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  1. And got his foot and ankle stamped on in the process? Doesn’t matter where he’s going.
  2. I mean people that have signed up to a football manager forum are going to be far more into football and especially the analysis of it than your general PL fan.
  3. Exact same thing happened in one of the other games when someone had just come on for the last 5, just gave it away every touch
  4. Baffles me making subs with like 5 minutes to go, need 15 minutes minimum to get into the game.
  5. I'm sure I've asked this of @Nadbefore and he's said he only watches PL and international tournament football.
  6. That's the type of being more greedy I want to see.
  7. Last couple of times I've watched Mbappe he's not been greedy enough.
  8. Tbf that looked like a hell of a whack on second view.
  9. I don't have Ward-Prowse to have a shot on target, Gundogan should be on everything imo
  10. Have only looked at it today after setting it up tbf
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