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  1. Hi, I'm currently playing as Dagenham & Redbridge in the Vanarama National League South, in the 2019-2020 season. I got to the 26th of March and have just been invited to attend the Transfer Deadline day activity/media coverage. Is this normal? i wasn't aware Vanarama leagues have transfer windows, or if they do why would it be in March? the media questions are about players that signed in the summer but its behaving as if they only just arrived.
  2. Latest update seems to have done something to being able to offer contracts to free players for me. Players i could offer contracts to yesterday now say "I am very interested in joining the club in general, but i feel it lacks the financial muscle to even get close to my contract demands", seems to only apply to foreign players as i can offer 1.5k wages as Dagenham to one of the British players on my shortlist but a guy i know only asked for £400p/w yesterday won't even open negotiations.
  3. Oh, i hadn't looked in the editor yet this year and assumed they would be the same as they was in FM18's final update which didn't have them fixed and also be like the other wonder kids in the squad i definitely think they should be higher in that case. I'll be making a few tweaks to my game that's for sure.
  4. Most wonderkids in FM don't have fixed PA, they have -8, -85, -9, -95, -10, so their PA tends to vary on each save. Also some wonderkids (Usually those that don't have preferred traits/moves) have random starting stats to some degree. And lastly, your coaches stats can vary so their feedback on a players rating can be different.
  5. I think older, more influential players would likely provide a better tutoring experience, especially if the player likes/idolizes those players, that's a problem with the Arsenal squad though, most of the older players have low determination, off the top of my head Koscielny and Lichsteiner are the highest in determination? He would probably improve better in a group with a player in his preferred position too, think its just going to be a case of experimenting at the moment till there's more understanding of the system.
  6. I was browsing the training/tutoring sections of the game, is it possible to add him to a tutoring group with high determined players, see if that has the same effect as tutoring with high determination in previous FM.
  7. Any chance Emile Smith Rowe of Arsenal will be given CA/PA changes in your next update?
  8. SteveUK

    Final: France vs Croatia, 4pm BST

    State of Pogba
  9. SteveUK

    Final: France vs Croatia, 4pm BST

    Poor Lloris, the spurs player in him is so desperate to bottle it.
  10. SteveUK

    Final: France vs Croatia, 4pm BST

    Oh hello Will probably be crap load more now lol
  11. SteveUK

    Final: France vs Croatia, 4pm BST

    Goal of the tournament with 45mins left of the tournament...
  12. SteveUK

    Final: France vs Croatia, 4pm BST

    4-1 France
  13. Overachieved but didn't play well in my opinion, we got beaten by the teams of equal stature to us and scraped through the teams below us.
  14. We can have our first final in 2022 where we can lose to Qatar.
  15. well at least Westy doesn't have to change his Croatia top for a French one i guess.