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  1. I am noticing generally a consistent lack of penalties (in various leagues with full details on). The majority of the teams gets like 2 penalties per season, which is a very low number. So I went and compared the data with real football. And yes, penalties in game are a lot less than in reality. Moreover, the outcome seems to be very random. Players with 18-19 in penalties seems to miss with the same frequency as players with 13-14. I've seen players as Ronaldo or Neymar miss almost half of the penalties they are given. We can all agree this is kind of unrealistic. Hope this is going
  2. Don't know, would be useful to hear someone from SI on the topic
  3. Yes, absolutely. I see players like Neymar having an average of something like 0.3 dribbles per match. Definitely an issue.
  4. The only concern I have is that lower peak PA than PA could inhibit the growth of the player. If we would get an official response from SI it would be useful.
  5. Would be interesting to have a response of someone from SI on this topic
  6. Hi guys, I just saw this new feature on the editor that I don't think I've ever seen before. What does it represent exactly?
  7. Hello Kyle, does the savegame gives problems to you aswell? Yes I do have custom graphics installed, logos and skins, already tried removing the with no result.
  8. I managed to upload the save. It's named "Suddenly takes ages to save.fm" I'd be glad if you could give it a try and see if you have the same problem.
  9. Hello Kyle, I tried to upload the savegame but it says "Not enough free space" on OwnCloud. Do you have any clou why?? The curious thing I found out is that this slow saving happens for almost every save of mine, some of which I haven't touched in months, so before this issue happened, and they worked just fine back then. Some other saves, old and new, are for some reason still working fine.
  10. Hi, I've been having this issue for 2-3 days. Suddenly it takes AGES (like 10-15 minutes) to save a game, and sometimes also to load an existing one. The game itself hasn't slowed down, only the saving, which before was very quick because I have a good Pc, now takes excruciatingly long. Any suggestions?
  11. Hi guys, I'm trying to edit (remove, actually) parachute payments for Serie A, but, even if parachute payments are shown in the league rules in the game, I cannot find them in the andvanced rules for Italy, Serie A, in the editor. I found one tab, named Parachute Money (Advanced Rules-->Serie A-->Promotion/Relegation) but it's greyed out (not selected). This lead me to guess that parachute payments must be in some other section of the Advanced Rules. Any Ideas?
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