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  1. Game crashed in background - 19.0.2 Not much info on this, I was on Steam chat when it seems like Steam had crashed, along with FM. Game was on timer and auto continuing, screen went black very briefly so probably a random crash in the graphics driver. It's not reproduced. FM 2019 Touch v19.0.2.1151235 (2018.10.22 23.40.09).dmp
  2. public > fm > game save, but I uploaded it to the cloud thingy too
  3. Treble counts cup won last season - 19.0.2 - Instant Result the attached save on ftp. - News item declares I have won famous treble, including the Icelandic Cup, which was last season - There seems to be an issue counting in seasons that span during a single calendar year. (Save Game: "Lucas_KR_Treble.fmv")
  4. Played any version of Football Manager Touch? Got ideas and wishes for the future? Please post them here!
  5. Nexus Classic Skins for FM19 and FMT19 Details: New Dark Green Colour Scheme for FM & FMT New Fonts ("Lato" - SIL Open License Font) Removal of background fade effect and return to old style titlebar - this meant some minor changes to some panels. Should be relatively usable with other panel mods. Instructions in readme for FMT for how to change attribute box colours if you want to. Download: Football Manager Touch Football Manager Feedback Any feedback, suggestions let me know.
  6. Sorry, I thought you were asking how to change the colours. It is possible but requires editing the panels to include the coloured boxes, plus the graphics appearances.
  7. Why not just do this: - Create the Teams in the Editor - Start a game in FM - Export all these teams for Versus competition (see club overview screen) - Then, start a Versus mode game with all these teams.
  8. Read the readme file. Where it says you can change it, you can just delete those lines if you want, and it'll use the colours from the dark skin version instead.
  9. Its a very old card (nearly 10 years old) so I'm not too surprised. Have you updated your drivers?
  10. These are data issues. Correct thread is here:
  11. What exact gfx card do you have, and if its a laptop you're using, are you plugged in and set to high/best performance in your AMD control panel?
  12. If you pre order on Steam, you can only download on Steam (ie. PC) Apple/Google Store purchases are sold separately.
  13. A lot of assumptions here. Some wrong opinions presenting as fact, too. All I'll say is, they do care, and it does have its own agenda. I think one of the confusing aspect for users has been where it fits in the hierarchy. Why are some features in FMM & FM PC, but not FMT. Does FMT look distinct enough as its own title, etc. A lot of these assumptions are flowing from what you can see with regards to announcements, marketing etc -- so I understand what you're saying. Wouldn't say it is neglect - a marketing message you read is just a message, it doesn't make the game or design its features.
  14. Separate bug, they are looking into this already I believe
  15. Pre Release Beta, 19.0.1 There is no concept of coaching team size as far as I'm aware unless that's a new introduction this year. The number comes from my assistant's profile, size of scouting team: Also the familiarity bar in the Training Induction should be replaced with the Intensity bar.
  16. No worries happens to all of us.
  17. You need to have opted in to control the player. Can you upload your save for SI to look at? In this particular case this shouldn't be happening.
  18. Lucas

    Switch korea

    There's no news re: Switch / Tablet versions yet. @Alex Pitt may be able to advise when there's news
  19. I can search by age. Not got the game in front of me now, but I can.
  20. Most won't work actually, if memory serves.
  21. They working on the schedules so that will probably sort it. I am just thinking for the future really
  22. I think what's probably would be best is a modifier for intensity to control how much rest they are getting. I'm keeping a 30+ man squad in Iceland just to manage all the games.
  23. Will get that sorted then.
  24. I remember when Messi scored so many, it was a bug, but then he went to score about as many in real life anyway,
  25. Match Plans Fluidity - 19.0.1 - The entire Match Plans wizard, and UI contains: Text relating to Fluidity (step names, and section in the wizard) Team Fluidity button to change fluidity. - Should be removed