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  1. I think it's probably to do with the Austrian league reputation, i think if he in one of the higher leagues in the game the price would probably be a lot higher.
  2. MS, Danish Researcher has kindly reported the issue of him being missing to SI, so hopefully he will be added.
  3. Got this as well, soon as i clicked negotiate contract with the player the Induction for backroom staff popped up and now can't progress only toggle the boxes which does nothing. Update: I couldn't alt + F4 the game, so i went to windows and right clicked the program to close it in the task bar, and it suddenly sprang back to the negotiation screen.
  4. @MS Hi, do you know why this player is missing from FM20? can't seem to find him with the database options of - players of nationality - Scandinavian or Danish. He was brilliant in FM19.
  5. Erling Haaland is available for less than 22mil.
  6. Yeah, i can't find him on FM20, i have selected all players of Scandinavian nationality too in the advanced options. Disappointing!
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