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  1. Hi all. I've fairly new to advanced editing so please go easy on me! I'm looking to create a custom challenge for a new save. I want to start as a specific team and have them bottom of the league with a handful of games to go, 6 or 7 points from safety. I also want this to be the start of a long-term save. What is the best way to create this scenario? So far I have tried simulating saves in the hope that this team would struggle but they seem to be a solid mid-table side, save after save! I know you can create challenges in the pre-game editor but I have no clue how to do this and there i
  2. I'm struggling to settle on a save at the moment. I've flirted with a few ideas but nothing has grabbed me so far. I'm tempted to have a look at Serie C. Has anyone got any club recommendations? Perhaps a club with an interesting story? I'm familiar with Palermo, Bari and Pro Vercelli, but anyone else?
  3. Hi all. Looking for new save inspiration and something is drawing me towards Italy. Was having a look at a few teams and Bologna and Lecce stood out for me for some reason. Anyone got any suggestions or perhaps tried one of these teams and had a load of fun with it? Thanks.
  4. It was released just under 3 weeks before full release last year, although Miles said that was a one off. Hopefully they found that really beneficial to the game though and do it again. I'm going 6th November.
  5. Hi all. I've been looking for inspiration for a new FM save for a little while and I stumbled across this thread a couple of days ago and as a result of reading through I couldn't be more excited to jump in to the depths of Italian football! Never looked at Italy before in all honesty, so I'm looking for some advice in terms of who to be. I've narrowed it down to two choices - Catania and Reggina, both in Serie C. Anybody got any experience with either? Which club would be the most 'fun', in the sense of building up and taking through the divisions to Serie A, incorporating homegrown youth and
  6. Hi all. Just started a new save with 1860 Munich. I'm looking for advice on how to play a gegenpress tactic with a target man up front (4-3-3 formation with a DM and two wingers). My thoughts at the moment are to play the TM on support and surround with two inverted wingers/forwards on attack and a box to box midfielder to boot, giving him options to knock the ball down to. Anyone got any other words of advice? Secondly, I know only playing with one playmaker is a generally good rule of thumb because of how the role alters how the rest of the team play. Is this also the case with a playma
  7. Yep that's what I thought! I figured it would be harsh to sack me for coming in part way through the season and keeping them up - no excuses for season 2! FYI I would recommend Coventry for anyone that wants a challenge. Playing at St Andrew's Stadium for season 1 so no match day revenue = God awful finances. I was also already almost £10k over wage budget when I took over with an iffy squad and the board want to be back in the Championship by end of season 3. I've loved every minute of it so far!
  8. Hi all. Quick question about the mechanics of job security. Long story short I started unemployed and took the Coventry job in November with them hovering above relegation. My job security has been 'Insecure' for most of the season and my club vision grade a C-/D. Anyway I just managed to keep them up and now my job security is 'Stable' but after the last game of the season my club vision grade plummeted to F. I know it is because the board wanted to avoid a relegation scrap altogether which we didn't, but I'm not sure why there is such a difference between job security and the club vision gra
  9. Right, I've had a bit of a play about with different rensie skins and it appears to only be happening with the new v2 skin. I tried the dark popup profile one (which I had been using previously without an issue) and the schedule didn't reset when I loaded the game back up. Any ideas what it is about the v2 that might be causing it to reset? Thanks in advance.
  10. That's brilliant, thanks very much for the advice. In the end I deleted the 'human' folder as I preferred the profile pages as default, and I deleted the 'team upcoming fixtures badges' and 'team upcoming fixtures info' files from the team folder. It all looks exactly how I want it, although the issue I have now is that my custom schedule view is resetting every time I load the game. I know this is an issue with the default skin, but I have never seen this with a custom skin. So I have concluded that I must have deleted something that prevented the schedule view from resetting - does anyb
  11. Hi all. Absolute rookie here but looking for some (hopefully!) simple advice. I love the skin but would just like to remove the kits from the home page (where it says next match). Which XML file am I looking for and what would I need to edit? Thanks in advance.
  12. Hi all. I know the schedule custom views resetting every time you load is a known bug but I was wondering if anybody has a known workaround for it? If not have SI acknowledged that a fix is on it's way? Thanks in advance.
  13. Lovely. So it won't update or 're-install the fake files I've deleted, etc? Or will i need to go back in to Steam folder and delete them again?
  14. Quick question about the update - will it automatically override the public beta update? Or will i need to switch public beta off to get this update?
  15. Hi all. Looking for some inspiration for a new save. I'm keen to start a non-league to legend type save but I'm having trouble picking a National League North/South team. I want a club that has a bit of relevance, i.e. I did a save with Valencia when Gary Neville took charge, Bayer Leverkusen last year because they were used in a lot of the marketing for the game - that kind of thing. Anyone got any ideas? Thanks.
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