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  1. Why do you think the mode is unsustainable? You were the one that brought up netflix and steam. Ackter is clearly making the point that exclusives have kept people tied into ecosystems for decades and its been quite sustainable. Why would that not apply here? Especially when there is no cost of entry to using another store? Like you already know Ackter is making a comparison with the console exclusives, so why are you being so disingenuous and annoying repeatedly asking that question?
  2. Yeah no idea why anyone would think its unsustainable. It is annoying having multiple clients, but Epic has been throwing out such great offers to get people onboard that its been pretty great for me personally.
  3. Yes, they are all separate stores to buy games (+Epic is the other one). You don't need to pay for membership for them. Definitely sign up for epic and steam as there are often free games (especially with epic). I think GOG do as well sometimes but someone else can confirm. Xbox one is mainly if you have gamepass. There is just a store there too, but I'm not sure there is anything on there that isn't on the others. But no harm in having it as well.
  4. Need to remember a lot of people have already had it without even knowing too, in which case they are far less likely to have an adverse reaction to the vaccine, or at least thats my understanding
  5. I mean they've literally already done that. It didn't open a can of worms when they vaccinated health workers first. I don't see why it would if they other key worker groups too, and they've had plenty of time to sort out a system to do it without slowing down the rest. Certainly teachers and police are easy enough
  6. What else loses you the right to a fair trial? Murder? Rape? Assault?
  7. 'Fair trial in a court of law = actions dont have consequences' is a strong play there from sc91, let's see what nonsense argument oche, cp or synth can come up with to top it.
  8. Saw this on reddit. it's from gallup so assume just americans, but quite interesting. would be good if there was a breakdown as to what they were actually identifying as though
  9. Its an absolute **** show that there isn't a single proper potato slice crisp left by the QFs
  10. Why would he not ask Harris to do that when it was part of his election spiel?
  11. What are you quoting there? And the content of that article doesn't really seem to match with what you are claiming. Are there any more in depth breakdowns that explain it? On face value company pivoting to changing consumer demands isn't a story of evil corporations
  12. Less of a doritos thing, more a tortilla crisps in general thing I'd say. they need dips or toppings
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