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  1. You gave it a better go than I did. Hopefully the next version is less stale. Yeah I had a save holidayed and ready to go in Romania, wasn't until I went to add manager when I realised you couldn't do third tier. Staeua Bucherest would have been a fun save to do.
  2. Has been in the game for years. Good luck against the world XI middle eastern sides in the final.
  3. Great works guys, next season is the one. Binned my save and that's probably me done for FM20. Could take it when random newgens are fluffing the simplest of chances all the time, but when Thomas Müller is doing it, the rage uninstall is imminent. Can we see the stats of the 100m keeper? @Andy Sava Link doesn't seem to be working.
  4. I doubt there would be many youngsters in Algeria in the game database, let alone ones that your scouts would be willing to recommend. Other than that though, you won't see them making too many reports on their own. You gotta ask for reports on players separately if you really want to make use of them,
  5. Yeah, means it is beneficial to have a barebones youth squad. More opportunity for those precious 6.4 ratings to appear. As for the player in the OP, I'd say sell. Got a lot of work to improve on his personality and determination. Unimpressive jumping reach + natural fitness also. Just too many strikes against him to be worth developing.
  6. Manisaspor - Season 24/25 League - Squad - Transfers - Finances The exciting season streak has come to an end. From start to finish this was a tale of mid table mediocrity and we were never looking at relegation or threatening the European places. Probably a bit of an underachievement only gaining 4 places on last years finish considering my transfer outlay. Cup - Another decent run but ultimately Fenerbache had far too much for us in the semi-final. Rode our luck to get there really with a penalty shootout and away goal win. I did say I would be less active in transfer mar
  7. Manisaspor - Season 23/24 League - Squad - Transfers - Finances What is it with this save and final day drama? Fourth season in a row with something on the line, although this time at the bottom end of the table. THIS is how things looked at the final gameweek, with me needing to get something against Europe bound Alanyaspor. My Ukrainian striker was well up for the occasion and banged in a hat trick in the first 33 minutes to secure Manisaspors place in the Super Lig for another season. Probably would have binned the save if I went down so I'm relieved to get another shot. The team
  8. Manisaspor - Season 22/23 League - Squad - Transfers - Finances What a roller coaster of emotions the final day turned out to be. Bottlers no more! Went into the final day needing Rizespor and Adana Demirspor (CHECK out the difference in wage bill) to drop points along with me beating a tough Bursaspor side. Was uneventful and looking lost until 81st- Higuain scores the only goal he remembers how, a penalty. Still Rizespor stay top on games won. 88th- Just as we score our second goal that would put us ahead on GD, Rizespor score again and the title looks to be theirs.
  9. Snagged a legend. Had a promising young Argentinian player upfront but he is getting pushed aside for the next six months as Gonzalo Higuain ends his career as Manisaspor.
  10. Panzardo everything you want in a player. Who knew a 6'6 monster could dribble with such grace.
  11. Congratulations @ashton430. Eight seasons is lightning quick to complete this. Still a really young squad too. Continuing on with the save?
  12. Better than Denmark was that's for sure. Around £20k appearance fee and another £15k for getting a draw. So many other teams in second tier with insecure finances, so I'm probably doing alright just being -140k in the red. Riches won't come until Süper Lig I guess.
  13. Manisaspor - Season 21/22 League - Playoff - Finances - Cup - Squad - Transfers Ten points worse off than last season but this time I navigated my way through the playoffs. Came down to the final day again with me one point behind but the leaders got their win. In the playoffs we got our sweet revenge against the club who knocked us out last year. Kinda fortunate that the playoffs games were so tightly scheduled as AI has difficulty rotating and the opposition players were in dreadful condition. Calmed the nerves and made for an easy victory in final. Same again in the cup in me
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