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  1. no doubt this is the best skin of this year. also its great because of my laptop res thank you very much!
  2. can i use just pan-pacific championship or its just work with your db?
  3. Dude this is awesome work thank you very much! Also thanks to @murray for pictures
  4. yeah beowulf. also if im not mistake throw ins are from one of your tactics on fm19
  5. last year i was using a corner tactic with 4-2-4 and i put it in 4-4-2 and %100 worked. but they are kinda same formation so i'm not sure
  6. i posted tactic you can download. about formation, to be honest, i don't know. i ALWAYS play with 4-4-2 no matter what. it's my favorite formation
  7. ömer beyaz is my favorite midfielder wonderkid in this year. kid grow up like monster he became a world star before his 20!
  8. yeah i got ömer beyaz & atalay babacan they are killer in corners & free kicks. the cb is ahmet gürleyen btw. and you can set "corners" in induval training to your best taker. also set air balls for cb's. it's working well for me.
  9. one of my long cb is scored 15 goals. generally i scored 25 goals this season from corners.
  10. sure. !!!!!FM20.4.1BEOWULF442WAFKnap(P107))VOL3P107ECCC.fmf
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