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  1. Spurs08

    [ENGLAND] Premier Division Data Issues

    Is this the same with decreases? If not, then one I'd like to suggest another look at (IMO a clear error) is Michel Vorm. He's never been good for us and over the last two years he's been calamitous, giving away close to a goal per game from errors. One reason for this is that he now seems to often be unable to get down and adopt the right body shape anywhere near quickly enough (rumours are that the injury that's often kept him out is chronic and explains this) - I think his Agility, currently 13, needs a huge nerf down to the 7-8 range, with Reflexes going from 15 to 12-13. Concentration 13 is also generous given that he has a habit of doing a bit better when busy only to give away a goal from what should be a fairly straightforward save after we've been under very little pressure - I'd give him 11 here. Finally, I think Command of Area (13) is also too high - he tends to sit back on his line and rarely comes for crosses, I'd put this down to 10. Conversly, Gazzaniga may not be too polished and this is correctly reflected in mediocre stats for his command of area, communication, decisions and speed. In terms of core goalkeeping abilities however he's been impressive and appears a far more reliable choice than Vorm. His reflexes are crucial to this, and could definitely go up as high as 16 from 14.
  2. Spurs08

    [ENGLAND] Premier Division Data Issues

    Could I suggest that Tom Glover (Tottenham) appears slightly overrated? Always hard with youth players but he's seldom featured for our youth sides over the last couple of years, not seeming to have progressed much if at all since his move from Australia. In game he's clearly the club's 4th best goalie and appears to have the potential to be a backup for us which he's shown no sign of with the consensus among youth watchers being that he's likely to be released next summer. The club's 4th-choice, who has been on pre-season tours and featured on the senior bench in competitive games a few times when Vorm and Lloris have been injured/suspended/hungover, is Alfie Whiteman who I think deserves a slight all-round boost (about halfway between his and Glover's current attributes, with a negative PA that gives him an outside chance of having the potential to be a backup but more likely to end up in the Championship or League One)
  3. Spurs08

    [ENGLAND] Premier Division Data Issues

    Not sure if this is deliberate but seems odd: Even if you start the game before the tournament, Son Heung-Min has already won the Asian Games and exempted from National Service. I'm guessing the exemption is a conscious decision as it also applies to the other European based players from the squad (Hwang Hee-chang, Lee Seung-woo and Kim Jung-min) - however there's definitely an inconsidering as Jung-min and Heung-min are listed as winners while Hee-chang and Seung-woo are not.
  4. Spurs08

    Tottenham Stadium

    I'm really sorry but how does such a major bug involving one of the top 20 teams in the world make it past testing? The game is very good but this is just annoying. Surely at least the researchers could have alpha access to pick up stuff like this - I'm pretty confident in saying he'd have seen this within the first couple of hours of playing.
  5. Spurs08

    Training visuals?

    Nope, hence the watermark saying "NOT ACTUAL GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE"
  6. For some reason the Greek Cup can only be set to All Competitive Matches or Main Stages, with no option not to run any of its matches at full detail.
  7. Quite possible - the 4th tier in France. I use a names fix not the default competition names in-game.
  8. Spurs08

    [ENGLAND] Premier Division Data Issues

    Why is there a thread for the whole league - the most played one in the game - rather than individual clubs this year?
  9. I think I might have found a major bug - the CFA2 in France doesn't seem to be scheduling any fixtures. Just loading up FM18 to check if that's normal or not.
  10. Spurs08

    Removal of 3.Liga?

    Continue the save - I've never really had problems with it before and I trust if there's any truly horrendous bugs that would make me want to wait for full release the community will probably spot them pretty quickly.
  11. Spurs08

    Removal of 3.Liga?

    I am both a micromanager and someone who likes to play long-term so it's a fairly big deal for me.
  12. The license means that you weren't allowed to tell people it wasn't included before release?
  13. Spurs08

    No editor? FM19

    Nope, never has been young Mr. Dele.
  14. Spurs08

    Removal of 3.Liga?

    ****, thanks for the reminder there. Was gonna still start in the 2.Bundesliga but I'll do a different league for my first save now.