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  1. I'd rather have realism. But im a sample size of one 🤓
  2. What is the reason to not making it closer to 100%?
  3. So when do we announce a new manager?
  4. Rooney great in the middle. Now that he himself believes it is where he should be, he looks top notch. Should get better the more time he plays there too.
  5. Sacking him before the FA Cup would be completely classless from man utd. Never going to happen.
  6. Same here...although I think he is out either way.
  7. SWEET!!!!! lovely play by rooney.
  8. and I count 1 goal for palace and none for us
  9. Young up top?
  10. We are going to end up paying for one of these silly free-kicks that Palace just ping into the box.
  11. Agree - don't get the Lukaku hype. A better version of Heskey basically.
  12. Can someone please explain why Woodward is keen on LVG seeing out his contract?? Poor transfer decisions, poor tactics, poor in-game strategy (see subs), poor man management and total delusion. And I don't want anyone talking about youngsters. He had no choice because aside from Rashford, the were all dropped again when the senior players came back. And to be frank, most were not yet at the required level anyway. So either Woodward is to proud. Or he doesn't like Mourinho. The latter of which could be mutually exclusive of sacking LVG. There are other managers if he hates Mou that much.
  13. Could not agree more. Been saying it for a while. LVG out and Woodward doing commercial work only.
  14. Wasn't he the left sided CB in the back 3 at the WC??
  15. Is Mou the only option? I know many other coaches out there don't necessarily have the experience. We've left ourselves in a bit of situation where we either take Mou or gamble on someone like Poch or Thomas Tuchel from Dortmund etc.