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  1. Anyone struggling to find the pre-game editor, I have found it appears after restarting Steam after updating the game
  2. This relates to either FM 20 or 21, My observational skills aren't that great so does anyone have an answer, When your team has an attacking set piece, does a "Stay back has needed" player who is going forward have the same approach to a set piece as if they were set to a "go forward" position. I'm looking for things like do they take the same positions? Do they retreat defensively quicker? Do they attack the ball in the same way? that sort of thing.
  3. I think that a minor addition to the game would be to add a Contextual reminder dates to the notes function. As someone who doesn't have time to play FM everyday and sometimes can go weeks without playing, I end up forgetting to do things I wanted. Changing a tactical role, making sure a player gets game time, scouting a potential replacement player etc. Some suggestions for what these Date reminders maybe are; Match Days/A Day before a Match. Day/Week/Month before a transfer window. Beginning/End of a competition. Season update Day.
  4. Hi there, I'm trying to create my own Club overview panel and everything is to hell in a handbasket at the moment. One thing I am trying to do is to create a Vertical arrangement of the honours widget. This is how far I have got. Right now i have two problems :- I've managed to make a basic container for the widget and turn it into a vertical scroll box but not found how to re-align the trophies inside it. I think I've traced the file that needs to be changed to the "honours info panel" I need to create a new version of "honours info panel" so it does not clash
  5. It only the terminology that's different. go to Preferences and see if there is an English (UK) option.
  6. Sorry if this is anwered, Is there anyway of searching for clubs with "B teams". ones that are not independent from their main team and are without Unique IDs
  7. @Peter Schlemil I'm no editor guru, and its been a few years since I've done anything with "academies", but I think the answer is Yes you can. Your best bet is to try it yourself and test it out and see what happens. Some things to note though; If the academy is going to be in a playable league, I think there used to be issues with them signing players they shouldn't, so that might need testing FM 19 editor I think has changed some things with how teams like this are handled so it might be worth looking at how a current acedemy like Clairefontaine is handled. If yo
  8. @herne79 @Zemahh Thanks, I should of said I meant FM18. I'd thought so, but thought I'd check if anyone found it useful. Its easy to miss things on this game sometimes. Didn't know this sub menu was thing until It was mentioned in the stream. So its good to check.
  9. Hi There, I was watching the FM19 steam a few days ago and was curious that the guys was using the Tactical Briefing. Its something I didn't really understand, didn't use, and then forgot about So a couple of questions. - What are the pro's and con's of this feature? - Am I actually doing anything wrong by using the "Skip briefing" for every match?
  10. Hi there, For FM 18 the time controls inmatch are hidden under a sub menu. If this continues going forward I think there should be keyboard shortcuts for them. I Think they should be has follows , - rewind . - fast foreward Crtl + , - previous highlight Crtl + . - Next highlight
  11. This, apparently, is a real football player... This must a joke by the researchers?
  12. Well.....awkard After two days, many hours, a few too many cigarettes and a headache. i've managed to fix it. and it was a simple fix. I'm off to scream at some buses or something.
  13. Hi, Can someone with this problem please? I've been mucking aroung with D_Lo_s panel and Im trying to get a different type of Key Employess into the key overview panel. The problem is nothing shows up at all except a space and I cannot see where I've gone wrong and why it will not appear. At one point I managed to get an empty box to show, but replacing it with the Key employees panel it dissapears. All the .xml files seem to be pointing in the right place, Iv'e removed containers to see if its a size issue but I cannot get beyond the page showing an empty space. I don't und
  14. Can I ask a stupid question? (well I'm going to anyway) Are the Competition fixes in 3.0 and 3.1 applied to the Original database, as well was the January one?
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