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  1. Lol @XaW, I don’t think you could have ever had a tougher draw than that. That. Is. Insane.
  2. Good move and a lovely challenge for you.
  3. A decent start at that level Nobby, though I see you have a moron as chairman.
  4. Thanks Nobby, it does indeed, but I feel the top two are just too strong. We are sixth after eighteen games so definitely in with a shout. There is only two points between fourth and tenth though.
  5. Thank you, though we are eighth after ten games in the Championship. It will have to be via the playoffs again if we manage it.
  6. I am still playing, albeit very slowly. I am enjoying other games too, so updates will be few and far between for a while.
  7. So it is going to be a long road to get back into the Premier League I think. In the first game of the Championship, we were well beaten 3-1, at home, by Middlesbrough,
  8. After a weeks hiatus after relegation from the Premier League, I may crack on with FC United, back in the Championship. One thing this challenge definitely does, is make you very attached to some players.
  9. A question for @XaW. I read your careers with a lot of interest though I am curious. When was the last time you signed a player?
  10. It was a nightmare! Injuries didn't help - at one stage our four best players were all out - though we would still have gone down. Facilities are definitely improving. Already had the parachute payment so our bank balance is just over £112 million.
  11. Hi all. In order to get different teams promoted, I holidayed until May 20 2030. So ten seasons into the game. In the first three reloads, I have had Frome Town (start game in tier 8). Taunton Town, Tiverton Town and Worcester (start game in tier 9). I am sure you will get more "rare" teams if you reload again. Here is the file for everyone to use. I ticked all eight boxes for UK & Ireland player wise at the start. I have *not* used any editor to get no Brexit. This was the random outcome of this save. How to use: 1) Download file on the link below. 2) Place the file in the following folder: Documents->Sports Interactive->Football Manager 2020->Games 3) Load up the game and this file should be an option in your save games. It is called dafuge Challenge No Brexit 2030. 4) Holiday until June 25 (not June 24 as you do in 2020). 5) Repeat if you don't like the teams. http://www.mediafire.com/file/nsxpqktu19z3t6y/dafuge_Challenge_No_Brexit_2030_%281_Nation%2C_6_Leagues%29.fm/file
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