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  1. This. That tournament is the closest we came to a balanced squad, with most top players at the top of their game. This time around, there was no more Kompany, Hazard lost in the woods for the past 2 years, KDB with the CL final injury and playing with a tear in his ankle ligament today, Witsel only just coming back from a really bad achilles injury,...
  2. No need to keep baiting. Belgium has never reached the quarter final for 4 tournaments in a row, except with this generation. If you're saying we were never the biggest team in the world, ofcourse you're right, but that's not the discussion.
  3. Ofcourse there is, relative to the usual quality of our national team.
  4. I always found Mancini a poor coach but it's commendable what he has done with a good but not great generation of footballers here.
  5. Who is this number six and what has he done with the real Paul Pogba.
  6. Especially Vermaelen, not bad for a semi retired footballer.
  7. And now he's blowing his whistle for absolutely everything. What a guy.
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