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  1. I recently learned that you have to train players in the exact position, role and duty that you're playing them in, for them to reach full tactical familiarity. My training approach has always been different than that. I always trained players in a Position/Role/Duty which was best for their developement. For example, if i had a Central Defender with poor technique, first touch and passing i would train him as a BPD even if i wasn't using him as such, or if i had an old player i would give him a more physical training schedule such as Box-to-Box, Roaming Playmaker etc. This obviously led to low tactical familiarity, which i didn't think much of before. My question now is, is it worth it to train players in the exact P/R/D you're playing them in for full tactical familiarity or is it better to use schedules to most efficiently train their attributes?
  2. What does it mean when a player has a dark green bar for tactical familiarity? I suppose it means a lack of familiarity but why is the bar dark green then and not just black? I mostly see this for the position/role/duty bar. I noticed one of my midfielders has a full dark green bar even though has played a full season in his r/p/d, Does r/p/d training affect this? If i train a player as a trequertista but play him as an AP, would this negatively affect his familiarity as an AP?
  3. How does training a player in a new position affect his current ability if he's already maxed his potential ability? I remember in fm17 i was able to train a player up to "competent" in a new position without any attribute drops. Is this still working the same in fm20? Because i just trained a player to "makeshift" and his attributes dropped. Maybe it's just a coincidence but i want to make sure. Can you still train players in a new position up to "competent" or do his attributes drop everytime he progresses in that position?
  4. When leaving team training to the AI, do staff members set up team training schedules based on their tactical style/playing style? Let's say i want to play tiki-taka, should i hire a coach who also plays and therfore trains a tiki taka style of football? It would make sense to me but i'm not sure if the game factors that in.
  5. Everytime i quit to the startscreen the entire screen is black except for the paypal donation notice. It's not a big deal but what could be causing this?
  6. One thing that makes it too easy is that top clubs don't feel the need to hold on to their key players and sell them for market value instead of demanding outragous transfer fee's like in previous FM's.
  7. I have a promising 15 year old youth player but he isn't getting any gametime in my u19 because most players are older and better. Is this going to hinder his developement? I think i have read somewhere that under the age of 18 playing time doesn't matter, only training matters so it shouldn't really affect his developement if he doesn't play u19 matches, right?
  8. Everytime i "add nation rules" and try to test it ingame the nation i edited doesn't have any leagues to be selected. When i hit advance anyway it will let me select a team like nothing is wrong but in the screen before that it doesn't even let me choose which leagues from that nation i want in my save. It just loads all leagues from that nation. Also, it doesn't matter if i actually edited anything or not. Just saving the editor data after accessing the "add nation rules" menu is enough to **** this up. What am i doing wrong here?
  9. You can turn attribute masking on and to make it more easy you can turn "player knowledge" to 20 when creating your manager. That way you will still see a lot of higher reputation players attributes even if you haven't scouted them. In terms of realism i would say turning attribute masking on is more realistic. While there are scouting databases that clubs have access to, they can't be 100% accurate so clubs can't just rely on them to sign a player, they have to scout them themself and collect their own data. That's why FM without attribute masking on is unrealistic, because the database is 100% accurate and you can just instantly tell that a player is amazing. Also in real life the big clubs have better databases than the smaller clubs. With attribute masking off some small club like Doncaster has the same database as Real Madrid, doesn't make sense. I play with attribute masking on and player knowledge 1 because FM is already easy.
  10. In FM18 and earlier what happens if i leave a player's "Position/Role" training on default so it only says something like "M(C) - Playing position"? Does that player still train on a midfielders training schedule just without a focus on a certain role or does he only focus on the additional focus? What happens if i don't set an additional focus? I always used to leave it on default if i wanted a player to train only a single attribute but i'm unsure if that's really how it works.
  11. What does this promise actually mean? I'm trying to sign a young player on a free and he wouldn't accept to be a backup player without this promise. To be exact: Will develop player, will give player playing time next season (player will expect to play next season). For some reason i can't choose the other options that are usually available like finding a loan or play in cup games but i think that's a Ligue 1 thing. Will he expect to play A LOT even if his agreed squad status is only backup? Would i be better off to just promise him to be a rotation player without promising to develop him?
  12. I should be fine then i guess, really feeling for you though. We're talking about holidaying, right? If yes then that's good to know. I have already played my new safe and it doesn't feel so slow. I was just a bit worried because my last save was literally flying but that was fm18 with fewer leagues loaded.
  13. Hi all, i'm trying to figure out if my PC can handle all the leagues i have loaded. I went on holiday undefinitely (while employed) for almost 3 hours and finished 2 and a half seasons so that's a bit over 1 hour for a single season. Is this an excessive amount of time and will lead to it being unplayable after a few years or will i be fine?
  14. Do you think future FM's will start to utilize multi-threading more? All those intel processors that are topping this list could become more or less obsolete if that happens. FM has already has become more demanding in the past years but multi-theading support would open up a lot of possibilites for SI to push it even further. It's probably going to take some time but it's still a scary thought, i want my PC to last for atleast 5 years.
  15. What's the current best desktop CPU under 300€ for FM? I was planning on getting a ryzen 2600/2700(x) for general use and gaming but after reading through this forum and other sources it seems that intel processors are better for FM (and gaming in general?). A Core i5 9600k costs about as much as a Ryzen 2700. Which should i get for now and how will either of them fare in future FM's?
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