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  1. Luca Crudo <- might not appear in your game depending on leagues loaded Josh Gordon <- can play boths wings and up front Aimone Calì <- might not appear in your game depending on leagues loaded Taylor Tombides <- plays Centre mid and right wing Liam Coogans <- striker but can play left and right wings Jack Hartley <- 18y/o but is good enough for north/south divisions and has potential to develop into a League 2 player
  2. Take a look at Jake Picard, got him for Ebbsfleet first season of the new update 1k p/w wages but totally worth it, fending off Championship suitors for him now.
  3. Brede Hangeland (def & tactics), Dan Micciche (all rounder), Stuart Holden (all rounder), Remy Tang (fitness), Marcus Hahnemann (GoalKeeping), Nick Dawes (Physio), Becky Knight (Physio), Mel Singleton (Physio) Some off the top of my head that i usually go for to cover all the areas. Just won the Vanarama South undefeated in a season, didn't win manager of the year award or even place in the top 3.
  4. Playing as Ebbsfleet United, finished the first season undefeated wasn't awarded manager of the year award with a 78% win ratio compared to the winner who was 55% win ratio, wasn't even awarded runner up or 3rd place manager of the year. So either the other club managers banded together to screw me over in a vote or there is a problem somewhere
  5. Thanks for the reply, much appreciated
  6. What is your source for the player's wages? I am just wondering if Dan Crowley (10k pw), Dejan Illiev (5k pw) are typo's? or if that is actually what they are paid?
  7. Yep, i have had to loan him out in the end as the only offers that come for the rest of the transfer window was 500k and half his wages from Stoke, and 3.1mil and half his wages from Marseille, refuse to let him go for less than 20mil really, i hope in future FM's they will add more interaction options
  8. I was wondering if anyone has any tips on how to intentionally upset your own players in a limited amount of time. The scenario is as follow's - I have a 25mil offer from PSG For Theo Walcott, now i accept the offer but he keeps turning down the move in favor of staying with my Arsenal team, whom of which he has no hope of ever playing for again, but i have no option to tell him this via in game interaction, i have done all the following but he just won't get the hint. Criticized his training level Put him in the U23's Put him in the U18'S Attempted to mutually terminate his contract I know when you receive no offers for players you get that option come up where you can tell them to get on the phone to other clubs and get a move, but i can't get this to come up whilst PSG have offered for him.
  9. Ah okay, good to know as i said i was starting to worry it was a bug, but you've put my mind at ease, cheers
  10. I've played Football manager for several years now and i have never paid much attention to the steam leader boards but i recently played a season as Ebbsfleet in the Conference South, I went undefeated in the league (118pts), won the FA Trophy and made it to the 4th round of the FA Cup, so i was pretty happy with that season, on the leader board it placed me around 990 ish for a single season in the Vanarama conference south at around 20 thousand points. So i thought i wonder how many points the top 10 people have, well the top person has 2million points plus for a single season as Dartford. I am assuming this must be cheating? how can there be such a huge gap? or do you actually get 2million points for winning the FA Cup as a conference south team? I'm not really that bothered just curious.
  11. Anyone been able to gain a parent club? I have tried asking the board at Ebbsfleet 6 times now over 2 seasons, each time they agree with finding a parent club but each time they come back with none, starting to wonder if this is a bug.
  12. If you go to the Transfers tab ingame where you can see ins and outs, there is a tab along the top that says clauses, go there and it should list all clauses that are on going for players bought and sold by the club under the previous management and your current management, best to go to the board and choose the option that asks them to increase transfer percentage before you do anything with clauses as Welshace suggested. This way if you sell the clause you will get more money to spend.
  13. Here's a few screens of my best signings so far in Vanarama South, i never spend any transfer fees when playing as a lower league team (at least in the first few seasons) and i don't sign players over the age of 28 (except if they are exceptional for the level i am playing at or would be decent mentors) Some other worthwhile names (some of which have already been mentioned by others, thanks by the way nice finds guys) Valentin Gjokaj, 22, CB/DCM Ian Mcloughlin, 25, GK (Could easily be number 1 for a league 1 or 2 side) Liam Coogans, 19, ST Taylor McKenzie, 22, DC Taylor Tombides, 20, MCR Montell Moore, 20, ST Jordan Murphy, 20, ST Fraser Shaw, 21, WBL If your working on a small budget, consider some of these young talents that you should be able to sign as Hot Prospects full time on £160 a week contracts (i recommend sticking in the 2 year club extension clause on their contracts so you can develop them and they wont just be able to leave or get signed by other clubs without you getting some money George Willis, 21, GK (starts the game at Gainsborough but you can approach to sign on a free Anes Omerovic, 18, BWM James Graham, 19, DC Lionel Stone, 20, DC Peter Skapetis, 20, ST Channing Campbell-Young, 19, DC/DCR Levi Rowley, 18, AMC/Shadow Striker Tom Gamblen, 18, MC Kisimba Kisimba, 18, BWM James Wolfenden, 18, DRL Robbie McDaid, 19, ST Michael Kelly, 18, WBL Aaron Greene, 21, DL/ML (Starts the game at Dulwich Hamlet, approachable on a free) Billy Simpson, 19, DC/DCR Will Summerfield, 20, AMC Kevin Owusu, 18, AMRL
  14. Last update changed a lot in regards to signing players, i had a shortlist of about 200 players who would be up for joining my Ebbsfleet team, loaded the game today and now about 10 of them are interested.
  15. @ above post, Wilfried Bony is a loan, not a full transfer, nice list though