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  1. Thought i'd post this as a separate thread rather than it being lost in the Covid thread, I received an email yesterday that looked pretty official, I check email addresses of the sender to see if they are legit, it had the NHS email twice and that was pushing a shady looking address off at the end which was quite sneaky. Posted a warning about it on my facebook to friends and then one contacted me to say he had received it too, and then i've seen a few people on Twitter posting about it as well. Really lose faith in humanity with **** like this, absolute scum will take advantage of any s
  2. He’s off to Turkey I hear. Yes I would use it. A lot.
  3. Used to watch it a lot I never really enjoyed him, the bald guy on the other team and Gina yasherae(?) when she was on, Russell Howard got tedious after a while too.
  4. Yeah, i enjoyed it, was still in early access when i played it though. It's very atmospheric and tense, exploration is good, lot's of things to craft.
  5. Think Kevin Keegans PM was the first manager game i ever played, then lot's of the LMA series, loved Gary Linekers pronunciation of Lokomotiv Moscow, couple of the Total Club manager games, enjoyed the one with Bobby Robson on the front, kept crashing on my PC though so didn't get to play it as much as i would of liked. Eventually moved on to Championship manager and finally FM which since 2010 has consumed almost a total of 450 full days of my life
  6. Brought this for a friend a while back on PC, he's been playing it and enjoying it, say's he has encountered a few bugs, some T-posing npc's, stuff that will no doubt get fixed in upcoming patches. We've both sunk thousands of hours into Bethesda game's so maybe find it easier to overlook this kind of stuff. Doc Mitchell, will haunt your dreams .
  7. So the shows setting looks about 150 years prior to the Mad King's (Daenerys's dad) death.
  8. Roman, Ancient Greece, WW 1 & 2, Prohibition for me.
  9. I'm not a big F1 follower, but Grosjean is involved in a large number of crashes/near misses by all accounts?
  10. Sounds like a good game, although it has the long grind problem so they can sell you the solution. I enjoyed Oddyssey think I racked up 133 hours on my main save, the settings of these games seem to be the main appeal to me, I can’t get motivated to play origins though, really don’t have an interest in ancient Egypt.
  11. Awesome!, been hoping for dark theme for a while A
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