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  1. Unfortunately I binned the save. Lost in the champions league final for a second season running and really couldn't bring myself to play the game any longer. Since I've started my first attempt the game has been patched and it is harder to get jobs in decent countries when starting off from Sunday league rep. Don't think it is possible to get South African or South Korean job from the start anymore. Good luck to you guys starting off in Singapore.
  2. What club? Could it be that the majority language of where the club is based is Sámi?
  3. Club History - Manager Profile - Club Overview - Squad One of my most long lasting saves on recent FM's was with TPS in Finland, so I've gone back there for this challenge. Expected to come dead last so will need to be quite busy with squad building in the months leading up to the start of the season.
  4. Would Canadian MLS teams count? This is a hard challenge but I think the CONCACAF Champions League would be brutally tough as a non-MLS or Mexican team.
  5. FC Seoul - 2020 League - Cup - Asian Champions League - Transfers K-League 1 - Found my groove tactically I believe. Gave up attempting to play an AMC and went with 4-1-4-1 DM WIDE with balanced mentality. Looked like a two horse race for much of the season until Ulsan fell off towards the closing stage. Shout out to my former player Gil for smashing the top goalscorer award and keeping Gwangju in K-League 1 for another year. Player of the season was my wonderful box-to-box midfielder Pape Cheikh, a steal at £2.1M. Cup - Seongnam got their revenge for last seasons final defeat. Wasn't too bothered as focus had to be on League and ACL. Asian Champions League - I was the only East Asian representative after the first knockout round and I was pretty confident of winning the thing after dispatching of the very strong Al-Hilal. Unfortunately the team choked at the final hurdle and I'll be staying in Seoul for another year at least. I should be stronger next year as I'll be welcoming Andés Torres into the team, making way for Ju-Ahn who is off for his national service. Also have some top youth players developing, the best being Kim Kyung-Min. The board have invested £25M this season so I really should thank them with an Asian Champions League next year and I can hopefully get a nice South African job directly after. Season Team League Cup1 Cup2 Continental World Other Notes ================================================================================================================================================================================= 2018 Gwangju FC 6th N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Joined with 4 league games remaining. 2019 Gwangju FC 2nd N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Left after 19 league games. 2019 Seoul FC 7th Winner N/A N/A N/A N/A Joined after 20 league games. ACL Qualification 2020 Seoul FC 1st 4th Round N/A Runner-up N/A N/A
  6. Gwangju FC - 2019 I made a fair amount of loans from K-League 1 sides to bolster my team and late in the transfer window added the amazing Lucio Compagnucci on loan from Montreal Impact. Honestly the team I had was very good for the league which made the board goal of avoiding finishing bottom seem strange. I started off pretty well and was leading until results dropped off after gameweek 10. Thanks to the good start and rock bottom board expectations my reputation was good enough to get interviews at higher level clubs and I had a lot of choices. I settled on Seoul. The league table at my point of departure showed the team had a bit of work to do if they were to get promoted, but the manager that replaced me got it done and Gwangju will be going in to K-League next season as champions. FC Seoul - 2019 League Table Start - League Table End - Cup - Transfers I had 18 league games remaining when I took over so I was hopeful I could make an impact at the top of the table. I just couldn't find a consistently winning formula though and had to settle for best of the relegation half of the league. The season was saved by a very easy cup run which means I get a chance at AFC glory next year. The star man was striker Bojan Matic, although for next season he is away to Beijing for £700k and Yoo Ju-Ahn taking his place at a cost of £350k. Not only is he a perfect workhorse forward but it will free up an international player slot to be used elsewhere. The best domestic talent are at Jeonbuk and Suwon and they don't seem keen on selling so I will have to be shrewd with the 4 (1 asian) foreign player limit. Season Team League Cup1 Cup2 Continental World Other Notes ================================================================================================================================================================================= 2018 Gwangju FC 6th N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Joined with 4 league games remaining. 2019 Gwangju FC 2nd N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Left after 19 league games. 2019 Seoul FC 7th Winner N/A N/A N/A N/A Joined after 20 league games. ACL Qualification
  7. Czech Republic produce some fantastic newgens, that would be my suggestion.
  8. Gwangju FC - 2018 Short update as there wasn't much to this season. My manager joined Gwanju with 4 games to go with a slight chance of reaching the playoffs, however an away defeat to Busan meant I finished the season with a 3-1 record and no gain on posistion. Star player by some distance is Gil Start League Table - End League Table Two strong teams in Jeju and Pohang have been relegated to K-League 2 so it might be tough going for me next season to get promotion. I don't plan on staying with Gwanju for long however, I just want to do enough to gain a reputation and join a team that has the funds to compete for a continental cup. Season Team League Cup1 Cup2 Continental World Other Notes ================================================================================================================================================================================= 2018 Gwangju FC 6th N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Joined with 4 league games remaining.
  9. Sochi average attendance in first season in game on my save is 268, which is way off considering numbers they have got so far this season - http://www.scoresway.com/?sport=soccer&page=team&id=18401 (3,269 average after 5 games). The stadium move they are planning here is not working as intended considering they have just moved in to Fisht Olympic Stadium, let alone the paltry capacity of it.
  10. FC Anyang home kit is set as their away kit. Home should be purple/black, away white
  11. Starting off by putting all available points into adaptability to maximise chance of foreign job offers. Meet Joe Parker Didn't take long to get the job at FC Anyang, who aren't doing particularly well in K-League 2. This season is obviously a write-off, so it gives me the chance to experiment and see what works. EDIT: Scrapping this attempt. Home and away kits for this team are swapped on 3D pitch, which is really annoying.
  12. Makes the game world a little more dynamic. I like seeing teams more populated outside of the nation I'm managing in. It also helps with difficulty of European games when you play against non-grey players.
  13. Some teams are gutting their squads in order to squeeze in high earning loan players into salary cap. These releases are well before squad selection deadline on 22nd October. Melbourne City releases - Melbourne City squad - Probable cause Melbourne Victory releases - Melbourne Victory squad - Probably cause Sydney releases - Sydney squad - Probable cause I believe the issue is that these players aren't classified as designated players, as De Laet should be (https://www.thecourier.com.au/story/5646063/melbourne-city-sign-de-laet-as-marquee/?cs=2439)
  14. That would be Cannons, they managed one point from 16 games in my first season. Good luck!
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