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  1. Let's be honest unless he has a massive upturn in form he isn't getting anywhere near the squad so would be no surprise at all to see him switch.
  2. I used to love penalties as well when I played in goal, knowing exactly when someone is going to shoot and just anticipating where the shot was going rather than anything unpredictable and no pressure, what's not to like.
  3. Thought the ref was really good tbf, Chiellini one always being given as a yellow although it's far more dangerous than giving someone a tap to the face that you'd see a red card for. Personally think Jorginho one was a red and was a bit surprised he wasn't asked to have a look.
  4. He's a right back isn't he? Only played left wing back for Denmark.
  5. Woken up feeling horrendous, exactly what you want on the biggest sporting occasion for 55 years
  6. I love the idea that we should have gone out to score another and potentially conceded in the process so that some people on OTF wouldn’t moan about us being given a blatant penalty.
  7. I mean I’m literally a qualified referee. They’ll probably let me referee the final tbf all part of the England conspiracy.
  8. I can see why you’d think he would favour us to try and make up for yesterday’s trying to get Denmark through. I mean the free kick he gave them, not disallowing said free kick for an infringement in the wall and then denying Kane a clear pen was pretty bad tbf.
  9. I’m pretty sure @Carambau isn’t normally our biggest fan either?
  10. Sure Sterling will be crying into the trophy that people dislike him for being fouled
  11. He wasn’t even going down he takes another step after the kick then gets taken down by the hip
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