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  1. Yeh I agree. I thought FM2020 outside of the ME was really, really good, even in the long term saves. Can it be improved, yes but it was the best FM ever from that standpoint. Now the ME.....that's another story. 1. Sort out the dreary pitches (should be an easy fix) and 2. Sort out the myriad of other issues that everyone here as mentioned (a little more difficult!).
  2. FM20 for all the features and many of them actually making a difference to the gameplay. The match engine is without doubt incredibly boring to watch though. Set pieces and crosses.
  3. I'm really trying hard with this game but the amount of goals from set pieces and crosses. It's just not that fun to watch. Really hope FM21 sorts this out. I'm going to be harsh below maybe but overall I'm an FM player since the first iteration and I love it overall so will be buying the next one: Press conferences are terrible - either add about 100,000 questions or don't bother with them - same **** every time. Player interactions - same as above, needs a ton more options and make the personalities to the players mean something - they're almost all kid-like in their reactions or
  4. was this ever fixed (or a workaround aside from the one above)? I have this issue....I know I am replying 4 months later but just bought the game!
  5. Anyone having issues with the arrow keys no longer working? Can't seem to find it in the options either...
  6. I am currently playing as Man Utd (have about 8 leagues running and medium database size) and my Under 18 team is tiny - I have about 4 real players in there. Anyone else also have a tiny team? I don't sign all of the youth candidates that come in but maybe I should? They are just often terrible and head of youth recommends not signing them and then when I don't I have a tiny squad. AI teams have decent Under 18 squads (and with much better talent coming through than me too). Do you guys just sign everyone up or go and manually pick up talent? Or have I just had a bad 3 years of tale
  7. I love FM - playing since the 3.5" disk days (the first CM basically) and I am really enjoying FM2020 too. Agree with the issues people are posting on here, none are game-breaking although some do lower my enjoyment, and confident SI will mostly resolve them - won't be 100% to everyone's liking but that's not a realistic outcome anyway. My big question is why is the match engine so slow to progress. I went back and looked 5 years back at the ME and where we are today is not 5 years in the making. It's like SI takes 3 steps forwards and 2 steps back every year with it. They're not starting
  8. I've got the match-lagging (low frame rate) issue but if I watch highlights of an AI vs AI game, it is super smooth. I've tried all the tricks by using another skin, the Nvidia setup preferences etc but not luck so far.
  9. @CJ Ramson do you guys need any more PKMs? Just had my defensive unit play a blinder and the average ratings were awful until we scored. I saved the game just in case.
  10. I have seen some people notice the amount of yellow cards. I am seeing a lot of this too. I have several players at 10 yellows on the season and I play the default tackling setting.
  11. Has anyone actually seen VAR not just go with the ref's decision? Every time I see a penalty given and the ref goes to VAR, it is a penalty - not once has it not been given.
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