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  1. Do you have a team without a stadium and city set? Just my initial thought
  2. As I've said, it's legal/licensing - please see the data thread (This is a data issue not an editor issue)
  3. As noted in the Dutch data thread, it's for legal reasons.
  4. Another issue related to my other two I think - the files attached validate in the tester, but when you start a new game you cannot select the leage - they don't turn up as an option. 1) Start new Career 2) Select files in database dropdown 3) When add/removing leagues, you won't be able to see them as options Anguilla.fmf Jamaica 2020.fmf Cuba.fmf
  5. Trying to set one up, it doesn't know or ask how many teams qualify from the league stage - you have to make it via "custom" instead. There's no option for "how many teams qualify for the next stage", so the cup stage doesn't know that it has teams and will fail validation
  6. Created Jamaican leagues, but whilst it passed the basic validation it doesn't appear as selectable in a new career, so I tried to advance test it. I get this warning; Warning: (Function: 'sitoolkit::LOG_MANAGER::display_error' File: 'C:\jenkins\workspace\fm\game-tools\silibs\sitoolkit\generic\logs\log_manager.cpp' Line:197 ) Stack: Attached the file in case it helps. Thanks! Jamaica 2020.fmf
  7. Yup, and they were both at San Juan Jabloteh at one point!
  8. Thanks a lot for that. From the database point of view it's telling me it's only curaçao- can you please post this as a bug?
  9. Thanks! I appreciate the help. Hiddink is a strange one, I've been waiting a fair old time to pull the trigger lol
  10. Can't see the rivalry on my end, can you screenshot please? As it stands he isn't manager, see today's news; https://www.curacaochronicle.com/post/local/ex-national-coach-curacao-i-dont-understand-guus-hiddink/
  11. Only just found this, shout out to you! The San Marino challenge is significantly easier than Aguilla or Montserrat as continental competitions are nowhere near as lucratice or easy.
  12. 1) Have you got enough teams in the NPL league - check whether any teams are extinct. 2) Check that you've set the qualification right - get teams from division/get last winner of competition has the right fields entered.
  13. The boundaries of regional leagues are done in the leagues themselves - e.g. the Perth division would set Perth as its North, South, East and West Boundaries.
  14. This you can achieve by editing the Nation "transfer values" - the values there relate to their reputation, which roughly corroborates with their CA. If you want UK-type values then copy them over if you're not sure what to do.
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