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  1. There are so few options for set pieces though. You tell which players to start where and potentially have them mark certain people or specific players. That's all you can do. I haven't got this wrong, it's often Mina and Branthwaite being beaten to the headers, it's not like I've got Bernard marking Van Dijk. Is there a specific thread or post I can see your setup on?
  2. I'll admit I'm not a tactical player of FM. I try every year, can't 'see' what I'm doing wrong through the match engine, so ended up downloading someone elses that largely works and tweak it slightly to suit. In your opening statement you said that for that team pressing high and hard would get them destroyed as the defense is terrible at positioning and tackling, so better to defend narrow and deep etc and keep a solid shape. Then in your solution you didn't mention doing this, you just said you tweaked the pressing high up some more. That's not easy to follow at all, can you explain it a little? One of the main things I want to see from the developers in FM 21 is the end of 'attacking' and high pressing systems if you've not got elite players, or at least players who can play it very well. Teams with lesser players would get oblierated in real life doin that against an elite side.
  3. I'm not sure this issue can be negated by anything other than just having a vastly superior side and dominating games so they opposition doesn't get many set pieces. Even then it still feels materially broken. It's just a big issue in the game that makes the match engine hard to enjoy for me. The type of set pieces are just stupid. No Premier League team slings the ball in with a huge curl from deep unless potentially it's the last minutes of the game. They all take the free kick short unless it's close. Long throws also aren't a common source of goals. Some teams have tried, Stoke et al, but you're very unlikely to see a goal from a long throw these days, 99.9% travel about three feet to the side foot of the very next player who passes it back. Corners on FM have a ridiculously high success rate, maybe not for the initial header, but certainly the ensuing mess after it. I have Yerry Mina and Jarrad Branthwaite at centre back too, it's soul destroying. Statistically I don't concede that many from set pieces. 9 in my last 25 games. But I've only conceded 13 in that time, 70% of goals being from set pieces makes them feel far worse. The game engine is responsible for this, teams are far too urgent in getting the ball towards the goal, where in the top leagues they wouldn't as it would be so easy to defend. Having highlights start at a set piece should never happen either, nothing worse than dominating possession and chances, then the highlights coming on for your opposition's 5 ft 4 right winger to nod in from a corner and leave Yerry Mina crying over another missed header.
  4. It's been a long term complaint of mine this. There will be a lot come back on and say it's realistic, but it's a game and it has completely removed any fun from this element of the game. You should be able to bring through maybe half a team from your own academy, but on FM20 you just can't do that. I've only had the occasional player who has had the ability to play in the Premier League and none that I'd consider anything close to world class. Because of this I don't even read the intake messages anymore, it's depressing reading about how the incoming crop of wing backs have webbed feet or how the goalkeepers haven't managed to learn how to get dressed. The fun has been sucked out of it and while I'm not suggesting the game isn't balancing somehow so the right level of quality comes through, it certainly isn't fun. I'm not suggesting Lionel Messi II and Wayne Rooney 2.0 should graduate every year, but throw the dog a bone and keep people interested. This is all with a rich club, with a 'superb' youth system, more coaches than Shearings and a history of producing players in real life. Meanwhile the usual French, Portugese and Brazilian semi-pro teams with a budget 1/100th of my club still pump out three or four top players a time.
  5. You lot are too soft. The penalty for missing a penalty in my club is being shouted at by me in the team talk, criticised after it in a conversation, thrown in the Under 23s for a month and then made to train penalties for the rest of his life.
  6. Good thread. But everyone should include the most important part of any FM setup, the chair. I'm looking for a new one, my 5 year old £50 Argos one is so thinly padded I can feel the grain of the plywood base. Any recommendations would be great. As for my setup, it's a Dell G3, awful Argos chair, Ikea table, Logitech G305 mouse and a Iiyama Blackhawk G Master monitor. Tried taking a picture of it, but my phone is so bad it looks like a watercolour because there's too much light bouncing off the white gloss table.
  7. It is an issue, but an easy fix, they just need to tone it down so it doesn't happen more than once a season or so. I go through 2 or 3 Under 23's managers a year. They all have very good stats but none of them seem to last more than 12 months in the job. But once they've been a manager they won't come back. Oddly my Assistant Manager has been with me since day one and never gets any interest.
  8. I don't even bother reading it any more and just let the staff decide who to sign. I've never seen a really positive message that I know of and all the youth players I've ever seen come through seem pretty terrible. I've had one that's borderline first team quality in 8 seasons of my latest save. To be honest, I understand why Mourinho ignores young players. They're all dross, better to sign established players. I don't get the obsession the FM community has with young players. Sign established players in the 21-24 years bracket as you can see how good they are and you get them for their best years with less risk.
  9. That shouldn't matter, in either scenario there is enough success to be approached by clubs. In the first particularly he's won the Champions league and three consecutive Serie A titles, with Napoli. He'd likely get one of the next big jobs to come up as he'd be world famous. Amiens success is more subtle but would still likely be enough for a top league job, but probably not a big club. I've never moved clubs on FM20, never even applied for a job but thinking about it I don't remember getting any job offers on it either. But if he's got so many interviews but no success maybe it's not a reputation or success thing, but more he's not giving the best answers in the interviews?
  10. Haha no worries. I was slightly worried myself that it would happen to me. I've been aiming for a full green 11 with links everywhere and didn't want to have to research how to keep the green lines. I was sat there wondering if we'd need to put more team bonding in the training so they didn't forget who each other was.
  11. Did you click the 'analysis' button on the top right of the tactics screen by accident? That removes the colourful pitch based on your strength in certain areas and also removes the links between players.
  12. It has the option to save to XCloud, which is Xbox's cloud gaming service? I presume that is cloud saving? It hasn't worked well in my experience and didn't resolve the issues with it so are just saving locally, maybe it's not there now while they fix the gremlins?
  13. I've sat and pondered that very question for decades. I am currently of the opinion that attributes and role suitability are more important than just a high CA/PA, which is ultimately a lot of the driving force behind the star ratings. It becomes much harder with regens because of how unbalanced their attributes can be. For example your boy Francisco, how can he have a 19 for teamwork, 17 for workrate, 16 for determination and a 7 for bravery? How many determined, hardworking cowards can you name in modern football? As I get older I also start to pay more attention to the mental stats. I used to focus on key stats, e.g handling, reflexes, positioning, command of area for keeper, pace, acceleration, anticipation and finishing for strikers. But now I'm shunning strikers that have a low workrate and defenders that have poor concentration. I convince myself attributes matter when I use Genie Scout on games and end up with the 20 best players in the world and find it harder to win the league than when I force myself to not use it and win by finding my own players. But then I see Alphonso Davies who is a league 1 player with decent pace if we're honest yet he plays like he's world class and I go back to thinking the CA stat/scout rating is more important.
  14. It was Bitdefender causing the local save to not work. I had to give FM20.exe permission in the 'Safe Files - Application Access' section. So local saving is now fixed. The XCloud issue however isn't. The three rolling saves he had are there, but a couple of days later they don't show anything in the preview and just give an error message that they could not be loaded. I suspect they are corrupt as they've failed to upload? So he's just saving locally now and has abandoned XCloud as it says cannot be saved when trying to save there now. There's plenty of storage and memory on the laptop so it's not that causing the XCloud issue and he's playing it on Gamepass so his Xbox account is obviously working or the DRM wouldn't let him into the game. Possibly a Microsoft issue with XCloud as I can see a lot of people saying they are having problems with saves on Twitter and here.
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