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  1. If you want absolute control over how your players develop then use the in-game editor. But that's not how it works in reality and not how it should work by default in FM. Just like you can't control exactly which attributes increase by how much - merely influence it via focuses etc - you can't always perfectly control how your player adapts his style of play.
  2. Hey, no worries if it's something you can't talk about but I was wondering if there was consideration of the new "Europa League 2" tournament being included either in the next patch or beta update, or whether that's something which will be left for future releases? I was thinking of starting a save with a team from one of Europe's smallest leagues but this is something that would convince me to wait if it's in the pipeline. Thank you!
  3. Spurs08

    Removing ability to loan players

    You can stop players being loaned in by English clubs, but they could still loan them out abroad. Doing it worldwide or close to it should be possible but very time consuming. And I'm not sure it's worthwhile - I don't think the idea will work like you want it to. The game is set up on the assumption that loans are possible, and the AI isn't going to realise they aren't - so players will still demand to go on loan, and won't be much more willing to drop to a lower level permanently. There's already issues with players stagnating as free agents because they don't adjust their expectations quickly enough and I think this would be the same but worse.
  4. Spurs08


    Maybe because they have more teams the game is able to quickly generate enough newgens to make the numbers up? Just a guess but would make sense and I've noticed nations with a decent number of teams seem more likely to be playable.
  5. It might be worth posting this in the feedback thread or bugs forum. The game should certainly give you a strong warning before you confirm the loan, just like it does if you're bringing somebody in without a work permit pre-Brexit. And I'd argue it should actually give you the option to just top-up his wage to £8k per week which is surely something we'll see in real life if these rules happen.
  6. I'd try calming your team's tactics down a bit. Two things in particular. The main one is the extremely high tempo setting. That probably isn't going to be ideal for such a talented player because he's essentially being told to just move the ball on as quickly as he can rather than being given time and trusted to do his thing with it. Particularly combined with the first-time shots PPM, you're going to find he often either passes/crosses very quickly when he could instead look for an option or take on his man, as well as very often shooting immediately when he's in a very poor position. Similarly, other players - midfielders in particular - will be trying to rush things taking a lot of long shots, hoof balls and early crosses rather than feed this attacking player. The second is the extremely urgent pressing combined with very high line of engagement. When you're off the ball, he's going to be running around like a madman at whichever defender is in possession, rather than focussing on maintaining a good position for when you regain the ball and look to feed him. If you adjusted these to only slightly positive or even neutral values I think you'd likely see some improvement as a team and you'd be playing much more to this guy's strengths too.
  7. Spurs08

    Ledley King MISSING on FM 19?

    Only guessing now but it would probably add to the database size quite significantly if you did that for every ex-player, potentially slowing it down, with no gameplay benefit just to provide information you can easily find on Wikipedia.
  8. Spurs08

    Ledley King MISSING on FM 19?

    Nope. He doesn't look like staying in football in any role represented in game (he tried coaching U18s part-time and didn't seem to like it, quitting after a few months, and is now a Club Ambassador), so he won't be set to appear.
  9. FM Touch on Android is meant to be for tablets. You shouldn't have even been able to install it on your phone! How did you do so?
  10. Spurs08

    Income from sponsors

    There's a reason Madrid and Barcelona have dominated Spanish football for decades. They have huge worldwide fanbases which take generations to build. Three years of success is great, but not even close to sufficient to change that - you did not see a huge rise in Porto fans and commerical activity when they won the Champions League. You'll need success over the long-term to do that.
  11. Wow. A three year old bug yet to be fixed. That's... not good.
  12. Spurs08

    This is a joke....

    As I said, minor adjustments. Don't start selecting much lower pressing or anything. Just don't combine the 'more' instuctions with a positive mentality all the time. There's definitely a balance to be had!
  13. Spurs08

    This is a joke....

    I feel dirty being happy with a Liverpool win, even in FM, but congrats Small changes can make a big difference in this game
  14. Spurs08

    This is a joke....

    That sounds a lot more like what he should do on support - with attack, he may well be too focussed on getting up into the box alongside and sometimes ahead of Firminho to score himself. It sounds like you're on the right track and might have had a bit of poor luck.
  15. Spurs08

    This is a joke....

    Okay. That looks like a tactic that's going to strangle the game against smaller teams without really providing a lot of threat, so the four 0-0s against them aren't a huge surprise. You're doing a huge amount of pressing and I expect keeping the ball pretty easily racking up a large possession stat without being able to do much at all with it? I think in those games it'd be worth dropping off a little more and inviting the opposition to hit you a bit so that there's some more space opening up. There's no particular need to press so high and hard - they aren't generally going to offer a huge threat from deep. And going forwards it's a bit one-dimensional. Maybe you could try something as simple as putting Salah on a support duty given his range of talents, turning TAA into a wingback overlapping him, and moving Henderson back to a defend duty to help cover him? Something along those lines would give you different threats - the overlap and Salah's creative and dribbling ability down the right, and the raw pace and power of Mane and Fabinho down the left - and give the opposition a bit more to think about.