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  1. @knap whats your best defensive tactic? sometimes i wanna keep score but it doesnt work so i need sus or defensive one. any suggestion? my game is 19.1 btw
  2. I wanna add 5 million salary cap and 10 million to the league winner. can you do that for me, i tried but gave me error..
  3. @Weiry is there pro rel or real database with play offs and salary cap?
  4. That would be great if you share with me. Thanks already.
  5. How can i add a background to the base skin?
  6. my past save with your tactics. i win everything. i gotta admit game became so easy with you
  7. hey these are great thank you so much! can you add city pics too?
  8. Is there any base skin with city stadium pics?
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