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  1. Sorry, Chuggz, but I need to get out of the relegation zone, so will be going all guns blazin' inside the Renault here.
  2. Every time Nick violently throws his gloves off screen after a race, I always picture them landing on John Cusack.
  3. Think DP has a view of it. Not your fault anyway, Frankie distracted me.
  4. You went a bit full sendy down into the final chicane and it spooked me and I went into the back of Rye. Still suffer from PTSD from when you blitzed down there and took me out a few seasons back. Need therapy I think.
  5. I've served my qualification ban, and I've honoured Monty's bet. Therefore I can retire again peacefully. Go get 'em @Chuggzi
  6. Lesson here from me and Owl is, don't make F1 bets. It doesn't end well.
  7. Seems legit. Last face I would say is more I do like Japan, but my car will inevitably break in half at some point.
  8. Real performance not the issue for me, just my inability to stay out of trouble. Spending all day looking forward to racing and getting destroyed on the track constantly. Sunday was the first time it made me feel emotionally negative and took it out on Monty, which felt a suffocating a pensioner with a pillow - thrilling but ultimately wrong.
  9. Just a bit of fun between great pals. It was my last hurrah in an F1 car anyway, I'm out for the rest of the season and and probably beyond
  10. Here's my racing incident with Monty. https://clips.twitch.tv/MiniatureLovelyPotTooSpicy-gIIcLQd2HfCbeBQd
  11. No idea why, but Beckford strikes me as the kind of guy who intermittently farts into a bottle, seals it and opens it up for a whiff on special occasions.
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