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  1. Besides, touchline staff usually have tablets (as mentioned in game) and the can therefore review events in real time. The timeline removal has not help players in the slightest, nor has the ability to find what your assistant just told unless you can catch it for the 2 seconds it's up. I've usually moved on but the lack of easily available advise resulted in goals concede.
  2. Totally agree (this time) Jordan. It's a tightrope that SI Games have trodden to bring us a game that gives us so much detail not to mention the community element that allows for mods. I will be working with and against lawyers like Jordan on IP claims for an insurance company [ducks for cover] as we've just added Copyright/IP/deformation/other things cover to our small to medium business policies. I'm expecting some David v Goliath battles, first one in was the old "photo from Google image in company prospectus/didn't notice the watermark" trap. I think we'll look back at these as bei
  3. With Flight Sim 2020, for example, you get the fixes roadmap. So you actually know what is reported, what has been looked at and where improvements are being made. Rather than the SI game of chance. At least the Flight Sim team have the confidence and transparency to have issues out there rather than pretend that all complaints are "bugs" and therefore allow justified concerns and criticisms from seasoned players to be marginalised. "Like all change, it is mostly not wanted". Wrong and highly disingenuous. The ME changes are not "mostly not unwanted". Let's not tell customers how to
  4. Again, I'm putting together a full list but this is a bit more urgent. Match UI Good and bad. The more matches I see the more flaws I see with the design of the match UI. There's so little functionality, I've become an observer and had to delegate shout outs to my AM so as not to miss incidents and urgent adjustments. I like the player strip, the ease of sending individual instructions is actually genius, but the means to get there via the feedback from the assistant manager and physio (if that's still a thing because it should be) renders its use somewhat redundant. Also, fairly ur
  5. Crikey, that's poor. I guess it's trial and error with a revamp. Someone in the development team will currently be whatsapping the group highlighting some of these comments saying "I told you". The best idea would be a Dugout button bottom left. It could be flash and take you to a camera above and behind the dug out and a slightly larger bottom bar with more options. A small optional adjustment would provide additional so much more absorbing game play. Also, why has there never been a "tell sub/subs to warm up" option? Again, tiny feature, could have consequences if not managed well.
  6. A question from someone who's scratching his head too much here. While in 3d match I notice my assistant has suggested something, I move my pointer up to it and, whoosh, it's slipped south and disappears as the next highlight plays out. I can't see any way of finding what he or she said to me until it appears between highlights again. By which time I'm taking a mouthful of coffee and......ugh it's gone again. There's no option to add Assistant Feedback to the "in match tablet" which would be really, really useful. Unless of course, I'm an idiot and need showing.
  7. So those dreaming of a world class stadium named in their honour, might want to take a look at "sleeping giants" with a stadium that's unusually small for a club of their former stature. So think Chelsea in a couple of years. Only joking Chelsea fans, you'll always be my 10th favourite league club in London.
  8. I'll do likewise, I'd popped in to see if this was reported yet. Looks like lovely weather out there today Jordan, I've seen lots of lucky people going for a walk.
  9. I've had to get the editing 'pen' out for my main save. The youngsters on my save will struggle to get signed for Spurs when they're at the top of their game. Some Potential Abilities are out of date given performances this season (from after when the data for FM was collated for the initial version). Don't forget, it's not as simple as CA/PA though. If you're looking to, let's say "Modify" your team, save a version of your new game and have a play around. CA of 150 is about an average EPL player as a guide and I don't think in real life any of our 1st team youngsters have breached that y
  10. Jeez, sorry to hear that. I bet that changed your outlook on life, scary as hell. At least mine is a slow-burn, yours must have shaken you to bits.
  11. Hahahaha. 48 year old Gooner here. This cheered me up for the rest of the day.
  12. FM21 is the latest for me, CM93 being the first. I've had Windows PCs all the way. FM15 onwards have distracted me from 2 debilitating pain diseases (Dejerine-Roussy Syndrome & Fibromyalgia) and the depression and insomnia that come with them. FM21, with Microsoft's sexy new Flight Sim and my old favourite Train Simulator will get me through days and nights when life is difficult to carry on with. All I can say is I couldn't have been luckier to have had this condition when I did. I mean imagine having a condition that keeps you at home before gaming, the internet, videos even.
  13. He might be one of those types who'd rather hold out for the sort of pay/level that he thinks he deserves. Many players retire waiting, rather than drop down a few leagues and earn a bit more towards the retirement fund. Seems silly to me but then I'm not vain.
  14. Well, if we're going down that route around 30 English League grounds will be under water in 200 years so WHY HAVEN'T SI THOUGHT ABOUT THAT huh? They're useless. Strangely the implosion of Gamma X087a in 2178 is included and is accurately shown in 2562 when the light created from the big event arrives here on earth.
  15. People are moaning about Brexit being in the game because we don't know what'll happen.... Well there's realism for you, because the clubs, other businesses, current EU nationals in the UK, current UK nationals in the EU, importers, exporters, manufacturers, medical supply lines, still don't know what'll happen in just over a month. It's all a big mystery but that's what you get if you decide to manage a UK team. So perhaps the best way to avoid the game being "ruined" by real-life uncertainty is to spread your wings and manage a team that will definitely remain in the EU.
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