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  1. Hopefully for the next update they set it to random chance like they have before with Brexit and with transfer bans awaiting appeal. Something along the lines of 50% the appeal is rejected, 25% it's partially accepted and the ban reduced to one year, 25% the ban is totally revoked,
  2. Much like the Match Engine itself, the move to 3D was absolutely right, but SI had got SO far behind the times that even a decent improvement is still going to be 10 years out of date and look horrible compared to other modern games. The faces went from Morrowind quality to Oblivion goofiness, but those games were 2001 and 2006 while SI didn't get their act together until FM17 for this.
  3. It's possible and not even that uncommon, but it can only happen with newgens due to legal issues
  4. Bry's advice is the best you can do to get them quickly. But the optimal solution (deliberately, because it's how things work in reality) is to have players you're interested in scouted quite a bit in advance of the transfer window, which also allows you to select the one(s) you want to attempt to get to them via the media etc to increase their interest or reduce their demands.
  5. Are you, by any chance, playing as a top club in England with players on those kinds of wages, with this being the amount the GK asks for before signing? It could be displayed a lot better than it is, but often the issue is that he needs a wage like that to actually get a work permit. In previous FMs he'd ask for a much lower amount, agree, and then the permit would fail, but now he'll ask for the amount needed to get it even if it's absolutely huge.
  6. An Eric Dier type situation is already possible - his sudden decline was due to injury (well, illness in this case) which can happen in FM too.
  7. That's his choice. Potentially he could come back from the loan and be stuck with you unable to play if he's still ineligible, forced to take a fairly rubbish contract offer abroad. Or the loan could be recalled or terminated, leading to that position happening even earlier. Many players won't be willing to take such a risk.
  8. Yep, the club would go bankrupt and cease to exist, with a phoneix club most likely starting up down in the non-league system. So basically the debt is wiped and the owners changed (possibly to being fan-owned), but the stadium and all training facilities are lost, all players and staff are released, and you're relegated ~5 divisions or so. But that can't happen in FM.
  9. Probably an issue with whatever file is being used to enable Level 10 in England rather than the game.
  10. Interesting to see the big increase once the real players retire. I can't imagine it's an increase in forward quality - the likes of Kane, Messi etc are extremely good. But perhaps the quality of defenders decreases, they have less well-balanced attributes, and/or the AI doesn't use them as well.
  11. Really enjoying this great work, thanks! Something very bizarre going on with the San Marino cup though. Juventus' first team are playing in it in addition to their U18s, despite me having plenty of leagues loaded. All groups are seeing teams play 4 games rather than the stated 3 - everybody else in the group once, and then one of them a second time. And then some cases of 2nd or 3rd going through rather than 1st, and one group showing nobody qualified at all.
  12. With maybe a couple of extremely high-quality exceptions each year, these edited databases rarely meet the same standards as the leagues which come with a game. One example of this is that the finances can be imbalanced, and that's what's happening here. You shouldn't be paid anything like that much, for instance, and the solidarity funds received from bigger leagues probably aren't implemented. That's not to say it's a hopeless situation - a good FA Cup run is very likely your answer, along with cutting wage costs to an absolute minimum.
  13. The stadium thing is because of Thatcher's decision to ban terracing in the top two tiers of English football - once you reach the Championship you have to be all-seater within three years.
  14. FM20, but be sure to install the beta patch. The ME in the current official version is absolutely terrible - literally constant (up to double figures per game some times) long balls over the top of the defence, presenting one-on-one chances, 90% of which are saved.
  15. If clubs and fans had actually respected the tournament that'd be fair. It's them who took the mickey out of it with completely rotated sides, rubbish attendances etc, including too often a half-empty Wembley at the end.
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