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  1. Can’t really argue with that team although I’d have Schick instead of Lukaku because he’s
  2. Yeah that’s why I think that 3 would compliment each other well (in the right system of course). Rice sits, Bellingham box-to-box and Foden picking up the ball dictating play and creating from the midfield.
  3. Well, I don’t think there was really any of it last night anyway. England dropped too deep and conceded too much control of the game to Italy after the first half an hour but I wouldn’t really call that ****housery.
  4. Absolutely, I’m not having a dig at Italy. The point was that ****housery is a part of football and historically there isn’t really anyone better at it than the Italians.
  5. Ha you couldn’t be wider of the mark. I don’t begrudge Italy at all, but gunman trying to suggest football doesn’t reward ****housery it’s just nonsense.
  6. We lost to Italy last night, who now have 2 European Championships and 4 World Cups. Football definitely rewards ****housery.
  7. It was a clear penalty, Raheem was definitely clipped. You all need to sort your eyes out.
  8. The absolute cheek of Jermaine Jenas to say “it’s about finding pride in your work”
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