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  1. I wasn't necessarily talking negatively about his off the field stuff. But I see more about him on social media and in the news about his fashion brands, creative partnerships, photography and the marketing and media companies he's started than I do about his performances. Perhaps he needs a move from Arsenal or a change in manager to spark his form. He's way overrated in the game currently though.
  2. Oh okay. I'm playing the second most recent I think, and he's not good on that. I might start a new career, been a while since Everton had anyone half decent in the youth team. Branthwaite is a future squad player on the version I'm on, but beyond that there's not much.
  3. This isn't my topic, I didn't start it. I was merely pointing out my opinion that the sudden drop off in results the OP had is probably not tactical if he hasn't changed anything. Other issues such as complacency could easily be the cause or saying the wrong thing in a press conference somewhere or in a team talk, or a combination of all those.
  4. Different management styles are allowed. Mourinho is one from that mould and has been very successful. A lot of players in the game react really, really well to criticism, as they would in real life.
  5. 1 - Anthony Martial. Showed promise as a young player, but in real life has never fulfilled his potential. He's far too lazy and inconsistent to ever become an elite player, despite being in or around the United first 11. In the game he has 15 for teamwork and 14 for work rate in the season I'm in. Utter nonsense, make them <5. In the game he's dynamite, he'll run 80m and smash it in the top corner, just an incredibly annoying player to be against. In real life the most he's ever scored is 17 a season, 7 this season I think, but in the game he's got 38, 31, 35 and 30 in his last four season
  6. I just berate my players and criticise them and fine them until we win. Sometimes it's all just the players fault and they need to be held to account.
  7. Lets face it, it's nothing to do with tactics if they were working previously. It's one of those runs the game throws at you. I'm experiencing a similar one myself now, EG is through the roof, the players hit the post, bar and keeper but won't score. Losing or drawing every game. It goes on for about six games and you eventually win one. It happens in real life, but feels incredibly scripted in the game as there's literally nothing you can do about it.
  8. Another topic as old as the franchise itself, but I'm still convinced certain elements of the game are completely scripted (Or heavily biased), because of the things you say in interviews. Those home games where you get 6 questions about complacency before the game and despite trying to say what will motivate your players you end up saying the wrong thing. You then start the game and after 20 minutes at home to the bottom team who haven't won a game all season and have a -48 goal difference after 15 games and your EG is 0.00. The game skips through minute after minute as you frantically v
  9. Looking at my current squad on FM and I'm now thinking the biggest issue with the game is the finanances and squad building. In the game it's just far too easy to build a super squad. You can sign 7 or 8 players that improve your side per season, even with a relatively modest transfer budget, just by abusing future fees and sell on clauses. Sure at some clubs that will have consequences, but at a lot of the bigger teams that people will use and those who grow and get taken over, the owner will just throw money in to cover it. In my current save I'm only a few seasons in but I've only got
  10. I've never been one to obsess too much over collecting 73 wonderkids like a lot do, but this year especially I spend more time searching the free agents list for old boys and am having great success with it: Neymar is like cheating and on a free too: Coutinho is still a baller on a free, despite his dubious past: James Rodriguez was the one who convinced me to look for older players. Despite physical stats in the low single digits he was still putting up the big numbers in the Prem at 33: Unfortunately Ronaldo retired with a swansong at PSG and turned me d
  11. It's always a difficult one this. The things SI could do to make the game more realistic would only worsen the game. For 95% of players they love the game when they're winning and hate it when they don't win. I know I'm like that. When you have those games where you lose at home and your team just does absolutely nothing all game and there are no highlights, you hate the game as much as the players. You unrealistically win 7-0 and you feel good. It's been mentioned already that if it was more realistic and you spent a 17 year career finishing mid table, becoming unpopular and ultimately gettin
  12. VAR isn't really in FM. They've just tagged the animation onto offsides, penalties and free kicks on the edge of the box. That's why the decisions are always the same. It really needs to be done properly.
  13. I think the issue with left backs earlier in the game's release was felt by everyone. I suspect the left winger and central midfield issue on the latest patch also is, given several have pointed it out on here and it's a topic of debate on other platforms as well. If the glaring issue and resulting fix with left backs hadn't happened I might be more inclined to believe it's not a bug/error in the engine. Do you have screenshots of the above as I've never seen anything like those on the latest patch, particularly for central midfielders? Are yours taking penalties, free kicks and corners to get
  14. I'm firmly in the camp of the ratings being bugged/broken. In an earlier version there was a clear and obvious issue with left backs. It then got fixed on an update. Now it seems it's left wingers and central midfielders that have the issues. I just sold my left winger, Richarlison, despite 12 goals and 10 assists because his average rating was 6.3. It kind of dawned on me that there is probably an issue like there was with left backs, but it just feels wrong continuing to select a player averaging that low. I've replaced him with Neymar, who is on 6.4 despite two goals in three games. Central
  15. I'm enjoying the game this year, but one thing that is still present is the bias against players when it comes to contracts. It's always been there, it could be argued the reputation of the club has a little too much impact. E.g you can offer a player £200,000 a week and they'll sign for PSG instead for £21,000 a week. They would obviously prefer the higher reputation club, but it should either drag up the offer from the AI team or create a news story about how the player turned down a huge offer to join his dream club. My latest example though is James Rodriguez, finally leaving Everton at 33
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