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  1. Looking fantastic. Any more updates on the progress of this data?
  2. You do it the right way then, in my opinion. Could I see Aston Villa, Everton and Tottenham Hotspur too please?
  3. Screenshots look fantastic mate. What a time yet what a potential legacy squandered. How are you working out the CA/PAs? I like to use the original CM 01-02 editor as a guideline before then researching the players' careers and coming up with a happy medium but sometimes the CM 01-02 ones are really off so I change them completely.
  4. Looking really good. Have you completed the Premiership? I don't think it would be worth sending the data that I made now. It kept crashing at a certain date and sadly the guys at SI wouldn't get it fixed for me. I have a big suggestion for this data. I'd release it for FM 2021/22. No rushing or anything. That means it would give you a few more years to truly complete it and make it the best 01-02 experience on a modern game. I'd happily help out with the data as well to get it completed faster and take workload off you. ''01-02: 20 years on''. Since you can't edit the starting year on the FM games, all you would have to do is take away 20 years off the year you are in and also at the end of the first season there would be a World Cup like there was in 2002, then a Euros 2 years after that, etc. I hope you catch my drift on this. I think it would be a huge release and one that would be played years into the future. P.s let's see Leeds
  5. If the OP decides to go with my 2001-02 then it will be a tough challenge as Sheffield Wednesday’s squad was in a state, and in Division One! Interestingly Wednesday finished 12th in 98-99, albeit only 2 points better off from 1997-98 when they finished 16th with arguably a better side. Switching gears from the Premier League, the 1997-98 Serie A had some really incredible teams in it and would be worth a data alone.
  6. I started making a 2001-02 data last year, the Premier League is done on it (including personalities as well as individual stats) and a couple of First Division teams too. You are more than welcome to take the data and finish it if you are serious about doing a 2001-02. It will save you some time.
  7. Sorry, forgot to upload the tactic in the first post! Also just to add. During games depending on the situation I do change things. For example if we are winning then I'll change to positive mentality. If we are closing the game out I take the AP (A) off and put on a DM. Sometimes I take overlap off as well just in case we get caught out because that can be troublesome.
  8. Hello, I'm now in my 5th season as Birmingham City manager and this is our first in the Premier League. I've used this tactic for the past two/three seasons, and it has worked in the most part but it has leaked a fair amount of goals (a staggering 72 last season but we sneaked 2nd on the last day). I'm planning to use it against teams that I feel we can beat in the PL, and so far we have beaten teams, but here's the most recent one against Wolves which we won 2-0: If I am being honest, the fact that they didn't win felt like a miracle.They had quite a lot of good chances but couldn't put them away. We on the other hand did put one chance away and then got a penalty to seal the deal. I am worried that if I keep playing this way, we might actually get caught out and beaten by a team around us, especially if there's a game where we don't click up front. So since I'm in August now I thought I would ask you all for your advice on how to make this a more solid tactic as well as clinical up front. Thank you
  9. I had a look at the file on the editor and I couldn’t really find anything to tweak, I haven’t touched the permits but I think I did delete the Brexit agreement. It still crashes on the 19th of November 2019. Hopefully the team will solve this issue soon as this has stopped me from working on the file
  10. Hi this sounds really good, which leagues have you done for the 07-08 data?
  11. Thanks for your reply. The data is converted from FM2017 and I believe I may have deleted the Brexit agreement back then. Do you think that could have anything to do with it?
  12. Thanks for your speedy reply. I've uploaded both of them now. The save game is called: the 2001-02test.fm -- I've saved it on the day before the crash (18/11/19), if you sim through the 19th of November it will crash. The editor file is called: The 2001-02 Season.fmf
  13. When testing my custom data, it seems to crash on the 19th of November 2019 every time. Please help. Here's the file: FM 2019 v19.1.4.1164389 (2018.11.15 07.18.18).dmp
  14. I'm looking to import a retro database I've been working on since the FM17 editor onto the new FM 19 editor (I'm gonna import it to FM18 first). Is there any way I can select multiple players and bring their date of birth forward by two years? In case anybody doesn't understand my question: For example if there was 3 players with the following DOB's: 3-5-1986 6-12-1993 2-5-1998 I'd want to select all three and bring them forward to 1988, 1995 and 2000 Or do I have to manually do it player by player? Thank you.
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