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  1. African club football is sadly a bit of a mess. Even in the highest-profile leagues, there is constant match-fixing, corruption and bizarre rule changes. Add to that it's a nightmare to research, and sadly it probably isn't a priority. There's a reason every remotely decent African footballer leaves the continent ASAP. Remarkable story of final day match-fixing plot, two intentional own goals and criminal probe - Mirror Online
  2. Would you rather have a very good player for a couple of years and then make a profit on him, or never have him at all? Unless there's someone even better or without a release clause you can get for the same money, it's a no-brainer for me.
  3. Russia does not allow dual citizenship for the vast majority of countries, so the players in question would have to give up their actual nationalities and presumably don't want to do so.
  4. Interestingly, I used this exact same file, and also ended up signing Todibo on a bosman from Barcelona...
  5. The clause only applies if you're in Europe, and they're not. Since they're still in the Conference League is isn't active.
  6. When you go to make a transfer offer, it will tell you in the info box on the left if he meets a club vision criteria. Bare in mind that the expectation is to sign high-reputation players so just one superstar isn't likely to make them happy - they want a substantial portion of your signings to be high-reputation options, so that may often be cheaper former stars in their 30s.
  7. That doesn't really sound like primarily a tactics issue then. If I was making changes, I'd make sure I had a defensive role in CM (and probably not a BWMd at that), and some more variation between the stratas e.g. a winger on support but a fallback on attack, or one striker supporting the other, as well as reconsidering the extremely high tempo on top of attacking mentality. But moreover it does sound like a motivation issue. It's not a bug that they're complacent - they think they'll beat Fenerbache easily and don't really bother putting in the commitment needed. Perhaps a matter of too much
  8. Yes. The only way he'll no longer need a work permit is if he gets a British passport, which he won't even be eligible to apply for until he's been in the country for five years.
  9. The ranking at the end of the 21-22 season decides how many places each league in 22-23 will have to qualify for European competitions in 23-24. So I'm guessing in your save the Belgian teams had some rubbish performances in the first couple of seasons, and in Summer 2022 had fallen to 16th or lower, in which case this is correct. In the new format, there's a big, big difference between 15th and 16th - once you fall to 16th, you only get one UCL qualifying spot, and no Europa places - the only way to enter the Europa is if the league winner gets knocked into it from the Champions League.
  10. I could be wrong, but going by memory, licensing nonsense means the groups are the same but the fixture order has to be randomised.
  11. You can still buy the physical version on e.g. Amazon, or buy a key from a third-party site (just make sure it's not used).
  12. Maybe it's because he's Spanish and there's some special arrangement in place with them?
  13. I'd go straight to the bugs forum with this. There clearly needs to be a line of code here which gets rid of or weakens the requirement if your club becomes far bigger than the nation in question.
  14. That is weird then unless they've played every game including Europe or something. I'd be tempted to post it in the bugs forum in case there's something they should be looking at
  15. Hard to tell without slightly more info. Looking at where you are in the save, I'm going to assume they're both full Croatia internationals, so playing games into mid-June even if it's a non-tournament year. If you're in Europe, they're playing a lot of games, and they don't have good Natural Fitness attributes, this is fairly likely to happen. It's not hard to solve though, holiday them for a week and it should be fine.
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