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  1. Doesn't look like it based on the changelist and a couple of the guys in the general forum said it has not changed.
  2. Yet to buy the game this year due to all the reported bugs but it seems like I’m close. However, did they fix the bug where the AI managers all play super defensively? Even when losing....
  3. I'm going to wait until the next patch and see what it fixes. If it fixes the ratings, I'll probably put on some of the mods to help newgens. I don't expect the 30+ year olds issue to be fixed, nor the lack of development in players after 23.
  4. Man, I rally hope they fix the massive drop-off after 30, newgen issues and player ratings issues. I have bought every single FM since the very FIRST CM back in 1992 I think and I always buy by Christmas. I still assume I will buy this one but it seems like there are too many things that are game-breaking at the moment. A true shame if the match engine is the best one yet!
  5. SI just loves more clicks - never mind the game, they've added more clicks just to get to this forum apparently.
  6. There is no doubt that match experience should play a key role for development. Physical attributes don't really go up after 23/24 IRL but mental ones should. That's why players peak in their late 20s on average - they've played more games, they have a higher match intelligence because they've experienced many more match situations. Maybe they've won trophies and they "know how to do it" or are not overwhelmed by big matches anymore because they have been there. All of that contributes to the fact that they are better at 27/28 than 23/24. I'd argue that most players that have not had been hind
  7. ok thanks for this. Not yet bought the game - first time ever but some game-breaking bugs in there that need sorting out, including the very defensive AI. Once they sought that out, will buy and use this! Cheers.
  8. Does this make all the AI managers feel the same? In other words is Moyes basically as good as Pep? Or do we still have big differences. i usually edit the top managers to have them really be able to make a difference but thought I’d try this in FM21.
  9. Yeh I agree. I thought FM2020 outside of the ME was really, really good, even in the long term saves. Can it be improved, yes but it was the best FM ever from that standpoint. Now the ME.....that's another story. 1. Sort out the dreary pitches (should be an easy fix) and 2. Sort out the myriad of other issues that everyone here as mentioned (a little more difficult!).
  10. FM20 for all the features and many of them actually making a difference to the gameplay. The match engine is without doubt incredibly boring to watch though. Set pieces and crosses.
  11. I'm really trying hard with this game but the amount of goals from set pieces and crosses. It's just not that fun to watch. Really hope FM21 sorts this out. I'm going to be harsh below maybe but overall I'm an FM player since the first iteration and I love it overall so will be buying the next one: Press conferences are terrible - either add about 100,000 questions or don't bother with them - same **** every time. Player interactions - same as above, needs a ton more options and make the personalities to the players mean something - they're almost all kid-like in their reactions or
  12. was this ever fixed (or a workaround aside from the one above)? I have this issue....I know I am replying 4 months later but just bought the game!
  13. Anyone having issues with the arrow keys no longer working? Can't seem to find it in the options either...
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