random thoughts that might be the cause... A conflict with the ME wanting/expecting a FB/WB to be on throw ins (I always have one taking them); or An unexpected issue caused by man marking. * There are plenty of random issues with set pieces, so I too would love to see it get some attention.
  8. I use zonal marking, with five across the 6-yard box, three "go back," one at the edge of the area, and leave my best attacking threat forward. I might make slight modifications on that, but never put anyone on either post.
  9. Sounds like a good one. Tempted to give it a go, even created the save (Coventry finished 22nd), but don't know if I want to start another England save. They just don't have very good staying power for me.
  10. This. That said, I've found GK distribution absolutely dreadful this year regardless of what I do with my tactical setup. It's easily one of my biggest frustrations.
  11. There are no absolutes. No one was saying you have to create tons of space for a Treq, but that maximizes their potential as both a goal scorer and creative outlet (and generally, #10s are going to be most effective if they have space to operate). I'd also say that some players are so good they almost supercede tactics. Last year, I experimented with Barca to see what Messi could do as a Treq. It was so ridiculous I only played one match.
  12. Ahh. Ok, I admittedly don't know how significantly their roster has changed since then, but if the projection is 5th, presumably not that drastically. I'd build a 433 (DM) much the same as I suggested previously... AF, IW(s), W(A) up front. More aggressive FB on the IW side, more conservative FB on the W side. There are a few good options on how to setup a midfield around that, depending on players, tactical setup, etc., but I almost never use AP in midfield, so if that's something you're wanting, I'm hesitant to provide specific advice there. However, when building a 433, I look at the
  13. Strongly agree re: that striker. He lacks the technical ability and mentals for it. I probably wouldn't play him as anything other than an AF or TM. After loading Bocham up, and considering their projection, I'd recommend a more progressive formation than 4141 flat until you achieve promotion. Your backline isn't great, but probably not as limiting as you're suggesting for 2. Bundesliga. Bocham's depth is more concerning, although, it looked like they have a few mids that could drop back well enough (again, for the 2 Bundesliga level).
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