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  1. What is the best way to merge a database based on 18.1 to the newest database? I am thinking about the issue of avoiding dublicates - and to avoid creating the database all from scratch.
  2. Right now I play a save with (Chivas) Guadalajara from Mexico. And I know that they have reserved the number 12 for the '12th man'. But not in Football Manager. Are there any clubs where the number 12 is reserved in Manager, like irl at some clubs?
  3. Would really love to see Iceland 5th division like last year. If you find the time for it. Unless you consider Europe finished.
  4. Will it be possible to play as Sao Caetano? I know they won the 2nd tier state championship in the state, but when they are not even in Serie D, are they then in your database and playable?
  5. Great that you still can find time for this claassen. Even though you got your family too - I know how important it is to be there, and what my better half expects from me, personally. Respect for the effort and quality. Looking forward to starting a journeyman/unemployment save in 2018.
  6. So the new irl plans about the Victoria and the facilities at the Europa Point tip, wil be in the game or not? Would be great to have an expanded category 3 (?) ground to look forward to, while playing in Gib.
  7. I really think SI should include the 3rd tier of Holland in the Vanilla version. Especially when you see what countries that already have their 3rd tier in the game. On topic: Doing a journey save with all African countries loaded. Will let people know if any problems with the Africa files.
  8. Would be great with promotion and relegation in USA. Else I see no fun in playing in the USL in game.
  9. Then you have some other custom file activated or done something else wrong. 'Cause I have all 57 countries with no problems.
  10. I just started a journeyman save with all African countries yesterday. No problems at all. Maybe you have other custom files in the same time, which is not a good idea, or maybe you got some of his old files.
  11. 1st post not updated yet I see. I will get the files from another site where I know you upload then.
  12. Any serious club have a kitman, or a person/persons with a similar title and role(s). But some places it is hard to find them, as they often need to do it for free. I have been a so-called 'kit-man' (it is called "team leader" in my language, if roughly and directly translated). It was at elite youth level. Really nice to know some of the current first team players of today, in my local club. I can recommend it. Great experiences and adventures around the country for me. But yes, to sum up: I really like this feature request. Thumbs up from me! Really surprised it has not been suggested before - at least I have not thought about it and seen it before. A good kitman can be really good for the team spirit and moral in general. And some kit men can be a whole institution in a club, if they have been there for years. Just like 'culture players', as I call long serving players. At last: if we got space for doctors, sports scientists, data analysts and other 'new' personel in game, we have space for a kit man feature too. Great idea UrbanLFC.
  13. Is it possible to ask for a synthetic pitch - fx as a non-league team in England? If not, it could also be a feature with increased revenue from pitch hire. Fx, when you need to relay the pitch anyway, it would be great to have the option to choose the type of field. Another idea: If you move from a relatively small ground to a new one, it would be a nice touch to be able to keep the old small ground in game, as a youth and reserve ground. But only if the club got the funds to keep it. The same goes with training and youth facilities - would be great to be able to see a new center being build with a new name as you progress up the leagues. If this is already implemented, then ignore this topic.
  14. No. Username inspired by the league in England. And the meaning of the 2 words. Not that it is important or relevant though.
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