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  1. No problem their is a updated version that I have posted on fmmvibe 🙂
  2. FMM21 - 2021/22 Leagues Download Here Includes all newly promoted teams in England, Scotland..Top two divisions in Denmark, FranceThere will be many more...Name Changes for Juventus..Android: Copy the downloaded changes.txt file into the Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2021 Mobile/normal.Itunes: Open up Itunes, Click on File Sharing and on to FM21 Mobile and drag the file across into box.This is still being worked on so they're will be more updates.. Thanks!!
  3. Jack Ainsley (28010526) Should be at Stowmarket Town as he has been their for the last two seasons, He should also have his favourite club set to Newcastle United and idol as Alan Shearer. https://stowmarkettownfc.co.uk/player-qa-jack-ainsley/
  4. Alfie Smith-Eccles (2000021513) Should be assigned as a Goalkeeper and his name should also be as it is in the link provided https://www.frickleyathletic.co.uk/player/alfie-eccles-smith/
  5. Knaresborough Town - Colin Heath (5101736) is a Player-Coach on Knaresborough's team website but on the game he is only down as a player https://www.knaresboroughtownafc.com/teams/54306/the-team
  6. Loving the new features for the game and the 3 new nations to manage in you's all have done a great job! Has their been any new leagues added to the existing nations on the game?
  7. Hi, Reece Noble (28064018) Should not have Right-back as his Natural position anymore. For the last season and a half he has played in Central Midfield role and on occasions Defensive Midfield. James Novak (29196224) Has played Left Wing Back and also Central Defence for Newcastle Benfield Matty Parker (2000031905) Plays at Right Wing Back not Right Midfield or Attacking Midfield Richard Slaughter (90023368) Should have Central Midfield as his natural position and not Right Back Peter Glen-Ravenhill (28086598) Can also play at Right Wing-Back position as well as Striker Cyril Giraud (2000033817) Can also play behind the Striker on Either the Left or Right and down the centre.
  8. David Hewson (146900) Should be Player-Manager at Penrith (8325010) not Player-Coach
  9. I have also noticed Newcastle Benfield are missing their player-manager who is Stuart Elliott (2004039) he used to be on the old FM's as a player maybe you's could put him back on since he is already on the game? https://www.newcastlebenfield.com/the-team
  10. Tony Dunn (30008462) should be set as Head Physio at Newcastle Benfield (8601365) Alfie Gordon (2000031903) Alfie Gordon height needs to be readjusted he is only 5ft 9in but 6ft 5in in game
  11. Hi I just wanted to say I am really pleased that you have added lots of Data for the English Northern League Division One, especially the team I support Newcastle Benfield There are still a few issues though. Newcastle Benfield (8601365) Home kit is Blue and White Stripes not Hoops. https://www.newcastlebenfield.com/the-team Cyril Giraud (2000033817) Should have Madagascar set as his second Nationality. https://www.newcastlebenfield.com/the-team Brad Varga (215519) Should have English as First nationality and Hungarian as Second since he was born here and place of birth should be Newcastle (England) not Budapest (Hungary) https://www.newcastlebenfield.com/the-team Laquin Esdaille (2000033810) First name should be Laquan. https://www.newcastlebenfield.com/the-team Top work though guys.
  12. VIBOX Precision 13 Gaming PC Computer with War Thunder Game Voucher, Windows 10 OS (3.9GHz AMD A4 Dual-Core Processor, Nvidia GeForce GT 710 Graphics Card, 8GB DDR3 1600MHz RAM, 1TB HDD) Would anybody recommend this as being a good fast gaming laptop? Any Suggestions?
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