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  1. Not 100% sure who but will be a big team for the beta just to get used to the new game and then start with a more challenging side when main game comes out if of course there isn't any bugs which could put me off starting a proper save
  2. My longest was 15 years I'm sure more have done much longer though
  3. I really do hope FM 22 is more challenging where you really have to think about your tactics
  4. Going to be some challenge this for FM 22 trying to topple PSG in first season
  5. But that's the whole fun of trying to make a tactic which will make u overachieve with teams who aren't that good. This year FM even if u go badly wrong on a tactic it still feels likely that u will overachieve your goals 90% of the time which I don't see how that's fun unless for the casual gamer
  6. I would like to see players with this as i think it would make some player's look more true to their real life selves
  7. League your not running in uses a Quicker match engine so it more on reputation so more than likely for the bigger teams to stay near the top than it would be in the Main ME the way too change this is too put league's you want in too full detail in the settings
  8. Why do these attributes eat up so much of the current ability of players so u got unbalanced player's like Lamptey who don't even look close to replicating their real life selves
  9. This FM has seem to gone backwards in this never had felt a football manager game be so easy before so my only main wish for 22 would be a more challenging AI
  10. I hate this year game just feels like Moral has too much an effect and when u get that high your easily sailing through and massively overachieving I miss FM when it felt my tactics we're most important it doesn't feel like that this year so even when u do overachieve it doesn't feel like a success anymore because it's way too easy to do it
  11. I sure I seen an SI post saying the ME decides what it's going to do before it's shows you on the graphics engine and it only re calculates it self when you make a Substitute, Tactical change or a shout,
  12. I feel away games are a bit more of a challenge. When you become a even half decent side Home game becomes much easy as most teams don't press so its easier to create chances to score
  13. There has been a few saying this year has been too easy for some people so I wanted to know what People think Is the most challenging FM they have ever played?
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