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  1. Hi everyone, There's lots of ideas posted dotted around the EHM forums and Steam and we'd like to get ideas in one thread so we can take these ideas into consideration for the future. If you have an idea that you would like to have discussed with other players, please post this in its own thread on the forums and link the discussion into this thread. Otherwise if this is just a straightforward request, let us know your ideas in here. We'll be watching very closely and as you'll already know, new features have started to trickle their way into Early Access updates. As always, we welcome all of your feedback and suggestions. Don't take it personally if your idea does not appear in the next update. We'll be keeping track of all the ideas that get posted and where appropriate work them into our plan. Try to keep ideas posted in here to 'new' things, rather than 'improve x'. Naturally we are always looking to improve every area of the game but here we are looking for new features and ideas from the community. So please - fire away!
  2. No such thing as tutoring any more. Mentoring is in FM Touch now.
  3. Lucas

    A new feature/mode

    A bit of both I'm sure. Something similar was actually planned 20 years ago, I think. I remember if you had one of the CM2 versions (I forget which), it did hype a "Championship Manager All-Stars" version, which obviously never saw the light of day. I assume for legal / research reasons. The research is so indepth this days doing something historical to any degree of accuracy would be extremely difficult if not impossible. FIFPro license which FM currently has also doesn't cover players no longer playing I believe, so it would get prohibitively expensive to get the necessary rights to put players in.
  4. Played any version of Football Manager Touch? Got ideas and wishes for the future? Please post them here!
  5. They are recommendations, based on the team you have chosen to manage (and if not), it will use your current computer location to suggest leagues to use I believe. So if your computer settings say you're in USA, it would recommend MLS and others.
  6. If you go to the Match Plans panel via Tactics, you can view what each of these do by going through the Wizard and choosing the appropriate template.
  7. Lucas


    Moved to FMM forum.
  8. The game on Steam is PC/Mac only. If you want to play it on a Android device then you purchase through the Google Play store, if your device is compatible.
  9. You can do either, or both on PC. Tick Remove Nation and League Restrictions and you can use a large DB and run more nations and leagues.
  10. Lucas

    [FMT19] [LIGHT SKIN] [WIP] Help Needed

    When this happens, load the xml for the panel and see what colours its using.
  11. Yes, but in that specific case it will also depend on what you have loaded.
  12. Winter Transfer Window theres another database.
  13. I’d need to see a screenshot of what you’re on about then as I must be thinking of something else.
  14. Lucas

    Player traits training

    What exactly are you referring to? The updates thus far have been for stability only.
  15. Lucas

    Another FMT training question

    This is a bug too. There are still units but given there’s barely any control involved with them you don’t get the screen in FMT. The complaints about units and specific areas of training should be removed from FMT as they are not making much sense given the limited visibility of the schedules. Ive just mostly ignored it A’s a result.
  16. Lucas

    Another FMT training question

    Haven’t paid any attention to the tutorial but it sounds very much like a bug this text.
  17. Tick remove nation and league restrictions when starting a new game...
  18. Lucas

    FMT19 on Switch

    If there's no announcement yet, then there's no news yet. Just searched Twitter, it's coming soo.
  19. Tablets have memory restrictions that PCs don't have. They could do it but that would probably mean that the season limit of 30 seasons would have to be less, just an example.
  20. The unlockables unlocked for me but then I got them on the pre release beta and did not holiday.
  21. I've completely overhauled the squad at Pohang, even made North Koreans my captain and Vice Captain. Have really improved the pace in this side, and got an Australian striker coming in next season (if I get into ACL I will stay) to replace my ageing South Korean striker whose contract ends at the end of the season. Will be great if I can get the team doing well with North Koreans (there's more of them now than South Koreans in my squad).
  22. Go to Hong Kong. Only an 18 game season. I think it should be a relative step up there but you have a nice limit on FGN players.
  23. Ended up instant resulting my last three games as it looked like I wouldn't get promoted (and thus sacked), but then I got promoted as results went my way No CSL jobs were wanting me, so I decided to take up Pohang Steelers for next year (2022) on less money and 10% manager compensation (so I can try again for a bigger club during the season, or A-League, if that comes up). Career Stats: 84 Games (52-13-19) - 2 Promotions, 1 Cup win, 1 League win First signings for Pohang will be a youth from Seongnam, and a striker from Kitchee (both former players) as backups for depth up front. Pohang finished 9th while Seongnam finished 6th in the K League Classic. Should be an interesting season coming up.