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  1. Yes, but changing a players personality from being unambitious and/or unprofessional with a media style of "volatile, media-friendly, confrontational" to a more balanced personality at the cost of some points of determination is still very much worth it, don't you think? That's all true but i was talking about tutoring more specifically. Of course the tutor always has to have higher reputation than the tutee but does it make a difference if the rep is only slightly higher as opposed to much higher? Is the tutee more likely to want to get tutored by a player who has much higher rep or does it affect the quality of tutoring? Yeah, i always choose the first option if i want to get the ppm's passed on but i still fail to pass them on quite often. It must be like @Snorks said and how i thought it works, some players just aren't able to learn certain ppm's through tutoring because they don't have the required attributes but thanks for clarifying what makes a good tutor, i will keep that in mind.
  2. My top priority is their character. I always try to get tutors with ambitious and/or professionell personality. I use this list to find out how ambitious or professionell certain personalities are. Determination is obviously important too but i feel it's less important than ambition and professionalism so if i can change a players personality for the better at the cost of a few points of determination i will do so. I don't think reputation means very much. It might be easier to get lower rep players to be willing to get tutored by a higher rep player but i'm not sure about that. Another priority are preffered moves but i don't really understand how it works myself. I used to think tutees learn all of the ppm's of the tutors but that hasn't been the case for me. Sometimes players don't learn any of them, sometimes they only learn some but not all of them. I think if a player has a low long shots attribute then he can't learn "shoots from distance" ppm. Someone correct me if i'm wrong.
  3. I want to hire some good coaches for my "B" team but i can't offer any wages, it doesn't go higher than $0 p/w. I can't even see the B team staff on the Board screen, only A team and youth staff is listed. I don't think it's a bug, just weird B team mechanic that someone can hopefully explain to me. Yes, i have taken full control over B team responsibilites which inlcudes "hire/fire B team staff" and i'm playing in the spanish Segunda B2 if that matters.
  4. Hi, i have the same problem in 19/20 but in pre-season. The game crashes with a 0xc00005 error and without leaving a crash dump file on every date where Europa league qualifiers are drawn. Right now i'm on 6th of july in 2019 and can't advance because it's the 2nd round draw today. When i now go to the europa league screen it sometimes crashes, sometimes not, but in the first round fixtures there are teams with no name in there. Not sure if that's normal or not but it could be related to the crash. I know that i will eventually get past this date because i got past the first round draw aswell. You Just have to keep trying and eventually you will go past it. Still very annyoing and potentially game breaking.
  5. If i want to reduce the workload in the "coaches" screen by assigning 2 coaches to the same category and one coach is much worse than the other, does it negatively affect the quality of training? The star rating on the bottom shows the rating of the better coach but is that really how it works? Asking because it's FM.
  6. What's the best approach to training older players? I can think of 3 different ways to train them but which one makes the most sense? -no role training, additional focus on physical attributes so they don't waste time on technical attributes that likely wont increase anyway, also better for keeping older players from getting injured and dropping attributes because the work load is lower -a role training thats heavy on physicals like RPM or SS and additional focus on physical attributes for maximizing training work load -a role training that's heavy on mentals like BWM or DF and additional focus on physical attributes or maybe composure because old players mental attributes are more likely to increase or retain than technical or phyisical attributes. If they haven't reached their PA they could compensate their physical decline by gaining mental attributes. Not sure if the last one makes sense at all, opinions?
  7. Maybe it's because of your team mentality. The more attacking it is the more likely defenders will try to "play it out of trouble" instead of just hoofing it up the pitch. Attacking mentality and "play out of defence" will make your CB's play a very short passing game.
  8. Do physios only help prevent training injuries or also injuries that occur DURING a match? I ask this because my youth players get plaqued by injuries. I don't have a u19 physio right now because there are no players in my youth team. They're all in my first team but i make them available for the u19s. I didn't think i needed a u19 physio because of that but maybe i do? My club is in huge debt so i try to save money where i can.
  9. Anyone? This is confusing the hell out of me. Another related question, why would you use "very fluid" with "stick to positions"? Would this have any practical use? If it doesn't actively affect defensive positioning (need confirmation) then i guess you could use it to play gegenpressing with a different (more disciplined) outlook on attacking. Let's say your central defender wins back possession in midfield after rushing out for a tackle, he will pass it short and then retreat back into his position instead of thinking he's a midfielder. Is this how it works? What about "be more disciplined", how is that TI practical within a "very fluid" system?
  10. 1) Does "stick to positions" TI only really work when in possession of the ball? That's what i read somewhere. Of course attacking positioning also affects defensive positioning in the transition phase but what about a long spell of possession from the opponent, will "stick to position" still have any effect when defending then? 2) How much does "be more disciplined" and "be more expressive" affect your teams creative freedom? Let's says i play an attacking and very fluid system, which both increase creative freedom to very high values but then i enable "be more disciplined", would the creative freedom go down all the way as if i was playing on very structured and defensive? If not then how much would it go down?
  11. That's because the U23 shares the same training facilities and coaches with your main team.
  12. In the team training screen what does "main focus" and intensity level actually do? I always thought that if you change the focus and intensity for "this week" then it will overwrite the main focus and intensity but today i switched around the main focus intensity level by accident and noticed that it affected the overall workload even though i had manually set the intensity for this week. Does this mean the main focus and intensity is still in effect and the "this week" focus and intensity just adds additional training on top? edit: i think i figured it out. It changed work load because i hadn't set the full 3 week training shedule (only 2 weeks of 3). Still i always thought the work load display in the bottom right shows the current work load, not the work load over 3 weeks, so confusing.
  13. Edit: my bad, got it sorted now, 20 year olds count as "over 20" in some cases I have an odd problem, for some reason my u20's manager doesn't play any first team players i make available for the u20's. I'm playing in Serie B in Italy and the rules state that one over 20 player can play in the reserves so it should work, i have seen other clubs do it aswell. I tried everything, sack the u20 manager, rest all u20 players (they play anyway), move all u20 players to senior team (the manager will use grey players), move first team player directly into the u20's etc.... nothing. The only thing that probably works is taking control of the reserves for a match but i'm already busy enough with the first team.
  14. What causes players to suddenly lose their ambition (besides tutoring)? I have a player who was very ambitious (dark green) and now his ambition became red. edit: I just realized my squad personality changed from ambitious to professional so it showed his professionalism instead of ambition.
  15. How should i setup preseason training? I used to do it like this; no "position/role" training and no "additional focus" training so i could use "very high" intensity level in team training. What i have noticed while doing this method is that attributes don't go up as much as i would like them to. I haven't compared it to other methods though so i'm not sure, maybe it's like that because players are very unfit from holidays? Would it be better to use "position/role" training and/or "addidional focus" at the cost of less intense team training?
  16. It should matter but with FM you never know since it's so undocumented. It probably scales down the attributes according to his job familiarity so that's why you get the low star rating and it should scale the attributes back up the more he adapts to that job, resulting in higher star rating.
  17. If they have good attributes for the job but low star rating it means that they haven't adapted to that staff role so try to get staff with high adaptability.
  18. I want to retrain some players in different positions. I remember back in fm14 or 15 i could just play a player in that position and he would become "accomplished" in it after a while, even without new position training. Does this still apply to fm17 or is new position training necessary now (i think that's how it was in fm16?)? Also, does new position training increase training workload?
  19. How can i edit the opacity of the floating match panels (widgets)? I tried my luck in photoshop with pretty much all black png files but it didn't change the above. Do i have to edit an xml?
  20. All you would have to do is set a W/WM to cut inside, get more forward, shoot more and you will have an IF. Overall it doesn't really make sense to have the same roles for ML/MR & AML/AMR because a Wide Midfielder doesn't play that high up the pitch in real life just how an Inside Forward doesn't play on the same line as a Central Midfielder, he's called a forward after all. The more roles the better as someone else pointed out in this thread. If anything they should add new roles to fix your issue like an Inverted Wide Midfielder/Winger, a Wide Midfielder does usually cut inside a lot already though.
  21. I think i know what you mean by "central winger" but i would call it a "wide forward". Sort of how Anelka played for Chelsea with Drogba at ST and Malouda on the other side. I have been trying to replicate this role and it just feels wrong playing a taller, stronger and sometimes slower player as a Winger or IF, even with "move into channels" instuction which makes them play more centrally. It also feels wrong playing them as the wider strikers in a three striker formation with the current roles in charge, the only some what fitting role is DLF. AF doesn't really make sense because wide strikers usually don't lead the line and stay deeper than the central striker. I would love a "wide forward" role for strikers which sits a bit deeper than a TM(a) or AF and wider than a wide striker as DLF.
  22. I guess this fits in here. I have a player who should be able to play Regista but when i select that role for him he only gets a yellow rating. His attributes aren't that bad for this role so why does't he get a green rating? Does he he need exceptionally high attributes to become green at Regista? I'm playing in the Belarus 1st Division so obviously this player isn't too good. It just doesn't make sense to me that my DLP can't play Regista even half as good as he can play DLP. I have noticed this on other players too for roles such as Roaming Playmaker, Trequerista, Complete Forward.
  23. Hi, i was trying to change my user data folders location to another partition but for some reason everytime i try this the screen gets stuck. I can still move my mouse but i can't click on anything. I can only change this folder to another location on the same partition. A few days ago i could change the location to whichever partition i wanted it to be without problems. I have found a fix already, i edited the user_data_location.xml to the location i want it to be and it works fine but it bothers me that i can't do the same ingame. I never had problems with this before. Does anyone know what could be causing this?
  24. England players aren't top notch for their clubs. It's just the hype of being english surrounding them that makes it seem like they're top notch. If Rooney wasn't english he would be regarded as an above average EPL player but not as the top player is he made out to be. I voted no because of that reason. England are not a top team so SI should get their attributes right so they don't overachieve and not magically make them worse when wearing an england kit.
  25. There is a private chat option for tutoring where you can choose from more than 3 tutors.