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  1. @riv3th3adSounds like a good save, CL is tough one, I landed a nice job at sporting and they had a nice squad and bit of money to spend so managed to win it there. Portugal the most likely league to win it in outside top 5 leagues
  2. @djhagsteri will have to amend the description. Each Stage must be completed at a different club. Any extra trophies you win at each stage are just bonus
  3. Enfield Town Not ventured this far down on FM21 yet so thought give this a go. Might be a bit late to complete the challenge as I do have other saves but I will see how I get on. All setup as instructed, I will keep you updated.
  4. Thanks @uroszilano I hadn't thought of doing that, good idea. Good work in your save, it took me 4 seasons to finish the first 2 stages as well. The Euros will probably make jobs available as well as managers will take international jobs and starts chains of managers changing jobs, I got 3rd job in August
  5. I finished the Challenge yesterday. Took me 6 months, was a lot of fun but at points did test my patience. Here is my trophy collection.
  6. Yeah they will be fine in my eyes. There's not much difference between them and ADO Den Haag where I started
  7. Sporting 28-29 Predicted Finish: 1st Finished: 1st Cup: Winners Allianz Cup: Winners Super Cup: Winners UEFA Super Cup: Winners Champions League: Quarter Final World Club Cup: Winners Results
  8. No any 3 star leagues are fine, just posted what could get in a screen shot. Suppose if get sacked just get new job in league with same reputation
  9. Sporting 27-28 Predicted Finish: 2nd Finished: 1st Cup: Winners Allianz Cup: Runners Up Super Cup: Winners UEFA Super Cup: Winners Champions League: Winners Results Won domestic & European Super Cups Through my CL group, Into Portuguese Cup final, lost the Allianz Cup final though Won the Portuguese Cup Won the League Great games in the Champions League 2 Consecutive Champions Leagues! Another Unbeaten Season Transfers Mostly newgens or players who where young at start. Dalot only real recognisable name. Summary Last season was hard to top. Very happy with the season, 1 more title and Stage 4 is finished.
  10. You need to hop over to one of big boys and take the Turkish title, then free to move country. Belgium was hard having to play 5belgian players every game
  11. Sporting 2026-27 Predicted Finish: 3rd Finished: 1st Cup: Winners Champions League: Winners Next leg of the journey takes me to Portugal. I Need to achieve 3 league titles, 2 Cups, 1 Super Cup here as well as a Champions League Results Got through CL Qualifiers and drew a pretty decent group Having no problems domestically Run of wins domestically continued. Finished top of my CL group Won Allianz Cup & Into the main Cup Final So I won Every league game Won the Cup Champions League Games where just crazy End the end it cam down to who could score more as defence seemed to go out of the window in Europe Finally after 7 seasons I have won the Champions League An Amazing Season Transfers Names are becoming more unfamiliar as the newgens become good Took over in August so transfers in July where AI Summary Best season of FM21 so far. First Champions League part of challenge ticked off One title, one cup. 2 titles 1 cup & super Cup to go I will link 2 tactics to the thread Sporting.fmf Sporting CL.fmf
  12. Club Brugge 2025-26 Predicted Finish: 1st Finished: 1st Cup: Winners Super Cup: Winners Champions League: Runners Up Simple task this year, defend the title. Will be my second and last season at Brugge Results Great start domestically. 3 set pieces conceded against Juventus despite extra training in this area. Barcelona game was 3-2 up, red card led to complete melt down. Great result and sweet revenge vs Barcelona Progressed into the KO Stage Finished season undefeated again Bogey team for the English clubs until the Final 1-0 up to 80th Minute and threw it away Won Croky Cup again Transfers Busy summer window again, some players where so disappointing in training and AV Rating I moved them on Summary Brilliant all season and then just played terrible in CL final, Completed this part of the challenge and won an extra cup and super cup Going to leave now and how new job is available.
  13. Mostly 'The Hague 433' throughout. Stuck to that while was at Den Haag. Then if used a few others since being at Feyenoord and Brugge. All 433s though
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