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  1. Penalty Bug?

    Possibly? You have to remember that there's millions of people playing Football Manager, taking part in several shootouts each typically. Even if there is only a 0.001% chance of this happening, you'd expect it to happen to dozens of players each year - and those are the players who'll probably be shocked enough by it to post on here, rather than those who just see normal shootouts. SI obviously have access to that kind of bigger data you'd need in order to know whether that's just an extremely rare occurrence, or whether penalties generally are too hard to score.
  2. how do I make a player stay

    In most cases there's some things you can do, and ways to stop this happening in the first place, but Sanchez is an exception. Lots of users tried when the game released and he always leaves Arsenal at the end of his contract, 100% no matter what. You just have to choose whether to try and sell him, or keep him for one season but then watch him go for free.
  3. Improved contract

    I think it can be in rare instances - for instance, if the player had never or barely player top-level football when he signed the contract, but has since become a regular in your first team.
  4. This is gonna sound really dumb, but have you tried turning it off and on again? I know people who've had performance issues in other games which were fixed by just rebooting the console, especially if it has been left in sleep mode rather than turned off for ages.
  5. Yep. I'd imagine with astute management it should be possible to win the Welsh League with them, but I can't see how you'd ever progress beyond that.
  6. Queen's Park and Cardiff Met aren't just low-reputation. Their status is "Always Amateur" and they will never ever ever go semi-pro or pro, even if they won the Champions League and had maximum reputation. I think they're the only two playable teams in the game with that status though from a brief look.
  7. Nope, Ireland Ivory Coast is the same colours, but orange on the left and green on the right.
  8. I don't really see how it's anti-consumer. The other option is that even though the game's ready now, they don't release it until FMT19 comes around. This way you can still choose to wait for that if you wish, or to pay £30 to play the 2018 version now if you wish (which is more than worth it to some people).
  9. This was posted on FM's official Twitter account. But look at the flag for W. Tunisia?! As far as I know, the Tunisian League has never been in the game! Is it a mistake worse than anything seen even in Arsenal's defence this season from the SI social media team? Or are we soon to finally get more than one league to challenge for in Africa?
  10. You can't, it's single-player only.
  11. I mean I think the problem with the Vita version was much more that nobody owner a PS Vita...
  12. Not many people are every going to really want to buy it on Android and Switch though. This is more aimed surely at people who don't have other tablets. Hopefully future versions are £20, but £30 considering the porting costs sounds very reasonable.
  13. In fairness it would probably be more apt to compare to what the Android one cost at launch, or what the first FMT on Android cost. Porting the game to Switch will have been far more expensive for them than releasing a new iteration on an existing platform.
  14. Swiss League position

    Yep. Always worth reporting even if it's after the final patch - otherwise chances are they won't fix it for the next version if they don't know it exists!
  15. Why did they sack me!!!!!!

    This thread is nearly seven years old...