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  1. Yes, we have the same numbers. 37 per game....18.7 per team. That's why I mentioned being interested in whether or not the match engine accurately represents "in-game" crosses vs set pieces.
  2. Yes because Without set pieces it was 37 last year. I did not buy this year's FM after seeing the reaction in here but would be interesting to see if the ME is way above 37 excluding set pieces. https://www.premierleague.com/stats/top/clubs/total_cross?se=79
  3. Totally agree. I bought FM18 and put it down very quickly which is unheard of for me. Have not bought FM19. To put it in perspective, I have owned every FM since the very first one (1991?). They need to enrich what matters and sack off the gimmicks unless they improve the immersion into the game world (and by improve the immersion, it means adding that in a substantive way).
  4. Have to agree. I still love the game for some reason (even though I quit playing FM18 after about 3 weeks). I would have no issue with the tactics if it was easier to understand why they did or didn't work. The analysis tool is silly. We need a better feedback system. The match engine is really boring too - everything is very similar and SI's soak tests don't seem to be very good as relates to the match engine's visual representations (EG stupid shots going massively wide, loads of one on one misses etc). Lastly, SI needs to focus on making this a game that rally makes you feel that you are part of a football world. If press-conferences are going to be tedious, don't include them and focus on really making the interactions work. OR focus on making the players act more like real players (eg players almost never leaving for bigger clubs - too easy to keep then). OR making the news items MUCH better. Right now we have a lot of very shallow elements to the game. Will I buy FM19. Yep. I just don't want to be disappointed by it again.
  5. 1 game and 1 win against top of the league Monaco at home. Unfortunately, no success after that. Seems as though this is made ONLY for playing against better sides than you.
  6. Yep. Super weak. 5 seasons into career mode and you can take over the world.
  7. Lol disappointing though on LT saves. I usually play just one game over 20-30 seasons each year. By the end it’s obviosuly massively easy and I have to police myself or head to a club in desperate trouble.
  8. Fellow FMers (I say that not yet having bought FM18). Any of you played enough seasons to see if the AI squad management has improved or are things still the same? thanks!
  9. For some reason I cannot get this to work. Dropped the skin in the skins folder and it is in the drop down list in the game. However, it doesn't seem to be working fully. The background seems to have changed and things are bit more transparent but the full skin has not loaded. Anyone else run into this?
  10. HI, I am trying to find a simple solution to be able to edit the away kit in the game but not lose the home and third. A bit more detail: When I use the in-game editor to edit the 2nd kit, it replaces all the kits with the stock kits. In the drop-down if I go and select "Allow Licensed Kits" the real kits come back but I lose what I edited for the away kit. Any way for me to be able to use licensed kits but my edited away kit? Thanks!
  11. Love these kind of threads, nice going. Makes me want to sim 50 years and take a job at a sleeping giant.
  12. Hi, I added a few competitions through the social module and ticked news and social and also ensured that it is on extensive. For example, I did this for the U19 European Championships. I would like to see the results screen come up (just like it does for the league I am in) so that every time a game (or games) are played, I see the result. How do I do this? Just adding to social and news and ticking all of the boxes, it is not doing anything. Thanks! Vig
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