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  1. Fair enough. That would be chaotic. So the format for 2019/20 will be kept from thereon in. Good luck with the hard work ahead.
  2. For the 2019/20 season, each Step shall have the following maximum number of Clubs: Step 1 – 24, Step 2 – 44, Step 3 – 88, Step 4 – 140, Step 5 – 280, Step 6 – 400. Clubs will be placed in the most geographically appropriate division. At Step 7 the maximum number of Clubs in each division shall be determined by the Committee taking into account all relevant factors. From the 2020/21 season onwards, each Step shall have the following maximum number of Clubs: Step 1 – 24, Step 2 – 48, Step 3 – 88, Step 4 – 160, Step 5 – 320, Step 6 – 340.
  3. The following PDF explains a lot of the changes: http://www.thefa.com/-/media/files/thefaportal/governance-docs/rules-of-the-association/2019-20/national-league-system-regulations-2019-2020.ashx
  4. I get the information from Wikipedia about these leagues and following that you can always go to the individual Internet league pages. What will you do about the changes in the league structure for the following season? Step 4 of the national league system will have 8 divisions from 2020-21 and Step 5 will have 16 divisions. Alternatively Step 6 will go from 20 to 17 divisions. Surely this will be a nightmare to include in the rules on the editor?
  5. Will you initially release Division 10, before moving on to Division 11 like in last year's FM? How can I help with collecting data for FM20?
  6. Hey Lionel Messi, I absolutely loved your FM 19 file. It was amazing work, especially post Christmas when you had sorted out the FA Cup bug in the second season and the problems with the Playoffs in Level 7 and 8. All the best with the file this season and I hope to see the file here sometime in December.
  7. Can you paste the link of the version that works fine so that I can play it?
  8. Hey man, I was using your update that you released on Christmas Day and every second year the FA Cup just disappears. Do you have a usable file for the top 10 divisions without a corrupted FA Cup?
  9. One issue that I may have found in my save is that Level 10 teams were not entered into the FA Cup. I believe that IRL they are entered into the Extra Prelim Round.
  10. Awesome news mate! I am very keen to have a crack at this update and then the FM Brasil update with a lower league team also.
  11. Ok, let me know if you need any help. I guess the claassen file is a good reference point.
  12. Can you send me the file? I will take a look at it and see if I can find the error(s) and send it back to you.
  13. Great work man! James from New Zealand here. I am looking forward to playing with Torpoint Athletic in the Southwest Peninsula League (Level 10) when you are done. At your pace we should be on target for a weekend finish.
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