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  1. Hi, Having replaced my hard drive, I have had to go through the nauseatingly tedious experience of putting all stuff back in place, making sure that everything is hew I Like it and so on. Having now done this with my FM preferences I thought that maybe it would a quick time saver if we could save our settings to the steam steam cloud and then if it was needed it would be a simple click of an icon to get them back again.
  2. Apologies if this the wrong area to post this in. Not sure if it's a bug but it seems peculiar. -The day before "match day 2" of the World Cup Qualifier, which is Turkeys opening game, Faith Terim leaves his job has Turkey Manager and retires. Don't think the User can influence if somebody is going to retire. But it happens on the 8th of October 2016 on my game. Surely if a Manager is going to walk from his job and retire It should long before a campaign starts and not the day before they start the first game, Technically during has they are the odd one out of a 5 team group on the first round of matches. I've gone past the event and didn't think to save it. Would a save from 16th Sept 2016 (about 3 weeks before) be any good? I'm going to hold off uplading it until I asked to, incase it is not of any use.
  3. Again not huge problem but worth noting. Should Teams in League 2 be avoiding playing fixtures on International Days. It's happening in my game from season two. Infact its the same for every league in Scotland
  4. I'm a little confused here. Entry to League Cup is defined by whom was in the relavent Leagues the season before? Stirling got relegated last season in my game and Bora promoted, but because of the above Stirling should still enter the League Cup, right? In my game Bora have entered instead. EDIT: note that correct promoted teams, from the championship enter at round one.
  5. If you're on the player page then; Overview>Set nickname Otherwise, right-click on the players name, and its on the sub-menu there.
  6. My Defenders have: Tend to make dodgy backpasses Stops for fag break when in possession Phobia of heading the ball My strikers: Attempts Drops goals often. Oh the wonders of non-league football, eh?
  7. Interesting that using the NHS calculator, technically Akinfenwa is classed as overweight using the BMI index using those attributes. The stats you used for Hafthor is Obese, 87kg puts Hafthor well within the healthy range. It does make for an interesting question on how FM calculates weight, especially considering Akinfenwas build and weather FM can replicate that.
  8. Hi, Ive run into a bit of a problem at a lower league club I've just joined. My chairman thinks I have too many coaches at the club. but the two I have are also players which I would like to retain. I made a board request to increase the amount of staff I have and fortunately for me, he eventually agreed. However when being offered an answer to why I want more coaches I felt the right answer was not availbe. This is because In reality I didn't actually want to hire any staff but be able to retain the staff I already have and the current staffing levels long term. This gave a small idea. When being asked why I want to increase staffing levels. I would like to see a response "to maintain our current coaching level and to avoid laying off valuable staff" This would only be available to the user if the amount of staff is more then what is allowed. If agreed the board will always match the staff that are at the club and not raise it above what the user already has, like in my case. The board could refuse for the same reasons has then can currently (Thinks the amount allowed are sufficient, financial).
  9. Reading the comment section of a certain well known mod (which I do not think can mentioned here). I believe those colours are now taken from the Continent colours rather than competition itself. So try that?
  10. Hi, Not starting a new game until the new patch comes out, and thought i'd create and play a fantasy Scottish League system while i wait. it's something I've been thinking about for a while. The Idea behind this is that in my Alternate Universe the Scottish FA puts in place some radical changes to help young Scottish footballers prosper, try to end the dominance of Celtic whilst attempting to stop them poaching other clubs talent and keep the season exciting until the end. I haven't quite worked out how everything is going to work, but Iv'e got most of the framework worked out, but i'm a little stuck with how to do some of the rules and need help. -In the Top Division I am planning an A-League style playoff to decide the League champions. I want to reward the Playoff winners with the top European place but keep the rest of the euro places decided by the Regular season. Is it possible ad if so how can I do this? - Again taking cues from Australia I want to put in place a rule that stops transfers between clubs in the same division. I know this was possible in older FMs but I cannot find where it is in the Advanced Rules editor. Is it still possible and can I restrict this to only the top-division? - I want a EPL style squad selection where teams have to select x amount of players for the season, but players under a certain age can still play. However I want preferably only Scottish players to be allowed. I know how to do the first bit, but cannot find how to restrict it to only Scottish players. British players would be Ok but i would prefer it to be only Scottish. - How can I force teams to turn Professional once promoted to the "Football league" like in England? And would it screw with Queen's Parks alaways amateur status. - i've got an idea for Relegation//Promotion into the Football league and i am thinking of using this for all divisions. The Idea is teams from the lower division have to prove they are better then the team they are replacing and visa-versa. It works like ;- No automatic relegation or promotion places. Bottom 4 and Top 4 from leagues go into a playoff league. Teams only play fixtures against teams from the other division (home And away). Top 4 go to higher division Bottom 4 go to lower division. On the final point I know you can make custom fixtures rather then the usual "play each other twice" but I have never done this. How can I do this and make sure they play the right teams. Otherwise the whole point of this type of playoff is defeated. Thank you in advance for any help you can give me. Also I might have more questions to ask once I get started. :-)
  11. I thought that the same shown was always dictated by "Shirt name" in the editor.
  12. Apolgies for the multiple posts but how do I reduce the size of the text of the team names on this screen? Any chance of upper and lower case too, rather then the call caps has shown?
  13. Sorry It doesn't for me. And thats including the file you asked us to download. Am I correct in saying that there are two files I need to edit, or have missed one? EDIT: Ok actually i'm a little confused now, but Its working now. Not sure why? EDIT 2: There is still an issue when the skin is refreshed, I changed the resolution from 1980x1020 to borderless window to take the screenshot in the post below and its happened again. Not a massive problem. Doesn't seem to happen in game, or match to match.
  14. Can I just give a huge thanks to you michaeltmurrayuk for this mod (and all the others too!) and the help you've given to other people in this tread. It has helped someone who is a useless sea urchin at xml editing turn a somewhat helpful screen into this... Cheers :-)
  15. I think this has already been brought up in the Data Issues forum because He should have been "Delcared for USA". If your planning a new game its an easy fix in the Pre-Game editor. not sure about the In-game editor though, if you paid for that. EDIT: In fact it already has been fixed if you start a new game