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  1. Love the idea of this challenge. Always gravitate towards silky attacking style of play so I want a challenge like this to force me to switch things up. Have used the following 6 year old thread to get ideas for what I want to achieve. My challenge aims - Full backs who are basically CB's. Not having any fancy wing backs at my club. - To get a dedicated long throw specialist - Height discrimination. I want a team who can all challenge aerially. - Use of a target man up front. - To have long balls and set pieces be the main source of goals. Loadou
  2. Seems like you are after a foreground sugar daddy. The finances attribute of your director influences the amount they will invest each season. Is all there to tinker with in the editor.
  3. Sacked after 12 games sitting dead last with 6 points. Back to lurking I go, It does need looked at. Hate to rub it in but he looks incredible and Shenzen don't mind spending a few bob.
  4. Facilities - League History - Manager Profile - Squad - Setup Enjoyed reading the stories here and it's inspired me to start an attempt of my own. I don't expect to ever compete with the big boys but I want to see how far I can get a Finnish side in continental competition. Therefore I'm going with FC Espoo, a team in the Greater Helsinki region. As seen on the setup, I'll be playing with a several additional European leagues loaded as I like having a full database, especially one that incorporates all of Scandinavia when I'm playing there.
  5. Monterrey - 2030/2031 Opening League / Opening Playoff / Closing League / Closing Playoff - Finally won both stages of the league. Was suffering in the Clausura league stage near the end but the team held if together in the playoffs to clinch the double. Cups - Disappointing here. With the lack of quality in MLS teams I should not be losing to them. 3-0 penalty shootout was a real kick in the teeth. Champions League - Absolutely cruised through the cup that mattered, ending in a 9-0 aggregate win over Salt Lake in the final. Was surprised to face them in the final as I was exp
  6. Monterrey - 2029/2030 Opening Table / Opening Playoffs / Closing Table / Closing Playoffs - Unbeaten league season achievement gained, although I could only win the opening stage. Form started to creak big time towards the end of the season cumulating in a 4-1 defeat to América that I couldn't claw back in the return leg. Cups - Two cups added to the trophy cabinet. Was second best against Pumas in the leagues cup so can't be upset about our penalty shootout exit. Champions League - This one hurt. Was the favourites for this competition but lost to a poor Toronto side courtesy
  7. Monterrey - 2028/29 Opening Table / Opening Playoffs / Closing Table / Closing Playoffs - Quite like the league system in Mexico, I secured a Champions League spot by the halfway point of the season with a win in the opening stage. After I won that teams started playing more cautiously which affected my results. Laboured to a 6th place finish in the closing stage but was utterly embarrassed in Quarter Final by losing a 4 goal lead in the second leg to Santos Laguna. Totally my fault for putting in a load of reserve players with my regular positive tactic. Cups - Didn't take Atlanta
  8. Monterrey - 2027/28 Closing League Table - Closing League Playoffs - Did an alright job of steadying the ship to clinch a preliminary spot in the playoffs. Got past Cruz Azul on penalties in a game we deserved to win. However was soundly defeated by Pumas in the quarter final. Squad - Got a good squad here. Best player attribute wise is Brazilian striker Neyveson, who is clearly talented but he didn't score ONE goal for me. XG to goal ratio is shocking too. Got a Monterrey made wonderkid Hiram Rodriguez who is gonna be an amazing player. Next best player to highlight is left winger O
  9. This is how I set mine up on a mid range PC that is 4 years old. Canada and India aren't gonna get you a champions league but they are potential starting points to build up a reputation. The rest are all countries that can provide Champions League winners. Shaved off European lower leagues that are splintered to save on processing time.
  10. The I-League is the historical football league in India. The Indian super league is a recent creation and not supported by default in FM. Had a quick look on wiki and it says that India should be getting a preliminary round slot for AFC Champions League.
  11. FC Anyang - 2027 League table - Only a two point improvement on last seasons amount and it wasn't enough to lift the title. Had tactical issues that I'll get into later, but Daegu beat me three times in the league and deserved to pick up their first ever title. Champions of last season Suwon actually ended up losing their playoff and got relegated, which was a massive shock. Cup - Tough draw early on but I still should have been beating Jeonbuk. Another cup slips away. Champions League - Fortunes were much better in the cup that mattered. Actually thought I had been eliminated w
  12. Yeah in FM20 you won't be getting a top league job straight off apart from Canada.
  13. FC Anyang - 2026 League Table - Another season where I was let down by wretched late season form. Was in 1st for quite a bit of the season but we couldn't hold on and Suwon wrapped things up with a game to spare. Would've been nice to win but at least the goal of getting a champions league place was achieved easily. Cup - Boys made up for the disappointment of throwing the title away by winning the FA cup in the last game of the season against fierce rivals Seoul. The prize money on offer here is nothing compared to South Africa so it is of no real consequence to my finances. S
  14. FC Anyang - 2025 League Table - Won the league with a game to spare thanks to a capitulation from Ansan Police. Squad was way too strong for this league even if there were some initial bad results as I moulded a tactic together. Squad- Team on day one was quite capable in most areas, but AMC Hwang Chang-Ho was the standout. Will be my starting B2B midfielder for years to come I feel. Transfers - Went as mad as I could with filling out my non-Asian foreign slots and youth prospects that would listen to terms. First big money signing of the save at £2.7m Martín Di Leo didn't part
  15. Tuks - 2024/25 League Table - Won my first 8 games in a row and never looked like losing from that point. Pleased to have finally got over the line at the third attempt. Cups - Three penalty defeats to teams I really should have been beating. A shame I couldn't collect every cup during my time in charge. Champions League - Met Tunis in group stage where we traded wins, I was pretty sure we'd meet again in final and it proved to be the case. Tunis had the better of us in the final but we managed to take it to a penalty shootout. After losing the last three I was dreading it, but
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