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  1. Spurs08

    Switch Future?

    Let's be optimistic... maybe FM Touch was so successful that they're porting a version of the full game to Switch
  2. It'd be great if PPMs could have a 1-20 rating that would determine just how much of a preference they are for a particular player. It would mean, for instance, that a player like Moussa Dembele at Tottenham who nearly never shoots (once every 4-5 games on average) could be given a very high rating for "Looks to pass rather than attempting to score", differentiating him from someone else with the same PPM who just shoots somewhat less often than would be expected. It would vastly increase the variety of styles from different players, and also allow PPMs to be trained in a more natural way with the preference building over time rather than a switch turning from No to Yes overnight.
  3. Spurs08

    Pre-Match Hand Shaking

    Sol Campbell
  4. Sad to see the end of the "loyalty bonus" on pre-orders, that seems like a really good initiative.
  5. Spurs08

    End of an era

    Hopefully if this is true they copy some other games and still put out a Special/Collector's Edition at a higher price, which would include a physical copy and some merch/goodies.
  6. Spurs08

    Pre-Match Hand Shaking

    They introduced gay players, why not gay managers?
  7. Really it comes down to what you think the player's resell value will be. The AI seems to calculate here that it is more likely than not to be at least £83m, enough to take this overall fee above £75m. For a player of his age not yet in his prime this seems reasonable, but I think the game should make clear the player will regard this as a failed promise before you make the decision.
  8. Ferrell, at least, is also a natural at right-back which factors into the rating - his better technicals while not too important for a DM are definitely nice for that positions. I'd agree with you that Abdullahi is the better DM of the two in most cases, unless you're looking for e.g. a deep-lying playmaker. The star ratings aren't the be all and end all: remember that you've almost certainly got a craptastic assistant doing the ratings for a start. But even if he was good, it entirely depends on what you're looking for. If you were wanting a DLP at DM I'd probably go for Ferrell; if you were wanting a straightforward DM I'd give Abdullahi the nod. If you understand what attributes are needed for different roles, or even just look at what the game suggests, you're better off deciding yourself than overly trusting the AI
  9. Spurs08

    Release clauses

    There is no way any club should ever be turning down a bid worth £7.8bn. That's definitely worth of the bugs forum.
  10. Not to mention that aerial ability isn't that important for most wide players.
  11. Spurs08

    "Underachieving" - bug?

    This doesn't seem like it should be so hard for the game to figure out. Surely it should just be using points per game rather than the absolute number - so here it's about 2.285 points per game which is comfortably the best in the league, suggesting they'll win it if form stays the same. If all teams had played 20 games on this form, for instance, we can see that River Plate would be winning the league by about four points ahead of Rosario Central.
  12. What you want to do in those cases is make the offer as soon as possible i.e. as soon as you're promoted, to reduce the chances of him signing a new deal. Failing that, you just have to wait. In real life no club will just have a single target, they'll have several, and you can't always get your first choice.
  13. Spurs08

    How do I sell players?

    As for Walcott, it's also worth saying that we don't know how long Arsenal had been wanting or willing to get rid of him for. Certainly for a number of years prior to his transfer he hadn't been a first-XI player for them. They may well have been willing to consider offers for this entire period, and indeed rejected lower offers, until a club (Everton) really needed such a player (especially with him being home-grown) and were willing to cough up the money.
  14. Spurs08

    How do I sell players?

    That's a big part of the problem. How would you know what clubs are offering in real life? We only find out if they're accepted. Someone may well have submitted a much smaller offer for Walcott and had it rejected without it ever being in the public domain.
  15. Spurs08

    How do I sell players?

    Brady is right on this. "Actively" selling players doesn't work very well - because by definition everyone else knows you want rid of them, and will therefore give you low offers, or worse won't bid at all if the player has barely had any game time. You can try it - transfer list them, offer them out to clubs, get their agent to make other teams aware they're available - but don't expect great results on the whole. Playing people in your team even just for a couple of months can drive up interest massively putting you in a much better position to sell in the next transfer window, but that has the downside of a) having to play someone you don't massively want and b) having to plan ahead. So the balance between those approaches is a compromise you have to decide on.