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  1. busngabb

    High Quality Regens

    Doesn't matter. Look for ones that have a lot of 8s and 9s. I had a regen called Niko Beresic who didn't have a stat over 10 at 16 but had 5 stars. By 19 he has just 3 that aren't over 10 and is classed as a wonderkid and the next Schweinsteiger.
  2. I've won loads, so that's probably it. Is there anything that can be done about it, other than selling the player or playing them every week which seems to stop it, but it comes back as soon as you rotate them for a few games. I suppose I have been increasing the size of the squad steadily over recent seasons, which may mean players have been playing fewer games than previously.
  3. Finding the latest version difficult in terms of keeping a squad together. I'm Everton and have built a decent side now and won a few consecutive trophies and including the Premier League and CL. But I'm finding that as soon as a player is rotated to any degree, even when unfit, they are complaining about wanting a new challenge and requesting a transfer very quickly if they don't then play every game for a while. Playing them consistently does solve the problem, but in modern football that's very hard to do. I'm even finding younger players coming through wanting a new challenge even though they are playing 40% of the games. Why does it say 'wants a new challenge' and not 'wants more first team football?' for one, and why is it so prevalent? Is it an automatic thing once a player has been with a club a few years? It seems directly related to the number of games started, but surely that should be linked to their squad status etc. So a player with a status of 'rotation' shouldn't be kicking off about a new challenge having just agreed a contract for that status? Also a 'key player' shouldn't be kicking off about wanting a new challenge when he's rested for a few Carling Cup games and league games against poor opposition, then shutting up about it when he's back in the 11?
  4. busngabb

    Player career stats

    Thanks, that's one screen I'd never found before. Any way of filtering that to just show your club?
  5. Is it possible anywhere in the game to see a players career stats, particularly by club? I've got a few players who have been with the club for 12 years+ and I'd like to know how many they've played and scored. Do I really need to manually add them all up?
  6. Set pieces are a joke on this update. Corners on FM14 have always been broken and they are no better on this one. Corners are like short corners in hockey, a direct chance to score. It's not uncommon on the game for 5 or more goals to be scored from corners in one game. Just stop messing about and turn them down. Direct free kicks also have a ridiculously high chance of going in and where do we begin on penalties? 24-23 on shootouts anyone? Impossible to miss, the only chance of one ever not going in is if it happens to hit the keeper. One in about 30 isn't scored. In real life I believe it's about 1 in 4 for penalties in matches and 1 in 3 during shootouts?
  7. busngabb

    Longest ever Save Game?

    I don't think I've ever got past about 12 years. I get bored once it's purely regens as I find I have absolutely no idea who plays for any other side in the world.
  8. It seems that there is a big swing towards the team that has a man sent off in this version of the game. Whenever I lose a player to a red card, I don't change anything and usually find myself scoring, particularly at home. I was playing tonight and was 2-0 up at City, they'd had two players sent off and we'd scored from the free kick and penalty. Great I thought, went to get a drink and came back as it went to 4-2 to City. 4 goals in 17 minutes whilst 2 men down? Thats some going. I know in real life having a man sent off can very occasionally inspire a team as they feel they've been wronged by the ref, but 9 men tearing 11 apart is unusual?
  9. busngabb

    Quick question. Please help.

    Did the battery go while you were saving? Massively unlucky if so. Give it a whirl and PM a mod, there has been tales of people being helped. Data corruption seems to be becoming more and more prevalent on FM. It's at the point where I have rolling auto-save, save manually after every game and have every save as a different file, then store one off those a day on Skydrive in case my hard drive goes (Even that would be SI's fault, as it's their fault I'm playing this daft game all the time).
  10. I'll start by admitting I'm really struggling on this years game. It seems the ever reaching search for realism really is eating chunks out of the fun aspect of the game this year. One of many things that is bugging me now is morale collapsing during the first half of games. I can get teams on a good run of form, superb morale, and be on top in the first half. 1-0 up against a quality opposition at half time, yet morale goes to 'okay' across the board, including all players and subs. Why does this happen? When it does, it seems incredibly difficult to get any sort of reaction out of them, they don't react to the half time team talk and they play really flat in the second half. Any ideas?
  11. The entire match engine is horrific this time. Defensive players are made to look universally inept and many times a game they will ignore the ball, oblivious to it as a striker runs from 30 yards away to take it. This is particularly relevant when corners are cleared. A massive percentage of cleared corners end up with a shot on goal whilst the defenders amble around like extras from The Walking Dead. What I don't get is if all this stupidity is meant to be representative of something. Am I meant to shout at the players for ignoring the ball and allowing horrendous mistakes on a game by game basis, or, because their ratings don't drop, am I meant to assume it's just a ridiculously poor graphical representation of the attacker getting to the ball first? The crosses that go half a mile into the air are another example, as is the volume of crosses hitting the bar. It needs looking at.
  12. No, be more specific. I've got it setup pretty realistically, a couple of small, pacey players staying up in case of a break, my best headers marking their best headers. The smaller players on the edge of the box. Tell me what you'd recommend.
  13. The corners thing has to be improved, it's completely ruining this version of the game. Almost every corner is at least a clear cut chance, not from the corner itself, goals direct from corners are probably realistic in their volume. It's the goals direct from the clearance that annoy me. A defender heads it away and it's lashed in. Over and over and over again. There is no fun to be had in this version. The changes to the transfer budget make signing players far too hard and the match engine is so unsettled, everything is so extreme. Interviews pre-match and team talks are still far too powerful. There are tons of games you simply cannot win because of some comment someone made pre-match. Another thing I'm sick to the back teeth of is how effective the AI manager saying one of your players is a weak link is. Totally bored of it, seeing players like Tim Howard on a 4.3 at half time after dropping it into the net twice after being called the weakest think pre match. Another massive annoyance is Manchester United. The reality of their averageness is being witness in real life. Meanwhile in FM, it seems no one told them the script. 1 defeat in 3 years on my current game in the Premier League and they've signed only Cavani and Badelj. Crazy.
  14. busngabb

    Too many red cards?

    4-2-3-1 with defensive midfielders deep. I've had closing down on default and tackling on default too. It just seems they have no intelligence at all, the likes of Martinez, Shaquiri, Marcelo will be on a booking and happily plough through the back of an opposition player in a innocuous position. I have wondered if it's because I have to demand a win most weeks or they seem intent to dominate the game and draw 0-0, and they are angry off the back of that. It's getting more than annoying though, in real life you'd be able to tell them to avoid getting sent off, particularly when on a booking, but other than stopping them close down and setting tackling to more cautious (Which I do when they are on a booking, but it doesn't work)I don't see what else I can do.
  15. I'm playing as Real Madrid and seem to have a player sent off every game. I know in real life their derbies can be volatile, but I've had Ramos get 7 red cards in a season and I'm averaging one every two games and that is with it on default, rather than more aggressive. It's frustrating as he gets annoyed every time I give him a 2 week fine, even on the 7th time. Surely there should be a 'become more disciplined or I'll sell you' chat option? Is it purely due to the players? Should I start buying more prancing daisies, or is this a known issue on this version?