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  1. They develop quicker due to the standard of football you are playing. The facilities help, obviously, but the standard of football is more important if given an option.
  2. Loving the new "Tactics Familiarity" that shows on the tactics screen of each player. Currently, when a player is not match fit, we can make them available for the reserves and/or youth team, until they are. When we sign new players, as expected, they are not usually familiar with my tactics. So, can we add an option to make them available for the reserves/youth team until they are tactically familiar? Many thanks.
  3. Really? Great season nonetheless!
  4. Look at the world rankings in your current save. The top nations is the answer to your question.
  5. I would play as Dulwich, but for that horrific colour scheme which I couldn't handle.
  6. under review

    It is the actual capacity. I sold out every home game since, with an attendance of 2,388.
  7. After winning promotion to the Football League with FC United, the board announced they would expand the stadium by 1,850 seats, taking the overall capacity to over 5,000. Today, the work was completed and my new capacity has been reduced to 2,388! Screenshot below showing this. I do not have the save game to upload unfortunately. [
  8. When signing players, the only promises I give are allowing them to use the club as a stepping stone and their squad status. If they refuse to negotiate without more, then I withdraw from negotiations, As stated above, this feature is broken in its current state. I love the idea of pre negotiating with promises, but in reality it doesn't work.
  9. Just to satisfy my curiosity, have any of you ever declined a job offer which you have applied for? If so, why? just declined Southend after applying as had a change of heart.
  10. I use Huge database size. I load anything between twelve and twenty five nations and always load down to their bottom divisions. Twelve nations are always loaded - England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Scotland, Belgium, Holland, Norway, Argentina and Brazil. I am fairly regimented so if I load certain, nations, I must load others. If I load Sweden, for example, then I have to load Finland, Iceland & Denmark too. Russia then Ukraine gets loaded. Austria, then in come Switzerland etc etc.
  11. You were the one who brought up being offended about the WC in Qatar moving, no one else. Yes, let's all get off our high horses about Qatar and the blatant bribery & human rights abuses that are clearly linked to the 2022 World Cup. Let us all turn a blind eye and sweep it under the carpet.
  12. You are actually comparing a coach at Crewe who allegedly abused numerous young boys (there is no evidence the club were aware of any abuse) to a country where immigrant workers passports are confiscated by the government to make sure they stay and do the work? Seriously? The only explanation is that you are trolling now.
  13. This. Also, the human rights abuses going on there right now to the people actually building the stadia. Or those who have died doing so due to working conditions.
  14. Excellent update this year chaps, well done. One niggle I do have is the new subscription system. When I am ready to leave a club for pastures new, I used to subscribe to the leagues I would be interested in managing in (unticking everything except managerial departures) and my inbox would automatically tell me when someone left a club. Now I have to trawl through the social media for it or just go to the Job Security tab, which is ludicrous as I have to do this several times a week. Or am I missing something and I can still get it back the old way? Otherwise I am loving it.
  15. Any chance this thread can be moved to the Hall of Fame?