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  1. Thanks a lot - the new rules should be implemented in FM2018.
  2. This seems to be a bug, but this is not a data issue - please report it in the League Specific issues. Teleoptik's First Team, Reserves and the U19 Team are all represented as a B Team in the drop-down menu. This is probably due to the fact that the whole club is linked to Partizan as a B Team.
  3. Thank you for noting this. All three changes have been requested from the coding team for the next eligible update.
  4. Thank you so much! You are right about the first one, though I believe this rule got altered at some point. It should be as you described it. The latter is a rare case, I will try to find out what should be the rule...
  5. The database was sent in on Feb 6th, some of the later transfer have been done (the ones with higher priorities), I believe that it is too late for this one.
  6. Thanks. Don't worry, the club has been marked as extict, and will not appear in the game after the update.
  7. Farmtech is their current sponsor... But there is absolutely no need to use it in the short variant. It might be eligible for the long name, but I do not think it is really needed. No one really calls the club Farmtech Veržej, and we are trying to avoid sponsor names as much as possible, as they change every now and then... You can see that their logo remained unchanged, whereas a big banner in their stadium still says NK VERŽEJ. If you check the documents published by the Slovenian FA (such as this one, released a couple of days ago, http://www.nzs.si/Doc/Info/Registracijski zapisnik_02_2017.pdf), you will see that the club is referred to as ŠD NK Veržej, no Farmtech added. So, on the whole, I don't think that adding the sponsor name is important in this case.
  8. I'll set a 300k clause then. It's just an estimate fee.
  9. In order to add such a clause, we need to have the exact or nearly exact buy-off fee - no fee has been mentioned when he joined Partizan, there is no fee set at Transfermarkt.
  10. No, I am not calling it a fix, I am just saying I would rather classify it as a moderate issue, as there is a workaround for the human managers. There are only two people who have mentioned this issue to me so far. A BIG issue is usually reported within 3 days following the beta or the release. You can disagree with me, I have no problem with that. As I have stated, this bug has been claimed as fixed, so there is absolutely no need to go on about this.
  11. This has been reported as fixed, now it really depends on when it will get into the pack that patches the game. I would not call it a pretty big impact, its impact is moderate - the difference between the two windows is five days - if you bring players in on time, you should be fine. Anyway, you will have to start a new game.
  12. Thanks for reporting this, it will be looked into.
  13. Are you running the original structure of the competitions? That is, have you installed any add-ons that perhaps add the third league or something similar?
  14. Hi! As in reality there are no reserve leagues in Serbia, last winter we had a vote at the Serbian FM Community and the resolution was to remove reserve leagues from the game, but to keep the reserve teams in for practical reasons . The reasons to keep them in included the fact that some teams do have sort of a B team which plays friendlies throughout the season, the need to filter out those that are not really needed in the first team, and to be able to maintain their form. In relation to the last point - reserve teams should be scheduling friendlies. If they are not playing friendlies, then this it is a bug.
  15. Indeed, this appears to be a bug - will try to send an instructions to the coders to fix it. Thank you!