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  1. Kaspar Dolberg got the nerf hammer.
  2. These are some things i notice immediately, will add more if i see 'em
  3. wing backs

    What formation are you playing?
  4. I regret downloading the 2 wing backs and 3 striker plug in and play tactics, they break the match engine and it's made me question whether or not i am doing well with other tactics or if its just that the ME is fecked.
  5. I have managed to fix this by going into the editor and changing the start date of the new contract to 1/6/2017, its removed him from being transfer listed and he has the 'pleased to have signed new contract' message on his dynamics.
  6. Can be, but developing young players is what i really enjoy doing in the game so i don't mind, the financial side is just a bonus from that.
  7. I signed 60+ youth players (not including the youth already at the club) over the 3 seasons i have played so far, offered them out for between 75k-150k per month (which averages about 1mil-1.5mil for 10months for a single player, do that with 60 or so players and you get about 70mil or above in loan fees and another bonus is making the other club pay all wages, its a great way to make cash and keep the wage bill down. In some cases such as Jeff Adelaide, Calum Chambers and Reiss Nelson you can get 200-250k per month for them.
  8. Hi, yes i have a save at the start of the season the day before i bid for the player, so if you press continue the contract talks will start, can't attach it to this post as its too large a file though(105,048,100 bytes), can only seem to compress it down to 100mb too.
  9. That's a good point, he does fill a number of roles, probably worth a go then, how much signing on fee does he want? i find you can really bring those down if you offer other clauses like sell on percentage, appearance fee, fee per goal etc. Another bonus about Griezmann is his high determination, i think its 17, if you still have Reiss Nelson and Jeff Adelaide you could have him tutor both and i think that would really help them develop and step up fairly quickly into first team roles. I really want a largely English focused squad so i don't mind the big fees, plus its taking Spurs key players lol
  10. Griezmann on around 375k? he will likely want 400k+ which is pretty insane, he is worth the 89mil in my opinion but his wages could be crippling, especially if it upsets your other key players, Malcom went to Bayern in my save, he looks a pretty good prospect, his finishing attribute is a bit questionable though for the inside forward role, might take a few seasons to reach his full potential in contrast to the already established Griezmann. Did you happen to come across Hirving Lozano or Andrija Zivkovic whilst scouting?
  11. Third Season Sorted out a lot of contracts, had to replace a few staff that got poached by Barcelona and City Out Mario 60mil - PSG De Vrij 65mil - PSG Mustafi 66mil - PSG Iwobi 36mil - United Made 70mil loan fees for youth players (50+ youth players on average of 75k-150k per month fees) In Gary Cahill free - Chelsea John Stones 35mil - City Dele Alli 250mil - Spurs Two youth regens Mario and Iwobi were planned departures, De Vrij came asking for a move when PSG showed interest, and Mustafi wanted 250k wages, so i took what i think was good money for both and replaced with Cahill for 25k p/w wages and John Stones who City had listed, sadly Stones picked up a 7month injury against United in the Charity Shield... I put a 120mil bid in for Alli and it unsettled him, and was eventually transfer listed for 122mil, Spurs wouldn't take any offer i put in till i got to 200mil up front, 50mil over 3 years and 50percent of the next sale, his contract is 250k p/w and 50percent of next sale (neither realize he is never getting sold ) I put in a 120mil bid for Kane too but he had recently signed a new 175k a week deal, will try again January or next season, still have 429mil and 425k wage budgets available.
  12. Finished my second season. Won the league by 3 points, United finishing second. Won the Super Cup 2-0 vs Chelsea Won the FA Cup 2-0 vs Chelsea Won the League Cup 5-1 vs Birmingham(two cup finals for them in two seasons, pretty good) Won the Charity Shield 4-3 vs Liverpool Won the Champions League 3-1 vs Chelsea, beat Barcelona in the Semis and Bayern in the quarters. Best results of the season was 9-0 vs Norwich(H), 8-0 vs Bayern(H), 6-1 vs Liverpool(H) and 6-1 vs City(H) Lost 2 games all season, the Shaktar game in group stages of Champions league and 6-2 away to City after the 8-0 Bayern game (even fielded the same first 11) Top performers are Lacazette(49 goals in 51apps) who won top scorer and player of the season awards, Ben Woodburn(43 goals in 47apps) who won young player of the season and Champions League golden boot, along with these two Mustafi, Koscielny and Dier made it into Premier League team of the season. Plans for the next season are to get Fekir and Dolberg fit, upgrade some of these young players contracts to be reflective of their performances, Sell Iwobi and possibly Mario, Wilshere and a CB to make room for the returning De Ligt and Oxford and finally have another go at signing Kane and Alli from Spurs who finished 5th, they won the Europa League so it might be difficult.
  13. I signed three youth players on condition that i gave them playing time the following season, i gave each of them a game and the promise updated to a green light, i didn't play them for a while and they got yellow, the promise downgraded to a yellow light, i gave them all more games and the promise status stayed yellow but had no text to indicate the progress, i increased playing time but the progress text never changed from being blank but the timer ticked down, to the point where all three failed, they came to me unhappy that the promise was broken, i went to interact with them but there was no options only a button to leave the conversation.