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  1. No I didn’t add an additional manager during the season or at any point of my save.
  2. Yes, I just uploaded to the cloud. name: Roga's save V2.fm
  3. FM suddenly starts to act very strange, there are no upcoming matches and I cannot edit the following training schedules for the next months. Please help
  4. My home & away kit from my Created Club, are getting the wrong socks and shorts colors in some matches. (Home kit) My shorts and socks are supposed to be white. But here as you can see in the match engine they are blue. Please help
  5. I have never seen them produce regens. What should i do in the Pre game editor? The players are always greyed out. Like this
  6. How do you make institute/academy clubs produce regens in the game? What should I edit in the Pre-Game Editor? I have never seen these clubs produce players.
  7. How do you make them work in the game?
  8. Can't edit the Validated Current Affiliations details panel Can someone help me?
  9. If I start a new save game will this problem persist?
  10. I don't have a savegame just before the issue They are disappearing from the U23 and U18s squad list
  11. Are you guys reviewing this? or is there something that I have to do
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