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  1. No, all of them have correct names in the database. You are probably using an outdated file that fixes club names. Please report bugs found in the original game data, not the external add-ons. Thanks!
  2. In any case, nothing should happen in 2023, so I am going to report it as a bug.
  3. The problem is that there are no strict rules on who gets the medal... It seems that whoever is there on the last matchday will get it
  4. At least 5 apps are needed for the league achievement. In the database, Denis Klinar does have the achievement entered for Slovenian First League (winner) and Slovenian Cup (Runner Up), which you can also check in the staff file you worked on.
  5. Thanks for the corrections. I have requested the name change and the Nkama loan. Darmanovic and Milakovic do not exist in the current database. If you would like to work on the Postojna club data for the winter patch, please send me your e-mail address in a private message.
  6. As santy001 suggested, there is no direct way for us to set up player roles in the database. We do set attributes, and all suggestions related to them are welcome, posted either at SI Communities or Serbian FM, where we, in fact, have a group of people covering Partizan's and Red Star's attributes yearly. So, please locate the relevant topic or open an SFM account and post your suggestions, our team will evaluate them.
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