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  1. I had a look at the file on the editor and I couldn’t really find anything to tweak, I haven’t touched the permits but I think I did delete the Brexit agreement. It still crashes on the 19th of November 2019. Hopefully the team will solve this issue soon as this has stopped me from working on the file
  2. Hi this sounds really good, which leagues have you done for the 07-08 data?
  3. Thanks for your reply. The data is converted from FM2017 and I believe I may have deleted the Brexit agreement back then. Do you think that could have anything to do with it?
  4. Thanks for your speedy reply. I've uploaded both of them now. The save game is called: the 2001-02test.fm -- I've saved it on the day before the crash (18/11/19), if you sim through the 19th of November it will crash. The editor file is called: The 2001-02 Season.fmf
  5. When testing my custom data, it seems to crash on the 19th of November 2019 every time. Please help. Here's the file: FM 2019 v19.1.4.1164389 (2018.11.15 07.18.18).dmp
  6. I'm looking to import a retro database I've been working on since the FM17 editor onto the new FM 19 editor (I'm gonna import it to FM18 first). Is there any way I can select multiple players and bring their date of birth forward by two years? In case anybody doesn't understand my question: For example if there was 3 players with the following DOB's: 3-5-1986 6-12-1993 2-5-1998 I'd want to select all three and bring them forward to 1988, 1995 and 2000 Or do I have to manually do it player by player? Thank you.
  7. I believe there is a fix. I must have been doing it wrong in the editor. The link below should disable Brexit for you. Cheers! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1553900327
  8. You may have to close FM 19 after subscribing. After you have re opened it, it should be on there and already selected as you start a new game
  9. You are welcome guys, please let me know if it works. If it does then the person who uploaded that onto the workshop deserves all the credit haha.
  10. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1553900327 Hopefully this works for us all.
  11. I found the European Union agreement in advanced rules for England, but once I unticked it, saved and started up a new game I can't load up any leagues in England
  12. Hi, Myself and a friend are in the process of creating a 2001-02 database. I was wondering if anybody on the forum would have an interest in editing the following countries: France, Germany, Italy or Spain. The CM 01-02 editor is a great tool to use but as well as that I’d prefer someone to research most players who aren’t too well known instead of going by what their CA/PA is on the editor. Realism is key for this data. Player history and the staff at the clubs would need to be added too. Anyone who would like to do this would certainly be alleviating a lot of pressure, and it would mean the data will be released for play much quicker than originally anticipated! Thanks
  13. Thanks a lot for your help, I will ask Kent if he is interested... fingers crossed Are you interested in making any graphics? If you like I can PM you with more information but no problem if not
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