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  1. A lot of it comes down to it being too easy to buy and attract players. If you can very easily stack your squad with wonderkids, you've got no reason to take a punt on someone who might be the next Vardy or on a decent mid-table player as as a squad option. If the AI more actively competed to sign the top prospects then this might change.
  2. Marcus Edwards in particular very likely also has horrible personality stats - he was seen at Spurs as having all the talent in the world but not the attitude to make the most of it.
  3. I'd consider doing it based on the London Metropolitan Area (effectively the commuter belt) and having fewer teams. This format maintains more of a competitive balance and includes every London Area club playable on FM21 (tiers based on 20-21 season results) Tier One (12 clubs): Chelsea Tottenham Arsenal West Ham Crystal Palace Brentford Watford Fulham Millwall QPR Luton Reading Tier Two (12 clubs): Charlton Wimbledeon Wycombe Leyton Orient Sutton United Stevenage Crawley Bromley Dagenham and Redbridge Borehamwood Maidenhead United Aldershot Tier 3 (16 clubs): Barnet Woking Wealdstone Dartford Dulwich Ebbsfleet Hampton & Richmond Welling United Hemel Hempstead St Albans Chelmsford Billericay Concord Rangers Maidstone Tonbridge Angels Slough
  4. Just say no, and if you need to sell and replace then sell and replace. If you start giving in as you have done, then it only gets worse because other players, even mediocre ones, will want parity with the bumper deals you've agreed. Regardless of that though, if your club has lots of spare cash, then a good player will know you can afford big wages, know you want to keep him, and therefore demand big wages. There's a reason why essentially no football clubs are consistently profitable and owners instead make money by increasing the club value over time. If you've got money to spare, players will try their best to take it from you!
  5. I was told concessions tickets are factored in by the game engine, and the average price in the data should be the average adult price. I calculated it in some depth about 3 or 4 years ago and think it came to around £63 once you factor in the capacity in each area (those £30 tickets are in a tiny corner of one tier and can only be bought alongside Junior tickets, whereas the more expensive ones are much more numerous). But I think the thread is deleted or made invisible after the year that game was out, so that you can't point out how many years in a row something's been reported.
  6. I posted the point about ticket prices literally years ago, with evidence and calculations for exactly what I thought it would should be. I got no reply, and nothing was changed - I'd totally wasted me time. Now I'm not blaming individual researchers, they're very busy people. But SI make a huge amount of these games. It's frankly not acceptable for factual information about clubs from the most-played league in the game to be wrong, and it's even more ridiculous to suggest that if people want it fixed they need to do the work themselves, post again and hope for the best rather than the multi-million pound studio just... reading and fixing it.
  7. Thanks so much for this! One slight error I've found: In England, relegated clubs still get up to £88m in parachute payments
  8. Could it actually be useful in a niche case? If, let's say, you wanted to create the Super League, you could give the participating clubs a Maximum Age of 50 or something, and then they'd be excluded from the normal UEFA competitions which would still run with the coefficients working etc.
  9. I think the only workaround in the pre-game editor would be to make the time for citizenship ~1 year and 8 months, so that the paperwork would be done around two years. But I think FM's approach is more realistic - in most countries you do have to meet the criteria first, and then go through all the bureaucracy.
  10. Loaning a player in counts as taking up a slot. But loaning one out doesn't - you have to "permanently" remove him from Italian football by selling him abroad or terminating his contract.
  11. African club football is sadly a bit of a mess. Even in the highest-profile leagues, there is constant match-fixing, corruption and bizarre rule changes. Add to that it's a nightmare to research, and sadly it probably isn't a priority. There's a reason every remotely decent African footballer leaves the continent ASAP. Remarkable story of final day match-fixing plot, two intentional own goals and criminal probe - Mirror Online
  12. Would you rather have a very good player for a couple of years and then make a profit on him, or never have him at all? Unless there's someone even better or without a release clause you can get for the same money, it's a no-brainer for me.
  13. Russia does not allow dual citizenship for the vast majority of countries, so the players in question would have to give up their actual nationalities and presumably don't want to do so.
  14. Interestingly, I used this exact same file, and also ended up signing Todibo on a bosman from Barcelona...
  15. The clause only applies if you're in Europe, and they're not. Since they're still in the Conference League is isn't active.
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