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  1. I would love to see a Scoreboard selector
  2. I have never seen them produce regens. What should i do in the Pre game editor? The players are always greyed out. Like this
  3. How do you make institute/academy clubs produce regens in the game? What should I edit in the Pre-Game Editor? I have never seen these clubs produce players.
  4. How do you make them work in the game?
  5. Please ''Goal'' and ''Twitter'' logo not showing up..
  6. Is there a skin with Twitter Social media and Sky Sports news?
  7. Very nice! is the instant result there? :-)
  8. Match Plans still not working correctly since FM18! When i setup a match plan for the next match it never shows. This was the same on FM 18. Why is it still not fixed?? Sorry for my bad english.
  9. I made a logo for my custom club, I added a normal and small version to graphics, the normal version looks good but the small version does not appear (on the league table, schedule ...) The logo is png and is 20x20. (small version) Can someone please help me?? Sorry for my bad english
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