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  1. I noticed that managers wages are credible only in England, where top club's managers earn everything from 6 to 10 mln per year, but they are TOTALLY ridicoulous in every other country, also major ones like Spain, Italy and France. How is it possible that newly signed PSG or Juventus manager, often a world-class one like Pep, would accept a contract of 1 mln per year?? The problem stems also from the fact that there is no way to adjust mager wages for single countries in the editor, as it happens instead for players. This is an evident bug, manager's wages of major countries should be adjusted to be close to England's level.
  2. Hello, this is an issue I find very annoying. I noticed that AI teams, especially in some countries like Spain, Germany and France, countries where "B" teams exist, do not loan out their best prospects leaving them to rot in the B teams, even when they are clearly too good to play there. Not only the don't offer them for loan, but they just don't want to loan them at all, even if you make an offer. What's the point of having a 120/130 CA youngster playing in the 3rd or 4th division? The issue is that they're not good enough to play in the first team either, so they end up spending whole seasons not playing at all, or playing Sunday leagues' games they're clearly too good for. Young prospects should be loaned out to a first/second league team to gain experience instead. I noticed that this works a little better in countries like Italy and England, where there are no B teams, but I've seen questionable choices about this also in these countries. I would like to see this area improved in the next game.
  3. Thank you Jemal, this AI improvements really make a difference in the game's enjoyability. I add other two examples in case they could be useful. FC Barcelona - Celta Vigo.pkm Chelsea - Man Utd.pkm
  4. Hello, I find this issue very annoying and unrealistic. I attached a PKM to clarify better what I'm talking about, as it occurs pretty often. It happens mostly when a change of formation occurs during the match. AI managers have the tendency to sub off players even after 5 minutes they got in, just because they do not fit in the new formation. I upladed a pkm to illustrate a concrete example: When Milan concede a goal at 60', they switch from a 4-2-4 to a 4-3-3, and the AI manager proceeds to sub off Rebic (2nd striker) who just got in 5 ( FIVE!!) minutes earlier, despite the fact that he could (and always would, in real life) sub off the other striker, Belotti, who was in the starting eleven and fatigued. I clarify that the player subbed off had no injury or phisical problems, as you can see from the pkm. I think we can all agree that this hardly ever happens in real life, and is not realistic at all. Zebre - Milan.pkm
  5. Hello Kyle, does the savegame gives problems to you aswell? Yes I do have custom graphics installed, logos and skins, already tried removing the with no result.
  6. I managed to upload the save. It's named "Suddenly takes ages to save.fm" I'd be glad if you could give it a try and see if you have the same problem.
  7. Hello Kyle, I tried to upload the savegame but it says "Not enough free space" on OwnCloud. Do you have any clou why?? The curious thing I found out is that this slow saving happens for almost every save of mine, some of which I haven't touched in months, so before this issue happened, and they worked just fine back then. Some other saves, old and new, are for some reason still working fine.
  8. Hi, I've been having this issue for 2-3 days. Suddenly it takes AGES (like 10-15 minutes) to save a game, and sometimes also to load an existing one. The game itself hasn't slowed down, only the saving, which before was very quick because I have a good Pc, now takes excruciatingly long. Any suggestions?
  9. Hi guys, I'm trying to edit (remove, actually) parachute payments for Serie A, but, even if parachute payments are shown in the league rules in the game, I cannot find them in the andvanced rules for Italy, Serie A, in the editor. I found one tab, named Parachute Money (Advanced Rules-->Serie A-->Promotion/Relegation) but it's greyed out (not selected). This lead me to guess that parachute payments must be in some other section of the Advanced Rules. Any Ideas?
  10. Honestly I think inside forward are the majority. Look at all the most important teams. (Real, Barca, City ecc.) They have Messi, Neymar, Ronaldo, Sterling ecc. Maybe the only true winger is Bale, but he plays almost all the matches on the right, despite he's left footed. That's really unrealistic, but talking in general regen are WAY too different from the original DB players. I.E fullbacks lacking of crossing and dribbling, and center backs with really poor aggression and technical abilities.
  11. Hi guys, I never understood that. In real football wingers are extremely rare. The most external players play on the opposite side of the pitch. If they're right footed, they play on the left, if they're left footed they play on the right, cutting towards the center of the pitch Why with regens that never happens?
  12. I'd like to see some improvements in the dribbles. In FM16 every player dribbles in the same way. You should create various dribbling styles and assign them to the players. Furthermore I'd like to see some dribbling skills in game, like elasticos, step overs, body faints, ecc... that would make the game more realistic when managing a team with very technical players.
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