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  1. Let's take Iwobi for example. First of all, he's on £100k per week before bonuses!!! And, if we're at the end of the first season*, he's only got a year left on his contract. You offering to subsidise that isn't very tempting, because it would only apply for those 12 months - he'd still find himself on a much lower wage after that, with probably 3 years left to run on his new deal. It makes much more sense for him to just stick around for the season, take the money you're going to have to pay him anyway, and hope a more attractive club comes in for him once he's a free agent - especially because there's a chance you'll end up playing him out of desperation. It's very rare a player really ends up just banished to the U21s, not least because of the impact on squad harmony and the fact that you aren't freeing up funds to spend on a replacement. We're therefore looking at clubs who can afford to spend at least close to £100k per week on a player, who Iwobi would actually want to move to, who are allowed to sign him as a non-EU foreigner under their league rules, and who he's good enough to play for. This is a list of every European club outside England, who have at least three £100k per week players at the start of the game: Atletico Madrid Barcelona Borussia Dortmund Bayern Munich Inter Milan Juventus PSG Real Madrid That's literally it. You're talking about him being either a strong squad player for one of the best clubs in the world, or a star player for the likes of Sevilla or AC Milan just below that level. Alex Iwobi is clearly neither of these things, he's the 7th best player for a team that made a really good attempt at getting relegated two seasons in a row. The only likely route out for him on a transfer at this point is going to be to another Premier League team. But they can all attract and buy players from, again, any club that isn't an absolute giant of world football. They've got a lot of options if they want to spend that kind of money - and most will have better options than Iwobi. It's not impossible you'll get an offer, but the most likely outcome is that he'll pocket your wages for a year, hope to get at least some game time, and then walk on a free into a club who can pay in the £60-70k range. The only option that leaves is loans. These aren't generally all that attrative to clubs - they get a player who isn't gelled with the squad or adapted to the league, probably doesn't get fully up to speed immediately, takes game time away from their own prospects, and is then going to leave next year with the club needing to replace them all over again. The clubs willing to do this will probably either be teams who see Iwobi as a big upgrade on what they've got, or are a bit desperate. In either case, those clubs aren't going to have the finances to offer much, and won't be very attractive options. I don't think the game's perfect on this - I agree there should be a bit more room for negotiation with interested clubs than there currently is. But struggling to sell players on extreme wages who aren't actually that good is fundamentally unsurprising, and it's an issue Premier League clubs often face in real life too. (if it's the first season, everyone has a much lower budget, since their money has already mostly been spent)
  2. The Premier League is by a huge distance the most expensive league in the world in terms of wages. The amount Everton pays to very average players is multiples more than relegation-threatened clubs in Italy, Germany or Spain. You're trying to sell players not good enough for a bad PL team, and the only clubs who can afford their wages are the top few sides in each European league and the other PL sides they're probably also not good enough to play for.
  3. You are absolutely insane. And brilliant. But at least mostly insane. ...This sounds amazing!!!
  4. I do think part of it is just that so many people on this forum are from England, and our national team currently has a squad with an unusually high number of talented young players, which people then assume must be the norm.
  5. There is also the possibility here that things will change in real life. The fundamental issue is that the top leagues - especially in England - have become so dominant financially over any other league. They also don't have any harsh restrictions on foreign player quotas etc. So over time, particularly as global scouting improves, they become filled with the top potential talent from around the globe. As a consequence their average quality increases, but there's fewer options available to the National Team since young domestic players aren't able to keep up. Again, England is affected worse since their younger, lower-rep players are sometimes prevented from moving abroad due to work permit rules post-Brexit, but the change is seen across the top European leagues. We then also get the phenomenon commonly seen in FM of a more diverse range of teams winning major international tournaments. It is perfectly plausible that things will go this way in real life, that in the 2030s the top national teams will have a higher average age and we'll be looking back on this as a golden era of English youth development. If the conditions to bring us towards that path are already in place, then it makes sense FM would be biased in this direction. Perhaps it is somewhat overstated because teams are too fussy abiut the financials on loan deals, but otherwise this seems like it may well be a reasonable if inadvertent prediction of the future of football.
  6. I'm a Clapton CFC fan so obviously the same league as you fine folks! We are unfortunately Tier 11. But I'm hoping it shouldn't in theory be too difficult to just add the club to Tier 10, replacing one of the sides already there. And who knows.... maybe this is the year we get promoted and therefore included for this DB on FM24!!!
  7. I feel like this would take a lot of development time. Most of us would then try it out once or twice, get bored of it, and never look at it again.
  8. Is there any chance of a non-Steam version of your mods for Gamepass users?
  9. Please would it be possible to have a manual download for this? For those of us using non-Steam (Gamepass/Xbox App) versions of FM23
  10. The issue here is that those expectations are too high. Absolutely nobody predicted USG to get through qualifying; it was a huge upset for them to be in it to begin with and the opposition were always going to be extremely tough. Even an expectation of getting through the Europa groups would be a bit harsh given their seeding but probably reasonable.
  11. It's 2022. Why on earth do we still have ""male"" and ""female"" hairstyles? Ideally nothing should be gender-locked, but clothing I at least understand would need some modelling work. Hair should be easy though!
  12. Years after its introduction, and STILL not fixed. Sorry, but it really is an absolute disgrace. The development time needed to even at the least add it to the colours which are already customisable for attributes etc is absolutely tiny, but they just don't care. I'll be fuming if it's somehow still broken in FM23.
  13. It should be a little more dynamic than it is. But in truth, it's not realistic for Denmark to every financially match England either. It doesn't matter how many trophies their teams win - it is always going to be a much smaller country with a much smaller population and therefore a much smaller TV audience to fund the prize money. Viewers abroad may grow, but it's also very hard to displace other clubs who already have fans - a large portion of the Asian market will always watch Manchester United now, for example, especially if they're halfway passable, even if they're nowhere near the team they were when they attracted that support.
  14. No, I'm saying they were wrong not to have bothered for so long. It's been 31 years now since the first Women's World Cup. 23 years now since it came to America and took the nation by storm. 20 years now since Bend it like Beckham inspired a generation in Britain. 13 years now since the first stable, fully professional women's league in the US. 11 years now since the Women's Super League started. 8 years now since England got a crowd of 45k at Wembley. 7 years since women's football was added to FIFA. 4 years now since the WSL went fully professional. At any point there, Football Manager as a franchise could have played it's part, and until now it hasn't. I'm sure it will be a popular addition to the game once it arrives, and I greatly look forward to it. But it could have been so much more; it could have helped to change the world of sport for the better, and it passed up the oppourtunity; that has happened without FM's involvment. And I personally think that is a great shame.
  15. This would be cool! But it seems like a huge amount of work to do when realistically it won't be finished until FM23, and that might even have women's football anyway?
  16. Taking the time to do it justice is 100% the right approach. But I can't help thinking of Alex Scott's fantastic words after the final. “So many people said no. I hope you’re all looking at yourselves right now because you weren’t brave enough. I’m not standing up at corporate events in front of sponsors any more begging for them to get involved in the women’s game, because, you know what? If you’re not involved then you’ve missed the boat, you’ve missed the train because it’s finally left the station and it is gathering speed.” SI (or, quite possibly, SEGA approving the investment) are far, far too late. I think they probably realise that, given the announcement last year that it would be coming eventually to appease everyone asking about it. But it's been requested for a very, very long time, with it even being said that it wouldn't be financially viable to add until the Women's Super League was on-par in finances and attendences with the Championship. They are always keen to make gestures towards social justice in the game, but at the end of the day profitability was chosen ahead of equality. Football Manager should've been driving women's football forwards, not jumping on the bandwagon once women had won their uphill fight for recognition.
  17. That's back in the era when a) it was only one team per league, b) the league's were much more equal. These days it's a big achievment for the likes of Crvena Zvezda to even reach the Group Stage, it would be close to a Leicester-level shock for them to win the whole thing.
  18. I would not transfer list them. That's saying you want to sell, so you won't get offers designed to tempt you. I prefer to offer the player out for an unspecified amount and go from there.
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