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  1. I’m born and bred in Barnsley so I have a thick Yorkshire accent, which is all well and good but if I go anywhere south of Nottingham everyone looks at me like I’m talking in a unrecognisable alien language The tele conferences at work are a particular highlight, It’s gotten to the point where I just keep quiet to avoid any confusion over what I’ve said.
  2. Open the cinemas but don’t have an movies showing.
  3. 8th December the whole of the UK reported 12k cases. 28th December London alone reports 14k new cases.
  4. More chance of plaiting snot than seeing us on tier 2 come Friday my mate.
  5. Packed Salah in one of my pre-order packs but of course I can’t sell him because I’m transfer market banned until further notice not a bad super sub I suppose.
  6. Well that could be another factor in why I was banned to be honest because on Fifa 19 I was banned for using SBC accounts and transferring coins over to my main one. When I got banned all the fun and motivation went from the game so i stopped doing it in FIFA 20 and this years Fifa. Think that’s what makes it more irritating that I’m innocent this time and I’ve still been banned nevertheless I’ve been on EA chat to see the progress of my case and they said they’ve escalated it and should have an answer within 24 hour. Ive also filed a complaint in against EA with BBB to see if I can
  7. 20 So I can see why it flagged up on their system if I bought multiple from the same buyer BUT I don’t understand if 47k was the base price for the Oblaks at that time surely they can see I wasn’t sending coins to my mates or an arranged account? But like I said, I’m not expecting the ban to be reversed as they do mention somewhere that trading is against the rules (definition of trading tbd) which is a shame because I was enjoying it this year and now I’ve lost all motivation.
  8. Decided to start a new account while I wait for the verdict of my appeal against the transfer ban of my main account. Thing is Oblaks gone up from 47k to 55k while I’ve been banned and there’s nothing I can do with them that’s on my transfer list
  9. Well if that’s what they come back to me with then that’s fair enough. Proper sh*t, but fair enough.
  10. So I’ve been permanently banned from the transfer market. Genuinely I’ve not been transferring coins or buying off any sellers but I looked at when I got the email to tell me I was banned and it was around the same time I impulsively decided to sell my team and invest in Oblaks to keep on my transfer list in the hope that they rise, so I can sell them on for profit. Ive raised a ticket with EA saying I’ve done nothing wrong and would like my account unbanned but what are the odds of this actually happening? I wouldn’t be as frustrated as I am if I’d actually broke the rul
  11. Sky news reporting 30 deaths in the last 24 hours and 2420 new Covid cases. 30 deaths is a massive jump up isn’t it?
  12. Bit of an overreaction to Sibbick here I’m afraid. The game in question that has been described Sibbick was brought on as a left back (seriously?) when it’s been blatantly obvious to anyone who’s watched him that he doesn’t have a left foot at all, so this was just a recipe for disaster. Poor lads only 20 year old, I’d be disappointed if any reds fan has wrote him off yet nevermind calling him a none league player at best.
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