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  1. its not the players deciding these deals though, its not them getting to decide whether they want a little bit more money to sit behind a coke or beer bottle. this is the first time i've seen bottles on display like that, so its not like its a question of billions or no bottles. they're allowed to have their own opinions on these things, and their own lines that they can draw on these matters.
  2. i think everyone knows a sponsorship board is a sponsorship board and pretty much zones out on them - i've just scrolled down the photos in the thread but couldn't tell you what was on a single one of the boards behind them or even if there was sponsors there (though i assume there is). having the coke and heineken in bottles in front of them is quite different i feel, and i'd be quite happy getting rid of advertising beer and unhealthy drinks in sports.
  3. Huh? This is what it would look like if you had clicked to make it plain text: https://disciplinary.uefa.com/insideuefa/disciplinary/updates/026a-12887d9afecd-83f2e59002a4-1000--ab-austria-v-north-macedonia/ DECISIONS AB: Austria v North Macedonia Last updated 06/16/2021 12:57 The UEFA Appeals Body has announced the following decision: Match: UEFA EURO 2020 group stage match between Austria and North Macedonia, played on 13 June in Bucharest, Romania. Incidents: Marko Arnautovic - Insulting another player, Art. 15(1)(a)(iv) of the UEFA Disciplin
  4. That applies to every stat, its applies more so to assists than expected assists - should we stop comparing that too?
  5. it might well be one of those things where what to do is only established after it happens. like the saying about all Health and Safety rules being written in blood.
  6. yeah was an odd thing to say, she's one of the best presenters around
  7. Where is the link to the modified training sessions? The non very-heavy ones?
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