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  1. End of Season Review Season 2022/23 FC United of Manchester League Table - We were at or around the top of the table for the whole season and we clinched the title and promotion, with two games to spare. League Fixtures 1, & 2 - For most of the season, we were pretty solid. We lost two games 5-2, back to back, which were a wake up call. F. A. Cup - Another excellent cup run before being beaten by Manchester City. Gutted we were drawn at home though, as the match income would of been terrific for an away game! F. A. Trophy - We reached the same stage as
  2. Yes, everyone cheats at this. All of us. That is how @Padderscompleted it after 260 years. Rather than finish it in, say, 30 years, he thought he would fool us all by playing the long game. It is also why I have never completed it. Why I got relegated from my only appearance in the Premier League with only nineteen points last season.
  3. End of Season Review Season 2021/22 FC United of Manchester League Table - We were in a three way battle for the title for most of the season, though both Altrincham & York City fell away in the home straight. League Fixtures 1, 2 & 3 - We were exceptional for most of the season. F. A. Cup - An excellent cup run all the way to the third round, before losing away to top flight Leicester City. F. A. Trophy - Another decent cup run, making it to the fifth round before losing away to Aldershot Town, who play in the division above. Pre Season Friendli
  4. The persistence of @Paddersis extraordinary and a lesson to all.
  5. Thank you Michael. I always wait for these so I can alter the capitals at the top of every page.
  6. So here I go again, with my favourite club for this challenge. I am doing a full dafuge Challenge with this one, so I can buy players without issues. I love to have a focus on youth though, so will be tagging young players I will be using as I go and recording the records for academy players each season. Club Introduction FC United of Manchester The Manager This is me. Personal Coaching Data Season Reputation Qualifications Att Def Fit GkD GkH GkS Tac Tec Men WWY Ada Det PlK YoK LoD MaM Mot --
  7. For some reason, I am always drawn back to FC United of Manchester. My Kings Langley save will continue, but I will also start an FC United one where I can sign players. I am not even a Man Utd fan, but for some reason, love playing as these!
  8. It would pay for upgrades to the facilities for about ten years.
  9. I had AFC Rushden & Diamonds come through yesterday @Jimbokav1971when I was looking for Kings Langley. I saved it thinking they were rare. Feel free to download. I have no extra leagues added but do have all players from UK & Ireland loaded, around 41,000 in total. https://www.filehosting.org/file/details/908261/AFC%20Rushden%20(1%20Nation,%206%20Leagues).fm
  10. I thought I would revisit the legendary intake I got a few seasons ago to show just how good it was. - Osmanovic is now a wonderkid at Newcastle with a release clause of £91,000,000. We have a 50% sell on clause. - Phelan, Prescott & Carpenter are three core players in the first team. I get offers for them every window. - Griffiths, Worsfold, Hunter & McBurney are all members of the first team squad. - Moseley, Carter & Clark have all played for the first team but are currently out of favour. - Connerton is the biggest disappointment. We now have f
  11. One way to bypass it, albeit temporarily, is to offer non contract terms but put a start date at the end of the season during contract negotiations. This way, if they accept, they won't get poached at all during that season.
  12. I will gladly wait a few years if it nets me over £40m. Phelan has played 154 games and scored 137 goals. Quite a return.
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