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  1. . It's the pivotal part of FM IMHO but...I wait the Feedback!
  2. I wasn't making make sweeping statements and I was making my point about Transfers (Asking if it's improved?)...
  3. Out of interest how lively is the transfer market this year? Feedback appreciated
  4. Out of interest how lively is the transfer market this year? Feedback appreciated
  5. TBF the new features have been massively disappointing, if of course if that's it. I still think transfer's are unbelievably unrealistic on the current version as mentioned before this needs fixing, and yes yes yes I've heard all the...Depends on the contract...if the offer is viable.. we've toned down the transfers to stop exploiting it, etc etc etc... and on that note.. How is it exploiting it? - You buy a player on the cheap - He plays well - Teams interested in signing him - You demand a fee that is a "VIABLE" fee on his current form etc etc etc - You make a tidy profit. Don't most managers do that season in season out anyway? Until the transfer system is addressed to be on par with IRL transfers, I'l be missing this one too.
  6. Incoming transfers to be realistic as on par with the current transfer market! Think I've posted this ample times :lol:
  7. I said this on another thread aswell, they don't seem to get it no matter how much I try to explain. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/433755-Why-do-AI-make-strange-offers-none-at-all The whole transfer system needs a complete Re-haul, It's unrealistic especially when you compare it to today's market. Heres hoping for it to implemented on FM16
  8. What does that really mean though? The 3 teams want the player in question, they know what I want but not a sorority offer offered? When you compare it to again just an example.... Patrick Roberts to ManC - £11 million - he played 22 games in 3 seasons most as sub - scored 0 goals and he went for that much, I still don't see how transfers are realistic and this is not a knock at the game, I buy it every year and enjoy it immensely, can you see where I'm coming from?
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