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    Premier League FFP

    The wage total for the year has to be estimated because it includes all the bonuses you're paying out. For instance, if you start regularly paying some with a large appearance fee, that's going to cost you money which needs to be reflected in the wage total. More significantly, you may have e.g. a lot of places on a large bonus for qualifying for the Champions League, meaning if you get some good results and are on-course to finish in the Top 4 the estimate will shoot up.
  2. There's not always the same number of teams in those league is there?
  3. It's not too complicated. The playoffs happen as normal in each league, giving you four playoff winners. These winners are then matched up against each other based on geography. It's a single leg, and whoever has the best regular-season record plays at home. The winners go up to Level 6.
  4. The amount of places going to Asia and North America is stupid. It means that there's a group of teams - Costa Rica, USA, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Iran and Saudi Arabia - who are nearly nailed-on to qualify despite not being any better than various European sides who are only long-shots to make it. Makes qualification completely meaningless for them, reducing interest in the national team in some crucial regions, while bloating the World Cup with some serious hot garbage that finishes below them. If you were allocating based on strength, and had as many teams as possible without non-competitive groups, I'd go for 40 teams with a split of: 16 Europe 10 Americas (North and South combined) 8 Africa 4 Asia (including Oceania) 2 Playoffs (1 team from each of the above participating) Then 8 groups of 5, each group having 2 from Europe, 1 from Africa, 1-2 from the Americas (no more than one from the North and 1 from the South), and 0-1 from Asia or the Playoffs. Top 2 go through to straight knockouts.
  5. Is this just at the start of the save? Injuries that are pre-set in the database work a bit differently. So if a player got inured just before the start of the season in real life, and was out for six weeks (until the start of October), he'll be injured until the start of October in the game too - which might be three-and-a-half months if you start the save in mid-June. This won't affect any injuries that occur in the game itself.
  6. Spurs08

    Aaaaaagh! Disaster strikes

    Accept and move on. You made an error, it happens. Arguably two errors really in not sorting out the contract before the transfer window. He may well have rejected your advances once Middlesbrough came in anyway.
  7. To be fair, surely the game shouldn't let you train the trait if it's entirely pointless for the player, let alone recommend you do so? (Not just from the perspective of helping users although that's definitely important: since it's still advised by coaches it sounds like the AI might be wasting their resources on it too).
  8. Spurs08

    Stupid sacking!

    That sounds like a bug with the expectation. However, going by the fact that Italy only has three CL places, I'm going to hazard a guess you're playing an old version of the game? Possible it's FM18 and they've slipped to 5th in the coefficient rankings though.
  9. Remember we're not just talking about British fans here. This will be a big deal for, say, a LGBT person in a more homophobic country (*cough*Russia*cough*) who often feels excluded from football and its culture.
  10. Why not? There's many options these days
  11. It might also mean, though, that that player decides not to play for Georgia, leaving open the option of Turkey if he improves, so as not to be classed as a foreign player.
  12. It makes sense to me - it's surely about trying to help the national team, so someone who can never play for them is no good.
  13. Probably should have done! The area definitely needs work. Could be one for the bugs forum.
  14. It says he had been unhappy, not that it still is. When he feels he's been mistreated by the club it takes some time to clear.