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  1. I'm not even sure it's broken so much as those players are suffering a bit in real football. Few actually play with a 'pure 10' any more. If anything I think the game needs some role adjustments - the free-roaming enganche and trequartista maybe more willing to move out to either flank, and a new "false 10" role with a propensity to drop deep to receive the ball in possession while sitting further up as an outlet for counters out of it.
  2. To be fair, that's what SI said about Steam to begin with as well. And then it did become exclusive.
  3. I think it should be based on U18s, since they're the ones who'll be U19s in the season the cup is played. If there is no U18 league in the nation, I believe FM just simulates a winner based on some kind of algorithm (probably involving reputation, youth facilities etc)
  4. They must have been at the club for two years to play without being registered. But yes, as long as you use a squad space on him, the 15 year old could play in Europe!
  5. They've decided you didn't "challenge for the title", so they're disappointed your league position was only good enough to get CL rather than challenge. The criteria for it is certainly too harsh. From what I've seen, I think to "challenge for the title" you have to be in with a chance of winning it going into the final match - did that happen here?
  6. Yeah, I don't think the game logic is brilliant there to be honest. To me it basically looks like it lacks variety - most AI managers broadly 'think' the same way and therefore reach the same decision on which targets to go for, whereas in real life some would have different priorities and therefore prefer a different option the FM algorithm has decided is very marginally less attractive such as your player. That does mean that you can sometimes have more luck later in the window though once those prior targets are gone, so keep trying!
  7. It does seem harsh, but I can kinda see it. Probably safe to say he only wants to move to another CL club, and only the English ones plus a select few others (e.g. Munich, Juventus, Real and Barca) may be able to meet the demands for both likely transfer fee + wages (with him likely to ask for a significant bump above his already big wage). He is a very good player, but I'd say borderline to be a starter at such a club. It might be one worth posting in the bugs forum and uploading for SI to have a look at, but equally it might just be a fairly odd situation.
  8. Yeah, if your PC is that old it very, very likely doesn't actually meet the requirements to even run Windows 10, which won't be helping matters. If it's viable for you, you're probably best off as you say just rolling back to Windows XP and if possible keeping the system offline to avoid the security risks since only Windows 8 and 10 receive security updates now.
  9. Right now, players are auto-fined under the Code of Conduct even if you successfully appeal and it is deemed the red card was wrongly given. This seems very harsh! I believe that either the fine should not happen at all if you decide to appeal (as you're effectively saying you do not believe the player should have been dismissed and rather that the officials made an error), or at least should not be given until and unless the appeal is rejected.
  10. If you want to buy one specific player, the price will be high, because you're in an awful negotiating position. If you want to sell a player, the price will be low, because you're in an awful negotiation position. If you have a shortlist of 5-10 options for a position, keep any eye on them for a few months, try to unsettle and make a bid on the most available option at the right time, the price will be low. If you just reject poor offers for your players, aren't actively trying to offer them out or transfer list them, don't pay huge wages and make sure they have at least 2 years left on
  11. Maybe we should stop taking the argument literally and consider the actual point. The match engine in terms of graphics and performance in particular is nowhere remotely close to the standards of other modern games, and a regression from 3+ years ago. It therefore needs to be the absolute top priority for SI.
  12. Number of substitutions is dead easy - anybody who knows how to use the editor could literally change that in 5 minutes. I also can't imagine temporarily lowering all stadium capacities is particularly difficult. But the drinks breaks and the other impacts to the game you mentioned, as well as the fixture scheduling, will be harder.
  13. You're right, it is often about finding a solid middle ground between piling men forward and just sitting back and inviting pressure. The best way to defend is to not let them have the ball. Pressing etc is risky, so if I'm defending a lead I'll probably take that off, go to Standard or Cautious, and be content to let them keep the ball if they already have it. But at the same time I will keep a couple of players forward to provide some threat and ensure they can't just pile everyone up front themselves and to make sure I've got a sensible formation to keep the ball.
  14. I think the game's director at one point said it was, but it's either been removed or is extraordinarily rare. Sometimes the UK doesn't leave at all, but I've never heard of it rejoining.
  15. It's a known bug. Watford and Udinese have the same owners, and in-game this results in the clubs moving players between each other for free. But then the AI for some broken reason also accepts equal, £0 bids from other clubs.
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