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  1. Thanks Marc. Can you add your own kits at all? Like the images on the team information screen?
  2. Can you help me at all? I'm trying to do a create a club on Mobile. Before you used to be able to save your clubs badge as Club_23071971 I can't seem to get that to work. How do you do it on FM19 Mobile? Also can you add kits to your my club?
  3. So there is no way yo add a draft pick system annually in to the EPL? I basically want to make the EPL follow the exact rules of the MLS.
  4. I can't go any higher then 720 so does that mean I just can't' play FM?
  5. Hi, My screen resolution is set to 1280x720 this is what I don't understand why it's not giving me that option in game.
  6. For some reason I can't change the screen resolution or change it to windowed any ideas?
  7. In today's episode we take on Welling! Who should be the commentator for the next game?
  8. I tried a completely new structure on today's episode as we took on Bath City. Let me know if you enjoyed the new structure.
  9. Next episode is here and it early. In today's episode we hae our first league game of the season how do you think we will get on?
  10. Thanks, appreciate you taking the time to watch it. Up the Poo!!
  11. Hello and welcome to my first save here on Football Manager Mobile 2017. I have chosen the mighty Poole Town FC. This is my introduction episode as well look at the team in abit of depth as well as talk about tactic and transfers. Sorry the quality is a bit below par and the occasional stutter or sync issue I hope to resolve this by episode 3 as episode 2 was recorded straight after this one. I have since changed the app I used to record. Keep your eye peel for episode 2 on Saturday. And as always I will speak to you legends soon!
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