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  1. [FM18] North Perrott Football Club

    For the Fourth time this season, I have been allowed to improve the academy. It is far easier to do this is FM18, than it was in FM17.
  2. [FM18] North Perrott Football Club

    The board have approved our third set of improvements to the academy.
  3. [FM18] North Perrott Football Club

    Thank you mate.
  4. [FM18] North Perrott Football Club

    I am just over halfway through the first season and have won every game to date, some by huge margins, including a ten nil win. As I have a squad full of players, after a successful summer of recruitment, it is no surprise I guess.
  5. [FM18] North Perrott Football Club

    A few months later, the board agree again:
  6. [FM18] North Perrott Football Club

    Two pieces of good news:
  7. [FM18] North Perrott Football Club

    I am fully expecting about ten promotions on the trot, losing hardly any games, such are the lower leagues. I am also fully expecting a huge turnover of players, such is the life of an amateur club.
  8. Would definitely be interested in this. As an aside, did you remove your Iceland database?
  9. All the best - Will watch and read with interest.
  10. [FM18] E22 - England to Level 22

    How do I install these?
  11. [FM18] North Perrott Football Club

    North Perrott Football Club Club - North Perrott Football Club. Nation - England. League - Mid Sussex Football League Division Nine (twenty second tier). Stadium - Willis Lane, Yeovil (it is actually in North Perrott, but the game doesn't recognise the village). Capacity - 1,000. Training Facilities - Poor. Youth Facilities - Poor. Data Analysis Facilities - None. Corporate Facilities - Basic. Junior Coaching - Minimal. Youth Recruitment - Limited. Youth Level - 0. Media Prediction - 10th. My expectation - 1st. Anything less will be a disaster. Transfer Budget - £0. Wage Budget - £0 per week. Current Wage Bill - £0 per week. Squad I need some players! Finances We are slightly overdrawn, as the club have agreed to fund a course for me. Personal Coaching Data Season Reputation Qualifications Att Def Fit GkD GkH GkS Tac Tec Men WWY Ada Det PlK YoK LoD MaM Mot ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ At start Minimal (0.25*) None 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 4 1 1 1 4 1 1 1 Club Facilities Season Training Facilities Youth Facilities Data A'sis Facilities Corporate Facilities Junior Coaching Youth Recruitment Club Reputation Club Ranking League Reputation League Ranking National Team Ranking ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2017/18 Poor Poor None Basic Minimal Limited 0.50 stars N/a 0.50 stars 426th 13th Career Overview Season Champions League Europa League League Position F.A. Cup League Cup Achievements ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2017/18 N/a N/a Mid Sussex Football League Division Nine N/a N/a Appointed on 26 June 2017. Overall Career Record Played Won Drawn Lost Goals For Goals Against Goal Difference Win Percentage Drawn Percentage Loss Percentage Goals For Per Game Goals Against Per Game Time At Club --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  12. [FM18] North Perrott Football Club

    Darren Taylor
  13. [FM18] North Perrott Football Club

    International Management England Career Overview Year World Cup European Championship Nations League World Ranking ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Results List Date Opponents Competition Result Score Location Attendance ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Career Record Played Won Drawn Lost Goals For Goals Against Goal Difference Win Percentage Drawn Percentage Loss Percentage Goals For Per Game Goals Against Per Game Time As National Team Manager -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  14. [FM18] North Perrott Football Club

    PLAYER RECORDS - All TIME CLUB CAREER (The Season Indicates The Season The Record Was Broken) Most Appearances Season Player Appearances -------------------------------------------------------- Most Goals Scored Season Player Appearances Goals Scored Goals Per Game --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Most Assists Season Player Appearances Assists Assists Per Game ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Most Player of The Match Awards Season Player Appearances Number of Player of The Match Awards Player of the Match to Appearances Ratio ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Most Clean Sheets Season Player Appearances Clean Sheets Clean Sheets To Game Ratio ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------