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  1. Pretty sure his original post before it was edited stated he was using a different currency, can't remember which, but that might be represented by the bigger M and smaller m next to each value.
  2. Could try Nabil Fekir, a player we are also interested in signing in real life.
  3. Yet you can get Ozil and Barkley to resign no problems..
  4. Some decent staff that may come to your teams include, Gorden Ewen - Really good Assistant Manager and Goalkeeper coach in one. Luke Anthony & Liam Kershaw - Physios (20) Remy Tang & Nick Harvey - Fitness coaches Dan Micciche, Neil Murray & Luke Izatt - All rounders
  5. I'm waiting for a reply from the data issues thread to see if Alexis being hardcoded to refuse contracts is how the FM Team meant it to be, which i am fine with if it's the case but my issue is with the fact that Ozil should be the same and Ross Barkley, who will sign a new contract for a pittance (60kp/w the lowest i have heard someone get him to stay for) at Everton.
  6. Alexis Sanchez

    Whilst i'm fine with this as it would mirror real life and if its what the FM Team intended then that's great, but i question the logic of how Sanchez is singled out to reject all contract offers but not Ozil, Barkley and i would imagine quite a few others.
  7. Alexis Sanchez

    I would add that whilst its quite likely Sanchez will leave, so might Ozil, neither have stated publicly their intent, yet Ozil is open to signing a new contract in game, also Ross Barkley who is even more likely to leave his club than these two will sign a new contract (even a low money contract 60k p/w)
  8. FM18: Everton FC - The People's Club

    I don't have the game yet, i am curious to know if Barkley signs a new contract if offered?
  9. FM17: Arsenal

    Just started a save as Arsenal on FM17 with the pr0 transfer window update, managed to sell Carl Jenkinson to Southampton for 22mil, though they instantly listed him for 48mil a day after. Wierd! Debating whether to sell Ozil for 90mil to Chelsea, i can never get him to perform consistently in any Arsenal save i have had.
  10. Request A Screenshot

  11. Request A Screenshot

    Anyone able to post some screenshots of some Arsenal youngsters from FM2018 please? Holding, Chambers, Nketiah, Mcguane, J Willock, Nelson, Dragomir, Smith-Rowe.
  12. Simply not true at least in the FM17 edition. They have two wonder kids, Jeff Reine Adelaide and Reiss Nelson who have a PA of and a third potentially decent young player in Vlad Dragomir who has an I would actually expect downgrades to some of their first team squad players and improvements to other young players such as Nketiah and Mcguane. on a side note i am interested to see if the Liverpool researcher changes Oxlade Chamberlains stats at all in the next FM
  13. According to Pr0's forum, next release is 15th September. http://updatesbypr0.com/forum
  14. Have you been able to make changes to Leyton Orients ownership/finances?
  15. Just started a new game as Leyton Orient in Vanarama National and they are participating in the Checkatrade Trophy, i think its meant to only be Championship, League 1 and League 2 teams that participate in this trophy?