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  1. Yep, it can be changed in both and the job's called something different in the US version - I think it may be "General Manager" while the manager is a "Head Coach" but I'm not certain. It does have a relatively big impact on things like staff names, the game being called "Soccer" etc.
  2. MMOs are struggling generally, very few are currently profitable. It's unlikely FM Live would have enough subscribers to be worthwhile.
  3. I'm guessing you probably have US English set without realising it.
  4. One thing I can think of is the league rankings. The "top leagues" for work permits are the leagues providing the most players to the top 20 national teams in the FIFA World Rankings. It could be that by this criteria Argentina is not in the top 2 South/Central American leagues, particularly if the Argentine national side has fallen out of the top 20.
  5. Philosophy vs Results

    Of course it isn't always the answer! If it was, what the heck would be the point of other systems?! You need to look at the capabilities of your own side and the opposition to determine the most effective approach to take.
  6. But plenty of people won't have done, and would like to buy an old version - for instance, to play with an old squad they're particularly fond of. Look at the number of people who played CM01/02 for instance years after its release. This makes it impossible to do so without piracy.
  7. Dare I point out the irony that this anti-piracy measure has left people with only one way to play the older titles...
  8. Impossible I'm afraid. Sega aren't able to sell old versions due to licensing reasons and if you buy a pre-owned copy it will likely have already been used. It's part of the reason some of us were seriously unhappy that they made Steam compulsory, but unfortunately everyone else seems to love not having a choice any more
  9. It might be worth posting in the bugs forum and uploading your save just in case - SI should hopefully be able to see what if anything is going on. But it's possibly it really is just taking a very long time, and it certainly wouldn't be unrealistic for it to. Tottenham, for instance, started on plans to move stadium pretty much as soon as ENIC with Daniel Levy took over the club in 2001, with the stadium now hopefully opening in 2018 - a 17-season long process.
  10. With this system, would the teams from very small countries compete every year? It seems silly to have the champions of Andorra and Gibraltar constantly lose against huge teams from France and Portugal every season...
  11. It still runs into the same legal issues, just like you couldn't "recreate" a One Direction single with your mates and sell it for profit. Once you took out anything with legal problems (e.g. the variations of Glory Glory Hallelujah, Que Sera Sera, anything various clubs released as part of Cup Final singles in the 70s/80s), anything with foul language or otherwise objectionable (e.g. the Yid chants at Tottenham), anything about specific players/staff/potentially stadiums, you're going to be left with very little variety indeed.
  12. So what? This is something that's very likely to happen after Brexit - why wouldn't a footballer choose to become an EU citizen, retain the flexibility to freely sign anywhere in Europe without a downside? It might be that only a few of them will choose to actually play for the Republic, but even for the most ardently protestant, unionist footballer there is it makes abundant sense to get the citizenship once you put the semantics aside.
  13. Another huge problem with commentary: most people play with the match speed (well) above real-time. Therefore it would either need to somehow adapt to this by reading fewer lines, as well as making them shorter and getting cut-off more often, or by reading them at a hilariously fast speed.
  14. That's about what you'd expect given the size of their ground. Remember they have to allow 3k for away fans, some amount for corporates, and will want to leave a few thousand to be sold on a match-to-match basis.
  15. Missed Pens

    Are you getting Sturridge to take penalties with his crutches or something?!