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  1. Danarouso

    Seeking help with retro data

    Hi, Myself and a friend are in the process of creating a 2001-02 database. I was wondering if anybody on the forum would have an interest in editing the following countries: France, Germany, Italy or Spain. The CM 01-02 editor is a great tool to use but as well as that I’d prefer someone to research most players who aren’t too well known instead of going by what their CA/PA is on the editor. Realism is key for this data. Player history and the staff at the clubs would need to be added too. Anyone who would like to do this would certainly be alleviating a lot of pressure, and it would mean the data will be released for play much quicker than originally anticipated! Thanks
  2. Danarouso

    Help with a project

    Thanks a lot for your help, I will ask Kent if he is interested... fingers crossed Are you interested in making any graphics? If you like I can PM you with more information but no problem if not
  3. Danarouso

    Help with a project

    Hi thanks for that link. Yes I'm looking for kits in this kind of style, apart from this data will be a specific season so I'd like them all based on the same season Work has started on the data but it would be great if somebody could help me out and make graphics for it
  4. Danarouso

    Help with a project

    It's for a retro data that I am planning. If anyone's interested in making logos, kits and 3D kits for it then feel free to PM me
  5. Danarouso

    Help with a project

    Hi, if anybody makes either logos, kits or 3D kits please PM me on the forum as I am looking to build a project and would like some assistance.
  6. Outstanding data, I’m so surprised that this hasn’t had more feedback on here. Easily the best historic data ever done I will look to assist in any way I can, in helping the data MOT
  7. I’m playing the game on an iPad Air 2 and I’ve noticed that the small version of logos are quite blurry. The normal size when shown is sharp and clear. I am using a downloaded pack, however before I installed it the ones that SI provide were also blurry. How can this be fixed?
  8. I’m thinking of being a mid-table team in La Liga, what are the finances like compared to countries such as England and Germany.. the transfer budgets in the second and third seasons etc. Thanks in advance
  9. Hi, even in the licensed leagues, there's still some random haircuts. I've noticed that a lot of them aren't really random and they are the same for every save you do. This wasn't a problem until this FM, and it really baffles me. Is it because you have added mohawk haircuts into the game? Can't you just keep the mohawks exclusive to regens instead of having Messi for instance run around with one? Very immersion shattering, would love to see if patched up in the next update.
  10. Will this problem be sorted in the next patch?
  11. Good thread idea, the away end looks better in comparison. Surprised these have been okay'd for the final release, hopefully they are amended. Also I noticed there's no mohawks in that screenshot, hopefully a sign of things to come when the next patch comes out.
  12. Danarouso

    Next patch/update

    Will the fixes i.e the mohawks, picnics in the Premier League etc be in this patch?
  13. Danarouso

    Next patch/update

    Do you work for SI?
  14. Will you be fixing the stuff like picnics being at top division grounds (Why aren't they reserved for lower-league grounds? Conference down) & wrong haircuts, especially those mohawks who have (yes it's been reported in the bug section). Surprising this made the final game especially after having a beta but I trust this will be sorted soon since the afro's are no longer the problem..? Also when is the patch expected to be out?