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  1. Shots fired! Waria Ahmed takes down Dion with ease! How will he come back from this?
  2. That's a 10-7 round. I'll be amazed if Dion's corner let him back out for the 6th.
  3. Oh god when is the ref going to stop this, Dion's out on his feet! The lads got heart though you've gotta give him that.
  4. Destroyed.
  5. Vandalay bossing Dion here. He's clearly the Messi to Dion's Ronaldo.
  6. Tbf to Dion this is true. Ronaldo does deserve to be up there with those guys... ...on the tier just below Messi.
  7. You know that Messi well and truly buried this argument when Ronaldo's fanboy's no.1 weapon is taxes.
  8. Bit like your posting style.
  9. Nani put it on him.
  10. Pogba's confused.
  11. Ronaldo taking his shirt off purely to show off his physique.
  12. I'm sure I saw him screaming "no goal! foul! foul!" at the 4th official.
  13. Take a bow son.
  14. Danny Murphy thinks it's fine that Portugal get a freekick for handballing the ball.
  15. I don't remember Akter being so outwardly Welsh before this tournament.