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  1. My go to setup is North America. USA, Canada, Mexico - All playable divisions Asia. China, South Korea, Australia - All playable divisions Europe England (4 tiers), France (3 tiers), Germany (3 tiers), Spain (2 tiers), Italy (2 tiers), Portugal (2 tiers), Netherlands (2 tiers) South Africa - All playable division Generally want to avoid leagues where it would be a very difficult task to win a continental cup. The exception here is Canada, but it goes in as its an easy and short league to win and increase your reputation. Got rid of Italian and Spanish 3rd tier as there are too many games to process with them. The starter clubs for this setup are usually in Canada, China or South Africa with a small chance of a South Korean side taking you on. Would not recommend starting as a poor Chinese team as the quality gap with the wealthy sides is vast.
  2. Those River regens though. Always a club I keep my eye on when I'm doing these challenges.
  3. I know there is a help text about this during the loading screens. Unfortunately I forgot which side it confirms. I believe it said that height does matter, so a shorter player will need a higher jumping reach to get to the same point.
  4. Put the chairman status to 1000. I guess the default is pretty low if takeovers happen so soon into a save,
  5. It's a frustrating reality for clubs and should be replicated in game. Would be nice if they added some flavour text about this when you are the poaching club.
  6. OK, one last attempt at this. Took a few restarts to get a willing Canadian side early on, but my manager is now in charge of Forge FC. Had 5 games left of season with nothing to play for and didn't do well with a record of 1W-1D-3L. Hopefully will be an improvement next season. Manager Start - Profile - League Table
  7. Not played this since December as I was waiting for a patch. Installing now but reading the general responses here I am not holding out for much
  8. Good to know the top end of the leaderboard isn't infested with cheats. Unfortunately I can't place on them anymore because of kit changes to DB.
  9. Do you find these players picking up a lot of yellow cards have low positioning and high aggression?
  10. I agree. Players grouping up and pressing the man and not the passing lanes is a glaring fault in the match engine all over the pitch.
  11. 'The kicker must not play the ball again until it has touched another player' Technically the striker is acting in accordance with the rules. However I'm not sure it is realistic for them to just stand still on the spot until someone else plays it.
  12. MLS teams can hold the MLS rights of a player even if they no longer play for the club. You will need to offer something in return (draft pick, allocation money) in order for them to let go of those rights. Edit: Looks like Tacoma Defiance are the reserve side of Seattle, so all of those players will have their MLS rights with the Sounders.
  13. Don't know why that happened but it isn't going to be fixable on that save. If you want to submit a bug report the place to do so is
  14. The depth is measured as compared to your best player I find, so having several players of far less ability will not count. I don't think it a particularly well balanced feature for leagues like the MLS when there is always going to be 3-4 standout players that cannot be replicated throughout the squad due to foreign player or wage restrictions.
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