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  1. bro onu pre game editorle yapıyorsun. in game editörle sakatlıkları kaldırırsın cezaları kaldırırsın moral verirsin sözleşmeleri düzenlersin falan filan. basit şeyler yani. senin dediğin karışık bişey. o karışık şeyler de pre game editörle yapılıyor.
  2. i definitely screamed in this game lol we were 33/33 in the league and it was last game but it was going 0-0 so i just change mentality to very attacking and this happened...
  3. venom & faith is awesome! what a legendary season with besiktas! we eliminated in champions league but can you blame us? come on just look at the group lol luckily we got promoted to europa league and i definitely wasnt expect to win the tournament. and what about league? i dominated league with besiktas in old fm's but i never ever win all games in super lig before. always had a draw or a lost. but this one was totally crazy... and dont forget how tight was calendar with europa league and turkish cup. thank you @knap for your awesome tactics
  4. Al-Duhail & WSW & Adelaide United & Guangzhou Evergrande & Busan i-Park. Plus Auckland City from New Zealand in Oceania
  5. If MLS problems are fixed, i would. I'm fine with the match engine or another stuff. Just my favorite league MLS is really need improvement, that bothers me. Yeah the game can be better but thats the best we can get. I dont know maybe its because I'm an FM addict lol
  6. gonna start with my favorite club los angeles galaxy (its helping to get new game with club you already know). then maybe beşiktaş from my country and some asian saves. i love asian leagues more then premier league lol
  7. data is always same but good scouts are kinde effect
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