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  1. This is the exact problem with drinkaware and other things like that. Go so far that no one takes it seriously.
  2. I wish I had this issue, we batter teams but never score until the 2nd half
  3. Hope you’re enjoying the cricket @MavReck
  4. Good to hear you're on the right track Analog. When I was in the pub trade my whole life revolved around drinking and I was burning the candle at both ends, obviously a different situation but taking a break from whatever your vice is definitely gives you some control back over your life.
  5. As someone said earlier, these pitches might have got India to the WTF final but I can't see them helping them win it when the groundsman are preparing the pitch
  6. Have to say I think this is a brilliant summary from an India fan. I think some of the frustration from me also comes from the fact that India are clearly a great side as evidenced by the win against Australia they don't need the help that they are seemingly receiving. The dodgy Foakes dismissal summed it up, we are already 8 down ffs
  7. Nout wrong with this pitch according to the commentators, England should still be batting from the first innings.
  8. Need to see another angle of that Leach dismissal again, not sure he hit that.
  9. Have no idea why we need home third umpires? Surely can be done from anywhere?
  10. Looked to be a small spike as it passed the bat then obviously a massive one when it hits the pad.
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