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  1. Hi all. I know the schedule custom views resetting every time you load is a known bug but I was wondering if anybody has a known workaround for it? If not have SI acknowledged that a fix is on it's way? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi. Played a couple of games on FM tonight and still getting leggy matches in 2d. Playing a good spec laptop (5 star graphics) and all drivers updated, etc. Got the game set up on high graphics (that was recommended) Is there something obvious I'm missing that I could change? What makes it more frustrating is I downloaded the demo on to my work laptop and it was as smooth as you like, despite being an older and slower pc in every respect!! Any help would be massively massively appreciated. The tech details I know for my laptop are that it is a Dell Inspiron 5577 with Nvidia Geforce GTX graphics card.
  3. Lovely. So it won't update or 're-install the fake files I've deleted, etc? Or will i need to go back in to Steam folder and delete them again?
  4. Quick question about the update - will it automatically override the public beta update? Or will i need to switch public beta off to get this update?
  5. Hi all. Looking for some inspiration for a new save. I'm keen to start a non-league to legend type save but I'm having trouble picking a National League North/South team. I want a club that has a bit of relevance, i.e. I did a save with Valencia when Gary Neville took charge, Bayer Leverkusen last year because they were used in a lot of the marketing for the game - that kind of thing. Anyone got any ideas? Thanks.
  6. My issue is that when I click on go to match it freezes on "players warming up" for a couple mins mins. I'm assuming it's the same issue as you. I watch games in 2d as well and never had an issue with fm19. I have a fairy basic laptop (hence why no 3d matches) but I like having settings on high so that manager man in main menu and boardroom, press conferences backgrounds are look crisp. Again never had an issue before. I wonder if there are settings i could adjust to ease ram usage and maintain crisp pictures?
  7. A lot of people seem to be having performance issues so I wouldn't worry too much. It is a beta afterall. My laptop ran FM19 easily and now it's a bit laggy and stuttering, e.g i click to go to match and it's stuck on "players are warming up " for a couple of mins. They'll iron it out with a patch in the next few days, or if not certainly by release.
  8. Waiting for the beta to drop is driving me mad, so I'm killing time mulling over different teams. Narrowed it down to 6 so far: Bolton - obvious reasons, good long-term project trying to keep them up and then rebuild Yeovil - supported them my whole life, relegated into National League last year but doing well IRL, so another good project trying to rebuild and take back up Ayr United - never managed in Scotland, recently appointed FM legend Mark Kerr IRL and in a tough division so good challenge trying to get them up and keep them up; good first club for a British journeyman perhaps Bayer Leverkusen - love the Bundesliga, loads of quality young players at Bayer, European football, challenge of trying to overthrow Bayern and Dortmund Hamburg - massive club in 2. Bundesliga, great rebuilding project, long-term save trying to get back in to Europe and challenge top of Bundesliga TOP Oss - random but read a story from a couple of FM fans in the Football Manager Stole My Life book who managed Oss, so like the idea of doing the same and trying to get them in to Eredivisie for the first time in their history (I think); good first club for European journeyman
  9. Spotted this earlier on the FM website when looking at pre-ordering the game: "Pre-orders from this store will receive access to the Beta version which is likely to be released at the end of October." Last year the first Twitch stream was shown about a week or so before the beta released (they're obviously only going to show a near-finished version to the public, not one full of bugs) so add it all up and I've got a feeling we're getting the beta this week - thoughts? (I'm a teacher on half term so I'm keeping everything crossed!!)
  10. Hi all. Hoping somebody can offer a definitive answer to a question I have (apologies if this is already out there and I have just been unable to find it!) Basically I have started a new LLM save with Concord Rangers in the Vanarama South. I selected "disable first transfer window" as I always have in previous FM versions. However unlike previous versions I can't sign any free agent or loan players. I read in another forum post that this was a bug and should be fixed but I wanted to check that it had been. From what I can tell I should be able start signing free agents, loan players, etc from the end of the first Premier League transfer window on August 12th - is that right? I really don't want to have to wait until January to start wheeling and dealing, that's a lot of the fun of LLM after all! Thanks in advance for the help.
  11. I'm glad I am not the only one looking for help with this tactic! I love the idea and theory behind vertical tiki taka - I'm striving for a Sarri at Napoli style of football. I am ten games in to my first season with Eintracht Frankfurt in the Bundesliga and on the face of it I have done pretty well. 7th in the league with 3 wins from 6, only losing to Dortmund and Leipzig, beat a lower-tier team 11-0 in the cup first round, lost the Supercup on pen to Bayern after a 1-1 draw, and lost to Chelsea and drew against a Czech team 0-0 in the Europa League. Defensively we have been outstanding, only conceding 6 goals in 10 games and keeping 6 clean sheets. But offensively we have been fairly awful. Taking away the 11-0 win, we have scored 5 goals in 9 games. When I checked the stats for the league we are right up there with possession, shots, etc (as you'd expect for this tactic) but we can't score for toffee!! I've tried playing with different formations, even going three out and out strikers for the last 3 games (two 1-0 wins and a 0-0) but we can't seem to tuck chances away. The biggest issue I have, as with the OP, is getting the ball in to the strikers in the box. The midfield knock it about and eventually, more often than not, just try pot shots (despite having 'work in to the box' selected). I have used the preset on default for most games, but have tinkered for the last two or three but changing 'underlap' to 'overlap' and adding 'early crosses' to encourage attacking wing-backs to get the ball and ping it in quick. It has helped a little I think, but not as much as I hoped. Any ideas on what I could do differently? Up the tempo and directness perhaps? Introduce an advanced playmaker in the 10-hole? I'd be fascinated to hear from anyone that has had success with the vertical tiki taka preset, especially with a similar sized club (Everton/West Ham/Valencia/Hoffenheim-type clubs, etc.). Thanks in advance for your help.
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