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  1. Have you been able to make changes to Leyton Orients ownership/finances?
  2. Just started a new game as Leyton Orient in Vanarama National and they are participating in the Checkatrade Trophy, i think its meant to only be Championship, League 1 and League 2 teams that participate in this trophy?
  3. Playing as Arsenal, every time an opposition manager is asked to single out a weak link in my team its always Petr Cech (or whoever is my goalkeeper regardless of if they are out on a long term injury) Seriously he could be laid up at home with 2 broken legs and 2 broken arms, "Who do you think Arsenal's weakest link is?" "Petr Cech" come on give the guy a break. (Every team i play as has that one guy who is singled out everytime) Whilst i am aware this is more of a bug, it has been present in previous FM Games.
  4. I agree, just had a 3mil bid for a player upfront, board accepted a 1.1mil bid over my head, managed to persuade them to reject it but they then accepted a 3.3mil bid made up of crap clauses.
  5. Just had the same thing happen and i am pretty pissed off about it. Playing as Ebbsfleet United, i have a player who was under bid from Everton (on the 14th of Jan) for 3million (All upfront) and 50% Future sale profit, Southampton come in and offer 1.1mil (750k upfront, rest clauses) and the ****** Chairman says "yeah that's too good to turn down i'll accept that on your behalf cause again i am a ******" so i get the option to protest the sale, which i say "hey ****** don't accept that offer cause i wan't to keep him" (no option to say there is a better offer on the table) Chairman says "okay ill reject the offer", all seems to be sorted and i'm thrilled i might have 3mil to spend on players in League 2. Now i get to deadline day in January and it says Southampton have successfully negotiated contract with Diego, i am like what the... i click over to the transfer page and see they snuck in an improved offer of 3.3mil (all in clauses and crap) i went back through my inbox to see if i missed the opportunity to respond but no, it just happened without any notification. I can't cancel the bid from Southampton cause it seems to have been accepted by Chairman El Retardo (again), don't get me wrong i would be pleased with the fact i am getting 3.3mil but the clearly better deal for the club was 3mil upfront.
  6. Good shout, i was concerned i would have to manually set one up every week, but looking in staff responsibilities it says i can set my ass manager to do that, so hopefully that will help, thanks
  7. Playing as Ebbsfleet United in the Conference South, i have a large squad, and i'm struggling to keep them all match fit throughout the season. There is no u23 competition so i can't stick them in the reserves to keep match fit, i pretty much always have 11 match fit, 3-5 lacking match fitness (these are usually my subs) and then several others who are always severely lacking match fitness. I put team training as Fitness very high with no rests before or after games to see if this improves the situation.
  8. Luca Crudo <- might not appear in your game depending on leagues loaded Josh Gordon <- can play boths wings and up front Aimone Calì <- might not appear in your game depending on leagues loaded Taylor Tombides <- plays Centre mid and right wing Liam Coogans <- striker but can play left and right wings Jack Hartley <- 18y/o but is good enough for north/south divisions and has potential to develop into a League 2 player
  9. Take a look at Jake Picard, got him for Ebbsfleet first season of the new update 1k p/w wages but totally worth it, fending off Championship suitors for him now.
  10. Brede Hangeland (def & tactics), Dan Micciche (all rounder), Stuart Holden (all rounder), Remy Tang (fitness), Marcus Hahnemann (GoalKeeping), Nick Dawes (Physio), Becky Knight (Physio), Mel Singleton (Physio) Some off the top of my head that i usually go for to cover all the areas. Just won the Vanarama South undefeated in a season, didn't win manager of the year award or even place in the top 3.
  11. Playing as Ebbsfleet United, finished the first season undefeated wasn't awarded manager of the year award with a 78% win ratio compared to the winner who was 55% win ratio, wasn't even awarded runner up or 3rd place manager of the year. So either the other club managers banded together to screw me over in a vote or there is a problem somewhere
  12. [Arsenal] (Official) Data Issues

    Thanks for the reply, much appreciated
  13. [Arsenal] (Official) Data Issues

    What is your source for the player's wages? I am just wondering if Dan Crowley (10k pw), Dejan Illiev (5k pw) are typo's? or if that is actually what they are paid?
  14. Yep, i have had to loan him out in the end as the only offers that come for the rest of the transfer window was 500k and half his wages from Stoke, and 3.1mil and half his wages from Marseille, refuse to let him go for less than 20mil really, i hope in future FM's they will add more interaction options
  15. I was wondering if anyone has any tips on how to intentionally upset your own players in a limited amount of time. The scenario is as follow's - I have a 25mil offer from PSG For Theo Walcott, now i accept the offer but he keeps turning down the move in favor of staying with my Arsenal team, whom of which he has no hope of ever playing for again, but i have no option to tell him this via in game interaction, i have done all the following but he just won't get the hint. Criticized his training level Put him in the U23's Put him in the U18'S Attempted to mutually terminate his contract I know when you receive no offers for players you get that option come up where you can tell them to get on the phone to other clubs and get a move, but i can't get this to come up whilst PSG have offered for him.