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  1. Switch the player positions panels round from an FM 20 skin to a FM 21 skin if you still have
  2. I'm enjoying the challenge of the match Engine now it was way to easy to win a game before hand
  3. Yh It's a licensing issue been in the last few editions like this
  4. If FM added more detailed stats and the ones which are in worked properly then yh I would 100% like the idea of playing with no attributes.
  5. Because they haven't responded doesn't mean it's ignored they said on a post they read everything just haven't got the time to respond all the time
  6. My game save defiantly does feel a bit more difficult now than it did the before patch
  7. Ignore this I'm on now just needed to be patience thanks it's a great app would help me a lot in game
  8. Have I done something wrong here it's seems to be taking a lot longer than it did on your guide video
  9. Teams normally go all out attacking last 10 minutes to try for a goal which makes Conceding more likely try to see the game out maybe change to a 451or something like that last 10 minutes
  10. They included details about that in the new features before the game came out
  11. I'm thinking of installing FM touch but just wondering do you find it any harder than normal FM because I feel the moral boost you get in Normal FM is too high so it's too easy to go in very good form
  12. @John Wood its also showing it for players I haven't scouted so I know the ability even before scouting. Also As it's player role wouldn't it be better to show the stars as how good they are in position rather than current Ability
  13. The Match engine is brilliant but yh it's definitely to easy to overachive even more than previous editions imo
  14. Think the moral boost in the regular is still to high so it's too easy to go on a great run of form or the complete opposite terrible run of form I feel like there is no Inbetween especially on my game save
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