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  1. IMO. I'd be happy if they just left Tierney alone, his CA/PA is already very good, have a horrible feeling they will nerf him As you say Saka's positional familiarity should be Accomplished or Competent at LWB and stay as Competent at LB, I think Natural would be a bit too far. His CA and PA should be boosted. AMN probably won't see much change in his positional familiarity, he's already rated as Accomplished at all the positions he's been playing. I agree with Auba becoming classed as Natural at the IF Left position. I would expect Ozil to be listed as leaving on a free at e
  2. Yep and he is still there after 2 seasons, keeps calling me a bitter manager when i beat him in europe . Marco Silva is Chelsea manager. Lionel Scaloni just replaced Klopp who went to City, Pep went to Napoli and now to Tottenham.
  3. Neil Lennon just became Real Madrid manager in my save.
  4. The one where Neil Lennon becomes manager of Real Madrid .
  5. I'm at the start of my third season in my new save (started again to see how things played out with the new match engine update and also some other transfers i wanted to make.) He played 23(16 PL APPS) times for me in his debut season, averaging 7.43, his training position setting is BPD on Defend and i put him in a mentoring team with Ruben Dias to get his determination stat up, he's picked up several traits, 'argues with officials' the only unwanted one, but might be able to un-train that later. My personal plan with him is to partner him with Barcelona's Todibo who is of similar age
  6. Away games do seem a bit frustrating this FM edition, feels like an element of artificial increase in difficulty just because they are away games. As I said previously best to try changing the mentality to a more balanced approach, I play three cbs and two wing backs with one dlp and two cms and two strikers for away games, if I try and use the broken tactic I got from knap which I haven’t lost a home game in three seasons with, it doesn’t go well because it’s too attacking.
  7. Do you have problems with then in away games or home or both? Try adjusting your mentality in the tactic for a more defensive or balanced approach if you are away. Your 433 is it one striker two wide players or three strikers?
  8. I think a -85 would be a fair PA for him means he would be able to reach 170 max but not guaranteed
  9. An 89 Potential would put him on par with Moises Kean and Paqueta, though Haaland isn’t even in their top 20 wonder kid ratings, unless there’s been an update for it.
  10. Ah I misread sorry, I think potential might be fair then at 87, Mbappe has 95 I think
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