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  1. Absolutely love managing in the Icelandic League. Love a one club challenge there. As you eventually progress in Europe, October & November will be filled with European fixtures, so only December and January will be free of matches.
  2. Loving the loyalty discount. Fair play & thank you SI. (Shame it is capped, otherwise FM17 would be free for me. ) Just purchased it as had some money in my Steam Wallet.
  3. I am not and I hope I am wrong re forum.
  4. Why am I dreading this and fear the worst?
  5. England into the last sixteen? Check. Wales? Check. Northern Ireland? Check. Scotland. Ah. Damn.
  6. Never thought I would seer the day an ex Yeovil player scored in a major tournament finals! Excellent by Zoltán Stieber!
  7. You could do with a new goalkeeper and your best back up centre back is only three stars, so he can go too.
  8. Spurs fans must be delighted Newcastle have been relegated. That is a potential six points from someone coming up.
  9. Not just a striker, but some defenders too were needed? Full backs and centre backs.
  10. So, Newcastle hosting Burton Albion in the league?
  11. I love the fact they still list the Vanarama National League Manager of the Year as a major honour when you have had the careeer you have had.
  12. I wonder if any pigs heads will be thrown at you.
  13. More outrageous decisions in favour of Barcelona. Getting sick and tired of this fawning over them now to be honest.
  14. Probably more as there were 16 of them last season in your league.
  15. You have signed a couple of ex Yeovil lads in Freeman & Madden.