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  1. ajw. In his defence though I don’t think he said that Kante isn’t good enough, just that Kante wouldn’t fit Arsenal’s style. Considering Kante had just won back to back league titles you’d have to say ajw had a point.
  2. If you’re talking about in his post match interview after the Brazil game then no, you’ve completely twisted what he said.
  3. You need to get yourself a UHD tv mate.
  4. I don’t understand why he wasn’t booked?
  5. Why doesn’t Man City’s De Bruyne play for Belgium?
  6. KdB to do to Brazil what Zidane done in ‘98.
  7. Loving the salty tears from Pékerman, making the win even more satisfying.
  8. He’ll have to because England aren’t creating much else. Just gotta hope that we can keep bamboozling the opposition with Gareth’s mighty love train.
  9. Just Fontaine got all his 13 World Cup goals in one tournament.
  10. If you think that’s shocking wait until July 15th when Jordan Henderson’s got a better World Cup record than all of them.
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