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  1. I have an example of this type of goal. Demodave_Passback G3.pkm Dundee United vs Stirling Goal, David Verlaque, Stirling, 16 minutes Ball goes to my rightback Attempts an out-swinging cross from near the touch line. goes in for a goal Keeper seems to make a bit of a hash saving it It is not noted has a mistake from the goalkeeper
  2. Regarding the back pass going out for a corner. Please split my post if you feel its more appropriate. All matches from version; FM17.1.2. All Stats retrospectively reviewed via Analysis > Player. These incidents can be viewed here. Most examples follow the same events unless stated. Ball played into space, usually, but not always,by a long ball forward, Defender beats attacker to ball, Defender in possession in a wide position Defender plays ball towards goalkeeper Misses, Goes out of play, towards near post, for a corner In most of these scenarios the Defender should be attempting to play the ball into touch, or away from the goal. Not towards it. Demodave_Missed Header leading to goal.pkm Coleraine vs Stirling Joe Crawford, Coleraine, 76th Minute A poor first touch and under pressure from the attacker . Crawford attempts to play an awkard for a tight angle ball to goalkeeper. Demodave_Passback G2.pkm Stirling vs Brechin City Example 1: Scott Davidson, Stirling, 10th Minute Davidson wins a throw in ball from Brechin near half way line is Isolated, with no good passing options makes 40-50 yard "back pass" that goes out for a corner I'm not sure what was the better option, but I do not believe that was it Example 2: Chris O'Neil, Brechin, 49th Minute Scott Davidson, Stirling, plays long ball into space down the right Under pressure, but still with space to turn and clear the ball forwards or into touch, plays the ball towards goalkeeper out for a corner Demodave_Passback G3.pkm Dundee Utd vs Stirling David Verlaque, Stirling, 87 Minute makes back pass from tight angle, goes out for a corner Demodave_Passback G4.pkm Partick Thistle U20 vs Stirling Alex Eadie, Stirling, 71st Minute Demodave_Passback G5.pkm Annan Athetic vs Stirling Steven Black, Annan Athetic, 52 Minute Steven Black makes back pass from a more central position then in other examples Demodave_Passback G6.pkm Stirling vs Clyde Ross Perry, Stirling, 26th minute Demodave_Passback G7.pkm Example 1: Peter McGill, Edinburgh City, 40th Minute Example 2 : Shaun Harrison, Edinburgh City, 43rd Minute via, "Pass hits woodwork" stat Pass back to goalkeeper comes from tight angle Hits near post, unlike other examples does not go out for a corner, is cleared by GK,
  3. Thanks, If it happens again I will do. Thankfully it seems like a rare one.
  4. GOAL - Ian Parkill, Coleraine 82mins (shockingly) Poor long range pass from Davidson (Stirling) goes to opposition Left back Falconer Falconer controls the ball and plays a long range pass to Parkhill Davidson attempts header but misses, allowing the pass to be completed Parkill goes through to score. Id thought Id bring this up has a bug because of the following :- There is no record of any type of header in the stats No record of a mistake by Davidson in the stats (Although there is for the Goalkeeper) No record of an missed interception in the stats All stats I looked at are via the Analysis > Player page. Demodave_Missed Header leading to goal.pkm
  5. @wkdsoul Funny I cannot find that panel amongst my FM16 stuff. Presumed it was calling the file from Football Manager itself. It worked thank you.
  6. Hi, I'm trying to bodge the "Overview > Profile" page into my own game and adding some panels, rather then using the whole skin. The problem is I'm not very good at this and have run into a problem. I have no idea how to solve it. I have copied and pasted a "fixtures and results" panel from an FM16 panel I used. However It just comes up mostly blank. It only shows the title and the hyperlink to to the fixtures page. Can anyone help? This the text I pasted: This is how it turns out.
  7. Anybody? Even if its a "No, this is not possible" I would like to know.
  8. Hi I need help creating a certain type of League playoff to decide promotion/relegation. Here is the idea: "Division 1" bottom 4 four teams will enter. "Division 2" top 4 teams will enter. Rather then playing a straight "everybody plays eachother twice" system. I want the "Division 1" teams to only play the the "Division 2" teams and visa versa. They will still play home and away but the teams must avoid playing games against teams in their own original league. The idea is that a you must earn your place in the higher league and, for example a "Division 2" team must prove that they are better then the team(s) they are replacing in "Division 1". I have absolutely no Idea how to create the fixtures so that they work this way. Is it possible? and if it is, How do I do this? The fixtures must schedule like this for every season otherwise It renders this pointless. Preferably I would like the order of the games to be a little random but that is not a necessity. Thank you for any help you can give me.
  9. Thank you very much for this. This is, as always, the best mod for Football Manager.
  10. This is because the "Select nationality" is now a text box. clear the text and all nationalites should become available again.
  11. @KUBI Cheers, for an old PC user feeling a bit out of touch (excuse the pun) it gets a bit confusing. especially as the Beta version was updated together. Thanks.
  12. I'm a bit confused with the new separate games for FM and FM touch. There's a Patch for football manager, but no update for the touch version, Is this correct? Thanks for the help
  13. The 3 teams who got promoted. Promoted from a licensed league. Are you sure those logos even exist in your pack? It might be an old logo pack you are using?
  14. 1) Unless he is a appearing at the start of the game at Manchester Utd this isn't a Data issue, so expect this to be moved or locked. 2) You're next match wouldn't happen to be a testimonial would it. If so former players (Those that are still active players) sometimes will "re-join" especially for the testimonial match. He should disappear again once it has been played. If you don't have a testimonial scheduled then you need to look for the the Bugs Forum.
  15. First of all, i Apologise if this is in the wrong area, I am unsure if this is a Match engine problem or an Ui problem. In a game against Celtic, as shown in the screenshot below It appears my players average position is wrong All my player average position are in my centre circle. This appears to of been caused by two formation changes Starting formation: 4-1-2-3 2nd Formation: 4-1-2-3-0 Final Formation: 4-2-3-1 I didn't make any any changes to the GK or defence during the game Secondary issue, probably unrelated: When a Match is in progress and you view this stat. The pass combinations stat (the one shown when you hover over a player dot) is incorrect In one game 14 minutes in it shown one of my players, George Honeyman, had 71 pass combinations, He had only 5 Passes Completed at the time It seems like it is trying to predict the future? Is this how it is supposed to work It seems to correct it self at the end of the match. I held off reporting this because I am unsure, if this is how this stat is supposed to work demodave Pass Network Issues.pkm