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  1. i tried FM19BEOWULF424KnapPressP102ALLCUPS.fmf with los angeles galaxy and win all cups in first season. great tactic mate thanks strikers who has pace works much better. zlatan played great but sometimes really slow.. do you think target man role still useless? i love to play classic 4-4-2 long guy short guy style..
  2. LandonDonovan10

    [U.S.A.] Data Issues

    Can you make USL playable? It would be BEST thing for us who love playing in USA... Thanks
  3. LandonDonovan10

    [U.S.A.] Data Issues

    Some players deleted? Like Cobi Jones, Alexi Lalas etc... I can sign them with some big database thing.. but this year cant find them. also pete vagenas fired from la galaxy
  4. I was deleted folders for licance fix but it didnt worked so i cant get old folders. Can someone upload for me?... (1910 and 1901)
  5. LandonDonovan10

    FM 19 MM Volante 4222 Knap

    "VOLANTE ANCHOR 32 Clean Sheets" is this still has that defensive power after beta? or should i download other ones?
  6. LandonDonovan10

    USA Lower Leagues

    Also is it possible to make playable every league in the country? Old patches just includes NASL and USL. Barely i finded some PDL but theres not any %100 unlocked patch.. I hope this year someone make this.
  7. LandonDonovan10

    USA Lower Leagues

    Hi guys I got FM19 and I wanna start my LA Galaxy career but before that I always wait for the lower leagues patch. But I can't find yet any real life patch without fantasy stuff.. So if you know, can you share? Thanks
  8. can you make a mirror version? i have 2 left foot winger
  9. do you think winger role is effective like inside winger?
  10. For me this is the best skin of this year. But can you add height of players on their info screen? I dont wanna go each players profile in the match.. Thanks
  11. can you make 4-2-4? using like when you need a goal..
  12. hey @knap did you tried a defensive striker tactic or use that role on this? im playing in the third league and sometimes i change my strikers to df because they are not even close for f9 role and they are scoring.. like defensive cb, this role has his own charm i think..
  13. good to see you using dcb, weirdly working good..