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  1. I suggest you backup your saves, then use the Verify Integrity of Game Files option in Steam to revert your changes. Clearly those aren't meant to be messed with and it's causing you issues.
  2. The group stage is played between sides in the Champions League Group Stage. Meanwhile, the winners of the youth league from the top 32 UEFA coefficient nations play in two knockout rounds (if the winners of a youth league are already in the group stage, they're replaced by the winners from the next best-ranked nation). The eight sides who finished second in the groups then play the eight remaining youth champions, and are then joined in the next round by the eight group winners. It wouldn't be UEFA if it wasn't ten times more complicated than it needed to be.
  3. The First Knockout Round has teams who finished 2nd in their group, and the teams who won the Third Round of the other route. The eight winners will go on to face the 8 group winners in the Second Knockout Round.
  4. Also remember that even if you were to wait for him to get EU citizenship, there's a good chance Brexit will kick in and make it pointless.
  5. Because Egypt is outside the top 50, he is ineligible for a work permit. You will need to hope they break into the top 50, at which point he'll need to have played in 75% of their matches in the last 12 months. This is part of the reason why signing players without permits is normally a bad idea. If he was being transferred now you could appeal and might get one, but that isn't an option when he's already joined you.
  6. Which makes sense as it would take a huge amount of development time for a feature which would probably be quite boring and which few people would use. And yes, if they were hired in shady circumstances and people didn't really believe the success was down to them I could see it. The reason it doesn't happen is that in real life big football teams do not hire managers with no footballing or managerial experience.
  7. Well, that guy certainly gives a new meaning to the "I can't be racist, I'm half black!" trope.
  8. In all truth there were a couple of people on a Spurs forum commenting after Kane scored 4 against Leicester that he was too greedy, shooting when he should have passed and putting the Golden Boot ahead of the team's success. You are always going to have a couple of morons! What's needed with this feature is more variety so that you're less likely to see such comments after a top performance, but it shouldn't be impossible either.
  9. Mourinho's already been covered. AVB was an assistant for close to a decade first. That is not "Sunday League Player" experience.
  10. Everyone told you what to do - don't start with such an unrealistically low reputation. Regardless of your success it's going to be very slow progress. Think of it as people assuming that the success isn't down to you, but the Director of Football/the players/the set-up left in place from the previous regime. You're a nobody who somehow got the job (presumably either through a bribe or very good connections), other established clubs will still see other options as better. I've heard three years mentioned as the time by which you should generally see improvement, which makes sense.
  11. It really depends how you're playing. The match engine of older games was much more exploitable - if, for instance, you download tactics from the internet, pay no attention to them and expect good results, or sign 16 year olds from French colonies to your non-league side for £80 per week, 17 is going to be much harder. If you're already playing the game in a more considered way then I wouldn't say there's any significant difference in difficulty.
  12. Yep, posted in there after seeing a thread in general discussion. Think that's where it belongs because the game itself isn't doing anything wrong, the rule just isn't in the data.
  13. Wales is tied to England. There is a field in the data which would allow it to have a chance of leaving the UK, but it's currently set to 0%. Seems like something that's there which could be changed quickly if there was ever a prospect of Wales leaving the UK (or somehow joining the EU/EEC while still being part of it) in real life.
  14. That's due to licensing issues - it would come down to SEGA, the publishers, to purchase the rights and they've clearly decided it's not worthwhile. Nothing SI can do about it.