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  1. For the first time in a long time, I am actually itching for the new release. I always get into the game no matter the year, but for the last few years, I have been ok waiting. For some reason I am not this year. Bring it on! Looking forward to see what @Rashididoes this year as I am absolutely loving his Kingstonian save. Despite being a CM/FM player since 1992, I have learnt so much from his videos on tactics etc.
  2. I ran FM17 for over 800 seasons and it had some completely weird sides winning things, as you might expect. For those interested, the file is here, but be warned, the file is just over 1GB in size! Leatherhead are the current dominant force in England, winning eleven Premier League titles in a sixteen season period. They also have five Champions Leagues. Other bizarre winners of the Champions League include QPR, Stoke City, Hull City (FIFTY FOUR times winners!!!), Chesterfield, Derby County, Wolfsburg etc etc. Marseille have the most CL titles with over a hundred.
  3. Which is pretty much what happened in real life, just different dates.
  4. Tonga. I did a youth only game there.
  5. Germany are OUT of the World Cup at the group stage for the first time since 1938. I hope they take it better than they did that year. 😂
  6. DazRTaylor

    Group G: England v Panama (1300BST)

    Finally, a strong referee. It is about time these wrestling holds were penalised.
  7. DazRTaylor

    Portugal - Spain, 19BST

    One of the great World Cup matches. Terrific stuff. Ronaldo is a beast. Simple as that.
  8. With Bess and Curran, we bat really low down again. 302-7 without a fifty. If we break 315 and still don’t have anfifty, we break a record.
  9. DazRTaylor

    What Is The Best Biscuit?

    A strong cheddar with a digestive is divine.
  10. Same with Pakistan. So no one had a clue how the series would of gone.
  11. Anderson & Broad doing what they failed to do at Lord's and that is bowl well. Pakistan 78-6 at the time of writing.
  12. DazRTaylor

    What Is The Best Biscuit?

    So I am currently enjoying a coffee with some chocolate digestives. Dipped, obviously. What is your favourite?
  13. Yes, that would make sense I guess.
  14. As soon as this case had a reporting restriction put on it, he only has himself to blame for blatantly ignoring it. I believe he was also warned prior to filming, so he has even less of a case, so to speak. I do have a question though and I am no lawyer so am probably just being ignorant: When someone is accused of say, rape, his name is nearly always released to the media in the hope other victims come forward. In this particular case, why was there restrictions in place? If publicised, would it not encourage others to come forward? For the record, Tommy Robinson is getting everything he deserves and receives no sympathy from me.