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  1. I'm buying it. I do every year. I believe in what they're doing think it's one of the best value games on the market. Some years are better than others but that's life for you. 21 will be as successful as ever, as the few dissenting voices on these forums tend to amplify an apparent growing constituency of anti-FMers. Which really isn't reflected in the sales figures. A bit like the election. Labour won by a country-mile on Social Media. But back in real life..........
  2. Oooh, good, thank you so much.
  3. I like a little realism so I wondered whether it's possible to edit FM so that games are played to empty Stadiums? It's not just the coronavirus, teams frequently have to play to a crowd of none as a punishment for crowd trouble. The only option I thought of is becoming the West Ham manager. Only joking, Hammers fans!
  4. Clubs use all manner of ways of scouting players. Some even use Football Manager (Everton spring to mind). You still need to know what you're looking for and none of us take what we read on complete trust (i.e. don't bother to check attributes) so, no, it's not cheating. Also, the second argument is; it's your game, it's your choice how you play it, if others don't like that....tough. Don't live your life by what others tell you to do.
  5. To all those saying they hope changes have been made to the Beta, could you ensure you confirm you did report it in good time before release tonight? Otherwise you'll give the impression that you're just moaning for the sake of it. I've been playing the Beta for as long as it's been available. The released version always has significant changes mostly thanks to people reporting bugs or issues, so if it is better thank those who assisted SI.
  6. Wasn't it that Beta users got the full game a day earlier but full release with the editor was still at midnight?
  7. Yes, pretty much what's been said. It provides space for wing- backs plus with an inverted winger near the penalty area they can pressure opposition defenders sooner if the attack breaks down. I got Jadon Sancho and also have Martinelli, Saka and Smith-Rowe at Arsenal who are all superb in that position on the left (Saka and Sancho also on the right). One caveat, you need an attacking wing or full back on the overlap or you end up with no-one out wide in attack. Gen Press works with this very well.
  8. For those having issues with wingers. "Inverted Winger". It's the future. Trust me.
  9. Fábio Coentrão was free at the start. I was praised for bringing such a well-known player in on a free to Arsenal and he started well. But his form fell off a cliff in the Autumn and I cancelled his 1 year contract at Xmas. With Tierney producing the goods he was 3rd choice by then. Might be worth it for a lower top league club on the continent.
  10. I like to have a practice season, find the bargains and wonderkids, give some tactics a go, see who responds to what training, take notes and prepare for my first proper career job on release day.
  11. I'm a moody, distant manager. If they get praise, they've scored a hat-trick in the Champions League final. In one half, carrying an injury. Over 35's only.
  12. It won't be stopped. Distribution may change but there are always ways around it. EG 1. Let's make up a website name, Mygame.com. A one stop shop for user generated content with all the usual patches all for free. Want an Arsenal badge? Download this one made by JimSortitout or Evan Scout. Want to install more than one at a time? Our Installer program is available for £5 and makes choosing what user generated content you'd like to download easier (i.e. in bulk) EG 2. Logopacks with club colours and the name of the club in them, downloadable for a price, then offer a free-to-download branding patch which puts the official logo over it. (this method is used by a well-known Plane sim vendor to legally circumnavigate EU branding laws) EG3. Offshore the website and make access only via VPN for an obscure country. Separately provide free VPNs. EG4. Sell them on the dark web. The above are merely examples of online marketing methods and are in no way instructive or should be construed as legal advice. But just as the company you bought your PC or phone from, the company that owns the bus you got into town or the coffeeshop you are reading this in are likely to have set up a corporate structure to ensure "tax efficiency", there will be loopholes and they're most likely there because the people in charge of us are on the take too. Mostly from Russia at the moment as it turns out.
  13. Either as an Inverted Left winger or a deep-lying forward to the left of an advanced winger. He's not ready to be up top on his own though.
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