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  1. Does bringing on someone to take a penalty ever actually work?
  2. Going to start this as Matlock, will post updates but don't get a great amount of time to play so probably won't do screenshots etc.
  3. Ghana given up now on getting the goals and not tracking back at all, could cost Korea.
  4. They've got some absolute jokers at the back though. Right back just standing there as Havertz walks off the back off him.
  5. Costa Rica don't look too bad going forward in all fairness.
  6. What was the Costa Rica defender doing charing out there, never going to nick that.
  7. That's not offside, offside players never went for the ball.
  8. Doesn't Guimaraes have some ridiculous stats for tackles and interceptions though?
  9. Why is Asano on the floor blocking his teams shots all the time
  10. That might be the worst bit of punditry I have ever read.
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