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  1. Thank you. With Kek being out of the Slovenian database, this one completely slipped. I will fix it as soon as possible.
  2. Don't worry, I am logging in all the major transfers. I hope the SI team will be able to do them. All of these have been added to the system.
  3. All of these have already been done. Thanks.
  4. I fixed this one month ago... Thanks!
  5. I will have to send in the transfers in 2 days, but I hope the SI team will be able to do the major transfers that will happen between 4 Feb and 16 Feb. I am already logging all the transfers announced through NZS's registration platform (link), which usually means all of them. If you are aware of some extra transfers, please share them with me.
  6. The age limit has now been set to 21 for this award - I think this is likely to resolve the issue in the data update.
  7. Milan Pavkov's and Dusan Jovancic's foot issues are going to be fixed for the patch. If you want to help the research process, hopefully not only Belgrade-based research, feel free to join our research threads on Serbian FM - we have been doing research there for nearly a decade, with dozens of people taking part in it. Feel free to propose Branko Jovičić's attributes as well - state both the new attributes and the reasons why you want to see them changed. We have several people following Zvezda's players, and the present attributes reflect their, and partially my own view of him. We will be happy to hear your opinion. Thank you.
  8. Then it seems we have an additional bug - when it comes to the last round, all the games need to be played on the same day at the same time. If this was not the case, it should also be fixed.
  9. In that case, we might even consider swapping his primary nationality?
  10. There are very many players of Bosniak, Croatian, Serbian and Albanian descent in the Slovenian database, but we add second nationalities only if there is a reason to do so. If his origin is the only reason, then I see no point in adding it. His name and surename are already clearly classified in the database. He is seen as a Slovenian citizen (http://www.prvaliga.si/tekmovanja/default.asp?action=igralecstat&id_igralca=75848), he represented Slovenia at the U17 and the U19 levels (http://www.nzs.si/reprezentanca/default.asp?id_igralca=75848).
  11. There is no one covering NK Ivancna Gorica at this moment, we had a person covering it a couple of years ago. We still cover all the transfers we find in the NZS lists, but I believe some players have retired, and this is not something one can find in those lists. The club is not a priority, as it does not belong to a playable level, but in case you are eager to cover it, please send me your e-mail address in a private message, it would be great if you could help. Thanks.
  12. Thanks, we will update that once we start preparing the database for the data patch.
  13. This one has already been reported (as you can see a couple of posts above) and should be fixed for the release. And this is not a Red Star problem, but the problem related to the whole SuperLiga. Thanks!
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