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  1. Is it possible to view the inductions again later in the game? (if so how?) the email with them in has been deleted out of my in-game inbox.
  2. Playing as Arsenal i currently have 97, usually for other teams with lower budgets i'll have 3 for each position.
  3. Have a look at Benfica, Porto, Braga and Sporting, U19 sections of their teams, they have large numbers of talented young players, quite a few are in their final season at the start of the game to name a few.. Sporting - Diogo Bras, Miguel Luis, Bernardo Sousa, Goncalo Costa, Joao Oliveira Porto - Afonso Sousa, Pedro Justiniano, Joao Lameira, Santiago Irala Benfica - David Barrero, Diogo Mendes Check their B teams as well. They are likely to sign new contracts of course but they also have low values, most being under £50k in value, so you might be able to buy them cheap. Pretty sure Goncalo Costa is on a youth contract to begin with so you can approach him straight away.
  4. Just finished my 4th season, completed a septuple again, now trying to get my head around the fact the season starts earlier in July and therefore the transfer window closes earlier, due to the World Cup being in Qatar.. January 2022 i brought in Harry Kane for £180mil + Bernd Leno from Man Utd, and Kylian Mbappe for £120mil + Nelson Semedo from PSG July 2022 In's - J. Sancho - free from Borussia Dortmund T. Lato - free from Valencia July 2022 Out's - N. Fekir - £99mil to Real Madrid J. Eggestein - £46mil to PSG A. Ramsey - £24mil to Leicester Lincoln - £17.5 Sporting R. Baro - £15mil Athletico Madrid E. Vignato - £15mil to Benfica R. Veips - £13mil to FC Koln M. Solomon - £10mil to Sevilla
  5. Incredible tactic, posted before i know, but have played a few more seasons using the BEOWULF 4231 tactic, into my fifth season, just completed back to back Septuples as Arsenal.
  6. Just completed the January 2022 signing of Harry Kane for £180mil + Bernd Leno from Man Utd, very excited about my first eleven once they return from injuries.
  7. Finally managed to get Mbappe, £120mil + Nelson Semedo, PSG bid for Semedo and it unsettled him, he wanted more than what i wanted to pay wages wise to keep him
  8. I'm in my 4th season as Arsenal, I'm trying to sign Kylian Mbappe, he wants 450k a week wages, but i'm unable to offer more than 350k for a Key Player, i have £650k wage budget available and £759 million transfer budget, if i ask the board to increase wage budget they accept but this actually lowers the wage limit to £325k which makes no sense. Seems to be no option to ask the board to raise the limit either. Not sure why i am not able to offer Messi / Ronaldo / Griezmann levels of wages after winning the league 3 times in a row (1 undefeated), 1 Europa Cup, 2 Champions Leagues, 2 League Cups, 3 FA Cups, 1 Club World Championship, 2 Euro Super Cups and 3 Charity Shields Prestige and Finances aren't an issue here from my point of view. Any insight would be appreciated, thanks!
  9. Just reached Deadline day of the start of Season 4, Accomplished a Septuple in Season 3, In January i signed Ben Woodburn from Liverpool for £110mil Still can't seem to unsettle my key transfer targets in J.Gomez, A.Trent-Arnold, K.Mbappe or H.Kane, sitting with £749mil Transfer Budget and £671k Wage Budget, but over the FFP Wages at the moment which is annoying, it seems to fluctuate monthly though as its been in the red several times over 3 seasons yet never failed it. In's - J. Tymon - £11.75mil from Stoke Out's - F.Trincao - £60mil to PSG (This guy i got for £1.5mil at the start of the game, he performed really well on loan for Leeds and Celtic, to the extent that he beat Ronaldo to Portuguese player of the year , but ultimately he would be third choice at AML/AMR) A.Lacazette - £48mil to Benfica R.Holding - £44mil to Liverpool (Development plateaued, solid defender, sold him for the good of the national team) E.Eyibil - £30mil to AC Milan B.Kamara - £28mil to RB Leipzig K.Mavropanos - £26mil to Napoli S.Gronli - £24mil to RB Leipzig K.Bielik - £13mil to Aston Villa J.Willock - £12mil to Aston Villa P.Rajkovic - £10mil to Real Madrid (Really wanted this guy to be my number one eventually but he just wasn't developing, and with his contract running down he wanted way too higher wages to be third choice) 32 Loans.
  10. Yep, i tend to get full price up front when selling players, but when buying i use the installments over 3 years method with a fraction up front. That was after an undefeated season in the league as well as winning Carabao Cup, FA Cup and Europa League he played 25 Games as well as 14 Sub appearances getting 8 goals and 5 assists averaging a 7.29 rating, i was shocked myself when they bid 65mil for him and i wrangled it up to 90mil, hes now been put up for sale by them for 35-40mil after averaging a rating of 6.7, quite possibly the biggest flop i have seen in my time playing FM.
  11. Start of the third season, managed to sell Ozil for 85mil to Bayern, Sokratis for 46mil to PSG, Welbeck for 29mil to West Ham and Man City came in with a bid for Aubameyang so he's gone for 99mil. Harry Kane just moved to Man Utd for 158mil, tried putting in a 200mil bid but Tottenham didn't want to even negotiate. Had 150mil bids for Joe Gomez and Trent Alexander Arnold rejected . Signed Marco Asensio for 86mil from Madrid
  12. Just completed my second season, apart from being runner up in the Carabao Cup, it was a clean sweep for the Premier League, FA Cup, Super Cup, Charity Shield and Champions League. In's - E. Hazard - 86mil from Chelsea Ederson - 78mil from Man City M. Skriniar - 50mil from Inter N. Fekir - 42mil from Lyon L. Cook - 69mil from Bournemouth D. Olmo - 10mil from Dinamo A. Moreno - Free from Liverpool J. Eggestein - Free from Werder + Some decent looking regens R. Oxford joining end of the season for 33mil from West Ham Out's - Xhaka - 90mil to Man United Elneny - 65mil to PSG Iwobi - 48mil to Barcelona Koscielny - 25mil to Inter Ospina - 13mil to Fulham Cech - 8.5mil to Man City Martinez - 7mil to Everton My team(including U23's) going into the third season is - GK: Ederson, Leno, Rajkovic, Unbehaun DR: Bellerin, Semedo, B. Kamara, Mailand-Niles DC: Skriniar, Sokratis, De Ligt, Oxford, Holding, Chambers, Markovic, Mavropanos, Sheaf, Bielik, Veips DL: Tierney, Sessegnon, Moreno, Pierie DM: Torreira, Cook, Guendouzi, Tonali, Viviani MC: Milinkovic-Savic, Ramsey, De Jong, J.Willock, Baro AM: Ozil, Fekir, Olmo, Gronli, Eyibil, Morilla, M.Rogers AMR: Lacazette, Nelson, Vignato, Amaechi AML: Hazard, Welbeck, Smith-Rowe, Marin, Trincao, Soloman, T.Coyle ST: Aubamayeng, Belotti, Nketiah, Eggestein, Joveljic, Zirkee, Lincoln, John-Jules, In bold are those i will either look to sell or entertain offers for, those underlined i'll be loaning out. With 350mil Budget and 300k Wages My targets are J. Gomez, Alexander-Arnold, Paqueta, Sancho, Woodburn and Kane, but unlikely to get those, will definitely need to strengthen GK, AMR and ST positions though i think if certain players go.
  13. Just finished my first season, used the 4231 Beowulf tactic by knap, found in the tactics thread. Incredibly good tactic, went unbeaten (did lose one game to Liverpool but i hadn't saved for quite some time and my game crashed, drew 2-2 on the replay) , won all available trophies. Renewed Ramsey, Welbeck, Cech contracts. Summer Transfers In - Belotti - 34mil De Ligt - 32mil F.De Jong - 30mil R.Sessegnon - 29.5mil Tierney - 26mil B.Kamara - 9.5mil Tonali - 8.5mil Lincoln - 6mil Rajkovic - 5mil (These i got for fees of 3mil and below) M.Soloman, Viviani, Markovi, Joveljic, Trincao, Blesa, Zirkzee, Baro, Pierie, Morilla, Eyibil, Vignato, Russo, Unbehaun, K.Ruiz, M.Rogers, Ihatteren, Samardzic, Veips and Gronli Out - Monreal - 19.5mil > United Jenkinson - 2mil > Quanjian Loaned out and released a lot of youth players who need WP's and released quite a few of the U18's (Which is why i signed so many youth players to fill out the U23 and U18) January Transfers In - Milinkovic-Savic - 57mil (Was transfer listed by request about mid November) N.Semedo - p/ex Out - Kolasinac - 35mil + Semedo > Barcelona Mkhitaryan - 41mil > Monaco Mustafi - 68mil > Man Utd Chelsea finished 5th so Hazard has asked for a transfer despite signing a new contract back in October, just negotiated a 86mil 250k p/w deal for him between the FA Cup and Europa Cup finals both of which was playing Chelsea... Selling Xhaka to Man Utd for 90mil too So many players i want to get rid of as well, such as Koscielny, Elneny, Lichsteiner, Maitland-Niles, Martinez, Iwobi and possibly Welbeck, Ozil and Semedo.
  14. Just finished my first season using the BEOWULF 4231 P104 with Arsenal, unbeaten (I did lose one game to Liverpool but i hadn't saved for quite some time and my game crashed, so had to replay which resulted in a 2-2 draw.) Things i noticed with this tactic: -High number of shots (30-40 in some matches), Opposition has very few shots/shots on target. -Dominates possession -High number of fouls and yellows Goals come from quite a few sources as shown in the picture. Insane tactic
  15. Mulling over a Barca bid for Kolasinac in January(1st season) 35mil+Nelson Semedo
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