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  1. Speed through days is much better after beta I loaded around 160k Leagues and flying through the season
  2. My Bad thought it Meant they was still paying off Bill Kenwright
  3. Are Everton really in this much debt in real life by owned money to the old Chairman??
  4. They changed Robertson back to a Regular Starter now just before the season started . I didn't see any interest in Robertson Liverpool wanted Ben Mendy pretty much when I first loaded the game up which was rejected by City so they went for Bertrand
  5. Robertson Squad status is only a Squad player which made liverpool buy another left back
  6. Has anybody noticed u get the rare games where it finishes and it's a different result to the game you played out?
  7. Has anybody struggled so much in the Beta saved that they have been Sacked or Relegated
  8. Soumare plays regulary for Lille in the French league which is surely at least top 5 rep
  9. not really sure if this happens in real life but do the Milan clubs do transfers together considering the rivalry
  10. Yh the games way too easy I took Woking from the conference to the Champions League in 6 seasons
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