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  1. Ok, so in Andorra you start as semi professional. In San Marino you are amateur. So San Marino it is. San Giovanni has been done a few times so maybe Virtus Acquaviva?
  2. Would anyone be interested in reading a thread about a youth only save in either Andorra or San Marino?
  3. So after countless hours reloading - I spend around two to three hours a week reloading - I still have no sign of Blackfield & Langley. But I do, finally, at last, have...Bowers & Pitsea.
  4. I think an Andorran club would be good fun for this though I don’t think you can use a custom database? No relegation from the bottom league either.
  5. Summary: I have the soft Brexit of a 17 foreign player limit and work permits will be granted if they earn at least £8,000 per week. I have signed a lot of youngsters from around the world and all have work permits as all are paid £8,000 per week as a minimum. José Alvarez was declined a work permit (I previously paid him £3,000 per week but had met my limit of youth work permits) despite being paid £8,000. Other foreigners I sign are still being given work permits, but not this chap. Description of Issue: See above. Work permit not given despite hitting requirements. Steps to Reproduce: Not sure how to reproduce this so have provided save file. I have also provided a save file from nine days before this file. Thursday 19 November 2026 is where you will find the news item stating the work permit has been declined. Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud: My save game, called "Kings Langley SI (1 Nation, 6 Leagues)". I have also uploaded the save "Kings Langley (1 Nation, 6 Leagues)" which is nine days before the work permit was declined. Please note, you will be prompted to reapply for a work permit in circa a weeks time in game.
  6. It does but I want it kept. Why? Because it is realistic and happens in real life.
  7. Summary: I can sell the same clause hundreds of times. Description of Issue: I sold a play to Nottingham Forest and clauses were part of the deal. A few months later, I was given the option to buy out the clause. After clicking "Sell Clause", it does not disappear and allows me to sell it again. And again. And again. Steps to Reproduce: None required - File uploaded. Go to Transfers ---> Clauses ---> Gary McCrory ---> Sell active clause to recreate. Files Uploaded: Save game entitled "Kings Langley Backup (1 Nation, 6 Leagues).
  8. I love this game and have nearly 500 hours chalked up already. That said, one annoying thing that has been in the game for years now and still isn’t resolved is the board accepting bids for players above my he’d. Please note, the feature itself is excellent, especially in the lower leagues, where I like to hang out. Please never take it out as, despite it being very annoying, it is very realistic. Now to the problem. This just happened in my game. I am managing Kings Langley in the Vanarama National League and of have a hot prospect teenage goalkeeper and a bidding war opens up. I eventually talk a club up to £250,000 cash up front and a 50% sell on clause. The next day, another club bids £75,000 up front, plus potential add ons, which if all come off, will be a total of £275,000 plus a 40% sell on clause. The board accept so I protest. They accept my protest. The very next day, another club bids this exact same amount and the board accept again and I cannot protest!!! In what world is this ever better than the deal I negotiated? I won’t do a bug report as I have done one on this exact issue for the last three FM’s.
  9. IJsselmeervogels as I holidayed for two seasons to enable me to manage the promoted side.
  10. Now that you mention it, I have had this at every club I have managed too - Five different English sides and a Dutch one.
  11. Easiest - South Shields, Salisbury & FC United for me. The former has a whopping weekly wage budget of £17,000+ and are fully professional. You should be in the Football League inside two seasons. Salisbury, despite being part time, have decent gates and a weekly wage budget of over £8,000, which is also very large. FC United have a smaller budget, but average gates of 2,000 at the start, means you won't run out of cash. Hardest - Anyone with a low reputation. Kings Langley came up quite regularly for me (maybe once very twenty reloads or so) and they start with a wage budget of less than £4,000 per week, which doesn't stretch very far at all. I am sure this would be the same for most smaller clubs.
  12. I have had Cray, Merstham, Coalville, Kings Langley (these come up once every 20 or so saves with me), Bamber Bridge, Lancaster & Mickleover Sports all come up. So they can happen.
  13. East Kilbride still bugged, so going to try again in one of my favourite nations in FM to play - Norway. Quick question. Norway has four tiers in Game, but like France, only the top three are playable. So I assume I holiday for a year and take over a newly promoted club into tier three?
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