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  1. The next and final major patch is normally right at the start of March, so if it's fixed you should be able to find out then.
  2. The fact you've been there a while without calamity makes sense. They've got to know you, know you're not a total idiot or anything, and trust you a little more.
  3. Hah, hadn't even noticed you were a Newcastle fan till you said that That all makes sense. I almost like the idea of bringing it back in real life just so we could watch the Premier League managers fume at it!!!
  4. In fairness that's pretty much all the Intertoto Cup was, anyway. I don't think anybody was exactly boasting that they were the top scorer, and with the trophy being awarded at an indefinite point when it was known who'd gone furthest in the UEFA Cup and possibly shared between teams it was farcical anyway. There was after all the famous time when Glenn Roeder hadn't even realised that he'd won the Intertoto Cup, Newcastle's first "major trophy" in decades, until somebody else told him!
  5. Only idea I have is whether you could add the Intertoto Cup simply as rounds in the UEFA Cup called "Intertoto Cup Final" or whatever?
  6. I need a FUN team

    Assuming you don't mind your supporter base being literal Nazis.
  7. Yes. It's basic business. They're not interested in a "fair" price. They're interested in making the price they pay as low as possible. Especially if they're the only team actively bidding and therefore know they're unlikely to be gazumped by someone else coming in and meeting the asking price.
  8. The computer is turning on of its own accord, not off.
  9. True, although there is a demo as well which you could do all that in if you're not sure. It is less helpful for FM and the strategy genre in general than other games though granted.
  10. If you bought from Steam they have a policy where you're guaranteed a refund if you've had the game for less than 2 weeks and played less than 2 hours, so that if you spot something like this you can get your money back
  11. Just get rid and bring in a new one, preferably one good enough to occasionally rotate.
  12. Broken Promises

    The phrasing is very poor - when it says offer a new contract, what it actually means it agree a new contract. That's why he refers to the lack of a "suitable" offer, and from there an option to say "your demands were too high" is pretty redundant - that goes without saying, if they weren't too high it would have been agreed. What should probably happen is that when deciding whether to make the initial promise, you get a rough indication of what the player is looking for - "in line with key players at the club", or "similar to other top players in the league", or even "at least as much as Interested Club X are playing their first-teamers". That way you don't get into this sort of situation where you make the promise in good faith without realising how much he wanted.
  13. Home Grown Players

    At an educated guess, this will be to do with the edited file you've enabled to play in the fourth tier of Switzerland. The player search filter looks for players who match the homegrown rule for the Champions and Europa Leagues - this may not be exactly the same as this obscure league's rules, but since it isn't in the base game the search doesn't account for that. Equally, it may be a bug in the edited file.
  14. Ticket Prices

    Normally the start of March for the final update, and at an educated guess the new formula should kick in for the next season you start after the update.