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  1. Hyperlink in first page looks broken - copy this instead: https://mega.nz/#!vCgRwIYb!VfOrHiW6k3I9-Do6sKLZiqiPPaPQeE9tGplGBl42hWY
  2. It just means you have to leave two empty spaces in your squad.
  3. Tottenham probably need widespread downgrades on mental/hidden attributes, and in particular Kane needs some adjustments to try and reflect his sustained decline since his third consecutive injury to the same ankle back in March 2018.
  4. Logically, you can just multiply the weekly contribution by the time left on his contract (e.g. 2 years = about 100 weeks), and deduct the total from the transfer fee to see how much it's really worth. For instance, a £6m offer with £20k per week contributions for two years is in effect a £4m offer, so still leaves you better off than accepting £3.5m with no contributions from another club.
  5. Pretty common now, especially in the Premier League where the rampant inflation has made it increasingly difficult to sell players who don't turn out to be good enough.
  6. I think this factors in that the City-Spurs result would probably count as a substantial upset, depending on how both teams have been doing in your save, and that they're both high-reputation sides who may be expected to compete with each other for trophies or European places over the course of the season. Similar to how in real life you can very much imagine that game being first on Match of the Day over a big team thumping a smaller one at home.
  7. My best guess here is that the game knows it shouldn't be moving these fixtures, but is doing so anyway as a failsafe if needed because if they're somehow not played at all before the season reset date it's a total disaster and completely breaks the save. That being said, it could clearly be doing better, and even if it does need to do this because something's gone wrong it should probably move all the fixtures so they're still simultaneous.
  8. Ah, you're trying to do it in game! What you need to do is download the editor following the instructions here - from there you'll be able to create a club and various other things without much restriction If you need any help with it, the "Editors Hideaway" section of this forum are very helpful. https://www.fmscout.com/a-fm19-official-pre-game-editor.html
  9. The more recent games have better capabilities than the older ones, so you're best off just on FM19. 1. is certainly possible. 2. can be done, but is very, very difficult - unless you just want a really simple structure compared to real life, you are talking dozens or hundreds of hours to learn the editor well enough, make your structure, test and fix it etc. You might want to check out this set of files already made - they're about as well-done as a custom file can be, and even if you want something different you're probably better off trying to alter them rather than starting from scratch. https://community.sigames.com/topic/466258-fm19-uefa-revival-15-featuring-the-fifa-club-world-cup-uefa-europa-league-2-the-afc-concacaf-conmebol-uefa-youth-league-year-round-transfer-windows/
  10. There's no way to program it perfectly for everyone. There are different types of colour blindness. Red-green is the most well known, but this has different varieties (unable to see greens properly vs reds properly, deficiency or totally lacking the relevent cones, and impacts on colours many wouldn't expect like Blue vs Purple). And there's e.g. blue-yellow which is completely different, people who have both or who can only see in greyscale etc. The only way to make the game consistently accessible to all of them is to allow the kits to be chosen. It doesn't have to be a feature for everyone, it could be turned on in the preferences, but it'd be very easy to implement and has literally no downside, those who don't want or need it can just ignore it.
  11. Access list has been available for months - https://www.uefa.com/MultimediaFiles/Download/uefaorg/General/02/58/61/42/2586142_DOWNLOAD.pdf It's only relatively minor stuff not yet confirmed - the precise revenue allocation formula, any bonus coefficient points for qualification, and the criteria to host finals come to mind. But they're often not confirmed for even the CL and EL till the last minute and SI just have to make a reasonable estimate.
  12. The most likely answer is that the player wouldn't accept the loan if you didn't force it. You can test this by adding a manger to the club in question, making the loan offer, and seeing what happens. It's the AI equivalent of using the "realistic transfers" option on the player search - they automatically know how likely it is for a player to agree to come to them, and if there's no chance then they won't bother making the offer to you.
  13. Did you have any kind of clauses etc in your initial bid? They only have to accept if you pay the entire fee up front, don't put a deadline on their decision, and I believe the transfer date has to be 'next available' too.
  14. There's one major reason this might not happen though. The UEL2 tournament was announced way before the 19.3 data update, with all the same details we have now, and they didn't implement it. So the only possible outcomes are that a) they don't feel like there's enough information yet or b) they deliberately held it back despite being possible to implement in FM19.
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