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  1. Some teams are gutting their squads in order to squeeze in high earning loan players into salary cap. These releases are well before squad selection deadline on 22nd October. Melbourne City releases - Melbourne City squad - Probable cause Melbourne Victory releases - Melbourne Victory squad - Probably cause Sydney releases - Sydney squad - Probable cause I believe the issue is that these players aren't classified as designated players, as De Laet should be (https://www.thecourier.com.au/story/5646063/melbourne-city-sign-de-laet-as-marquee/?cs=2439)
  2. That would be Cannons, they managed one point from 16 games in my first season. Good luck!
  3. As long as it kept the same reputation as the replacement club I don't see why it wouldn't be allowed. You'd gain no competitive advantage from it. Had to call an end to my challenge as I encountered an issue with my club reputation tanking. Became an obscure club, ranked lower than the only non-league club. Probably payback for my unrealistic transfer methods
  4. Hound Dogs - 2016/2017 Table | Rock Cup | Season Summary | Squad | Transfers | Finances I've picked up how to game the system with lower league sides and this was an experiment to find out how far I could take it in the lowest league in Europe. Knowing that a players willingness to join is largely based on the current ability of the squad, my plan was to have a revolving door policy, taking thousands on trial and signing those with high ability. I really didn't think I'd be able to pick up the players I eventually got round to. Is a sharp downturn in the career of Emmanuel Eboue as he ends up third choice right back in a Gibraltar second tier side Pick of the bunch according to the coach report was centre back Israel Puerto although my favourite player of the season was my playmaker, Zitouni. Top scorer honours went to Mohammad Kdouh. I was guilty of rushing through matches and not taking care of my tactics, which meant the results don't accurately depict the gulf in quality between my side and every other team in the nation. I thought I would blitz through Red Imps in the semi final of the cup but paid for my lack of attention. I was able to bag the league 2 division cup no bother, however. Next season goals- I should be displacing Red Imps long reign as champions next season. Now the team has switched from amateur to semi-pro, I'll need to be more selective with my acquisitions as I now have a wage budget to control. It takes three years to gain Gibraltar nationality, so I also should look to bring in good young talent from major nations that will eventually join the national team. Other teams in Gibraltar have been signing players utilising my mass trial system, so I hope those that did qualify for Europe have better results from the increased quality in their squads. Season | League | Position | Europe | Top scorer | Achievements ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2017/18 | Second Division | 1st (14-1-1) | N/A | Mohammad Kdouh (21) | Division 2 League Cup Champions
  5. Gonna give this a go. Just had a decent save with TPS of Finland where I was able to attract some star players. Hoping I can do the same here with the Hound Dogs, who start in the second tier. Have loaded major nations and all English speaking leagues along with current international players. Be warned, my transfer section is gonna be pages long
  6. Balahara

    dafuge's FM17 challenge

    Starting the first attempt post patch. Going with Buxton this time.
  7. Balahara

    dafuge's FM17 challenge

    But a players willingness to talk to you are also based on the current quality of your side. Some players that you scouted in first few days of your managerial reign that said they would never sign for you could be more ready for negotiations once you've brought in a few good names. Getting a full scouting team and extensive scout report queue going as soon as possible is gonna be so beneficial for building your squad.
  8. Balahara

    dafuge's FM17 challenge

    Scouts are not accurate at all when sent for roaming scouting assignments, so you really have to rely on player search and scout report individually. With the player search, you should remove 'ask assistant to filter out unrealistic targets' as it filters out players who need guarantees before entering negotiations, which accounts for many of the better players. Also filter to players who are based in England, as non-English players won't enter talks. Also filter to those whose contract has expired. I recommend starting with signing young players on non-contract terms, meaning they shouldn't have a squad status higher than backup. Once you've filled your team with actual Vanarama North/South quality players you'll find good players much more willing to enter into negotiations with your team.
  9. Balahara

    dafuge's FM17 challenge

    I have got a new computer so I'm gonna ditch my Barwell attempt and start fresh. With the tricks I've learned it should be pretty easy going getting into the football league and back to where I was. Say hello to the new Grantham boss.
  10. Balahara

    The FM 17 Pentagon Challenge

    Had an annoying bug where foreign player restrictions don't apply in Chinese First Division, so I'm gonna put my pentagon challenge attempt on hold until that is patched. Hopefully will be a more ample selection of teams to manage from the off in the January transfer patch, the only two non-European options you get now are Witbank Spurs and Zhicheng.
  11. Balahara

    The FM 17 Pentagon Challenge

    Season 2016 - Beijing Beikong - Table I've always wanted to have a lasting save in China and I'm eager to see how the game handles the ever increasing pull the country has on top players. Thankfully I am in a position to test this out as Beikong have a sugar daddy chairman, who tops up the bank balance and keeps it above £9 million no matter the losses. The transfer window was already closed so I set about spending the bosses money on staff and facility upgrades, the latter being needed as Beikong have basic/poor training and youth facilities. I joined with ten matches to play but there was nothing to play for. Five points above the relegation zone and a long way from battling for promotion meant that the season was already over. I didn't do particularly well with the remaining games, going 4W/5D/1L and finishing in 11th place. Next season I will have competition from recently relegated Tianjin and their star striker Freddy Montero, but I am confident of promotion to the Chinese Super League. Season | League | Position | Season Record | Top Scorer | Achievements ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2016 | Chinese First Divison | 11th | 4W 5D 1L | Leke James (15) | Joined with ten matches remaining You are able to remove and add leagues to your game at any point so maybe you can use that. South Korea is by far the easiest country to get the Asian Champions League, there is only one choice for Africa and Mexico and Brazil are the ones to go with for North and South American competitions.
  12. Balahara

    The FM 17 Pentagon Challenge

    My manager took just over a month to find the right job, eventually settling with Beijing Beikong in the Chinese second tier. There is ten games to go in the current season and I am five points above relegation places but the previous manager under performed after a quick glance of the squad. Season update and more info about the club will come at the end of season.
  13. Challenge - Starting as an unemployed ex Sunday league footballer with no coaching badges, you must travel around the world and win the five major continental club competitions - UEFA Champions League, Copa Libertadores, AFC Champions League, CONCACAF Champions League, CAF Champions League Unemployed clubs in 17.1 database are as follows - Europe (Wolsburg and Sparta Prague cut off here, but you won't be getting those jobs anyway), Asia and Africa, North and South America Rules - Database restrictions - No custom leagues allowed, 'Prevent use of in-game editor' must be ticked and ''disable player attribute masking' must be left unticked. Manager rules - Sunday League reputation with no coaching badges. Attributes can be allocated freely. No international management until challenge is complete. For anyone taking this challenge, good luck to you. Remember to post a pic of your manager profile at the start of the challenge and please provide yearly updates on your progress.
  14. Just had a glance at the teams. Gonna be rock hard to displace Lincoln Red Imps as they are the only professional team and have been champions for last 14 seasons. League prize money also helps them with £200k+ going to league winner and barely anything for second place and below. Only one European place on offer also. Tempted to give this a go purely as there is a team called Hound Dogs in second division with a paw print as their club badge.
  15. The official Gibraltar league file should be the way to go https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=792707687 Good luck to people attempting this. Gonna be exceptionally difficult to get any kind of success outside of the island. Even have the looming dread of Brexit to deal with