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  1. Liverpool Thread 2012/13

    Oi lads do us a favour and sign this pleae this please, it's a petition to bring Anne Williams sons hillsbrough inquest forward, She's just been diagnosed with terminal cancer so she needs this inquest ASAP so she can see justice for herself and her family. http://bit.ly/Q5A8Rj
  2. Liverpool Thread 2012/13

    Take each positive as it comes tbh, If this goal revitalises Downing then it could turn his Liverpool career around.
  3. Liverpool Thread 2012/13

    I wish the crybaby fans like yourself would take a day off tbh. £15 million for Joe Allen is overpriced yes but if he does a job for us that Rodgers wants him to do then let them get on with it and stop sulking. Agger has said he won't leave to another English club in the past and if you read Rodgers comments in the full context then you'd see that he says we won't be forced to sell anyone. Alonso, Mascherano and Torres all wanted to leave so the comparison with them 3 is quite a bit off. Downings already scored this season, Borini will play upfront and Suarez will probably be in the other wing so Cole won't be getting a start. If Gerrard gets injured we have a good back-up called Shelvey who has great potential. Borini is a great finisher and Suarez Will probably score more and hit the woodwork less this season. Seriously can't believe you're comparing this season to Hodgson when he fetched in Poulson and Konchesky. Get a grip, support the team and cheer up a bit.
  4. The Underdogs

    "Giggedy Giddedy" Is the new phrase being uttered round Vale park today as new manager Glenn Quagmire was revealed before the awaiting fans and press. An unknown quantity in football, fans met this new appointment with wariness and skepticism but as the Vale fans remember fondly, not so many years ago they were dealt with another unknown manager who despite low attendances and a low budget, managed to work wonders at the club and soon the big clubs came calling for Stuart. There was only going to be one club who tore him away from Vale and that was Liverpool FC where he still resides today. So what of Glenn Quagmire? The only information he released to us yesterday was he believed his squad to be threadbare and reacted immediately by getting in 4 players on loan to help strengthen the team. He likes to play a mixture of 4-3-3 to 4-5-1 and he's an attack minded manager. Will he do well at Port Vale and more importantly, will he ever get out of Stuarts shadow....We'll find out soon..
  5. Liverpool Thread 2011/12

    Anybody seen Patrick Barclays comments on twitter in regards to Heysel? I think its pretty disgusting tbh, But then again we should expect it from a man who likes to score cheap points against a club he hates.
  6. FM10 Launch problem

    just restarted steam, and it now says decrypting..maybe it will work when complete
  7. FM10 Launch problem

    exactly the same. its been preloaded fine for ages and it downloaded almost instantly. demo also worked for me too
  8. Hey, i cannot access any other part of the forums at the moment due to the forum overloading? so ill post my problem on here. ive Downloaded FM10 via steam and when i click to open the game it comes up with "Football manager 2010 10.1.0f84847 has stopped working - a problem caused the program to stop working correctly" any ideas to what the problem is??
  9. Top 10 09-10 Clan thread

    no idea how to work the steam chat so ill just talk to you guys either on hamachi or fm
  10. Top 10 09-10 Clan thread

    whats the hamachi network details?
  11. Top 10 09-10 Clan thread

    im free to start in the morning, ill be available from 10am onwards
  12. Top 10 09-10 Clan thread

    before i start talking about what im gunna do with chelsea we all need to agree on whether there will be a gentlemens agreement on me not signing any new players after the first transfer window until january 2011...or we can just leave it also the sortitoutsi update seems to be very close, so that can be another option if needed
  13. Top 10 09-10 Clan thread

    i agree with that...i dont mind which database we use as long as its upto date and the join dates have been unticked.
  14. Top 10 09-10 Clan thread

    what time are we starting tomorrow fellas? is this the start time?
  15. Top 10 09-10 Clan thread

    dont rush into any decisions pav! i have to find out whether the chelsea ban will be implemented into the update before making any transfer decisions