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  1. This is not the place to ask. The thread here is for Database issues in Denmark. Ask FCK, or try a site like FMScout.com.
  2. Fisher FC's ground St. Pauls has artificial surface - not grass. As seen here: http://www.fisherfc.org/2016/07/26/first-football-at-st-pauls-confirmed-fisher-are-back-home/
  3. The Denmark Series grounds and general facilities data, could use some attention. Allerød FK fx dont play at Skovvang anymore. They play at the new Allerød Idrætspark. But I know that some of the lower tier clubs change ground very often. So a lot to keep track of. It is always an interesting thing to see (for me at least), where the clubs play this year, when looking at DBU.dk, and then change it in the editor.
  4. The return is only about a week old news. You can be sure SI will not forget to put the return to Champion Hill in motion in the database from tomorrow. IRL it will probably be in December as I remember the estimation is. The owner status of Champion Hill is complicated as I understand. Will read more about it soon. Dulwich Hamlet is my 1st priority now again. Followed by Chester. Btw, it seems you have upgraded your junior coaching quite a bit, that should be the answer. I remember from my Dartford save last season, that I quickly could use a lot of money, even in Youth Level 3-4.
  5. Somehow I suddenly cant have the option to accept a players withdrawal of his transfer request.
  6. I hope Dulwich Hamlet's return to Champion Hill will be in the full release on 2nd November. http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/dulwichhamlet/news/dulwich-hamlet-football-club-and-dulwich-hamlet-su-2360561.html https://www.theguardian.com/football/2018/oct/23/dulwich-hamlet-return-champions-hill-exile https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/45959803 https://www.standard.co.uk/sport/football/footballs-coming-home-for-dulwich-hamlet-with-champion-hill-return-confirmed-a3969711.html
  7. Being able to move a player to an U-23 squad that does not exist. Now, that cant be right.
  8. What is the best way to merge a database based on 18.1 to the newest database? I am thinking about the issue of avoiding dublicates - and to avoid creating the database all from scratch.
  9. Right now I play a save with (Chivas) Guadalajara from Mexico. And I know that they have reserved the number 12 for the '12th man'. But not in Football Manager. Are there any clubs where the number 12 is reserved in Manager, like irl at some clubs?
  10. Would really love to see Iceland 5th division like last year. If you find the time for it. Unless you consider Europe finished.
  11. Will it be possible to play as Sao Caetano? I know they won the 2nd tier state championship in the state, but when they are not even in Serie D, are they then in your database and playable?
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