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  1. Trying To Make My Own MLS Expansion Pyramid I Created A Load Of New Franchises In USA And Canada Which Is Now 31 Minus Chivas Set Them For Next Season In The MLS But I Don't Know How To Get Them To Appear In The League
  2. I Think There Is A Way To Do It Because Someone Did One On Another MLS Forum But I Think It Has Something To Do With Advanced Rules Or You Could Introduce Relegation And Promotion To It
  3. The D.O.F Actually Acknowledges My Decision To Hire My Own Assistant Because It's Annoying When I Hire A Good Assistant Manager Then My D.O.F For Some Reason Thinks He's Being Clever By Hiring A Worse Assistant Manager Replacing The One I Hire Instead Of Cancelling The Offer
  4. The Abilty To Create A Domestic Cup With All Teams From A Nation Regardless Of League Without Having To Select Leagues
  5. Maybe Able To Create A MLS System With Expansion Teams And An Expansion Draft And Superdraft System That Hopefully Dosen't Crash Every time a Custom Team Makes The Play-Offs
  6. Allowing Custom Managers To Have Playing History e.g If I Selected Semi-Pro Or Above I Would Able To Select Clubs Who I Could Have Played For. Either Adding Instant Result To The Main Game Or Giving Us The Ability To Put Our Own Custom Databases E.G English Level 9 Or Custom Players In Classic Mode
  7. Did You Try Editing The League With The Advanced Editor?
  8. Maybe The Ability In Career Plans To Have A Wants To Play For Nation If Eligible
  9. No It Dosen't Holiday Past That Date And The Backup Don't Pass That Date
  10. Since The New Patch I Noticed On Every New Game It Works Fine Untill June 24th 2017 For Some Odd Reason The Games Stops Working For Some Unknown Reason It's Just Stops Working It's Really Annoying Knowing The Game Keeps Getting Stuck On That Date
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