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  1. There’s no point picking players nobody was ever expecting anything from anyway though. The 3 I mentioned all have reputations that far exceed their actual level and then stunk the tournament out to boot.
  2. I can’t be bothered doing a whole 11 but my front 3 would be Ferran - Lukaku - Raphinha
  3. Thought Muttley would win this all along but looking at the sides, think Scott’s defence might just be able to cope with what he’s got. Muttley 1-3 Scott
  4. Barry Cartman 1-0 Baptista Southcoastred 0-0p Citizen Kane
  5. Oh no, this isn’t going to become a regular thing is it?
  6. Haha, great bants from BBC. Van Gaal: “I’ve couched Ajax, number one in Holland, I’ve coached Barcelona, number one in Spain, I’ve coached Bayern Munchen, number one in Germany… and Manchester United.”
  7. No swaps ffs. Your team is your team. Players changing team mid tournament is proper FIFA levels of nonsense.
  8. Adhikapp 1-0 fmveteran Scott1982 2-0 BigV gunman 1-0 BlissSeeker scouseyvasey 0-1 SuperOwl
  9. That doesn’t beat a Ghanaian MP calling the guy in charge of the economy an “Economic Maguire”
  10. You’d think Neville of all people would remember some of the clangers De Gea has let in over the last few years but he “can’t image De Gea would let that in”?
  11. It’s okay, Aluko said she could see it clearly from 100 yards away.
  12. Harryesseas 1-1 Carinho Kopsy 1-0 goldenboy Muttley 3-0 pompeyboyz Marlyosullivan 31-1 bduk
  13. If touching Messi’s face was a penalty, how is that not a penalty?
  14. Leo’s terrible at pens tbf. He’d be better off asking for a free-kick.
  15. Sons FC 0-1 Cartman Kawee 1-0 trueblue Chase Farley 1-1 Haguey Crispypaul 0-0 Baptista
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