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  1. It seems like QBs are starting to think they have the same leverage as NBA superstars.
  2. Ugh! I always dig into that and trust Google far more than a job listing (unless it includes an exact address). There are so many misleading practices in recruiting.
  3. Interviewed with an Austin nonprofit this morning. They have a great cause, so excited about the possibility from that angle, but the role's demands and Hiring Manager's expectations were surprisingly low, relative to the listing. Not sure if that's good or bad. Hopefully, I was successful in conveying confidence in exceeding those expectations.
  4. This process seemed extremely promising until it ended abruptly (a couple weeks ago) with the Hiring Manager calling to tell me that I was the strongest candidate, but they were going with a less qualified candidate because she had an internship (somewhere else) and would "love the job," whereas it would have been a career change for me (i.e., I was overqualified, except industry experience). This call came the day after our second conversation (third overall), during which she asked for references and led me to believe there was going to be a final interview and decision the following week.
  5. Finally finished my 5th season at HSV with revenge against PSG in the UCL final. Maignan was MotM in a far more-stressful-than-it should-have-been 1-0. Injuries (and some ridiculous defending in the first leg) nearly saw us go out to Porto in the semis, but a 94th minute penalty saw us through on away goals. Unfortunately, the domestic side of things is still a joke. We largely mailed it in down the stretch to focus on UCL, only taking one point from our last four, and still finished 12 points clear atop the table. For the third straight season, no one else in the Bundesliga broke 70 and
  6. In that instance, maybe not. Maybe he was poorly positioned and/or slow to read & react what happened, but it was pretty obvious Blaydes was out the way he fell. Herb Dean was arguably the best in UFC for years, but he hasn't been at that level for quite a while. His refereeing of the Holloway-Kattar fight was bordering on gross negligence. Going in, the record for significant strikes in a fight was 290, by Holloway against Ortega. In that fight, Holloway out struck Kattar by 312. As I said at the time, I legitimately think that was the most lopsided fight I've ever seen that didn't result
  7. As Lewis said, that's on Dean. I almost called it out earlier in the card. A few years back Dean caught some flack for stopping a few fights "too quickly," and seems it's made him tentative to stop fights. He could have stepped in to protect Oleynik earlier. A few weeks ago, he should have stopped Holloway -Kattar more than once (tbf, Kattar's corner should have thrown in the towel too). This isn't a new issue either, these are just some recent examples.
  8. Back in Chicago for just over a week. Hands, feet, and knees have been worse again. Only one workout since I got back as a result. Eased up a little today, so hoping that bodes well for a workout tomorrow. Also hoping my appointment Tuesday provides some answers.
  9. You'll give us a second to take him?
  10. I think he's the best goalscoring midfielder I've ever had. His athleticism and ability on the ball can be pretty devastating too. Lost some interest in my HSV (and FM in general) a while back, but if/when I pickup it back up, my intention is to build my attack around him and see what he can accomplish.
  11. I think it's a reach to say the NBA forced Cuban or the Mavs to do anything. Mike Bass reiterated a policy that the NBA wasn't enforcing in the first place (without naming names or any punishment). Cuban could have pushed the issue, if he wanted, but didn't. However, the NBA releasing the statement brought far more attention to the fact the Mavs weren't playing the anthem than the Mavs not playing the anthem itself. I wouldn't be surprised if the whole thing was planned out this way from the start.
  12. I'm no expert, but I think something has to have value, real or otherwise, to justify shorting it.
  13. Cause for some reason I thought that was in reference to Antonio Brown. I have no clue why, but the numbers made sense then!
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