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  1. Apologies if this actually exists in game already but I can not for the life of me find a way to do it. Basically I want to sell a player but no club will meet his wage requirements or even submit a transfer bid, said player in this instance is Alex Lacazette of Arsenal. I am able to offer him in part exchange for numerous players at other clubs and they accept but the deal always collapses due to Lacazette snubbing their offer, so basically what I want to be able to do is give them the money, player and offer to pay 50percent of his wages, but the only option in this type of deal involving
  2. Samaden at Inter is probably the best real HOYD, 20 in the three highlighted attributes, but also need to keep in mind that HOYD can be used as a coach, so all of their attributes should be taken into account. Peters used to be my go to in previous FM's as he had a 5 star rating in one of the training categories. I now usually go for one of the Newgen's at the start of the game as you are guaranteed to get one with 4 and a half to 5 star training ratings.
  3. Ricardo Dinanga, 19, AMRL formerly with Cork. Aidan Barlow, 21, AMC ex Man Utd youth. I have large database with all UK & Ireland based players loaded. Regan Booty is great! Some players worth monitoring whose contracts expire at the end of the first season - Ben House - ST with Eastleigh Andrew Nelson - ST with Torquay Tyler Smith - ST with Swindon Giacomo Olzer - AMC with AC Milan Calum Macdonald - DL with Tranmere Marlon Fossey - DR with Fulham Corey Jordan - DCR with Bournemouth Ryan Barnett - AMR with Shrewsbury (They might trigger his contract extension
  4. If for example I change a player's PA to 175 but his Peak PA is ticked as 158, can he achieve the 175?
  5. IMO. I'd be happy if they just left Tierney alone, his CA/PA is already very good, have a horrible feeling they will nerf him As you say Saka's positional familiarity should be Accomplished or Competent at LWB and stay as Competent at LB, I think Natural would be a bit too far. His CA and PA should be boosted. AMN probably won't see much change in his positional familiarity, he's already rated as Accomplished at all the positions he's been playing. I agree with Auba becoming classed as Natural at the IF Left position. I would expect Ozil to be listed as leaving on a free at e
  6. Yep and he is still there after 2 seasons, keeps calling me a bitter manager when i beat him in europe . Marco Silva is Chelsea manager. Lionel Scaloni just replaced Klopp who went to City, Pep went to Napoli and now to Tottenham.
  7. The one where Neil Lennon becomes manager of Real Madrid .
  8. I'm at the start of my third season in my new save (started again to see how things played out with the new match engine update and also some other transfers i wanted to make.) He played 23(16 PL APPS) times for me in his debut season, averaging 7.43, his training position setting is BPD on Defend and i put him in a mentoring team with Ruben Dias to get his determination stat up, he's picked up several traits, 'argues with officials' the only unwanted one, but might be able to un-train that later. My personal plan with him is to partner him with Barcelona's Todibo who is of similar age
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