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  1. All these done or sent to the appropriate researcher (a lot for the Dutch ARs to do), but a lot of tweaks (players with a club, for instance)
  2. Thanks for catching that! My mistake.
  3. @Los_Banana @Christopher Lewis This bug seems the same as mine - note that it still says "filtered" for him regardless.
  4. @Ben Kenney Uploaded another save - "Journeyman.fm", where I got a job in China, but the same problem persists - the player search is totally stuffed. Moreover, if I try to see all staff (i.e. uncheck all the "interested..." boxes), none come up.
  5. Already changed for next release, very sad.
  6. @Ben Kenney Sadly not, I have no idea why my game in particular has this problem. I've tried verifying game files and reloading the skin cache, but those U25 players still don't return...
  7. @Francis Mooney Well 4 different players still pop up, but still the same problem. If you see the latest 2 screenshots from my Steam profile you'll see what I mean; https://steamcommunity.com/id/ACMfloppyears/screenshots Basically the filters don't clear - notice it still says filtered even though the "clear" is greyed out. the "interested in transfer" short-cut check-box doesn't work either.
  8. Thanks for this - was on my to-do but never got round to it. Will be updated in next data update.
  9. Thanks for this - can you please inform the Asian HR in the appropriate thread? Databases are based on where they're playing rather than their nationality.
  10. Save game "Journeyman" Playing with a whole bunch of leagues loaded, plus edited leagues. Playing in an edited league, but for some reason the number of players in the player search is extremely low. It wasn't always this way - it might be something to do with using the in-game editor to open the registration window? Either way, even if I select "all players in player search" from the in-game editor, there's no one below 25 years old who's a realistic target. Moreover, it has now defaulted to "interested in transfer" unchecked, but nothing happens if you click it or not. It feels like there's some hidden search criteria that can't be cleared now, even with closing and opening the game. No transfer embargo as far as I know either, in case it mattered, and I can see other players in the "scouted" option in the scouting centre, just not through player search.
  11. 1) Have you got enough teams in the NPL league - check whether any teams are extinct. 2) Check that you've set the qualification right - get teams from division/get last winner of competition has the right fields entered.
  12. The boundaries of regional leagues are done in the leagues themselves - e.g. the Perth division would set Perth as its North, South, East and West Boundaries.
  13. This you can achieve by editing the Nation "transfer values" - the values there relate to their reputation, which roughly corroborates with their CA. If you want UK-type values then copy them over if you're not sure what to do.
  14. Apologies if too simple/already answered, but couldn't find an answer for this. 1) How do I qualify the 4th placed of a cup. I've set the ranking levels up properly but can't find a way to do this. Perhaps a hidden league stage? 2) Something I've wanted to ask for years, how do you account for qualification fall-backs, for example how do you add a slot for the host team in a competition? 3) I'm making the Caribbean Championship in game, but never found a way to have a system similar to the european competitions, namely that the highest rep/rank leagues get more places than the lower ones. The whole "top/bottom" nation qualification doesn't seem to work out for me as if I say "pick Best Nation Teams", it always ends up a complete random mess, with league winners dropped for highest rep teams. Thanks for your time.
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