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  1. I've noticed there are several competitions where only the players on the pitch in the final get a medal, typically fourteen of them where three subs are used. I've tried tweaking setting to give the clubs 40 medals to distribute based on appearances which seems to work. It doesn't seem to work on things like the Community Shield or FA Cup however, you can change the editor to 23 medals having changed the bench to a 23 man squad but you still only get medals for the fourteen players who played. Does anyone have a definitive fix to ensure that the squad in any given final gets me
  2. We can only hope. Can't imagine FM without the joy of domestic football. If I can run the domestic leagues and leave out the ESL I'll continue playing for another 25yrs.
  3. I could delete 2005-2020, but the immersion is preferred to the gaps by many which is why I added them in the first place. Thanks for the two links though, I'll add those results into the respective cups where they occurred for FM22
  4. When you say, where the competition took place, which competitions do you mean? These are fictional comps where I added the history for immersion by playing the matches in every FM version to get a result. So, the Intercontinental Cup stopped in 2004 when the FIFA Club World Cup began. Which competition are you referring to above? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intercontinental_Cup_(football)
  5. Works fine with 21.4 also. Several seasons in. Had a few people ask in messages/Steam. I'll attempt to address any issues if people are having them.
  6. Works with 21.4 too. Several seasons in. If anyone has issues please let me know and I'll attempt to address.
  7. It works on 21.4, which was only a minor update. I'm running it in 21.4 at least without issues.
  8. That's cool. I'll check in with Michael for solutions.
  9. Hey @keysi, thank you for the skins. I wonder if you can help me? I use the skin one my desktop 2560x1440 and the IBH panels work great. I also run my game on my laptop 1920x1080. If I tweak the IBH panel to fit my 2560 panel at 2210 I get no IBH panels on the laptop, on the laptop I seem to get half of that useless left hand bar cut off and can't drag out the IBH Panels. Is there a way to get the skin to adapt for 1920x1200 as well as 2560x1440 or should I create two separate skins for this? Would you be kind enough to share the code required that I might change it? Thank
  10. Yeah, the update shambles with Steam workshop has made life difficult. The Steam Link now is to the 21.3 updated version and it's not got any U23 squad restrictions.
  11. Done, please see link. Let me know if you experience any issues. I don't run this with anything other than @majesticeternity mods (or the file that shall not be named from Sortitoutsi), so I can't verify its stability with other files. Updated for FM 21.3
  12. I think @erikeagles has done this already? He does one most years unless I'm confusing him with @zangelmi who also does several preseason comps. I've not done any friendly touraments for a while I'm afraid.
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