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  1. how transfers work ?

    I'd say it's almost certainly that the players don't want to move to any of the clubs that are interested in them. Remember that especially at the start the big clubs tend to have pretty balanced squads - if they have a player better than the one you're offering in the same position, they know that the loan player won't play much and could become disruptive to the dressing room. Meanwhile, the players won't want to hurt their careers by moving to smaller clubs. Particularly Walker and other new signings are less likely to accept moves.
  2. UK international eligbility

    Unfortunately I believe this is hard-coded, in which case the only thing I can think of to "solve" it would be to try and swap everything to do with Scotland with a defunct nation and then re-name it Scotland - so you'd effectively have the same nation but without the UK-specific hardcode. That could be difficult or cause other issues though and isn't certain to work (I guess it might be related to the UK & Ireland region but I find that unlikely since this obviously doesn't apply to the Republic).
  3. Season Ticket Numbers

    Main reason I can think of is if you rarely sell out anyway which makes season tickets a little pointless for most people.
  4. Out of interest, did you try actually bidding that amount of money?
  5. It seems like you don't have the tactics option available in the match - is it possible that you had a touchline ban?
  6. How do you tell who leads a social group - is it simply the player(s) with the highest position in the squad hierarchy within the group?
  7. So your scout thinks he'd cost around $50m to buy. You're going to be paying more than that to loan him for half a season, and then you can't even get the money back by selling him? Still makes zero sense to me.
  8. Why on earth would you ever want to buy Chancel Mbemba for that much, let alone just to get him on loan?!
  9. Yep, introduce last year. Young players will sometimes see their personalities become more similar to those of senior players. So having a squad full of model professional will set a good example and result in more professional youth players, whereas a team full of Bartons and Ballotellis will be an awful influence.
  10. Not a data issue. SI aren't allowed to force the stadium to look like the real-life one because of legal issues, so one has to be randomly selected based on size.
  11. Unfortunately SI aren't allowed to do that because of licensing nonsense.
  12. Sacked 3 times

    And Hockaday was at least a former professional footballer, with managerial experience in the 5th tier and appointed from within the existing coaching setup. And that was nowhere close to enough for him to have a chance. Going into a big-name team as someone with no experience whatsoever of the professional game should be ludicrously hard.
  13. Club logos

    I suggest looking at fansites, such as SortitoutSI
  14. "Far from pleased" means you are very not pleased with their performance.
  15. But you can still call another team, ask if the player's available and at what price?