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  1. Where did you sell them to? They need to be moved out of Italy. Could be something else, the rules are very complex, but that's the first thing to check.
  2. If your boss in real life gave everyone a wage rise every time they asked for it, wouldn't you ask for one at least once a year?
  3. Sorry, but: they've programmed a tight Daniel Levy into the game. There's a hidden tendency attribute for "Is frugal with transfer budget" you can see in the Editor. Levy gets
  4. I hope so, but I wouldn't hold your breath. The MLS in FM has had fairly major issues for years. SI do keep trying, but it's so unique that it's very hard to get right.
  5. It can happen, but only by a team going into administration. And that seems to be less likely in the game now - although perhaps that's because playing in England the wage caps and FFP rules in the lower leagues are successfully keeping clubs more stable?
  6. The fact you're not in the prem might actually have something to do with it. By default leagues you're not in aren't simulated in full detail, which does increase the chance of oddities occuring.
  7. One thing to be way of is that real players and staff in FM cannot have negative personality descriptions for legal reasons. So "balanced" can sometimes be a very inaccurate description - it can mean their personality attributes are actually average, or that they're appallingly bad but SI isn't allowed to say that! If possible, I really do try and focus heavily on personality for my HOYD and Youth Coaches. Fairly professional is okay, but it actually only tells you that their professionalism is good and their determination isn't amazing (but could be anywhere from awful to good). It says nothi
  8. Tanganga is nothing special in game unfortunately. I can see why Nkeitiah wouldn't be impressed with him as a signing to improve a second-year PL defense substantially.
  9. I agree it's really unfortunate. But the older games can't be sold because of licensing reasons, so the only way to buy it is to get one purchased at the time which has never been used. That means there's a small and ever-shrinking supply, and therefore it's fairly expensive.
  10. My only concern was that he insisted on a 2.5 year contract. I'm at the start of season 3 now, he's 36, and his physical read 8-11-12-7-12-8-8-5. But amazingly he's still very effective spraying ball from deep in the Pirlo role! I wish I'd been around to watch those players. Glory glory days!
  11. Regista in the first season I had Ndombele, and then normally Modric post-January. We had a great run January-April, looked good for 2nd or 3rd, then totally Spurs'd it up at the end!
  12. I've generally gone for a 4-1-2-2-1. Regista at DM, then a BWMd and CMa or APa. Son as an IFa on the left, Bale as IWs on the right, Kane as DLFs or a depending on the game. Then the RB more attacking and LB more support, both CBs ball-playing. Instructions wise somewhere in between Control Possession and Gegenpress - slightly less extreme defensive instructions in particular. Only transfer first season was convincing Modric to come home in January, who actually made a fairly big difference! What about you?
  13. Unlucky! I had a very similar first season and (just) survived so it's clearly borderline. The difference is that when Jose took over last season we weren't in the Europa League, and were already 10 points behind 4th. But this time around you've got a full season, you have a chance to win the Europa, and regardless of your own spending the club has bought in several players and improved the squad. Only time will tell, but I expect that if Jose does come 5th this time in real life there's every chance he'll lose his job.
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