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  1. Does anybody remember how many playable league's you can add as playable on FM 2008 on 360??
  2. The reason for asking is I want to try out older games i have only been playing since 2017 so want to know what will be the best to play and what you guys think is the best Match engine
  3. How's SI left the Match engine like this it's clearly still far off a suitable engine most goals from Set pieces, Full backs never crossing Strikers still poor movement even though before the game came out their was saying striker movement has improved and better than ever?!
  4. Is there any databases for FM 19 with the 2020 transfers with updated Attributes???
  5. The last Match engine for FM19 was enjoyable imo why didn't SI just make slight improvements to it for FM 20 instead of trying too change too much and making it Actually worse than it was in FM 19
  6. Does anyone else notice Home teams are too overpowered for some reason Especially if it's similar ability
  7. Defiantly has an incredible future probably what do people think would be the best position to retrain him as I'm not sure with that finishing and composure up front would be the best option
  8. 3rd one down looks the best suited for the Mezzala role imo
  9. This feature needs binning for FM 21 realistic or not building your own team is the most fun part of the game imo and this just is destroying that completely
  10. Very good start to the season so far probably will be a drop in form in some stage of the season but I'm enjoying it while it last
  11. In second season with Leeds in the PL Sold Bamford to Norwich so need a new striker I can't decide who out of these 3 to replace him with. Do think Morelos is the best of the bunch now but others have better potential so would be be better for long term success so its hard to decide
  12. First season done and we managed to come up not as champions as I would have liked but just getting promoted was the aim and Brentford was insane most the season. Patrick Bamford was very good but I do think we need another top striker for the PL if anyone has any Recommendations. Costa was also unreal had 16 goals in February but had an bad injury the last months of the season hes going to be vital for us staying up next season. Kalvin Philips and Shackleton were also outstanding and have big Pl clubs after both of them but would cost a massive amount for me to consider selling. we can't get ben white back because Brighton are asking for too much money Todibo from Barca is the number one replacement if affordable
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