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  1. LandonDonovan10

    [U.S.A.] Data Issues

    Why some players like Cobi Jones and Alexi Lalas deleted from data? They are legend for the country and I like to play with them. Deleting them while there's lots of long time unemployed useless staff just not make sense to me. I know they are not working too but at least they did something to deserve to be in the game. I hope you guys add them on the next update. Thank you.
  2. man i cant beat this stupid error
  3. LandonDonovan10

    About editor file

    How can I run a file without verify? Is this possible? The file is working well in the game, I have to change somethings on editor but when I test it's gave me error message so I can't verifiy so I can't select the file in the game.
  4. Can you share your file? I tried but when I tested on editor gave me error so I can't select my file on the game
  5. Wow that's great thank you man! I hope mls does that one day
  6. LandonDonovan10

    [FM19][SKIN] Football Manager 2019 Base Skins

    can someone add city and stadium panels to this skin?
  7. Is it possible to share update this week?
  8. not a big deal but i win usl play off, commissioner and conference cups, they are all showing on club history but i only see commissioner cup on my history
  9. I was already start my save with nashville, so theres 0 slot or ?
  10. LandonDonovan10

    U.S. lower level leagues

    this patch is really good! the only problem is league names doesnt change.. is anyone from si can help us? @Neil Brock
  11. LandonDonovan10

    [FM19][SKIN] TCS '19

    anyone using on 1366x768?