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  1. Hi @Jimmy Wong Attached is my System Information. Have done some troubleshooting and checked the health of this with Apple and they've advised all appears normal my end. GM Mac.spx
  2. I clicked the button in error when moving about the tactics screen and noticed my Ass Man picked the team for me, no issues. But upon review there was no subs chosen. I thought it was a glitch, so tried again a few times and it doesn't work. Has anyone come across this and should it be fixed?
  3. Hi, I know this issue was common in the beta testing and appeared to have been fixed, however I am finding the drain on my laptop as bad if not worse now. Are you guys aware of anything similar? @Neil Brock
  4. What am I doing wrong? Worked in previous FMs using Mac! Can see the files in my Editor 19 folder... All help appreciated.
  5. How do the cups work in the South of Scotland league? They are played bi annually now. Also, with clubs being licensed, do the correct clubs gain entry to the Scottish Cup?
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