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  1. Would be good but can't see it. I would have that as the MAJOR feature of any new version. The headline one, so to speak. I am really pumped for Club Vision. This should prove to be fantastic for those long term saves I love.
  2. The Club Vision feature and the screens shown looks very interesting and I love the potential of this. The rest are good too, but the Club Vision especially.
  3. Need the Icelandic league to be fixed and the clubs promoted when reloading on 24 June to be different each time for me to get excited.
  4. No, but then the Scottish Premier League doesn’t have a minimum seating capacity requirement of 12,500. The EPL does.
  5. Mine have on a few occasions but then I increase the scouting budget and this the scouting packages to as high as I can.
  6. It is, but in some of the Brexit foreign player limits, the EFL amend to squad registration of 25 players and the 17 player rule kicks in. Most of the time, you need to be giving a minimum weekly wage of £8,000, so it only really affects the Championship in a positive way, but I had one where no minimum salary was required so it was a blast down in League Two. Assuming your scouts find them, of course.
  7. Miles told me on Twitter there is VERY rare Brexit where Ireland becomes a unified country. Not seen it yet though.
  8. I know. I am struggling with the ME in general this year. Plus I like the transfer updates.
  9. Not fixed yet. I have an open bug report with SImon the bugs forum.
  10. I have not been able to get into a save since 19.3 came out. I play FM a lot as I have a lot of time on my hands and regularly play 20+ seasons for each save. I have just under 1,500 hours clocked to date for FM19. I think I am coming to the end of my time with this edition of FM. The following still need rectifying for me to enjoy the game again this year: The Icelandic leagues are still completely broken. You implemented the under 19’s to be realistic, but it just doesn’t work. Players refuse to go to the youth team as it is set up as an affiliate and thus never develop. If it doesn’t work, why change it in the first place? It was perfect in FM18. Promoted teams are still fixed. I have raised a bug in the relevant forums and provided six different save games, at various dates for you. As I love to play LLM with teams that are not playable at the game start, this is an absolute game breaker for me. It was fine in 19.2.3, so not sure why it isn’t working now. The ME appears to have regressed this year. There are plenty of examples in this thread so I won’t comment further. For about the sixth year running, I still get spammed with offers for my players, which are identical, from the same club. I didn’t accept it first time, so why would I two hours later? Not an exhaustive list, but relevant to me and what I would like to see fixed.
  11. Not fixed yet. I gave feedback about it on the Feedback Thread on the GD forum and it was upvoted. With Claassens updates now not working with 19.3, there is no way to successfully play in Iceland.
  12. Definitely. @Makoto Nakamurahas a world journeyman save going on where Austria climbed to the top of Europe leagues wise. He had not even managed there by this point. Basically, do well in the continental club competitions and it rises slowly. Eventually you get there.
  13. I agree with that. Some cracking new gens too.
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