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  1. It's an issue I see complained about quite a bit and it happens in my saves often also. Potentially exacerbated by your high defensive line which allows an easy long ball for opposing striker to chase?
  2. Liking those FK taking attributes. Will be a superstar. I just finished a decent save with KPV of Finland, but couldn't quite make the jump to Champions League contender status. Was fighting a losing battle with players wanting to move at the slightest bit of interest from a team in a top 8 league, and the league games were becoming very dull. So for this challenge attempt I'm going to Czech Republic, managing Frydek-Mistek. Domestic league history Manager profile Club overview Squad The club have a very generous sponsor income (but I believe this applies to all Czech clubs) so this should grant me the funds needed to overhaul the squad quickly in order to get myself out of the second tier.
  3. Yes, that is a league requirement not a club one. Back to normal once you get to second tier I believe.
  4. The board will usually invest money once a season I find. You also won't be punished as a manager for the poor finances if you stay within your wage budget.
  5. I think it might automatically turn you pro regardless when the fixtures get released in late June.
  6. Two database bug reports I sent months ago didn't get a response and aren't fixed. Is frustrating to put the time to send these to SI and have them ignored.
  7. Starting fresh with the new patch. Going with Czech Republic for this attempt due to the great youth products that they get. Manager - Club - Squad - History
  8. I think it's supposed to represent a mix up where the defender and keeper both leave it for the other to collect.
  9. Excellent job in first season. Dohor have a sugar daddy chairman so you'll be able to really splash the cash. Will be nice to not get knocked back on the coaching badge improvements at the very least.
  10. Unfortunately I binned the save. Lost in the champions league final for a second season running and really couldn't bring myself to play the game any longer. Since I've started my first attempt the game has been patched and it is harder to get jobs in decent countries when starting off from Sunday league rep. Don't think it is possible to get South African or South Korean job from the start anymore. Good luck to you guys starting off in Singapore.
  11. He isn't listed for loan either. That means they may still have a use for him and are entitled to ask for the full wage compensation. If he really is surplus he will eventually get listed for loan and you'll be able to secure him on at least 50% wage (usually is 20% for domestic loans if you are in top division in my experience).
  12. What club? Could it be that the majority language of where the club is based is Sámi?
  13. Club History - Manager Profile - Club Overview - Squad One of my most long lasting saves on recent FM's was with TPS in Finland, so I've gone back there for this challenge. Expected to come dead last so will need to be quite busy with squad building in the months leading up to the start of the season.
  14. Would Canadian MLS teams count? This is a hard challenge but I think the CONCACAF Champions League would be brutally tough as a non-MLS or Mexican team.
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