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  1. This is a lovely skin, thank you so much.
  2. I was lucky this time. Got Brexit with what appears to be full customs union access. In truth the most likely outcome in reality too, so very happy. At this rate FM2020 will still have to include various options.
  3. I have Fibromyalgia so I'm more than happy to teach you all about what does and doesn't ruin your life. In all likelihood your girlfriend may find your behaviour to be too immature and be wondering whether you're the one. Harsh, but true. If you love her, listen to her. Partnerships are about looking after each other, there's warning signs there so have a little think about it. Waste of money? You've clearly never rented or owned a home. You'll waste a lot of money in your life and in a few years you'll remember when you bought a PC game that was a disappointment and laugh at your former self. Get some self-awareness and don't **** your life up like I have. Please.
  4. A little overview from me, up to 1st December 2018. My Arsenal team are 2nd and 4 points behind Man Utd. One loss to Tottenham away so far and we deserved the 2-0 defeat. Otherwise the GenPress is working well and when the attackers get into their stride it's a thing of beauty to watch. Impressive so far out of the real-world AFC players; Holding, Bellerin, Leno, Torreira, Ramsey, Iwobi (when fit), Smith-Rowe, Guendouzi, nketiah, Lacazette (in the RMD role) and, generally, Aubameyang. The latter does tend to have the odd "6.1" in him though. Comparatively badly: Mustafi (sold to AC Monaco for £12.5m) Ozil - wants a new contract too, trying to offload him. Monreal - On his way out too. Elneny - (Sold to Milan £7.5m) The rest are somewhere in between and up to expectations.
  5. Got him at the start of my save for £6.5m. Still in first season so he's not just started to show his promise but it won't be long.
  6. I did a bit of tweaking but I've long stopped looking at PA to build a good team, a player with a good range of attributes can still be a success in the 150-160 range.
  7. On the plus side, it's likely to collapse in the next few weeks. Even The Daily Mail are questioning it.
  8. Brexit isn't Politics. It's a fundamental change to the constitution and will affect every part of our lives. The reason it's in FM is because it will make a huge difference to transfers for UK clubs from the end of this current season. Going by your logic new stadiums or forthcoming rule changes shouldn't be hard-wired into the game either. There's an option this year via the Editor, next year there will be nothing to edit, non-UK clubs will need Work Permits under current proposals for Brexit. This is the last time you'll have the chance to snap up some young EU wonderkids, so best get busy.
  9. Ramsey in my proper game was far better than in Beta so i've kept him. He's doing well in pre-season.
  10. "Are we stuck with Brexit?" Yes, if Westminster gets its way. You know there won't be an option next year, it'll be hard wired into the game because that's how it will be in real life. So if you don't like Brexit in FM then the best use of your time is to get campaigning for a second referendum, in real life.
  11. I've used the editor to make in-game adjustments to reflect real life, like clubs going into administration. Mainly I use it for kits though.
  12. Thank you for posting that question because I was wondering too. Looking at what's been said, I think it's probably safer to wait. I'll spend some time tomorrow messing about with tactics and doing some scouting I think. Dry-run and all that.
  13. The Easter Eggs comment is the newgens at the start, there's a few of them that are free and with high PA. I found one on my game so far.
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