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  1. Brexit happens at a random time and with random rules to simulate the uncertainty in real life as to what's going to happen. To get him a work permit, he'll need to break into the French national side - the best chance of this happening is to loan him out. Once he's played a certain proportion of their matches over the previous two years (depending on France's world ranking), you'll be able to make a successful application. If you can't achieve this, you'll need to try to sell him to a club outside the UK or just release him at the end of his contract.
  2. It's possible that your edited database has added staff members who are female, but hasn't correctly marked them as female in the database. This would make the game think they were male names and use them for new players.
  3. Some intriguing tweets from Miles this morning. Firstly, the good news that SEGA (Football Manager's publishers) have won the rights to the Bundesliga for 4 years starting in the 2018-19 season, which will hopefully mean the end of fake players in the German national team and real logos, player faces etc in the German leagues. However, when asked about FM18, he promised info in mid-August - about "plans pre-#FM19". That seems like a very odd phrasing considering he was happy to specifically confirm everything from FM19 to FM22 - is it possible that they're taking a year off to create a more polished product and potentially move the release window to a more desirable spot in the summer rather than November?
  4. You can't. Wouldn't work at all, especially with the fact the clubs from the CL can move to the EL mid-tournament.
  5. Another option is that he's more convinced of the playing time he'll get at Spurs - they might have a weaker option than your existing squad in his position. Or as mentioned they might have made him some attractive promises you didn't match. Safe to say though that whatever his reasoning, it's not 'preferential treatment'. The AI doesn't even know which team is human controlled.
  6. Last season you made a loss, however slight. Going professional normally means at the very least doubling your wages, therefore you're going to make a substantial loss if you do so. The board would only do it realistically if either you were consistently in profit, got promoted to the SPL, or were close to doing so and they decided to take a risk.
  7. Ah, that's true. I'm used to not really considering it since Determination is visible anyway, but I would take that attribute into account
  8. Professional is better. It means a Professionalism attribute on 18-19, whereas Resolute can be anything from 15 to 20.
  9. You just beat Real Madrid, I don't think you need worry too much
  10. I believe there was a bug a long time ago now - FM08 maybe? - that meant something to do with a club's form wasn't being stored properly in saves, and therefore that re-loading the game could help bring an end to a particularly good or bad run. Obviously wasn't deliberate, was probably overstated and fixed anyway, but it left a lasting impression.
  11. He looks like a bit of a one-trick pony, but he could be really, incredibly good at that trick. I'd get him tutored to try and improve his personality.
  12. If anything I wonder if the game, or at least FM Touch, will end up on the Nintendo Switch given it theoretically at least shouldn't require a vastly different interface to the tablet version.
  13. To manage a national team, they need to have at least a certain number of players available. It's likely that there aren't enough Ivorians in the game you loaded to give enough choice for a human to manage them.
  14. Yes Just make sure you're using the same Steam account on both! Also note that you can't play on both of them at the same time unless you set Steam to "Offline Mode" on one of them.