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  1. This guy, £45k and a career going nowhere but he's been sensational for me and even though he's 34 now he's still going strong
  2. Mwaze

    *New* OGame - Looking for interested OTF'ers

    Been thinking of joining this again recently, so this thread has come at a perfect time. Joined up (homeworld 2:411:6) and will be happy to join the OTF alliance again
  3. Mwaze

    Competition time!

    Please pick me! Please pick me!
  4. Mwaze

    XBOX 360 Thread - 3rd Edition

    You can't use the Gift Cards online, they're instore only
  5. Mwaze

    Left 4 Dead thread

    I had my first great game with randoms on versus this afternoon, managed to get a team where we all just clicked and worked together as a team and we destroyed our opponents. Also decided to see what expert was like with the AI and I was shocked by how poor they are and how they seem to disappear all the time, I'm definitely going to need assistance to get that achievement
  6. Mwaze

    Left 4 Dead thread

    Ahh those were the days, the OTF alliance that eventually imploded because nobody really trusted each other
  7. Mwaze

    Left 4 Dead thread

    I'm going to be on this this afternoon if anybody is about, gamertag is Mwaze0419, otherwise I might head on again after 10pm when the missus is asleep. Have added everyone from the list on the opening post now
  8. Mwaze

    OTF Football Manager Live thread

    Had a bit of a selling spree recently, sold 17 players for a whopping £67
  9. Mwaze

    XBOX 360 Thread - 3rd Edition

    I'm not sure how it plays, but we've had a few back at work since christmas (about 10 or so) all with the same issue, a faulty orange cymbal
  10. Mwaze

    XBOX 360 Thread - 3rd Edition

    Picked myself up a 360 with Left 4 Dead, Madden 09, NHL 09 & Fable 2 recently and just started going on Live with it, Gamertag is Mwaze0419. I'm absolutely loving L4D, just need to find some decent people to play it with
  11. Mwaze

    The return of the Wii thread

    At game we tend to get them on a Tuesday or Wednesday so try tomorrow morning and you may have some luck
  12. Mwaze

    The PC Gaming Thread

    http://www.systemrequirementslab.com/referrer/srtest This site will test your PC/Laptop and tell you how it will hold up. It doesn't have all games on it but tends to have most new/popular games on as well as some oldies. EDIT: I should really refresh!
  13. Mwaze

    FAO anyone who works in GAME

    It's DMFS I'm doing, really can't be bothered