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  1. Who do you want to win, not who do you think will. Got to be iceland now for me though be more than happy to see wee Joe Allen lifting the trophy
  2. Really hope you beat Portugal 3-0 with a hatrick of Bale freekicks.\ C'mon on Wales v Iceland final \o/
  3. so 4 players covering three spots (2 CBs and a DM). crazy. and 5 central forwards none of whom are great on the wing.
  4. Probably works by understanding that the word 'literally' as been used in place of 'figuratively' for centuries to add emphasis.
  5. Matip made who scored's bundasliga team of the season: http://i.imgur.com/EtbBSY2.png Let's get Hector to his left for us too
  6. If Ward is going out on loan I think it would be crazy to get get rid of Mig and just switch to a 22 year old who has never played in the league. If he does well Mig can always go in Jan
  7. should have given the bournemouth fans free tickets and travel to the game at OT next year imo, but refund AND free tickets is a nice gesture too
  8. indeed. always too much focus on who is replacing who in the first xi. clyne is the only outfield player with 30+ league starts this season, and only 4 have 25+. its not gotze in for lallana its gotze in for having to play kids because you've got to play an important midweek games. everyone just gets shuffled down a bit
  9. bah, would have been nice if Benteke could have got one there
  10. how many have the others teams dropped from winning positions?
  11. awful second half. getting silly now that we need at least 3 goals to guarantee a win. Hopefully Grujic, Matip and a new GK in the summer will help sort things out.
  12. a month ago i would say Allen would be on his way this summer but Jurgen seems to love him. Wouldn't be crazy to add Grujic and keep the rest of our CMs
  13. Yeah there has been a lot worse through the doors. Who would make a post 2000 cult xi? Kuyt captain of course, then Biscan, Litmanen, Garcia, Maxi? Aurelio?
  14. Who would make the bench? Le Tallec? Cheyrou? Nunez?
  15. Well if you only have a couple of line ups that work and they involve players that are often crocked, that's not exactly a good squad is it?
  16. hmm i'm not so sure, everyone seemed far more confident on the ball during the first half of the season from the game i saw. it's a pity Arsene hasn't got one last Prem title, Leicester heroics aside, it would have been nice to see also 2.05 pts per game in the first 19 down to 1.50 since is massive, regardless of how many injuries you have.
  17. Yeah would be nice to see Ward get a couple more starts in remaining games. Pity we never really killed it off in the second half. Sturridge unlucky not to get a second but no one else in our squad has the ability to pull a shot out of nowhere like he does.
  18. ****ing massive Allen has been good, I think I'd like us to go Allen and Lucas this weekend and see how they do
  19. Aye, selling him at this point would be madness. We need more than a first xi and even if he ends up not in our best midfield 3, we need more than that when we're playing 60 games a season.
  20. Lovren Sakho Matip seems a pretty good trio with Gomez and someone else as back up
  21. How is this going? Is there anyway to follow progress other than on twitch (i.e. a daily summary?)
  22. he got 9 in 32 last season and 10 in 27 the one before, he's looked good when he's started before this season
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