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  1. Don't know why that happened but it isn't going to be fixable on that save. If you want to submit a bug report the place to do so is
  2. The depth is measured as compared to your best player I find, so having several players of far less ability will not count. I don't think it a particularly well balanced feature for leagues like the MLS when there is always going to be 3-4 standout players that cannot be replicated throughout the squad due to foreign player or wage restrictions.
  3. The game comes with a Steam key, right? All you will need to do is get the Steam client HERE and put the code into that.
  4. Aguero and Messi up against those poor Chinese defenders This is why I love the pentagon challenge. Put a stop to my save after not enjoying what I was seeing on the pitch. I'll be back in February for a fresh attempt, definitely won't start in South Africa next time. Want a change of scenery.
  5. No because the rng should spit out wildly different results on all the decisions made. The result of these decisions should not be decided before the game has kicked off.
  6. Scouts aren't good at finding players on their own. You gotta ask for reports on players yourself to make use of them. A good filter selection for player searches I like to use is - Transfer listed -Age is below 21 -Value is above 100k This can provide you with ambitious and highly rated youngters who have asked for a transfer due to not getting game time. Can get some absolute gems with this, providing you aren't already a top club. Send those scouts to work!
  7. I do this a lot. It's 'gamey' but I wouldn't say it is cheating. Not that cheating should be lamented in a single player game in the first place. Play the game the way you want to enjoy it.
  8. Ajax Cape Town 2020/2021 League Table - Just missed out of Champions League football next year due to GD Admittedly I wasn't expecting any chance of getting near to that after a disastrous start where I lost 6 of my opening 9 league games. After some tactical adjustments and a long break for the players to gel, results were a lot better. There was a major collapse near the end from Sundowns which could have caused some last day heroics, but they managed to win on the final day to pip me to the post. Can't really complain as Sundowns battered me 4-0 away and 2-0 at home. Cups - Completed a cup double. Nice to have for the added bank balance and reputation boost. Will also get to compete in the Super 8 next year due to top half finish in the league. Transfers - A lot of wheeling and dealing here, which may account for the rotten start to my league campaign. Very happy with the quality of my squad now. Having superb training facilities is such a positive. Young players such as Kingsley Philip , Asanele Valebhayi and Liam Bern are now foundations in my squad and getting better each week. I rejected an offer worth up to 2.2m for Valebhayi and some top teams are sniffing around Bern so I'm not sure I'll be able to keep them in the long term. Player of the season went to Everton Felipe , a player that is really much too good for this league. Glad I've got him tied down for another year. Tactic - Was too attacking in my early season tactic so this is the compromise. Still not totally happy with it as my goals per game is poor. Probably gonna attempt something less high tempo and more composed next season. Finances - The money worries of last season are behind us. Board even gave me £325k to spend for next season. Manager Profile - Coaching badges coming along nicely. Next season I gotta concentrate on getting a top two league position. I am blessed with the best squad in the league so it should be done. The numerous cups are fun and I'll have African Confederations Cup to contend with next year, but I'll be satisfied with just having the chance to win the African Champions League in the 22/23 season. Season Team League Cup1 Cup2 Continental Other Notes ================================================================================================================================================================================= 2019/20 Ajax Cape Town 1st Preliminary N/A N/A N/A Promoted. Joined with 11 league games remaining. 2020/21 Ajax Cape Town 3rd Winners Winners N/A N/A Double Cup winners. Confederations Cup Qualification.
  9. AJax Cape Town - 2019/20 9 wins 2 draws 0 defeats The embarrassing relegation in my first attempt is but a distant memory I was blessed with a squad who were much better than the South African second tier and the results proved it. Cape Umoya United were the only ones that could match me and were leading the race heading into the final gameweek. My match was a simple thrashing of soon to be relegated Richards Bay, so all eyes were on my title rivals. They managed to throw away a lead which crowned Ajax Cape Town as the league champions. A couple of my best players already agreed deals elsewhere and a few more squad players I won't be able to keep on due to wage demands. I still think the squad is strong as is it and I will have 5 free slots for foreign player signings over the summer. A Brazilian staff member has already been hired so that's where the scouting will be concentrated as I plan to qualify for the African Champions League in the coming season. This club is more than capable of winning an African Champions League with their superb training and youth facilities. Finances not looking great as I'm still 600k in the red even with a 650k late season investment from the board. I'm sure things will improve in the coming season with top division TV and attendance income. Season Team League Cup1 Cup2 Continental Other Notes ================================================================================================================================================================================= 2019/20 Ajax Cape Town 1st Preliminary N/A N/A N/A Promoted. Joined with 11 league games remaining.
  10. OK. new patch, new attempt. Got a much better club this time round in Ajax Cape Town, joining with 11 league games left. They want top three but seeing as my contract runs out next year I might even be safe if I fail to get promoted. I selected a much lower transfer/wage budget in the interview phase and things aren't so great on the finances front. Probably in for a bit of rebuilding once the transfer window opens. Manager Profile - Finances - League Table
  11. Harsh targets for sure.. Only one club in Italy should expect to win silverware. Any other club doing so is a bonus.
  12. You can play the challenge as you wish. We don't really get enough participants for me to start limiting styles of play. I'll amend the first post soon so that the rules I've posted are more of a guideline than hard rule. I wanted to disallow international management as it's not a part of the 5 trophy goals and it removes attribute masking on your nation's players. Also wanted to provide a clear difference between this and the Ultimate FM challenge. As far as league setup goes, I like to load up every league I have any intention of playing at the start.
  13. I tried but I failed the interview at a team that had just been promoted to South African second tier. They were on at me about my relegation and lack of player support and I didn't have the right answer for them apparently. I believe the only option as a first club lies in South Africa with the way I set my leagues up. I was not getting any interview requests from China or South Korea. Thinking about trying India or Hong Kong for my next attempt.
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