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  1. Maybe I should have gone with "if we can get to me before 3pm tomorrow as otherwise I will be very drunk"
  2. If we can get to me before 7pm that would be good as then I have to play football
  3. That's just the memory loss kicking in though.
  4. I really don’t think it’s confusing, now watch me make a complete shambles of it
  5. Yeah it’s a bit of an odd one for our back room team tbh as I think our roles are quite fluid. For example Craig Short is officially a first team coach but I think in FM terms is more of an assistant and Chris Short i think also leads all the fitness sessions despite being head of sport science. You may know more on that than me.
  6. Oxford United Coaching Garry Parker is listed as Assistant Manager but is more of a performance analyst that does one day a week of coaching, source. Chris Allen has now left the club although this was only recently so may have been missed deadline for the beta, source. Playing Michael Elechi is definitely English although may have Nigerian as a second nationality. He could also probably do with a boost on his strength as he's a very physical player. Kyran Lofthouse could probably do with an upgrade as a right and left back as he's being played there more and more
  7. How have I not seen this thread before?! I want in!
  8. Hadnt even seen this before I posted mine
  9. Fellaini is absolutely bossing Neymar
  10. Would love it if the ref adds on 10 minutes to make up for this cheating.
  11. My facebook is full of bitter liverpool fans too, I'm sure he's crying into his 4 CLs, 2 Euros and 1 World Cup winners medals
  12. Ah okay when I looked Betfair had us, Brazil and France all joints to reach final Tbf I think oddschecker takes about half an hour after a game to calm down.
  13. Sorry meant from our side of the draw. Best price 9/4 England, 14/5 Croatia according to oddschecker.
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