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  1. Dave Tickle . And that intake was disappointing have you got your best scout/staff doing the assessing to ensure the right ability/potential feedback information?
  2. I got this with Buying clauses, but only for clauses relating to instalments, other clauses sell and buy fine for me.
  3. Impressive amount for Ozil! never tried having my start date as May, will try that if i make a new save with the Official February Update!. It's further evidence that start dates really do have a large effect on being able to sell players for differing values. Those are some very good loan fee's i might have to try for higher ones like that again, i kept getting the impression £300k was the most the AI would offer me so never went past it. Unsettling players really is a great tactic .
  4. That golden generation intake sounds cool, hopefully its something like the United 92 Generation
  5. I chose the French start date 12th of June i think is when i began my save, depending on the start date you choose different clubs will be interested in different players, i offered Kola (he had the WNT sign next to his name for Bayern Munich), Sokratis, Xhaka, Chambers out initially for transfer (also make sure you have it set so it adds them to the transfer list too, you can set this as default in the staff responsibilities section, if you don't list them when you offer them out they can become unhappy that you are touting their services out and also it seems to have a different effect on what clubs will become interested straight away.) Utd came in straight away for Xhaka, Bayern for Kola, several clubs for Chambers and Liverpool for Sokratis. When clubs bid for your players one thing you shouldn't do is reject all the ones you aren't interested straight away, reason for this is it will tell the AI they have no competition for the player so won't be willing to pay as much, next is look at the bids i will use Chambers as my example here, he had about 6 bids, one was a non negotiable bid, the other 5 negotiable, 3 were about £12mil, the other 2 £14.5mil now i usually find that clubs will be willing to go up to a certain amount, a sweet spot i will call it, and most of the time its about £5-10mil more than they are initially offering so i negotiated and said i wanted £20mil rather than £14.5, they brought it down, so i went back to £20mil but then reduced it by .5, and the club which was Leicester accepted it, tried it with the other high bid but they wouldn't go for the £19.5mil that Leicester would pay so then i rejected them. It can be a bit hit and miss you have to make a guess at the finances of most of the bidders, obviously Premier League teams, most of Serie A, La Liga and Bundesliga, 2 or 3 of France and Portugal teams have really good finances, when they bid check to see if they have sold players recently or brought anyone in, if they have a transfer pending out that will give them more money, reject their bid till they sell the player then offer the player out again once they sell theirs, this should mean they come back with a bigger offer. Also remember the AI is doing lots of transfers in the background so money is moving around a lot during the windows, so i tend to keep offering players out every time i click the continue button to progress, there also seems to be like checkpoints in the game where the AI teams change there mind on when to bid for players, by this i mean, i was offering a player out every day around the 25-30 of June then all of a sudden on July 1st teams become interested, i know this is when a window officially opens but the teams could of still bid for the players before then, i find this happens quite a bit when changing into a new month. If you have players who have the WNT sign with clubs interested keep checking their teams to see if they are negotiating to sell any players, so you are ready to offer your players out as soon as they sell theirs and have money available so your player becomes the first target for them so to speak. As i said with Mustafi i had to buy a player from Watford to be able to sell him to them for a reasonable amount but still contribute a part of his wages, generally if a club asks for wages from you for the player it often means the player will reject that club if you refuse to pay the extra, as that club can't meet their demands, i had this with Mkhitaryan most recently and was a pain in my ass, sitting there moaning at me cause he wanted to leave but wouldn't cause i refused to pay £100k for 3 years. Clubs tend to refill their bank accounts around the same times each season and allocate new transfer funds so there is points in the season where its more advantageous to offer the players out to get larger amounts of that clubs budget. You can get decent fees for loaning players out and also demanding clubs pay wages in full, David Luiz for example can't sell him in first window initially as he's only just joined but you can offer him out for loan full wages, and a maximum of £300k (this has been the maximum loan fee i have been able to charge for a player) Man City took him in my save, and Ozil went to Utd for 70percent of his wages and £300k fee i think. Elite clubs will pay all wages and £300k max, Championship and lower end of top leagues tend to be willing to pay £150-250k loan fee and all wages, and lower leagues will pay all wages but no fees. Last thing because its 2am and i'm rambling , but your top players you try to sell like say Auba or Laca, if a big club comes in they seem to be a bit more willing to do chunkier instalments, which is how i got the 60 odd mill upfront and 32ish one 12month instalment for Auba, if they only try to pay you £50 or so million its probably cause they are reserving funds for other targets but they might be willing to do a chunk of the transfer for next season. TLDR, Can depend on your chosen start date, keep checking clubs ins and outs to time transfer offering outs right and or keep offering your listed players out daily, get loan fees and full wages paid for loaning your players out,(except Mesut cause he's a *****) only reject derisory offers after you finalise the best offer to keep the AI thinking it has competition in the negotiations. Hope some of this rambling helps.
  6. My players didn't get any rest from the previous season due to the new Fifa Club World Cup format, where it has you play about 5 games at the end of June and into July reached the end of the tournament but lost to Liverpool again on penalties , then had a few friendlies at the end of July.
  7. It means a player you can approach and offer a contract to without having to make a bid (although making a structured bid is always more future financially advantageous). Usually it relates to youth players, for example Nicolo Armini at the start of the game, if you right click him you will see you have approach to sign as an option, this allows you to offer a contract but will mean you paying compensation. Take a look at Ajax youth team to see even more examples. Most if not all unprotected contract players can be bought from their clubs by offering a starting fee of £250k-£500k up front and between £250k-£1.5mil over 3 years.
  8. Not entirely sure, but all three came down the left, which i believe the yellow Wan Bissaka picked up in the 34 min contributed to it, probably made him extra cautious about picking up a second. I love the tactic i'm using for home games, it's high scoring, but also intensive which results in a lot of yellow cards throughout the season so there's a downside.
  9. I use OXFORD 41221 from knaps tactics found here, Sweeper Keeper/defend , back 4 with inverted wbs/support, 2 BPD's/defend, a DLP/support infront of them, 2 wingers on attack, then 2 AM's on support with a CF on attack, it's a very high pressing tactic, the passing ain't the greatest and is very direct but effective, as i said before haven't lost at home in 2 seasons (will go and jinx myself now haha) need to find another tactic for difficult away games though as it struggles on those.
  10. Season 2 completed Overall very successful and not as close run as the first season, as mentioned before Man City sacked Pep, who was then hired by Tottenham which i thought would mean them challenging, instead they jumped off a cliff later sacking him in the second half of the season and replacing with Rafa Benitez. Marco Bielsa took over at Man City and never really got any consistent form to challenge for the title, Chelsea sacked Frank on the last day of the season after a poor finish for them, Ole clinging to his job after good performances in Carabao cup, beating Southampton in the final. As it stands only 10 managers of teams that have been in the Premier League in my 2 seasons have retained their jobs, and likely to be 9 as Slaven Bilic has just been relegated with West Brom. Just realised my screenshot doesn't show the Champions League, well after impressive displays beating Lyon, PSG, Barcelona (4-0 at the Bernabeu after a 0-0 draw at the Emirates) and then finally a thrilling 3-3 final in St Petersburg with Liverpool which we came from behind 3 times to win 6-5 on pens. Transfers In Summer In - Sergej Milinkovic-Savic - £77mil - Lazio (49+27 over 3 years) Couldn't let Chelsea sign him. Jean-Clair Todibo - £78mil - Barcelona (31+47 over 3 years) Absolute beast of a CB, i was only going to go for Upamecano but this guy dwarfs him in all aspects, couldn't believe Barcelona were willing to negotiate either. Dayot Upamecano - £30mil - RB Leipzig (15+15 over 3 years) Felt bad for unsettling him and for £30mil he's a steal. Diogo Costa - £32.5mil - FC Porto (15+17.5 over 3 years) New back up goalkeeper who has put in some top performances when Leno got injured during the latter stages of the season. Angel Gomez - Free - Man Utd January In - Jadon Sancho - £49mil - Dortmund (20+29 over 3 years +50percent of next transfer) He was going to be my third season target, but Vinicius jr got injured for 2 months in January and that left me with just ESR and Nelson to cover my left wing. Nicolo Zaniolo - £50mil - Roma (20+30 over 3 years) my formation uses 2 AM's so now i have real depth of quality with Savic, Fernandes, Olmo and Zaniolo, plenty of versatility as well. Transfers Out Summer Out - Lacazette - £85mil - Man Utd (Full Fee) Elneny - £27mil - AC Milan (Full Fee) Ozil - £23.5mil - Man Utd (Full Fee) Getting this guy off the wage bill is how Thanos must of felt at the end of Infinite war. Emiliano Martinez - £18mil - Juventus (Full Fee) David Luiz - £9mil - Fiorentina (Full Fee, £25k of wages) Medley, Sraha, Osei-Tutu, Graczyk, Mcguiness, Butler-Oyedeji all left on small fees but with sell on clauses. January Out - Doucoure - £40mil - Shanghai SIPG (Full Fee) Total of 38 Loans for the season, most notably, Nketiah to West Ham who took them to 5th with 27 goals in 34 Apps, Guendouzi and Saliba to Lazio who helped them finish second in Serie A, Ait Nouri and Mavropanos at Celtic and Martinelli at Newcastle. Overall i am very happy with the how the season went, Liverpool have become my nemesis, always tricky games 7 games, 2 wins, 3 draws, 2 losses both of which were away or neutral grounds. I haven't lost at home since i started this save which i am pretty proud of. Third Season To Do List - Make sure i can meet the rules of the competitions regarding home grown players ..Which won't be helped when i try and sell Rob Holding, i need to thin my CB's and he just hasn't had the game time he got in the first season, so my plan is to sell him, and replace with Declan Rice who has a phenomenal season at West Ham and would play DM for me which might mean moving on Torreira which i am a bit torn about because he's one of my favorite Arsenal players at the moment and my best performer, but he rightfully wants an improved contract which might mean increasing the wage budget quite a bit. I want a better 1st choice GK with better distribution, Ederson is unhappy at Man City who have oddly refused to offer him a new contract since January in the first season so i think ill be going for him. Win Fifa Club World Cup. And most importantly mock Tottenham in press conferences every chance i get.
  11. Yeah i definitely have believed that to be the case, especially in regards to press conference options.
  12. Players outside of Europe have to be 18, those under should come to you straight away, i think some under 16 won't come till they are 16, pretty sure one of the players i signed from Lyon in first window called Rayan Cherki wasn't able to join me till the January window. Also, how do you sign them?, do you offer them a contract with approach to sign? I personally don't because you will find any unprotected player is available for quite cheap if you offer £250k up front and then between £500k-1.5m over three seasons. This seriously lowers the overall amount you would pay for the player and prevents any future clauses. And yes i would prefer to keep a player at my club than send him to a League one or two non promotion fighting team. The best teams i find to try and loan players to are the teams that just got relegated from the Prem and Championship because usually they will be the strongest teams in their league the following season.
  13. Every FM i play as Arsenal, i sign about 70-80 players in the first window, about 10% are first teamers, rest are aged 18 or under and most of them were unprotected contracts, i put all the 15-17's in the U18 team, i sign as many coaches that are 4 and a half star+ as i can for all areas, then i offer out any player that is 18+ and not in my first team plans, to clubs who are willing to A) Pay all the wages, B) Give regular game time and also have their league loaded. Usually i can get 150k-300k per month payments from clubs i offer my players out to, those who don't offer to pay can only loan the player if they have his squad status as at least Regular starter or above, the payments for a full season usually amount to the initial cost of the unprotected player as well. In my current save in second season i have 37 players out on loan, 27 first team players, and about 45 u23/u18 players who are all averaging 7.5-10 training ratings each week due to the staff and training facilities. My observations for doing this sort of thing for last several years of FM is players develop best when they are playing first team football from top league to about championship level, after that they tend to develop okay if they are playing for the best teams in the lower league that they are in and getting good average ratings for example a player playing 30 games for say Sunderland in League 1 and only averaging below 6.5 will not develop as well as that same player playing at the same club but averaging 7+ but even then it's pretty marginal, still i try to loan players to clubs where they will destroy other teams. Determination is the biggest stat in regards to a player improving, i always try to sign young players with this stat about 15-20 they have a better chance of reaching their full potential and at a faster pace than someone with determination under 10. In previous FM's i think most people myself included would always get an older player with high det to tutor a youth player with lower det but now you have mentoring groups which kinda do the same thing but can also have the opposite happen if you have too many low determined players in the group. When you sign new new players only ask current players who have higher determination than the new player to welcome them into the club, as this has quite a good chance to boost determination of the new player. I know some see it as stock piling players and unrealistic (though Chelsea could be a comparison for this) but in my opinion there is no downside to doing this sort of thing in the game, you buy a young player for barely anything, you don't pay a lot of their wages, you get paid while they develop for 3-5 years and then if they don't suit your team and or want massive wages you can flog them for a massive profit.
  14. What's a good tactic for away games? getting a bit fed up struggling in them just simply because they are away.
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