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  1. yeah this, get em in the bin with the monarchy
  2. also with regards to OP, no chance I'm gonna get up at 8am (and i normally get up around 7am on a sunday). Feel like noon is appropriate.
  3. the pub im watching it in doesn't do bookings, so trying to work out how many hours early i might have to get there
  4. whatever the pub puts on but i imagine that will be bbc
  5. Far too dismissive to Nat Phillips here, future world cup winning captain
  6. SCR: Don't discuss things that happened, also I'm outraged at a group of people I just made up in my head
  7. he takes two more steps after this pic? i dont think it shows him going to ground
  8. Italy have been the best team for sure. Hopefully it being at wembley will swing it our way, but we need to bring more than we did yesterday.
  9. I was in the no pen camp until i saw this video - didn't see this angle and how much it was a hip check last night (as opposed to just contact), they seemed to be concentrating on if his leg was clipped. i think the hip check is probably enough - certainly enough to not over turn it. i did think Raheem saying 'i was touched' when asked if it was a pen was a pretty funny though. its a contact sport my dude.
  10. You get that that is one players ankle bent ninety degrees under the leg of another player sliding along the ground with both feet off the floor, right? how is that not dangerous?
  11. ha, i thought the exact same thing! i remember my dad having whatever that album is when i was a kid
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