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  1. FM is a simulation. It's always going to try and include the bits that make things harder. You can't turn off Brexit any more than you can turn off injuries or the offside rule - adapting to it is part of being a manager. And being able to effectively choose your Brexit would unbalance things even more, since you'd know what was going to happen and plan accordingly while the AI teams wouldn't be able to.
  2. I'd advise getting rid of them and seeing if that works. If not, try deleting the cache via the in-game preferences and re-load the screen. As a last resort, completely delete the game (in Program Files, My Documents and AppData) and re-installing. Completely solved my issues and a couple of others I've heard of. You can potentially then add the most important bits e.g. badges for most clubs and faces for the league you're playing in, but too many faces in particular seems to really mess with it for some reason this year and that won't change certainly with any semi-affordable laptop.
  3. When you say graphics on, do you mean facepacks, logos etc downloaded from the internet? Just checking because while you should be able to run the 3D match engine fine, those seem to cause serious slowdowns this year if you have too many installed regardless of how powerful your computer is.
  4. If the player thinks another club will come in for him, then it's just wrong for him to reject the mutual termination. If it's terminated, then more clubs might come in for him because there's no transfer fee and more publicity, he can still get that new contract and possibly a bigger signing-on bonus with no transfer fee, AND he still gets 50% of the remaining wages from his old contract as well! The only reason the player should turn it down is if he thinks he's going to struggle to get a new contract elsewhere on comparable terms and the money is more important to him than playing time etc, in which case he probably shouldn't be asking to move in the first place but rather seeking to see out his contract without renewing.
  5. In real life it matters quite a lot, but in game it isn't as important as it should be. Just stick within your budget and you'll be mostly fine. It has a habit of giving you money from nowhere if you're completely broke ("Investment from the board", or "Asian drinks sponsorship deal). Going into administration is very rare, and going out of business is impossible.
  6. Don't think so. It'd probably break the games a bit, since those clubs from inactive leagues wouldn't be trying to hire staff but would have them at the start of the game. So once they left there'd be loads of unemployed staff, the AI wouldn't really be programmed to take advantage of this (by looking for much better staff than they'd normally take, and neither would the staff (they'd hold out for a 'big club' when they were really only good enough for a smaller one). Meanwhile a human player would very easily be able to put together the best backroom team in the world by far and have a fairly big advantage from it.
  7. Eh? They took it all the way to penalties and he didn't even score from open play. He's 33 at that point, probably past it and coming back from injury.
  8. It all makes sense, it's just a tad too optimistic and attacking. Excluding the Salzburg game where you had 10 men and the Scunthorpe game since they're obviously far below your level, you've had 18 goals scored in 8 away games. That's fantastic, it's even better than City's average return in real life and away games seem to be harder in FM. It's the goals conceded getting you in trouble and that does mean making some sacrifices. Of course you can take some but not all of those measures and see how it goes, and obviously switch back to more attacking strategies if you're not winning the game and the opposition seem to have gone entirely defensive. But the "we'll score one more than you" approach is always going to be risky away even if you're very good at the scoring bit of it.
  9. The first thing I'd say is that away games are tough, and probably tougher in FM than they've proved for sides of City's quality in real life. In FM even a dominant squad will, as a result, rarely get to the high-90s like City are managing in real life against Premier League level opposition - it's much more like it used to be before the last 3-4 years when the mid-high 80s tended to comfortably win you the league and low-90s was exceptional. So if you're dominant at home and matching the other title contenders for away form you shouldn't worry too much. There are some things you could improve, though. Your system looks pretty open to counters and long-balls, and when you're away opponents will be more likely to try those rather than purely defend. You've got a high defensive line, press and offside trap, combined with two CBs who aren't the fastest ever for this level (Acceleration 13 at game start) with PPMs that see them often go high up the field and no dedicated holding midfielder (the BWM will press heavily and end up out of position a fair amount). So you're doing well on possession, but when you lose the ball things can go wrong very quickly (especially when your counter-press fails) and you give up high-quality chances, hence conceding lots of goals from relatively few shots. This is borne out by the negatives your tactics screen shows - you're giving the ball away centrally, they're getting it straight up into your box and scoring. There also seems to be a smaller weakness on your left hand side - your wing back is extremely attacking, the inside forward will offer little defensive support, and neither will the APa on the left of your midfield. I expect quite often you'll end up with a CB being dragged out of position to cover, leaving even more highly dangerous central space. There are attacking strengths to this approach, but I'd certainly make at least slight tweak even for home games of swapping your two CMs around to have the more balanced player on the left to help out with this somewhat. For away matches, I'd just go a tad more conservative. Play a dedicated holding midfielder (a DM or an Anchor Man) or, if you fancy something less orthodox, perhaps a third CB on a cover duty to give you that protection against break while letting your other two CBs push up a little more. Consider swapping one of your CMs for a ball winner in that position, and put the more defensive-roled player on the left of the two. Turn off the counter-press and be willing to give up a little more of the ball to avoid giving away such good chances. And get rid of the offside trap and high defensive line - it's probably squeezing the midfield game into tighter spaces than you'd want anyway and doesn't help your defensive woes.
  10. At that age, I'd sell. A young player might recover his pace, but this guy would expect to go into physical decline within a couple of year anyway. I'd say he's more likely to drop to 7 (and get worse from there) than raise it back up to even 10.
  11. Loads of people have mentioned this. It seems like there's a bug where when a Premier League game is scheduled at the same time as the Super Cup, it's the Super Cup match which gets postponed (should obviously be the league game), and since that's never meant to happen the game doesn't know when to put it and it ends up in an international break.
  12. Super bad for colour blind gamers too. Celtic wearing green against Aberdeen red was near impossible for me.
  13. Can you? Surely if you go on holiday for one day it'll skip both...
  14. Sometimes a player can indicate that they want to be allowed to speak to a team that'd made an offer. This means the club has a choice between doing a deal with them, or risking the player becoming unhappy and disruptive. It's possible that West Ham are a bigger team than you, as well as being more attractive due to their location, and therefore the player has demanded he be allowed to go to them, but isn't as interested in signing for you. So Wolves accept the offer from West Ham, but reject yours because they'd ideally rather keep the player and don't want to give you the chance to offer a great contract and tempt him. The worst case scenario for them is that he goes to West Ham anyway, and they miss out potentially on a very small amount of money they could have had from you, so it's worth the risk.
  15. I think they've said it's because of licensing - most of the agreements are on valid for the applicable year, so once it's up the games have to be removed from purchase.
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