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  1. Default skin - very good. Beta version stability - excellent. Match engine - best yet. New features - will see how it goes, early impressions are good. You know what? This might be the best FM Beta ever, possibly the best FM ever. Top work SI.
  2. My cousin's nephew's neighbours saw Miles at a Watford game a couple of years ago and apparently Miles said "Hi, nice to meet you, you enjoying FM19?". So based on that, it will be today.
  3. According to Flightradar....callsign Beta22 on final approach now.
  4. That late? Crikey, it must have been one heck of a busy work day if I went sailing through dinner time without noticing.
  5. It was later in the Autumn and after the clocks changed to GMT now I think about it. So it would have been dark by 5pm
  6. I seem to think it was between 4 and 4:30 BST (British Summer Time) as I was just finishing work when it popped up as "Queued" in my favourites last year.
  7. Yes, I think Arsenal's home (as in UK) reputation should help us capture all but the best English players, I reckon that a wave of a Captain's armband would get James Ward-Prowse to sign. He has been consistently outstanding in every FM save I've signed him in for the last 3-4 years. If I can shift AMN and Xhaka I might have enough money to put a deposit on JWP. We won't take Kane or any other Tottenham rejects, Sterling is a Gooner (price is a problem though), Aarons may have to wait until next Summer.
  8. It'll certainly be a change of pace for Gooners in FM22. No European matches should make the season fly past, I'm actually looking forward to being able to genuinely focus on upcoming league opposition without having to worry about post-midweek match fatigue and resting players for big knock-out round away matches. How many times did Man Utd (A) seem to crop up before those crucial Europa/ECL away legs in past editions? I'm also fascinated to see how FM manage to make a credible version of our 3rd shirt if they've not updated the kit templates.
  9. With Beta Day nearly upon us, I'm starting to wonder what this year's Arsenal database has in store. On paper it's a pretty good squad, I'm expecting a slight improvement in the abilities of Gabriel, Xhaka, Ramsdale, Tierney, Tavares and ANC. Significant improvements for Saka and Smith-Rowe. Reductions for Laca, Auba, Pepe, Holding, Cedric, Chambers and Leno. I think a young striker, Dortmund's Moukoko maybe, and Max Aarons will be top of my shopping list. I'll see how our midfielders do, but Partey really hasn't been all that in FMs 20 & 21. I'll report back once I've had a gander around the Beta tomorrow (all being well at SI)
  10. It's usually a Thursday, been on this ride about 20 times now. Obviously SI want to have as long a Beta phase as possible as this maximises fix detection for release day. So if things are going to plan at SI, it will be tomorrow. If things aren't, it'll be after that. Does that help?
  11. Besides, touchline staff usually have tablets (as mentioned in game) and the can therefore review events in real time. The timeline removal has not help players in the slightest, nor has the ability to find what your assistant just told unless you can catch it for the 2 seconds it's up. I've usually moved on but the lack of easily available advise resulted in goals concede.
  12. Totally agree (this time) Jordan. It's a tightrope that SI Games have trodden to bring us a game that gives us so much detail not to mention the community element that allows for mods. I will be working with and against lawyers like Jordan on IP claims for an insurance company [ducks for cover] as we've just added Copyright/IP/deformation/other things cover to our small to medium business policies. I'm expecting some David v Goliath battles, first one in was the old "photo from Google image in company prospectus/didn't notice the watermark" trap. I think we'll look back at these as being the good old days in terms of modding games/real names etc.
  13. With Flight Sim 2020, for example, you get the fixes roadmap. So you actually know what is reported, what has been looked at and where improvements are being made. Rather than the SI game of chance. At least the Flight Sim team have the confidence and transparency to have issues out there rather than pretend that all complaints are "bugs" and therefore allow justified concerns and criticisms from seasoned players to be marginalised. "Like all change, it is mostly not wanted". Wrong and highly disingenuous. The ME changes are not "mostly not unwanted". Let's not tell customers how to think.
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