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  1. First of all, i Apologise if this is in the wrong area, I am unsure if this is a Match engine problem or an Ui problem. In a game against Celtic, as shown in the screenshot below It appears my players average position is wrong All my player average position are in my centre circle. This appears to of been caused by two formation changes Starting formation: 4-1-2-3 2nd Formation: 4-1-2-3-0 Final Formation: 4-2-3-1 I didn't make any any changes to the GK or defence during the game Secondary issue, probably unrelated: When a Match is in progress and you view this stat. The pass combinations stat (the one shown when you hover over a player dot) is incorrect In one game 14 minutes in it shown one of my players, George Honeyman, had 71 pass combinations, He had only 5 Passes Completed at the time It seems like it is trying to predict the future? Is this how it is supposed to work It seems to correct it self at the end of the match. I held off reporting this because I am unsure, if this is how this stat is supposed to work demodave Pass Network Issues.pkm
  2. Thanks very much for this. It was completely alien to me. I think I've got this almost figured out. So: When you hover over a player and a tab show up, it shows the total number of passes from players with an network (the 3+passes thing), right? The size of the dots is literal touches, which calling this feature "passing network/passing combinations" doesn't hint at. I am still confused by the positioning of the dots, why does it not match up with one of the three Average Position stats then when you overlay the two?
  3. Can some one help. I have no idea what pass combinations are, I'm Not entirely sure what the lines do, When It says Jack Rodwell has 94 pass combinations, what does that mean? He has made 94 passes? passed to 94 players!? What do the dots mean, they don't really bare much resemblance to avg. positions
  4. Presumably it is to try and replicate an extended holiday because of their participation in Euro 2016.
  5. OK.. Is that new, could of sworn I news items in FM16. Thanks for the info.
  6. I have arranged two friendlies for my reserve team they were done on the same day, using "multiple friendly Matches" I have have not received a news item confirming they have been accepted I'm Wellington Phoenix, in the A-League My reserve team has no league to to play in What do you need for this type of bug, A current save? one before fixtures are created?
  7. I find social media is OK. I really like getting fans reactions to things that happen, however I don't really like how news/subscriptions i could get in my inbox have been sort of consumed into it. I liked getting news in my inbox about other teams transfers in my league and what other clubs are doing. It now feels harder to get the info I want and seems more difficult to get the news I want. Maybe I'm just taking time getting adjusted to it, and working out how to make the most of it.
  8. Anyway sorry for the double post, got distracted by the discussion on corners. On the Players page in the Analysis section during the match. I think it is missing a icon where you can select all stats for a player. For example, when I'm viewing shots I want to be able to select all shots for an individual player, rather then going through rather then clicking on goals, then missed shots, then shots saved, etc. Its just something that would be easier for me then clicking 5 times for every player. It gives me a quicker overview of a players performance.
  9. The problem with corners is the more complex it is to set up, the easier it is for a human to exploit AI weaknesses, I mucked around for a bit with one of the latter Championship managers demos to see how terrible it was.* They had a significantly more complex set piece creator. You had more freedom with player position, could create runners, and I think more flexibility in delivery of the ball. This made it so easy to score from a corner it was stupid, You could win a game on corners alone, every match. The AI couldn't set up to mark properly, manage space or follow runners, meaning you could get a player into loads of space get the ball him and score with an easy header, tap in if the goalie moved. Its a difficult balance I think and although corners could probably do with some improvement, Its a lot easier to get it wrong then it is to get right. *long story short I brought CM5 when I got a decent, fast PC thinking it was like the old CM games I heard so many good things about. I didn't know about "The split" Football manger, and it was horrid, awful bug ridden rubbish. So bad I had to be persuaded to buy FM07, it left that bad an impression on PC football management sims
  10. During the match, on the Analysis Summary page, the background is not opaque enough. Having too much of a clear view of the stadia and pitch here makes the text difficult to read. This is especially noticeable in the example below where the green text clashes with the yellow seats of my stadium. The background should be made darker.
  11. App data is a hidden folder (Win 7 and earlier, anyway) you need to unhide it.
  12. Stupidly I should of looked at my own history page too, because it is showing staff hired too, at least for my own club.
  13. The new page showing the who was the payers in a certain season (Club Page>History>Palyers) is showing staff on that page too. A quick look at some of these staff it appears to show staff who have left the club during that season. Is this intentional?
  14. Minor thing but now on the transfers page, or transfer history. It states when a player has left the club due to retirement.
  15. "Football hipsters everywhere will be delighted to see Barney Winterbottom at Wellington Phoenix, could be a match made in heaven" I wonder what prompted this response lol. Anyone with a bun and beard is going to have to pay double to get past the turnstiles, haha.