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  1. Potentially stupid question, but what makes this a "Bielsa tactic?" I ask because I associate him with 3313, which I'm trying to implement in my Frosinone save (the formation, not so much his approach to it). Is this more reflective of what he's done with Leeds? That's pretty much always been my approach. I don't really know what training "should" look like, so I just kinda go with what seems intuitive to me. I view the day before, and sometimes the day after, as "walk through" sessions.
  2. I've thought of trying something similar, although, maybe not with a F9. I've used a F9 and TQ to great success, but that was in a 4231, using a W(a) one side, an RMD(a) on the other (with a WB(a) overlapping), and double pivot in CM creating a ton of space for the F9 and TQ to operate. That team was also ridiculously good, so I constantly question how that would translate to an even slightly less good side. Also, unless you're setup to play on the counter, which might be tough, defensively, with that trio up front, it can be a struggle to get enough bodies forward with three at the back. In a 3421, your only option is through the middle. I think that's the challenge with that setup. Getting enough bodies forward to be effective, while maintaining space for the TQ to operate. Curious to see how it goes if you give it a try.
  3. Honestly, if he's got room to grow, he's way too good to be a SS. Looks like a beastly TQ in the making. But to answer your question, yes, "comes deep to get ball" is at odds with a SS. I think his other (open play) traits probably are as well.
  4. Depends entirely on my goalkeeper, team tactics, etc. My current keeper has fantastic distribution (across the board), so I give him the freedom to decide. I think I've every option at some point or another, except CB or FB. If I wanted the former, would just have them roll it out. If I wanted the latter, I'd have them distribute wide.
  5. Definitely not. As already suggested, don't know that the two go together very well, and almost certainly not as TIs. I mostly use mark tightly as a PI, on certain players, for certain opposition players. I mostly only use aggressive tackling as a TI, when I'm trying to get my team back in a match.
  6. To be fair, I don't think Gasperini/Atalanta's tactic is one that's easy, or really even possible, to replicate in the context of FM's match engine. That is partly due to limitations in deploying a back three (can't really mimic Sheffield United either), partly a limitation of fluid positions on the field (certain elements of what Liverpool does are hard to implement for the same reason), and partly Papu Gomez. Sometimes he's a trequartista, somtimes he's a regista, and sometimes I swear Gasperini just tells him to go have fun. Sometimes it's a 3412, sometimes it's a 3421, and sometimes Gasperini pulls a CB for a striker to defend a lead. At that point, I guess they're playing a 22222.
  7. Glad it's helped. I admittedly don't have any other advice for a SS within a 4231. It's possible that being able to upgrade your striker and playing them as a F9, instead of a DLF, will make the difference, but I just don't know. It's admittedly not a role I've had a great deal of patience with. Maybe inspiration for a future save. I love the DLP role and have had a great deal of success using them in the CM/DM strata in wide range of formations and tactics. Mentally going through my saves, all my best teams have used one, whether I was deploying a midfield 2, 3, or 4. There's probably no midfield or attacking role I use more consistently. It's become a staple of my tactical setups and usually one of my top performers.
  8. I think this looks a lot better. Only question, why distribute to FBs? I'd suggest maybe flipping your CM(a) and DLP(s) OR switching the mentality of your IW(a) and W(s). Balancing your S/A on each side. Personally, I think W(a) is one of the best roles in the game, especially if the player you have in that role has the pace to beat their man. I also prefer to have a more conservative midfielder on the side of an in-cutting AMR/AML, especially since I usually play the FB behind that wide player as WB(S) or WB(A). There are a numerous pathways toward being more attacking without making drastic changes, but which one(s) make the most sense depends entirely on your players. From a high level, I'd say it's important to make sure your actively attacking both flanks, and being more aggressive, while maintaining balance. Lose "pass into space," depending on talent it might make sense to drop "run at defense" as a TI and apply it selectively as a PI, You could implement a split block to try to win the ball back quicker, You could push your DLP role back into the DM strata, allowing a bit more dynamism from your CM. Alternatively, you could opt for an AP/RPM instead of a DLP.
  9. I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with using two BPDs or having your outside CBs on "stopper" in a back three; however, I think you have to consider your tactics and opposition. If you're going against a 433/4231, then having your central CB man mark the striker, with your flanking CBs as stoppers makes sense. Against two striker setups, it makes more sense to have your wide CBs set to defend and man mark the strikers, with your central CB either as cover/stopper, depending on tactics and opposition. Against three, you either gotta man-mark across the board or be more conservative. Personally, with a higher line, I like to have the outside CBs on defend with the central CB on cover or as a Libero. Of course, I sometimes change that up against a formidable central striker.
  10. Our first UCL Draw: PSG, Arsenal, Porto Europa League here we come! (I hope)
  11. If I were gonna take over an "as-is" Betis, I think I'd lean toward counterattacking from a 3421. Something a bit different. Think it fits their players pretty well. Only real concern would be up front, depending on how long you're without Iglesias.
  12. All of this. I genuinely don't understand what you're trying to achieve with your tactic, but it doesn't seem very representative of how Gasperini's Atalanta play. 433 narrow (or whatever FM calls it) is extremely weak defensively, but dangerous on the counter. It's vulnerable to overloads, between its backline and middle three, and in the channels. You're using one of the best formations to face it, but it's almost as if your tactics are setup to be counterproductive against it.
  13. Coincidentally, Dimarco was one of three free transfers we signed this summer (Maupey and Guehi). The other two offer depth, hoping he can finally provide quality at LWB though. Thought we'd land De Paul for a 8M bargain signing, but he decided to take less money to go to Spain and play Europa league instead of Champions League. *shrug* By far our biggest acquisition has been Mason Mount, on a 1-year loan with an obligation to buy for 23M. Was planning to bring in a DM instead, but the options were fairly underwhelming, and I think I can play Dahoud deeper. My 4th-choice CB can also push forward and offer a more defensive DM option.
  14. I'd still press with your F9. Otherwise, opposing CBs will have too much time/space. Any effective press has to start up front.
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