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  1. Yep! Could be wrong but it looks to me like you've added one in to Q1 compensate for not having the Liechtenstinian Cup winners, but not removed them from Q2. What I've done is to remove this extra team in favour of having a third side from Nation 50. Then, to fix the issues with Nation 7, I've given them their normal spot in Q3, and move four sides - the 2nd and 3rd placed teams from Nation 29, and the 3rd and 4th placed teams from Nation 28 - from Q2 to Q1, which means one fewer eventually going through to Q3. That way there's room for your Intertoto winner without anybody losing their places, it's just that these teams from mid-ranked 28/29 countries have to start a round earlier.
  2. That would make sense but it's definitely a bit funky right now. Nation 7 is worse off than some nations ranked below it, while Nation 29 is actually getting a 4th spot in qualifying so I assume that's somewhere you can save a place pretty easily. And no worries at all!
  3. Thanks! There's another thing you may or may not want to change. SI have made a database error where Hearts and Kilmarnock are both set as having finished 5th in Scotland last season (Hearts were actually 6th). This means they're getting picked for the UEL2, when it should be Kilmarnock - it doesn't really matter in the base game since Scotland only has four European places in the first season rather than six with this file. Fixing SI's data error in the file fixes this.
  4. Thanks so much for this! Really looking forward to trying out the UEL2. Was looking at making a couple of changes to File 25 for personal use - a slight tinkering with the format so that the UEL2 winner goes into the Champions League Group Stage for the next season - and did happen to notice that the Ranking Level Info for the Champions League refers to the second group phase which isn't present in that file. I assume that's just a leftover from it and doesn't cause any problems?
  5. I actually find this pretty easy to game on FM. I basically make friends with the agent using cheap deals. So when I'm sorting a contract for a young player, I barely even haggle. I might change the contract length or something and even bung the agent an extra £10k over what he's asked for, but that's about it. Then by the time the player is in my senior squad, the agent likes me and is prepared to do a good deal. With bringing players in, when it's one which will be very expensive for me and I need an edge to do an acceptable deal, I've even been known to sign some random kid on that agent's books even if they're crap as long as they're very cheap, give them a slightly nicer contract than they've asked for, and then go for the player I actually want once the agent likes me.
  6. Yes. What a ridiculous situation where a national team that was ten minutes away from a World Cup final, and is now in the semi-finals of the Nations League, could win international competitions! Obviously the solution is to make players like Harry Kane the same quality as Mario Mandžukić who've never hit even 20 in a season, and where Liverpool will be dropping Jordan Henderson in favour of Harry Wilson or Marko Grujic.
  7. Ignore it. That projection isn't always accurate, and in any case is only very slightly over your allowed amount. The punishment is only a fine, which will be a percentage of the $3m overspend, so easily affordable - your board must have decided that they're willing to pay it when they set your wage budget. The points deduction is only for the "Loss for period" FFP, which you're going to pass easily.
  8. This will be because you don't have enough Northern Irish players loaded in the game. Start again, and make sure there's more by e.g. loading the Northern Irish and Irish leagues, increasing the database size, and/or using the advanced options to load more/all players from Northern Ireland.
  9. Your anecdotal example shows a season with 1,103 goals. In real life the league is on course for 1076, so it's very close to real life. Similarly a top scorer with at most 25 non-penalty goals is far from exceptional. Obviously only SI have the hard data and they're not likely to share something showing that there's a problem. But when there's a lot of anecdotes showing it being far too low, and you can go through your game to find one particularly high-scoring anecdote where it's average, that very much suggests the pattern is for it to be too low. Which is also demonstrated when you simulate long term on full detail and look at the full range of seasons.
  10. I'm going to take a wild guess and say that your set piece routines were exploited, and that you probably should have thought of changing them after the first or second goal...
  11. I'm playing a save with Celtic and really enjoying it. Except for when we're playing Aberdeen. Because I cannot tell the difference between the Red and Green in my favoured 2D mode. Please add a colour-blind toggle to the preferences that would let you manually switch the teams to play in their away/third kits whenever you like. It's a really easy fix compared to what many games would have to do and would very much aid our enjoyment.
  12. Nintendo are being super careful with this stuff now after sufferring massive piracy problems on their previous online consoles. That's why there isn't even a web browser, and even hugely popular apps like YouTube take ages to approve if the company bothers at all - they're determined to minimise any security holes. Enabling cross-play with PC would open the possibility that you could save something on the PC that looks like a FM save but actually bypasses the Switch's security, and transfer it over. So in this case it's definitely a matter of blaming the people who've spent years stealing video games rather than SI who have nothing to do with it.
  13. I think this has changed and it's okay now on 19.3 but I'm not sure.
  14. I think I've seen this before too. In my case and I'm guessing yours too, you're competing in the Club World Cup in December? And the Arsenal game was meant to be played at that time, so the game has correctly foreseen the issue and moved it to the first free slot to minimise the chance of congestion later on, all very sensible. Of course however, it should simply have been placed the week afterwards, not put on top of the Super Cup which then doesn't know what to do because there's no circumstance where it's meant to be rescheduled.
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