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  1. Adrian Stanilewicz (ID 92083829) first nation should be Poland, as he recently played for Poland U20
  2. Are your rules correct in Austria? The game says that in match squad I can have only 3 foreigners, but in real matches there are more of them. https://www.transfermarkt.pl/sk-bischofshofen_fc-kitzbuhel/aufstellung/spielbericht/3068581
  3. Is there any possibilty to change Season Update Day when it's greyed out? I'm creating Polish Lower League Update and I have to change it, but even in Advanced Rules it's greyed out :/
  4. If using it was so easy, I wouldn't have asked
  5. Hi, Could someone explain to me how this new option, Team Pool, work? I plan to create a cup in which some teams have to participate in it and some teams don't have to, but they can play in the cup. I think this option can help me but I don't know how to use it.
  6. In Polish 3rd league, there can be max 1 Non-EU player and more than 2 U20 players (not U21)
  7. I found another bug. I'm playing AS Magenta, New Caledonia and I can't choose any player to OFC Champions League match! No one is registered, but there is no option to register them.
  8. It's a bug in French Cup. When I play AS Dragon from Tahiti, I can choose only 4 of my players because all of them are counted as "Foreign - Non EU Player". Although they have French and Tahitien citizenship.
  9. Is there any way to set that clubs play matches in champions group only with clubs they haven't played yet?
  10. But I have created a lot of stadiums, clubs and I don't want to make this things again :/
  11. I created new nation on the Old Ireland. Is this the problem?
  12. More player? So, how many players? 30? 100? 1000?
  13. Hi, I have created a new country in FM15. I set main language in country "english" and I created one person (his name is "Bundel"). Now, all "grey" players in a team has one surname! "Bundel"! and there are strange names like Antun, Vladimir, Fatjon, Geza. How to change this new-gen names to normal english names and surnames?
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